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  1. I just used a household scouring pad cheap as chips
  2. I had precisely zero help from my very naturally musical mother; she simply couldn’t give a toss.
  3. Never look into a heat gun - you’ll burn your brows off and probably your face too
  4. I think this point was made in a previous page although you’re right to point out the breadth of reference and instructional material. I’ve unsubscribed because I found him very intrusive
  5. I would imagine it’s to do with the relative difference in length between a wrapped-over thumb versus fingers
  6. I have actually met @pantherairsoft in person. nottingHam guitar And drum (2007?) I brought in a 62ri jap jazz that I’d bought from mr oldgit
  7. Nope things move around a bit from standard
  8. Be aware that aftermarket plates don’t generally fit affinity basses well, the neck shape and pup position is slightly different. It’s do-able but be prepared to break out the dremel
  9. I’ve certainly got wood ...
  10. No, I absolutely hated music at school with mr berris when I did it myself it made sense
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