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  1. It's slow going both ways. I ordered a new fitbit, direct from fitbit UK, 4 days delivery, parcel comes from the Netherlands. Ordered 5th Jan, dispatched 6th Jan Left Parcel centre Utrecht 7th Jan. Then absolutely nothing until it suddenly arrived today with parcel force. All the tracking showed no update until last night (since checking the tracking after it arrived today).
  2. Is that the case. I genuinely don't know. I assumed the north is part of the UK so didn't have the tax issues of the EU. I wonder how that will work for some larger companies based in NI. One I've dealt with in the past is Chain Reaction Cycles, they send a lot of bike parts to the UK mainland.
  3. If you are close to the border drive north and send from there.😁
  4. World Party album Bang - this is one of the main tracks.
  5. I had a parcel delivered from them at the end of last week. There was a delay from ordering which then causes a screw up on my paypal account, so I had to place the order again, and the deliver was here in 2 days. They did suggest it was being delayed a day on the UPS app, but actually turned up on the original date. I have to say the customer service team at Thomann did a great job of pushing it through quickly after my screw up on paypal.
  6. I asked the question to Ashdown as didn't know which one of the 2 to go for, the feedback was that the CTM30 was the better one as the tone controls do more, no details other than that. (It was also cheaper, and in tweed)
  7. Had a new tweed Ashdown CTM-30 delivered today from the guys at Ashdown, lovely piece of kit and very different to the Ashdown MAG400 I had been using, so will take me a while to get the settings I like but even the 30w amp is more than enough to drive my 210 & 115 cabs and deafen the neighbours.
  8. I bought a Hofner Ignition as a beginner earlier this year and it probably wasn't the best idea for a full novice due to the tighter string spacing at the pick-ups but I'm okay with it now. It is light, I weighed it at under 2.5kg. (Which as a 1st bass means everything I pick up now I think is heavy) Taking @Dan Dare comments about the necks, the width doesn't change as much as a P or J bass across it's length, but compared to my Betsey Bass it's hanging next too it is wider at the head end but narrower at the body.
  9. It is being shown again at midnight on Thursday if anyone wants to record it.
  10. Let me preface my heavy comment vs the fact that unlike a lot of others on here, I own 3 basses, and have only ever owned 3 basses so don't have a huge list of basses to compare to. So dug out some more accurate scales, the HB is 4.41kg (9.7lbs) Using the same scales Hofner is 2.46kg (5.4lbs) and Betsy is 4,12kg (9lbs). As I have only been playing since April, and the Betsy only arrived 6 days ago my comparison to the HB is the Hofner which I guess you would say is light. As I said though whilst I thought it was heavy I still think its a good bass and its probably the one I have played most since it was delivered, especially sally as I don't think the compactness of the Hofner helped me as a beginner, although the Betsy has taken over this week. (The bathroom scales were actually the same, they just rounded up or down)
  11. Just weighed mine on the bathroom scales at 4.4kg so about 9.7lbs
  12. I have one as well. It is heavy. Played okay out the box, but I did need to use copper tape to sort out some interference buzzing.
  13. As someone who only started playing this year everything bass related that I own was a purchase this year. Best has to be my Betsy Bass that turned up this week. Worst is an Ashdown B-Social Lite, mainly because I still don't really know why I bought it. I've used it for about a week when I did eventually get away on holiday for a week in the summer and took my bass with me. It's actually a nice pice of kit but as I also have a full size B-Social it was a completely pointless purchase.
  14. After a long delay I've finally got my Betsy. Ordered back in July and planned for delivery in August it got delayed due to a lack of EMG pickups. Noticed one difference to the original posters in that mine has a plain chrome plate on the back rather than the Bass Centre logo.
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