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  1. So I found a two sided rectangular oilstone - half green and half black IIRC I bought it to sharpen chisels - I put a line of sharpie pen on fret 12 of the stingray I used the thin, long side of the oilstone to flatten fret 12 on the stingray just enough to remove the sharpie ink - the bass plays better in that zone trying Andy’s ski jump removal step on the P bass (using wide side of the oil stone) will have to wait until the weekend
  2. I have a lot of time for mr currie’s bass playing; I think he is very underrated
  3. Depends on the flower choice why not put it in a 51styje P
  4. You could stick small flowers in the holes and use it to decorate your home?
  5. Those are defective - they have guitar necks @jacare has the right idea
  6. Andy - the 1.75 is on a different bass, which has a high 12th fret. 13 and up are fine I’ve got 2.5mm on the p bass still and it won’t go lower without upper fret buzz fret 1 gap on both is now 0.08mm
  7. It’s a skill I need to gain - youtube time I think
  8. So I got out the nut files and got my first fret clearance down to 0.08 at first - it was 0.3 I set the 8th clearance to 0.3mm with first and last held I still had some buzz on all frets from 17 up so raised the action slightly and after re-applying the fb radius to strings I ended up with 2.5 mm at the 12 with open strings and no buzz not as low as I hoped but all this tells me I’ve got a ski ramp starting since it won’t go any lower. Sound reasonable ? I got my stingray clone down to 1.75mm at 12th open but have spotted that 12th Fret is high as all strings buzz on playing at 11 and none buzz at 12th thanks @Lo-Efor that tip - might able to get around that by raising the action slightly looks like both will be going to visit andyjr1515 at some point
  9. Get the stuff with the conductive glue also leave a small tab of it out from the two cavities to reach the bell plate - I normally fold it into a Z shape
  10. Like I said you’re there to keep punters happy, help beer to sell and go home with some cash. If you want to play Rush for your own satisfaction then rent a rehearsal room because given a choice between Rush and Mustang Sally / S3x on fire most punters will vote for the former option with their feet
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