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  1. Great basses...my weopon of choice.
  2. They look cool, I never knew they existed.
  3. Emily Sings is the first of several planned singles and videos from the experimental new album “Blue and Hazy”, which is scheduled for release late in 2020. I hope you enjoy it. Recording took longer than I expected due to a number of errr challenges. There is only vocals, acoustic and bass guitars on this track but without drums the guitar and bass are also the rhythm section and had to be spot on to get the sound I wanted. I envisaged using double bass but in practice that didn’t have enough sustain and notes faded out too quickly. Pete suggested trying his Ibanez SRH fretless bass. This sorted the tone and sustain but it lacked high end and bite. Additional bass was added with a Eastwood Sidejack Vi, a 6 string bass that was played over the top in tic-tac style with a pick. The guitar signal was split into two and recorded as both an acoustic and effect signal. These were then blended back together for a tighter sound. That also allowed sume subtle fading in and out of the reverb. I used a favourite Taylor (mahogany) guitar, with a Strymon Big Sky reverb pedal. It generates all of the choral, background swells and is also used on the solos. Vocals were tweaked by Charlie Lintern in the studio. Some lines were changed later and I found that my voice had changed slightly, as I’d had corona virus. A permanent change I’m told, not that it sounds better or worse, just slightly different. Recording Credits: Eddie Mole: Guitars, vocals and bass Peter Brownbridge: fretless bass Sound Engineer: Charlie Lintern Recorded at 13 sound studios at Weston super Mare
  4. Pinball

    Tic Tac bass

    "Tic-tac bass" is a method of playing, in which a muted baritone guitar doubles the part played by the bass guitar or double bass. The method is commonly used in country music" Emily Sings is experimental and new for me and I ended up revisiting an old bass technique. I needed to as with sparse playing and no percussion it does the job of the rhythm section well. It's a fretless with a bass Vi picking out the beat. There is similar treatment in the other tracks. Doing your own thing and being able to experiment is fantastic. I hope that you like it.
  5. That is what I thought but I have to say that I'm hooked and would have no problems using my Vi where I don't need a low B I find I'm not a fan of the Fender, Squire Vi's and I find them thin sounding. However I just don't like the sound I get from them but....I'm using a Burns Barracuda and Sidejack Vi on recordings and love them both. Both are E-E and 30" scale. They sound great recorded and like you say open up a whole new world of creativity. I use them in the following ways: 1. As a regular 4 string bass and play all my usual bass lines on the lower 4 strings without having to alter how I play 2. I finger pick with it like a regular guitar, provided I focus on playing up the neck and avoid the open A and E string is sounds great. Note: If I incude the deep notes it gets muddy 3. Chords, especially when focussed on the high 4 strings and higher on the neck-either to add rythm, to give a fuller sound or as a feature iin it's s own right. 4. Fot tic-tac bass to add treble and presence to either fretless or double bass. I am playing it more and more as it is so much fun. I'll put some samples up when the recordings are released. Bass Vi is a great instrument in it's own right.
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  7. Would you mind putting the price up please Graham as I'm tempted
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  9. I I think that this pickuard upgrade, made by the previous owner to my Eastman sidejack Vi lifts it into one of the most beautiful basses around catogory. It also has a pickup upgrade and sounds wickedly good. 😍😍
  10. Best "value for money" fretless around I reckon. My fretless search stopped with one of these. I haven't found anything that sounds better and they play great. GLWTS
  11. Hi, any more positive experiences of this company? I can't find many reviews that compare with other companies on line
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