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  1. Thanks for info I'm passing this on to my daughter to see how she gets on.
  2. Hi and yes I can read but the writing on the headstock but I was wondering if it had a specific tag or model name as it seems a bit flash with its binding etc. I didn't buy this bass as it was a wonderfully generous gift from someone for my son who had shown an interest in playing. However he didn't take up playing so I am now wondering if I should jsut keep, sell it and donate the money to a good cause or sell it and get something that my daughter may like to play...she has shown some interest in playing. Anyhow before doing anything I would like to know what it is. Ed
  3. I borrowed some digital scales. Weight is estimated at around 9.7lb (4.4Kg)
  4. Yes still here Dave, will PM you.
  5. Epiphone Thunderbird Pro V I got one a few years back to try a "bird". i liked the sound and style but it seemed to me that Epiphone hadn't taken the time to make it into a propper 5 string and had just pushed the 4 strijng design. The B string was noticibly quieter than the others and I couldn't fit my favourite b string guage through the bridge... I then found that I couldn't get replacement pickups to fit without major surgery so it had to go.
  6. Wowzer I like this! The evil step brother of my white SB2
  7. The page is getting more poulated, with a small but cool membership. Come on down https://www.facebook.com/groups/382848225624135/
  8. My plan to weigh it failed as I got variing results, sorry I can't give an exact weight. Ed
  9. I don't have digital scales but I have a cunning plan....If successful I'll get back ASAP
  10. I can't believe it, two albums out. one Solo and one with The Angry Badgers. I want more mwahaha!

  11. BMC 15E? You can't beat these Sigma's for value in my opinion. Here's my review.
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