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  1. Yes but when that cardboard was growing as a tree, if it was nearer a rosewood tree than a maple tree would make a difference to the sound produced 🍿 …. During its second life as a shim, doing more good than it was when feebly protecting cancer inducing death sticks
  2. These kits are direct from China though so they would be cheap
  3. String and bridge alignment is easy take another bass and measure the E and G string lengths, set the saddles to roughly same place on the base plate of the bridge position the bridge so each outer saddle sits the same distance from The nut as on the other bass. Put masking tape in front and behind the bridge (on the body) in case you move the bridge Attach old strings to tuners (or tuner holes) and thread over the saddles and use the strings to get alignment correct over pole pieces - mark the screw holes through the bridge onto the body once you’re happy Rough and ready, but it works
  4. Is there “country swing” too? You have both kinds ? :blues brothers
  5. Yes but he was a paid, hired hand, joining a band where a well-known musician had previously used live, and recorded with, one particular instrument - the situation is a little different
  6. It’s not really a band, more a jam, I think and kids and a wreck house have prevented me playing with anyone or even at all to speak of, for nearly four years . I don’t care if it’s simple stuff I can always add walking or beat 2 /4 occasionally
  7. I think that’s actually a fitting epitaph
  8. Paging @KiOgon - my money would be on faulty pots
  9. I don’t have an upright, just a jazz bass and a precision. I’d thought about putting a sponge under the strings near the bridge ? chap I spoke to today plays telecaster and his buddy plays banjo; I’m toying with asking if I can join although I know nothing about bluegrass.
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