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  1. Doesn’t look like a number 2...
  2. I've used one, albeit a jazz bass body and it was a total swine to grain-fill. I finished it out of dogged determination but if i'd had any sense I'd have burned it. See my Olympic White jazz with a difference build diary thread. As an aside, the back jazz pup rout was wrong, having the size of a bridge pup, but the lug placement of a neck pup. The jury is out on the neck rout as I've not yet found time to fix the neck issue
  3. I am old and I like them too
  4. Maybe they could have scanned it with straight pages though.
  5. So ... here’s one I knocked up in ten minutes using Lego painted black and a few cotton wall balls. Sarcasm aside ... fabulous
  6. You forgot “accept no substitute” and “keep it simple”
  7. Any ? 😛 not a bad I ever got into
  8. You sound like Jeremy f ucking Corbyn
  9. Ok forget the flowers, it’s a lost cause
  10. thanks - I've seen imperfections now and I feel a whole lot better. You should get her a bunch of flowers. Today
  11. Can you stop doing all this so f ucking perfectly? I want to see pics where the chisel slipped, where you misread 3mm as 30mm and drilled a huge hole through the finger board making the truss rod embed itself in the wall, probably quivering slightly through its suddenly unleashed energy like a bad cartoon arrow grrr
  12. Three a Vintage stingray clone bass doc 70s style p bass relic in 3tsb Olympic white stack knob jazz (home made) and a paragon acoustic that is my daughters
  13. Is it any good for metal ?
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