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  1. Rick Wakeman on Friday at the seaside.
  2. Always annoys me when people talk about the fast lane and slow lane. They’re all the same, the outside lanes are the overtaking lanes. We drive on the left in this country and that’s where you should be unless overtaking.
  3. Most guitars have always been screwed together from parts pulled from bins. However all the parts were supposed to be on the same guitar.
  4. I was about to say similar. They have to justify the high price and bit of bent metal isn’t going to help the image.
  5. Not police, but I had a drummer who was in the regular army. Well I say regular, he was a drummer in the Life Guards band. Never missed any gigs, even on the queens birthday. He liked a drink too, but fortunately that never affected his playing.
  6. I actually like that. Is it worth the asking price? Not to me, it would have to be substantially cheaper before I considered buying it. The artist has to earn a living by selling the product and is free to set the price.
  7. Why would you buy this? It’s not as if it’s going to be unique, there will be hundreds of them in kids bedrooms. Is any serious musician going to fetch up to a gig with one of these? https://www.fender.com/en-GB/electric-guitars/stratocaster/30th-anniversary-screamadelica-stratocaster/0141063350.html?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20211109_ScreamadelicaUK&utm_term=fender&src=email45DT110921uk&smtrctid=728f11ab-2e47-44dc-b62a-d5a203dddfb0&c3ch=ecommemail&c3nid=20211109_ScreamadelicaUK
  8. That’s like saying a VW Beetle makes a good boat. It floats, but not for long.
  9. Most of them were unbelievably bad, but like all the other responses to the poll, that’s just a personal opinion.
  10. Last place you want to be at an indoor rock concert is in the front row. As long as the mixing desk is central in the venue as it should be, get yourself as close to it as possible. If they can hear everything ok, so will you.
  11. OnSong is probably the gold standard for this, but it’s not cheap. If you stop the screen turning off in settings, then scanning your notes into PDF’s will work. Saved onto the iPad the stock MacOS Preview app is a PDF viewer. The main issue with this option is difficulty sorting the notes into any particular order. And scrolling if a note covers more than one page.
  12. In examining the post above in The Acme Newsreader Content Checker, I ran 48 different configurations from 'Contemporary Slang / English (UK)' through 'Cosmic Sophistry' (inclusive naturally) and came up with the following result. "Wallpaper." The Acme Newsreader 'content checker' examines florid prose and technobabble, extracts the insights, opinions, emotional impact etc., and gets at the crux of the message. In Preferences you can select Universal Themes, Undisputed Truths, Skewed Logic, Political Correctness, or other filters/search engines, and use the content checker to get at deeply obscured meaning contained in any kind of literature. If you're interested in distilling real meaning from polemics, hyperbole (it does a really fantastic job on hyperbole) and even gibberish, The Acme News Reader V.4.0.9f (with content checker), Windows and Mac, natch., is freeware and can be got from : Trans Global Monolithic-Based Panacea LLP. (Formally Stans Budget 8-Track & CB Radio Shack, Inc.) "Spiffy New Interface, Same Great Products and Service. “ Be the envy of your friends. Get The Acme Newsreader Content Checker.
  13. I used a Vox AC30 for quite a while, a long time ago. Despite it not being a bass amp it worked very well. I wish I still had it. Apart from that I’m pretty sure I’ve never used any other UK made gear, unless any leads, plugs, straps, covers, microphones and stands etc. are UK made.
  14. I have two in an Ibanez SR900 in place of the stock Sudo Bartolinis. Sounds amazing even with the stock Bart preamp.
  15. I came here expecting a discussion on alternative energy. So disappointing.
  16. Look at the Apple Refurb store. There’s always a bunch of iPads on there at reduced prices. Even Amazon has them. Especially as you already have OnSong and are familiar with Apple hardware etc. . A 12” first gen iPad Pro is ideal, but older models will do the job.
  17. I have a very similar trolley bought many years ago, can’t recall where. It is quite light and easy to carry, but handles loads well. Although not so good over rough ground. It also tends to wander about like a supermarket trolley when pushed. So it’s better to drag it.
  18. I have 2 questions. What happens if/when you remove the string retainer? I’ve never seen one of those on a jazz anyway. I’m old. Why don’t you use different strings if it doesn’t happen when you do? Maybe try temporarily replacing the A string with another brand as an experiment. As it’s obviously the strings, according to your post, change ‘em.
  19. https://www.facebook.com/groups/UKBassgear/posts/2347320975401224
  20. I think the answer is yes, and not due to age or seasoning. My 72 jazz only needs a slight truss rod tweak if I change string gauge and/or move to lower tension strings. The build quality of the instrument may make a difference I suppose.
  21. A long time ago in a pub band far away, I had a guitarist who kept turning up his amp. It was because other members of the band kept turning it down behind his back.
  22. That’s an interesting idea, better than sticking a finger in yer ear. How does the bass sound. I presume you are also the bass player?
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