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  1. If you had a classic car you could not fit OE tyres.
  2. Geek99

    Alnus Bass

    I’ve had an idea - the claimed “just one guy” at sandberg who does relics should quit, go and work for Fender CS and then there’ll be no relic sandbergs, CS relic fenders will look half-decent @Beedster AND they’ll have a fender logo neatly satisfying @wateroftyne as well i know ... so simple, such genius ...
  3. I think you fornicated it up right there
  4. I bought a bass from Leigh Gordon (norcheeba) and it was just a 90s mex jazz bass with a neck like a banana and action you could park a bus under. Sounded better when he played it tho ...
  5. They are ... blessed by the special pixies who make US fenders worth every penny
  6. I measured my jazz bass as 0.0008 ohm resistance from edge of front pup to Jack socket using conductive glue copper tape - pretty much nothing
  7. Enjoyed that, and I had huge hots for Nancy Wilson in the 90s
  8. ... and you like the instrument...if you don’t gel with it it’s a non starter
  9. Buying one expensive Gibson might be considered a mistake, buying two expens....
  10. I don’t agree - there will always be some flaws - it this particular OP cannot live with them comfortably then that’s reason enough to ask for a swap
  11. Google “300£ to dollars” ...
  12. Nice try Vader, but I will not turn to the dark side 😇 ash tele .... how much ???
  13. I’ve never seen a link render in a box-out like that. I assumed it was a dead link or a link that would not render an image due to its type. Hence my comment albeit incorrect for this reason I did not click it when I went looking for images myself I found the x rated content under those same search terms
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