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  1. Bass related oxymorons

    surely that's more of an impossibility than a mere oxymoron? ** ** everyone knows guitards cannot string such a coherent sentence together
  2. @NancyJohnson I was curious about this - I found this discussion https://forums.fender.com/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=104873 - if you read down to "58", its stated that brass plates started in the 58 model and thus would not be present in his 57 model above (if they are trying for historical accuracy of course) - I've seen them on seventies models, but no later
  3. PB-50 Headstock Re-shape

    i couldn't find one there - i found something similar - see above for the ASIN @alyctes
  4. PB-50 Headstock Re-shape

    I couldn’t find one like that; instead I bought this asin: B075MHP2TF
  5. PB-50 Headstock Re-shape

  6. PB-50 Headstock Re-shape

    Sure but tips for not going wonky when drilling through First ? The string holes I have a bradawl so pilot holes not a problem
  7. PB-50 Headstock Re-shape

    @kodiakblair can you tell me the knack of getting the string thru holes even ? thanks
  8. Mexican Fenders

    I have, and I think they were steadily getting better from about 2005 - mid-to-late 90s was a bit duff, but then I owned Leigh Gordon's late 90s model (Morcheeba) and it was at least "okay" quality even then. I think they got an undeservedly bad press since 2000.
  9. Measure your jazz bass

    That's pretty much consensus then, thanks all
  10. is the blue bass an export model, whereas the red one is domestic market?
  11. Measure your jazz bass

    thanks its an allparts vintage bridge with threaded saddles.
  12. Hi can someone please tell me the correct length from the nut to the back ridge of the bridge? On a jazz bass please thank you
  13. Olympic white jazz with a difference

    All; I’m aware that the sanding is a bit rough on the grain filler photo. I’ve not done graim filling before and I was foolish enough to take only a small piece of sandpaper to work. I’ll sand the grain filler sampler down a bit before I try sealer or paint this coming week: 1. sanding sealer on the sampler; assuming this will change the colour a bit based on something MGT wrote about clear coats on his site 2. Drill holes for neck plate, bridge, straplocks, rear pup wires. Ferrules and string thru holes might have to wait a bit until I can liaise with Norris 3. Blowing some paint onto the sealed and sanded grain filler on the stick weather permitting
  14. Olympic white jazz with a difference

    There is a picture of it in the gallery, also one with the neck (mighty mite) dry fitted so you can evaluate the gap. I’ve seen worse on fenders edit : and for two components coming from totally different directions it’s not too bad