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  1. I'm going to correct myself here having looked more closely at the Inter font this morning out of curiosity. It uses contextual alternatives to make certain characters adjust themselves according to the surrounding context. So the x in the examples here is moved off the base to be centred with the surrounding text. As it would be if typed as an upper case X. This feature can be disabled by the web developer should he choose to do so. It can also be overridden in some web browsers.
  2. It’s not insisting on anything. It’s a feature of the default font in the theme used for the website. It is quite a common feature of many fonts. The x glyph as used in 2x10 is not a letter, it’s a symbol. The font and the forum platform understand the intended usage as a symbol or shorthand for “by” and correct what is typed. It should be typed as 2X10 to be really correct. And yes the web developer could have changed the default font in the theme, but why bother, they are all sans serif and all look more or less the same.
  3. All websites will have a default font plus alternatives to take account of different browsers and operating systems. The font stack for the website basschat.co.uk is “Inter", "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif. Inter is the default for the forum posts, with user selectable options in the edit bar. Inter puts the x in 1x10 above the base line. It’s a small compromise to make for the sake of simplicity.
  4. The developer of this website set the default font for all the text. Including that used in this forum, but does offer several options for use. It’s up to the writer if they want to use one of the options, or even more than one.
  5. And it did. This is a feature of web fonts. While the 2 in my post may look the same, there are subtle differences, and there are 100s of fonts available.
  6. It’s the font wot does it. A different font may/will put the x on the base line. 1x10 in the default font. 1x10 in Lucinda Sans Unicode. If it works.
  7. Stub Mandrel is correct, the instrument will never be in perfect tune at every fret. You probably need to adjust the intonation. First tune the open string then fret at the 12th. If the intonation is correct they will be the same. So will the 12th fret harmonic. If they are not the same then you have to adjust the bridge saddles. Plenty of stuff on YouTube to show how if you don’t know already. For future reference, and for our younger viewers, it’s often necessary to do this after changing strings, especially if they are a different gauge. A truss rod tweak may also be required.
  8. It may not be but it happens. Personal effects do not attract any duty or taxes but you might be asked for some form of proof of ownership. Strolling through customs with a Guitar case is going to attract attention. If you are going to bring your own gear back from overseas, you’re better off employing a shipping agent who specialises in personal effects to do the whole thing for you.
  9. I just stole this off a local Facebook page 🙂
  10. Nobody Forgets Behind Healer by Mr Huy2Hm On hold for our local surgery. Currently caller number 5 in the queue. <edit> No bass in that track by the way..Finally made it to caller number 0. </edit>
  11. Bruntnell is hardly undiscovered. He’s just not on many peoples radar. I wasn’t judging his music just his unfortunate choice of clothes at that event. Much of Steve Earles music is very good, and as I said I’ve covered many of his songs live over the years. But his shows here in the UK descended into lengthy between songs diatribes on American politics. Still a fan of the music, but I wouldn’t pay money to see him again.
  12. I saw Peter Bruntnell at a festival in Edinburgh a few years ago, alongside Steve Earle and Emmylou Harris. To say he was seriously sartorially challenged is an understatement. The music was good and the anorak was disgusting. Steve Earle used to be good, I’ve seen him many times and played many of his songs live, but he’s turned into an opinionated bore. Emmylou was, and still is, great.
  13. And what’s more, I’ve just subscribed and card details on the payment page are black text on black background. Same iPad. Sorry. I’ll go away now.
  14. Simple solution to this issue is put a link in the top menu. Supporting Membership
  15. Nope, at least not in Safari on an iPad Pro. iOS 14.7.1. Don’t know about the Mac yet.
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