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  1. I moved a fern and the biggest, heaviest “three plants grown into one” fckiung pkant thing you’ve ever seen AND I broke a spade doing it. Totally rock, me. 😛
  2. Which part of Texas are you from ? Big place ... my daughter is a US citizen
  3. Sounds like a woman after my heart ...
  4. Having been to the USA and suffered through a medical emergency I can attest to how brutal a system other than the NHS can be
  5. Apparently I’m business critical so cannot be put out to grass - hmm. All the stuff I do iA fully documented so not sure why someone can’t mind the shop
  6. Yes, I can hear bass also, it’s quiet but it’s there
  7. I’m learning the “clean the utility room blues” originally recorded by She Who Must Be Obeyed to be fair she was doing the kitchen ...
  8. Yes she told me that ... “lazy gnu India tango”
  9. She won an Oscar for that performance but didn’t want to keep it ?
  10. All the drawers that I didn’t get to, old toys to eBay, letters that needed filing and some music bits into Recycling here. Some cleaning quite pleased with it actually as normally we work all weekend and achieve little due to childcare. I am actually working all week but from home, I’m not on furlough
  11. We are doing spring cleaning and throwing a lot of crap away
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