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  1. I’ve had one. A prosebass. Took five minutes to get used to and even my five year old could play it (so Maybe a guitarist could do it too)
  2. But that would give fender the chance to do it all over Europe and get away with it for decades with no action at all taken at a trading bloc level - hang on, that happened ...
  3. As someone whose Law dissertation was in international intellectual property, I’m not sure that’s true any more and hadn’t been for quite a while (you did say you read it years ago). Since Doha everyone has had to try a bit harder at enforcing rights of IP on their turf. Once Chinese firms found people copying their stuff ...
  4. I saw it, awesome. think Its still on iPlayer one hot lady
  5. Ditto, and the young lady can play well
  6. No, not from the drummer. Who in their right mind would accept that ?
  7. Plus one on Stu Hamm and starfire
  8. Not really an outburst - I think that’s a bit harsh. How many times on here have people railed about guitards who think they can play bass because it also has strings ? EDIT I’ve added a qualification to my comment
  9. Curiously your first two words in your last sentence were ones that I also used
  10. A blow job not bizarre, but was unexpected so one out of two is not bad
  11. An older lady, I would think
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