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  1. Not any more, bad experience with plastic packaging within the area normally occupied by gravy
  2. I used Rustinsand found it quite hard to get decent results - it sank badly
  3. In some parallel universe, one day, I can play like that too 😪
  4. That looks (wait for it).....badass
  5. Care to sell it on ? James dace perhaps, on moulsham street. I was always in there
  6. Roger daltreys voice isn’t on par there is it ?
  7. So was I - Citalopram at just 10mg helped - there were no noticeable adverse side effects.i took it for a month or so. Just ask for a low dose and see if you need more
  8. True, you don’t have to be on them forever even a few weeks might help you see a way out
  9. No, that’s exactly what it isn’t. Hiding is easy, having the courage to ask for help is what’s hard
  10. Ampeg svt, slight compression and a great big tuck off dose of loud
  11. Get a b2.1u Easy and fabulous
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