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  1. How do you know what speakers they need ? And are any of these for bass ?
  2. Too much relief means forward bow so (barring tall fret issues) I should get no buzz, I think so what I’m doing is actually the opposite of hell zero’s method
  3. Think I’m going to set relief to 0.4, set action I want and then put relief back on bit by bit
  4. What exactly is this fender nevk heel issue ? Google results unhelpful
  5. I don’t go higher than about f15 anyway so Luthier attention can wait relief is .3mm at 8 with 1 and 17 down action at 12 is around 2.6mm
  6. Relic sunburst please though, I could be tempted by Olympic white with tort. the ACG stain with bright resin in the knots is nice though @skelf
  7. I set it to 0.3m at eighth with 1 and 17 pressed and it’s still buzzing on higher frets action around 2.5 might try hellzeros “set it flat” technique
  8. @Stub Mandrelhas actually played the bass in question as has @petecarlton
  9. Yes but mine is sky high - trying to find a happy average
  10. Ballpark about 2mm - 2.5mm then? Thanks all
  11. Can people please tell me what action from 12th fret top to underside of E string they have on their p bass? Ie as if using a feeler gauge mine came out for the midlands bass bash and when I got it home I realised I could actually abseil off the action I’ve set the relief to 0.3mm at the eighth with first and last frets held down - radius is 9.25” on maple - Japanese neck it had a heavy concave but no more
  12. You could finance acquisitions by selling stuff you’re bored of ?
  13. Don’t snap it .. I meant of what kind of hb, what colour etc they do make more than one kind y’know
  14. Pictures, mister… where are the damned pictures
  15. True - maybe you could use digital chords then such m7b9/b3.6
  16. Or you could just pick the most random discordant notes possible and make it up as you go along … then tip your straw hat at anyone who questions it saying “well, it is jazz you know “
  17. I have this book also 👍
  18. Is it … um … any good for metal ?
  19. Needs to be in “.items wanted” on marketplace
  20. Hungry like a wolf bucks tizz was not wasn’t fun boy free briss. Return to the hay tees
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