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  1. Standard 62 era feature - I used copper tape to get the look and do same job on my stack knob build
  2. But we were there … 🤔was there another room ?
  3. I insist on an answer damnit ungrateful b’stard
  4. Just stick with flatwounds …is my advice and use foam at the bridge - I use a dishwashing sponge
  5. I loaned mine to someone and he actually took care of it, despite being a guitarist.
  6. I have a cheap one made by reverb, it’s round. It handles a low B nicely
  7. Wow those squier cv basses are looking convincing these days … and that hooky decal too. Nice job 😉
  8. Maybe the air worked differently then, or perhaps the electricity used was a different shade of rose-tinted
  9. And flat wounds since those are vintage whereas rounds are not
  10. That is um.. brave … I suppose
  11. Possibly string-thru makes a difference albeit a small one. Don’t think bridge mass matters at all
  12. but also a BBOT bridge might look a bit cheap on a super premium instrument?
  13. There’s nothing much wrong with a BBOT bridge, other than bring subjectively ugly I seriously doubt it makes much, if indeed any difference and I bet a good setup is more important to tonal quality anyway
  14. I’ve had one of these and it was very nice indeed
  15. Snake oil - tried it maybe there’s a difference at stadium volumes but real world ? No, imho you may get some functional things like threaded barrels for string spacing or somesuch
  16. I only got them a week ago. If you see the thread I started it’s all described with pictures “12 fret action on p bass” @kwmlondon
  17. Just get a straight edge or fret rocker. I spent £11 on a fret dressing kit and solved my own problem that was similar to yours a truss rod tweak plus two high frets
  18. My fret care kit arrived from China and I sanded and crowned the upper frets of the stingray clone. It’s down to 1.75mm at the 12th … probably a good point to stop when I’m feeling brave I’ll take on the p bass and it’s ski jump
  19. Didn’t you say that on Saturday also? nice - wish I could justify the purchase
  20. Thanks I’m not a lone voice in saying there is a free solution to this ….
  21. Our Amazon delivery person drives an electric van and is always happy dpd arrive in a diesel van and they’re always grumpy
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