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  1. Mine seems to be 17mm
  2. Just open a dispute. I’ve never had a problem with those Chinese folks on Ali
  3. Nice collection, I’ll be in Florida next year where do you live ?
  4. How deep is a standard fender pocket ? Everything else was wrong on the body so maybe it’s somply too low
  5. I’ll have to look out for some suitable shim material since I need to lose at least 2mm credit card slice ?
  6. Ok well a quarter turn sees my 8Th fret at .3mm the action at the 12th is a moderately high 5mm what would be a reliable average ?
  7. Would a copper sheet have any advantage ? Over say, a business card
  8. I don’t know - I don’t get a lot of time to play, sadly
  9. That’s really generous - I only wish I had the time to take advantage of such an offer clarification (I see an inference I did not intend), I wish I had more spare time than I do so I could practice things i will read in this post
  10. I’ll see how low with the saddles being dropped thanks
  11. I have action you could limbo under
  12. It’s about that - think my bridge is too high then, or I need a shim preferred materials ?
  13. Can anyone please quickly measure their relief ? Fnarr fnarr capo on 1, pressing last fret, how thick is it (the gap) below fret 8? jazz bass with 45105 rounds please
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