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  1. Lots of views, I should have released this earlier lol
  2. Weight estimated at 4.1kg so just over 9lb 🙃
  3. Sorry can't tell you at the moment but it isn't heavy, one of my lighter basses. If I can get the right batteries I'll weigh it next weekend. Note: I do have some interest in it from elsewhere
  4. I watched a bit last night. I live pretty close but I have to say big festivals aren't the way I like to enjoy music. I don't want to watch stick people in the distance or wander around looking for stuff. Would love to play it obviously. I missed some of the highlights above so will try and seek em out. My verdict so far as a TV viewer is that it was more interesting watching Eurovision with the wife. The effects and presentation on that were brilliant in comparison.
  5. Adding Preamp Di pedals into the trade options. I'm picky though.
  6. Adding Preamp Di pedals into the trade options.
  7. Only selling this because as you know Nick I have a very similar one...
  8. Yep this won't set the bass playing community alight but this is my oldest original song that I can still remember. Written by me as a teenager in the late 1970's and sung by the old guy in the picture. A good buddy eventually made it into a video. That's just nuts! See link:
  9. Made in the US and a rarity due to its "Fender Special Run" tag, matching headstock & upgraded spec. It has been gigged and has a few battle scars but is in good condition considering the nitro finish. It has faded a little to a nice cream colour. Everything, including the S1 switch works fine and it still has its hard case (fender tag at the handle). Weight is estimated at just over 9lb (4.1KG) It was a special run of 250, in various colours Known as the Hot Rod 2006, Serial number results follow: Model No:0170038805 Description: FSR HOT ROD JAZZ BASS MTCHNG HDSTK OWT Date:01/2008 Note: Although I like this bass it just isn't me so I'd like to sell or maybe trade for a G&L L1000 or maybe a similar US Precision with money my way Overview A souped up version of a classic. This Fender Hot Rod Jazz Bass is a Factory Special Run. It is fitted with 2 Samarium Cobalt Noiseless Jazz Bass pickups, a 2-position push/push S-1 switch, and a Volume 1 (with S-1 switching) position, Volume 2 (bridge position), and master tone controls. It has a 4-ply turquoise pickguard, a Leo Quan Badass II bridge, an alder body, a C-shaped maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, chrome hardware, and a gloss nitrocellulose lacquer finish. The Hot Rod Jazz Bass is another example of the Fender craftsmanship that has kept them at the forefront of the bass guitar world. Features Alder body Maple, modern C-shaped neck Rosewood fingerboard (9.5" radius) 20 medium jumbo frets 34" scale length 1.50" width at nut Chrome hardware Standard machine heads Leo Quan Badass II bridge with 4 pre-grooved saddles 4-ply tortoise pickguard 2 Samarium Cobalt Noiseless Jazz Bass pickups 2-position push/push S-1 Switch Volume 1 (with S-1 switch) neck pickup controls Fender Super Bass 7250L strings Gloss nitrocellulose lacquer finish Deluxe hardshell case
  10. Here's a nice L2000 that I got in a recent trade. It sounds and feels great as you would expect. I was told it was made in 1992, although I can't see a way to be sure of this. I would have dated in then or earlier, maybe late 80's. Anyhow it is a lovely usable classic. This is a used bass so there ere are a couple of "dings" on the front but in general it is in great condition for its age. Trades? I would like a G&L L1000, SB2, LB1 or maybe a nice Fender Precision of Jazz Special/boxer. I have included some pictures from the previous owner as theirs were better than mine lol. Local pickup or trial welcome but can post at cost if need be. Weight is 4.3kg
  11. no one interested? If not considering a trade or selling elsewhere. Ed
  12. More pictures added from my garden so that you can see how good it looks in natural light
  13. Pretty sure that I had this one for a while, a lovely bass. I bought it for a specific project that never came to fruition. It had a great tone and nice and light too. GLWTS
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