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  1. Hardly a midden imho-Old word for a rubbish tip IIRC
  2. Example: I read that cliff in ac/dc plays a lot of thirds instead of the root and fifths that you’d expect. Since he is in the bass clef that’s a first inversion when you consider the third-less chords the others are playing
  3. Not heard that One... how does it go ?
  4. I’m teasing you a little - that phrase is an in-joke here about questions that newbies ask. I’ll find you the explanatory link but that’s a really heavy bass
  5. Talbot was the Middle Ages word for a hunting dog
  6. Yesterday evening I fixed the lighting circuit in our house. My daughters’ rooms were without lights. Broken neutral wire in the cable to room 1 which feeds room 2. My six year old turned to me and said “thanks dad !” - she never normally thanks anyone for anything without an electric cattle prod. (ASD). Ten year old went straight to her room this morning to read, never been able to do that since we moved in. I am, for the first time, a hero (of sorts)
  7. Welcome to the Light no longer a gee-tard
  8. I think that Kim jong il is probably less forgiving of failure to obey. Can’t see mr Palmer executing anyone with anti-aircraft guns. It would get his suit all messy
  9. They have to wear a “uniform” and have limited choice in hairstyle. Don’t think that’s a fair comment from you
  10. He’s the spitting image of my old cat, Buster. He was huge ...
  11. I looked up “indefensible” in the dictionary and it said “(n) like Liam Gallagher. See also ‘[email protected]’ “
  12. That was awesome, they’re very good - loved the lush scenery too
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