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  1. Ibanez ATK805 Premium Bass £695

    ooh my weopon of choice, great basses these but I can't justify two. Good luck with the sale!
  2. The Big Fat South-West Bass Bash 2018!! 08/04/2018

    Cancelling this message...sorted thanks
  3. Physical Music Sales Advice

    In answer... 1. The Angry Badgers 2. We going to gig the songs and would like to play the complete album from start to finish but in most cases this won't be possible as we currently don't have that sort of following or gig opportunities. It is our first full album 3. What packaging? Not sure yet as we aren't rich, we're doing stuff in house where possible but still have lots of costs and virtually no income. We have done everything in house before with an EP and were happy with the results...cost us about £2.50 per CD from memory. Having said that we believe in the product and want something that we're proud of. We do get radio play of our existing stuff all be it on specialist rather than mainstream stations. Money is probably going to be the main issue but I'm a believer in aiming high...otherwise what is the point!
  4. Physical Music Sales Advice

    Lots of useful stuff here top refer too. We are already on Music Glue : https://www.musicglue.com/theangrybadgers/ That llooks like it has possibilities and is easy to use. We've also done our own thing in the past with good results. Many thanks!
  5. EHX Bass Battalion, £80 posted.

    Hi, I think that I need this...OK that was a lie but I want it. Message sent
  6. Physical Music Sales Advice

    Thanks, I was hoping to find someone who would print on demand. I'm working on a concept album so really want to sell it as a complete piece of work rather than individual tracks. If I could set something up then we could concentrate on promotion. Driving sales is the key I reckon. I have been to loads of gigs where people are giving them away as they can't sell them.
  7. Hi, any advice on where best to sell physical CD's? The two I know of are CD Baby and Bandcamp. We're not expecting to sell that many but do want to offer them. All advice greatfully recieved.
  8. Thanks, I have altered the description. There were three up for sale origonally and the ones pictured are for sale. Ignore the 1200 obviously
  9. anyone selling a nice one?
  10. Eden I90 Bass chorus pedal - on sale for £29

    If it does 15v it should be fine I would have thought.
  11. £700 or less bass. Whats the best option?

    I agree with the above. Yamaha BB's, G&L's, Sterlingrays, Ibanez Sr's or my choice an ATK805 if you can find If you are set on 35" scale a newish Ibby BTB or Yamaha TRB are great.
  12. Loads of them from and around Bristol Here is Becky from IDestroy and Baz from the Funkinsteins for a start.
  13. Gibson facing bankruptcy

    I never really got the Gibson bass thing. If it wasn't for Jack Bruce and Andy Fraser I wouldn't have given them a 2nd look Guitars? They have some nice ones but I preferred the old Guilds to be honest. I have a Guild LP at the moment.
  14. Gibson facing bankruptcy

    Hmm that basically echoes what I reard on the radio today, where a guitarist said something like "lots of other companies now make Gibson style guitars that are better than gibsons.