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  1. i haven't bought a thing. I built a bass last year Mind you, I get zero practice time so that's possibly a factor
  2. You complete barsteward - I’ve gone and messed up my screen now ....
  3. I have the active version. Very good basses, given a setup. Punch above their weight. Mucho compliments on tone received
  4. Used to be called something else - shutl I sent something which the children at Hermes promptly broke, and then lost. It took three months to get my money back out of shutl
  5. things have moved on, Mex stuff is really good now.
  6. We should probably drink lots of wine to celebrate I once worked in Paris at a factory and was taken to lunch by my french colleagues who each had a jug of wine to themselves. I spent the afternoon thoroughly sozzled as I was not used to daytime drinking. basse-chat I think he meant
  7. Any one got a link for reissues ?
  8. So why aren’t y’all out gigging rather than thinking up weak puns about takeaway food ?
  9. Gary Gary beers of Inxs played one
  10. Trying to curry favour with that suggestion
  11. I thought I needed a shim recently but it turned out the neck wasn’t quite sitting flat the material i found best was that thin plastic they used in o pack of socks and underwear to wrap the socks around. Easy to cut, thin and doesn’t squash
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