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  1. Old recording studios were equipped with a device which took the place of autotune. It was called a door. If the performer was inadequate, they never got past the door.
  2. I was jokingly referring to Gloria, written by Van Morrison and recorded by him when in the band Them. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gloria_(Them_song) Pretty certain it’s not the same song. Not being a U2 fan I have no idea if they covered any Van Morrison songs.
  3. I’m going to respond to a couple of replies here. Got to fess up here. It wasn’t I was just playing it wrong, I was actually playing a bum note or two. U2 would be improved with a good singer. (Controversial?) And yes the bass player on original records isn’t always the one on stage playing something different. Bass riffs that define the song - Brown Eyed Girl. The first 2 bars and everyone knows what’s coming next.
  4. I’m recording the bass part to a very well known song I’ve been playing pretty regularly for maybe 25 years. listening to the playback I realise I’ve been playing it wrong. In all those years no one has complained or mentioned it. Not in the bands or in the audience. So it’s true. No one pays any attention to the bass player. Including me.
  5. Thanks everyone for the welcome, it’s nice to be here. Frankly it’s nice to be anywhere at the moment.
  6. I see what you did there 🙂
  7. Never touch it. I’m a coffee man but I’ll take the slice of lemon in a G&T thanks.
  8. Thank you. There is certainly plenty to read on here. But where’s the bar?
  9. Cliff Edge here, not quite on the point of crumbling, but I have been playing bass for a bit over 50 years. Rock ‘n Roll at first but later forays into blues, R&B, country in various forms and a bit of pop here and there. Gear is a 1973 Fender jazz which I’ve had since it was 8 years old, and an Ibanez RS900. An Ampeg BA112 serves the noise for the time being, and a very small collection of pedals. Is that enough? Well you did ask.
  10. A 1973 Jazz I bought in 1981 and have gigged it regularly ever since. It will probably never be sold in my lifetime. The Ibanez is a recent acquisition. Very nice instrument taking a bit of getting used to, if I’m honest. Might be a keeper.
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