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  1. Sounds like a great choice...For general bass work I use an LR Baggs Stadium. I do all my recording with it asnd use it straight into the mixing bourd for live use. Compact, well built and it lets the character of the instument shine.
  2. Love these basses, these are made to be played! GLWTS
  3. Well, if they don't sell I'll have them. I could use the black and tort one in particular
  4. Last bump for now on this one. I'm bonding with so may sell something else. 🥰
  5. I used to play a green one for a while in the mid 210's and really liked it.The sound was great..not sure why I got rid If I wasn't trying to sell myself I may have been interested as I would love to revisit one. GLWTS
  6. No problem, I'm pretty sure this one is 34. I can't double check at the moment as a friend has borrowed it to do some home recording. When I get it back I'll double check. Ed
  7. Thanks, The bass really sings. I was just enjoying playing along to some backing when you posted and and am getting really attached to it. It is really versitile and that Jazz pup is so "spanky". I'm a big G&L fan and love the look of your CLF. Love the sound of those MFD's.
  8. Price reduced for BC before advertising more widely Thanks for looking
  9. Shame it would have been nice to catch up...I notice you still have your faithful yammy.
  10. I had better add myself on to this list. 25. Pinball: Amplification: GB 2x12 and streamliner Burnes Marquee bass, G&L Fallout, Supro Huntington 1, Fender Jazz Bass Special/boxer, Peerless Jack Casady. I also a Revelation Dub King if anyone wants to see it but let me know as I have to get it back from a buddy. Keep me a space! Stuff for the auction? I don't know that I have much spare to be honest but will have a look.
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