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  1. The much revered bass gallery is the only place mentioned heretofore
  2. Not sure if such a clause would stand up in real world courts against accepted precedents like fisher v bell and boots v royal pharmaceutical id argue relative balance of power of the parties against it
  3. Feel the quickening, highlander
  4. You open a case for breach of contract at the local Court. You’ve paid, a contract is made. If they’d just promised, or if you hadn’t yet paid it would be different
  5. Isn’t the lovely Wendy smith a music teacher round there somewhere?
  6. Yes, when they excavate your house in year 3346, they’ll tell your descendants it’s time to change those flats
  7. So that’s one set used up then? I have some of those cheapo Olympias landing on my doormat tomorrow’
  8. Do it with the lights off and watch sales of tissues shoot up all over the BC enclave
  9. I had one of these in exactly this colour - superb bass. Won for a song on eBay
  10. Possibly but wouldn’t this relative approach fall over when you find an out of key chord ?
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