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  1. If it were me, I’d be buying Japanese fender non export models, or post 2012 us standard buying new is for mugs and I agree, I use a zoom b2.1 for everything alongside a little ampeg ba108
  2. Yes get a post 2012 one used and save the money for amp GAS
  3. Geek99


    Hello and welcome
  4. Yeah I was going to say that same learned and knowledgeable thing also. Honestly, I really was
  5. I’ve played one, it was superb
  6. I thought you’d go for the “shocked” icon @AndyTravis
  7. I feel like a total virgin - excluding “buy to resell immediately” I’ve had five including one that I built myself and still have two of those 5 Musima P aria magna 5 string vintage EST96a stingray bass doc P self-build jazz no guitars included here because guitars are sugar honey iced tea
  8. It’s only taken eight hours for me to stop laughing … yeah right
  9. Hmm … in best Shakespearean sonnet mode … how many times has the internet been wrong let me count the times .. really not got time to enumerate all the times I know about, let alone everyone else, true source independence on most things on the internet is an illusion, on chords, tab and lyrics it is doubly so apologies to @Inarafor the thread derailment
  10. Only if partnered with an extended black scratch plate
  11. We could ask Jerry scheff, who was elvis’ bass player. If he’s still around, he was a member at one time
  12. In the seminal version in LILO and stitch, performed by wynona judd, it is “it must be 109” referring to temperature as it follows the line “I feel the temperature rising”. “ I must be 109” would make no sense at all
  13. Appreciated - it’s weird that I’m the first generation taught both metric and imperial in school so I can think easily in both. It’s a bit like having bilingual parents I see no logical reason for sticking to Fahrenheit when you have decimal coinage - except that Elvis’ “burning love” wouldn’t scan if written in centigrade
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