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  1. No, it’s really not coming out of your prose. You should stop holding back the emotions : baffledlook
  2. I used it, it was a total PoS for exactly the reasons you state it swallowed grain filler like porn stars swallow … ohh.. umm… cream cakes
  3. I have officially “just come” wish I had the funds spare
  4. I just have two. One precision bass and one Vintage Stingray clone
  5. Yes but two proper instruments outweigh the pestilence of the defective six stringed weedy things
  6. I would actually like to have had a dad who’d make that time.
  7. @PeterRD350LC think this thread might be of interest to TimeTeam (ohh more archaeology)
  8. How many basses do you actually own @stewblack? Do you fall over them when answering the door ? Do you create space by burning the ones you don’t like as much in order to save on gas CH?
  9. Sadly you’ll have to go further than Bulgaria, even it’s rarer… that’s just some humans you’re discussing there. I’ve been to a lot of countries and dic&s are to be found everywhere antarctica perhaps,
  10. I watched crowded house and felt a bit “meh” about the rest wet leg were okay I suppose
  11. Actually made of actual gold. Fabulous for the money
  12. This is total Greek to me, but it’s interesting
  13. It’s 1992 all over again nice bass, actually like the colour but I would not pay that
  14. That’s a typo @Ashborygirl - he/she meant to type £10.00
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