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  1. I could be wrong, but it’s only sellers who are now obliged to supply bank details. I can’t see any reason why a buyer would need to. Unless eBay is not going to allow card payments.
  2. Not SkyArts but on BBC4 early last evening Singer Songwriters, the caption writer made an interesting error. Calling Carol King, Carol Klein. Klein is her birth name of course, but it’s very unusual to see it used and I’d guess not many people would know. Carol Klein is a regular on the BBC’s Gardeners World. Maybe the caption writer is a gardener.
  3. You don’t want bass heavy as that will not give you the real sound of the instrument. Buy the best studio quality full range monitoring headphones you can afford. There are some good suggestions in this thread. Avoid Beats.
  4. I caught their fairwell/revival/final, whatever you want to call it tour show in London. Very embarrassing..It was like a shambolic un rehearsed jam session. Levon was obviously ill and looked to be on the point of collapsing. So bad we walked out before the interval. They really shouldn’t have bothered.
  5. His predecessor in the 60’s realised this. A 90% top rate persuaded many high earners, including pop stars, to move overseas. It didn’t last long. George Harrison’s Tax Man for reference.
  6. The Cream Doc. was entertaining. Ginger Baker had a lot to say and didn’t pull any punches about the excessive volume of the bass player 🙂
  7. Haysead Dixie obviously comes to mind. And Luther Wright & the Wrongs' Rebuild the Wall is an entire bluegrass version of Pink Floyd's The Wall that's worth checking out.
  8. Porridge and the Hubcaps. They were great until the wheels came off. Poor old Porridge later succumbed to serious injuries while playing heavy metal versions of bluegrass classics on an electric gas stove. Their only vinyl album is no longer available as all copies were turned into weirdly shaped fruit dishes by the application of heat.
  9. Duh. Never thought of that, thanks, found the ideal stuff.
  10. Has anyone here made their own case, or undertaken repairs? I’m looking for a source of the black fluffy material that lines most of the hard cases. I need to create some padding in a case that is slightly too large for the bass.
  11. We had a gig with a couple of other bands, one of which turned up with a couple PA speakers in tatty cardboard boxes. Quite obviously not used in a long time. When they removed one of the speakers from its box a large family of mice ran out. Do you have any pets?
  12. My band was on the same bill as Flash Harry. A very fine Queen tribute. And I knew The Beagles. Slightly off topic a solo act I saw one evening singing to backing tracks, was being Neil Diamond quite well. And in the second half, with a different wig, he was being Tom Jones.
  13. Steve Earle is too up himself these days. The other two are thankfully still entertaining.
  14. Most of the bands mentioned on TB and BC as well as Reddit that apparently have the worlds best bass player in residence. A brief listen and I never went back.
  15. Is that Dance, by Little Sister, or Little Sister, by Dance?
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