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  1. Hi, yes the album's here: https://eddiemole.bandcamp.com/album/blue-and-hazy Tracks are all over the place as digi singles and there are a some video's on Youtube. I was a busy boy in lockdown as everything was stinky poo (bereavements/job losses, housing crises) . Music helped keep me going!
  2. Harmonium? that would be interesting. I need to get some basic key playing skills
  3. Hi Douglas, thanks for your input. I hear what you are saying and do tend to get a bit OCD about my toons. That partly comes from a past lack of confidence (that's playing/singing and writing). I have now largely got over that simply though age and experience, so I no longer care so much what people think. I do love to get useful feedback that I can use in future projects though so thanks for that. I'm sure that your right that some of my stuff could be "slimmed" down. That is why I asked the question You touched on an important point that I don't think that a market exists for this type of music...whatever it is. Having said that I enjoy doing it so am continuing. Not worrying or over thinking gives me freedom to try all sorts of weird and random things and to go for it and have fun. Expect more weird randomness in the future 😁 Note: I should have mentioned that the drums are just an electronic version that I put down to build the track around. Unfortunately an attempt to put down ambient drums failed and then we were in lockdown so I had to go with it. That also impacted on some of the other tracks which have percussion elements done at home instead of "real" drums. One track called Emily Sings has no percussion at all and a very sparse bass line.
  4. The style was also driven by the fact that I couldn't get back into the studio to revisit bits so did most of the stems for that at home. That's where all the percussion, voice and guitars were done. It was either that or put everything on hold, which wasn't something that I was going to do.
  5. The bass definitely drives it, which is probably down to my love of bass and why I asked the question...I always want to hear the bass loud in my stuff but have regretted that later more than once. It is too late to mess with this mix as the album is done and out there but the mids/mix is something for the next project. Note: The timing is pretty much as it was from memory Putting bass to one side, the Blue and Hazy album is full of what could be considered "mistakes", most of I am aware of and ignored but I'm sure there are others. I also tried to avoid too much compression. I don't think that will work on the next as it is going to be more electronic and heavier. Your comments are relevant to that. From Blue and Hazy, there is another sinister track on Youtube that is a good example of what I was after. I'm not actually playing the bass on that one (Pete Brownbridge is on double bass) but you can hear all the mistakes, background noise and clicks and bangs. The percussion/shakers are almost random at times. I wanted it to sound as near live as possible so in production tried to leave everything as was. There is even a missing guitar strum where I lost my way heehee. From memory I think that the timing varies too but that kind of suited the track.
  6. ooh and please please follow on youtube or wherever if you like it...making music is only half the battle. Promotion is really difficult these days.
  7. Brill thanks, for the positivity as I was using the skills/tools that I have. Adding more bass lines seemed to keep the song moving and developing as it went along to my ear. That goes for the voice too as I can only use what I have. I do love Mr Reeds stuff so am happy with that.
  8. Hi, I haven't posted for a while but I finished a solo/singer/songwriter album under lockdown and wonder if I got carried away with the bass. The single and album title track below is an example with 3 (or was it 4) inter-woven bass parts by the end of the track. I'm about to start on a new solo project. I was asking myself, did I get carried away? I mean would it have been better with a simpler bass line and transferring the focus to other instruments or effects? Any thoughts?
  9. That looks lush, I had an Eastwood Sidejack Vi, which was a nice instrument but that one looks a step above GLWTS
  10. Pinball


    Pictures added Any offers?
  11. Pinball


    Weight is a very comfortable 4.3Kg so lightweight for a 5'er
  12. Still looking for one of these....No answer from Burns yet but they are going though changes in ownership so not surprising.
  13. Thanks, I'm not too worried as there are other options. I also noticed that some had an all metal tuner. I have managed to find one so only need one other really and I can can still tune the bass so I can wait and see if more turn up, Here's the current news site, which looks promising. http://www.burnsguitars.com/
  14. Yes, now reply as yet. Burns has new UK owners and the web site was down for a short time. It is back up now though, although no prices.
  15. Good new is that they are a push on shaft arrangement so I will be able to tune it. I still need need some though
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