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  1. You have too many nice basses @marleaux62!!!
  2. 👌 nice one Tbh I think I'm going to enjoy the moderness if the sr5. As close to a modulus fleabass as ill ever get
  3. Its lovely. Can't decide between it and tectonic blue sr5
  4. Thanks 4000 My real question is are the new specials worth 2k?
  5. Decided to keep the G and L and sell for cash. Got my eye on this beauties, the sr5 looks awesome
  6. Thanks for replies guys. Sounds like a great option
  7. Guys, anyone own/have owned a US Sub from the 00s? Theres one locally for around 600 quid and I have an m2000 i might part ex for it. I hear they ate heavy, have the old school 2 band eq and aren't far of the US Ray's. I have a ray34 I love to death but its 3eq. Is there much difference or am I buying the same bass again?
  8. Watched it, lobster is a sound lad for a crustacean
  9. They have a classic like above for sale in andertons at moment, 1600 quid. Tempted. I have a ray34 which I love but would love to try a US
  10. The l2000 tribute orange is down to 499 in andertons. Lovely looking bass.
  11. The pharaoh gold is beautiful. Enjoy.
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