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  1. A heads up that I'm travelling the length of the country tomorrow so if you are interested in this try me with an offer and I may be able to deliver.
  2. A heads up that I may be able to deliver if you want tpo make an offer as I'm travelling the length of the country tomorrow
  3. haha naah not really. I have had a few and they just aren't for me
  4. I like SB2's so I guess either
  5. I'm the type of player who finds favourite sounds and then sticks to them so I had to do a bit of exploring. Between the "A/B" and "Selection nob" there are 8 sound options Note: it has flats on at the moment, rounds would no doubt add more growl. Wild Dog isn't that "wild" in todays terms but it adds more bite on this bass, which is full of classic 60's sounds. Selecting Wild dog and "A" dials in a more treble and high mids for a more "jazzy" sound, where as on "B" it is more rounded like a good P bass. I really like that one. I love messing around with playing styles and palm muting with this bass. My favourite tones are: Split Sound and Bass on A and Wild Dog on B Best to check on youtube as it is hard to describe them
  6. It is a shade over 10lb, very playable though as it balances with the neck just above horazontal
  7. Trades for a precion 4 or 5 (Fender/G&L). Straight trade of cash my way. I bought this bass at the end of last year and although I play it at home, I prefer my G&L for my my live sound so I'm looking for a change. Built in Philppe's London workshop the construction is good quality and lightweight. It has many signs of use such as light scratches but no notable dings or paint loss so I class it as being in good condition. The neck is fast (Nightingale or Goodfellow I believe?), it looks like the finger board is ebony, frets are good. It is passive, with room to make it active if required. Pickups are unknown but I suspect Delano, the controls are VVT and the neck pickup volume pops up for a beefier sound option, although I am not sure what it actually does. The string spacing is currently 16mm but the bridge does appear adjustable so you could potentially squeeze a wider spacing. Philippe told me that this was constructed in the early 2000's and was in a studio in Denmark street so some of you Londoners may have come across it. There is no longer a case or truss rod cover I'm afraid Here is his current site. http://www.dubreuille-guitar.com/jbass.html and pictures: r7lgx7iilf6ypzjdi7iy.webp x9jrtyyrickndfxngtsb.webp zst6zvcahaafgacfhd9v.webp
  8. This bass hasn't been played much and is in showroom condition. The previous owner bought it used a couple of years back but became ill so it stayed in it's case. He also bought the case new from Burns and was told that it was the last one. I don't think that they make these new at the moment so it may well be a good investment. Everything works like it should. It has a great action and sound and is a nice instrument. Note: I am in no rush to sell so would rather trade for a nice passive P bass/replacement with a bit of thump-thinking G&L or Fender, either 4 or 5 strings as I play both. If you aren't familiar with these there is a nice review and video here: https://www.guitarinteractivemagazine.com/issues/issue-29/reviews/burns-bison-bass/ Thanks for looking. have been thumbnail.jfif thumbnail.jfif
  9. Thanks, good advice I guess as I have a couple of keepers already so it will probably end up on the market here.
  10. Hi, I have a Philippe Dubreuille custom jazz bass from the early 2000's and it just isn't my sound. I'm more of a P bass or Stingray guy. What I want is more roundness and thump I have been looking at alternative pickups on line and haven't found a decent comparison to help me choose. Q1. Any suggestions on pickups? Note: If possible I would like to keep it passive but guess that I could go active as there appears to be space. Q2. I know nothing of the existing electronics and couldn't see a name on the pups so will put a picture. Any ideas of what they are? The control system is a passive Vol, Vol tone but the front volume pops up to select both pickups. Q3. I haven't changed a bass like this before...would it be more sensible to trade or sell it and buy another? Here it is
  11. Bargain, I'd have that if I had the dosh. but don't. GLWTS
  12. This is a stunner and light weight, why is it still here?
  13. Yes that cracks me up every time, and the slight clumsiness and of the girl dancing was all I could think of when I saw that GAGA vid.
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