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  1. I'm really missing live music....I love this.
  2. For me, Fernaners on Lou Reeds New Sensations album. I reckon it is in the fingers, rather than in the technology.
  3. The summer is here and so is this great sounding acoustic bass!
  4. Great to hear that you are enjoying your new bass!
  5. Bought this to inspire my song writing at the start of the first lock-down and have never used it. Since an initial trial it has sat in it's case and has never left the house so as new! I love the Ultra series and gigged an A 6 for a while. Works as a electric, acoustic or blend of the two. Trades considered. Full Description Custom Godin Electronics The unique Godin A6 Ultra Guitar is equipped with Custom Godin electronics, that work to enhance the guitar's overall volume and projection. The electronics include a Custom Under-Saddle Transducer and Custom Preamp, offering volume control and 3-band EQ. The A6 Ultra is also powered by a Godin GHN1 Humbucker located at the neck, which offers great versatility and broad dynamics. The Humbucker also has its own independent Volume, Bass and Treble controls, that allow the player to shape their ideal tone. Chambered Maple Body Topped With Cedar With a chambered body crafted from silver leaf maple, the Godin A6 Ultra Baritone offers a beautifully resonant and full-rounded tone. The A6's maple body produces bright attack, great projection blended with excellent note definition. The maple is topped with solid cedar, which enhances the tone with plenty of rich warmth that reacts like an acoustic guitar. Mahogany Neck Paired With Rosewood Fingerboard The Godin A6 Ultra Guitar features a sturdy mahogany neck that yields rich and warm tones; whilst the rosewood fingerboard brings enhanced articulation and warmth. The mahogany and rosewood make a sonically pleasing combination with their soft, sweet tones and beautiful texture. Two Guitars In One Godin Electric Acoustic Guitars are designed with the intention of being just that; a perfect combination of acoustic sound with the feel of electric. The chambered body provides a lightweight and comfortable performance, as well as eliminating undesirable feedback and increasing resonance. With a slim, tapered neck, this makes it the perfect choice for players making the transition from acoustic to electric or vice versa. The electronics also allow players to plug into the single acoustic mix output or via both outputs, offering an extremely versatile setup for guitarists to explore. Features Chambered body construction delivers excellent resonance & sustain Silver leaf maple body offers snappy attack with twang Solid cedar top provides warm, acoustic tonality Baritone Scale Length Offers Lower, Darker Sound Mahogany neck brings warm, rich tonal characteristics Custom Godin Under-Saddle Transducer & Preamp deliver enhanced projection Godin GHN1 provides exceptional versatility Volume, Bass, Mid & Treble controls for Preamp Independent Volume, Bass & Treble controls for Humbucker Specifications Body & Bridge Body: Chamber Silver Leaf Maple Top Material: Solid Cedar Finish: Burnt Umber Semi Gloss Bridge: Rosewood Neck & Fingerboard Neck: Mahogany Fingerboard: Rosewood Fingerboard Radius: 16" Scale Length: 27.75" Nut Width: 43mm Hardware & Electronics Controls: Volume x2, Mid, Treble x2, Bass x2 Electronics: Custom Under-Saddle Transducer & Preamp Pickup: Godin GHN1 Humbucker Video for now. Pictures to follow.
  6. Pinball

    Feedback for biro

    Nicco bought a Stingray from me. It was a trouble free deal and he was great to deal with. Recommended.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Sounds like it may have been a fault but maybe it just isn't right for you. You know where you are with the older ones. I find that more care is needed to dial in on this one. I was a little concerned that there wasn't enough "zing". I did find zing by boosting the treble and a touch of mids. I never needed to do that before. Boosting the bass warms the sound up but can also be scarey...so much power there. Note: I believe that the pickup design has some "Bongo" derived. They are beasts that need to calmed in the mix
  9. I love Stingrays but as my band aren't playing live I am playing a much wider range of music than in the past and while my old SR5 could do most things well it wasn't my first pick for everything. I wasn't really aware of the Stingray Special but spotted one when looking around PMT in Bristol.(see pic below). First impressions were that it was cool but maybe too bling for me. This one is a Jan 2020 model and had been in store for a while so it was still at the old price. I gave it a try and was blown away and suddenly the "blingyiness" didn't matter so much. Note: It had looked silver as it was catching the lights but is actually Ghostwood, a green, silvery/grey.😂 Impression? It was a stingray played like one, was lightweight and made the right stingray noises but there were loads of tonal variations. The sound of the 18V electronics combined with the switches and EQ is phenomenal. I could dial in all sorts of warm sounds that hadn't been there on my old ray and it just seemed to have more power under the bonnet. I was there for about an hour and remember thinking to myself "all these sounds from a bass with 1 pickup? Incredible". Now it is mine! Earlier this week I was having fun going through some of the old stuff from my defunct heavy prog band and it was like chopped beef and yesterday was learning some bass lines for a reggae audition and it was like beef stew with a rich gravy. What a machine. I may have found "the one", I feel blessed! PMT in Bristol were brilliant BTW!
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