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  1. That wasn’t my point - I was just saying that the factors in a wholly acoustic instrument were not comparable with those of a wholly solid one pretty much incapable of delivering its own acoustic response
  2. Yes but plugged-in, amplified solid body instruments are a more complex mix of factors than a purely acoustic one
  3. I bought pickups from him in 1990; even talked to the great man himself before placing my order
  4. No but I’ve had the four string version and it was awesome When I play in a band I play bass, but as I've not been in a band for 8 year's I've predominantly just been playing guitar I’m glad you’re feeling better now after that nasty six string illness
  5. Thank god - it’s not rubbish after all ... 😥
  6. I used to hate them and think they were one trick ponies but it’s one f u c king amazing trick that it does really well it took a lowly squier vm p to tech me this. Bought on eBay for pennies as “parts or not working” but it only had a duff bridge connection sold for more than double, with a dash of seller’s remorse as a dish served cold
  7. I use a plastic mandrel and punch set I got from Amazon - surprisingly good
  8. It’s not that I like purple as such, I was just curious (and doubting my colour vision)
  9. Is it going to stay that colour ? I thought you said purple finish
  10. Possibly also the glue used in their construction - if it’s magic pixie glue it’s just better - you know, magically better
  11. Is the wood they’re made of contributing the sound though ? Discuss ...🍿
  12. Yes but what type of varnish ... would relic make a difference since you’re introducing weakness i think my new patented “snake oil” varnish is the absolute bomb for making your mex Friday afternoon special sound exactly like that 1957 strat you heard on a buddy holly record once, a long time ago
  13. Would rosewood matches have been a better choice, would have been warmer sounding
  14. What about car seat foam ? Or from sofa cushions That’s very dense - maybe boxing your amp in on most sides with that stuff would help?
  15. You can just use polystyrene slabs or that thick foam (think it’s called sorbothane in the US) to sit your amp/speakers on
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