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  1. This a beautiful bass, good luck with your sale
  2. I have mine now as it arrived this morning. I'm very pleased with it as it fits my Fender Dimension V (4+1) nicely, nice and light and well made and bought at the price of a 2nd hand gig bag of similar quality...Not much room for larger basses though. It passes the test of "would you buy it again" with flying colours Ed
  3. I was looking for a "cheap and functional bag" a few days bag and the GT's was also down in price at £55 and are now back at £129 so this one looks like the last of the bargain deals. I couldn't find anything else of that quality at those prices
  4. Hi, I just thought I would put this link up as it seems a good deal. They seem to be well under half price and a lot of bag for the £49. I ordered one of these at the weekend so fingers crossed that it is https://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/GPX-BASS-Gator-Pro-Go-X-Series-Gig-Bag-for-Bass-Guitars/2SSL?utm_campaign=bEngine - Gator&utm_medium=paid_search&network=google&adgroup=65792893099&matchtype=b&utm_term=%2Bgpx %2Bbass %2Bgator %2Bpro %2Bgo&device=c&creative=333267352062&adposition=2o1&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI85_t3abA4QIV7ZztCh2WCgdxEAMYASAAEgKrjPD_BwE
  5. Looks like it's mine. My only worry is that I may struggle with the tight spacing, I'll let you know how it goes Ed
  6. Thanks, I used new gear and didn't like the earlier versions but we get there eventually 😂
  7. Incoming and getting a good reception to. We're really proud of it so hope that you like it. https://theangrybadgers1.bandcamp.com/
  8. Our album launch in Weston super Mare. It would be great to see you there. You cna have a sneaky listen here: https://theangrybadgers1.bandcamp.com/
  9. An SB2 is a superb instrument and with flats on is my favourite. I love the balanced vol vol controls too. I have a youtube link to the SB2 Di'd directly into the desk. Note: I play guitar in the vid so my buddy Paul is standing in for the vid. the SB2 is very warm sounding and always gets interest and positive comments when played live.
  10. Hi, I believe they are all interchangable, including the Sterlingray 35... I have a 90's fretted neck on the bass at the moment and its a good fit
  11. According to my fishing scales, just shy of 91b
  12. Open to offers for a cash, the price is trade value!
  13. Another pedal that never made it out of the house so this is as new, with it's box, softcase etc. It is extremeley well made and portable. A classy pedal. Will post in europe at cost. Demo'd here:
  14. Hipshot KickAss bridge Used but unmarked so as new. I took it off a bass that I bought and put the origonal back on in order to return it to the factory spec. No box but it is the same as the one in the picture.
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