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  1. Drax, how do the super doubles sound? Vintage/modern? Aggressive or warm etc?
  2. SX are great, especially if you can get 2nd hand. I had a Squier jazz and SX P, level on quality for me.
  3. Great value. If I had the dough..... Cant justify the new ehb and fan fret models although they look awesome. Ibanez make super sleek modern bass and then stick P bass pickups in them 😃
  4. The new sr600 is 599 in andertons with Nordstrands. The finishes are a bit meh so far this year. Or this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ibanez-SDGR-premium-4-String-Bass/274239192348?epid=1172371155&hash=item3fd9edfd1c:g:xuMAAOSwFEheMXE3
  5. Theres a well used but perfectly playable sr1205 on gumtree at moment at £425. If I didn't live in Ireland and had the funds I'd be all over it. New it would be 2x the price. Depends on whether you want 4 or 5 string but used SR premium is the way to go. I have a SR600 and it's an awesome bass but the nordstrand big singles would take it to the next level
  6. Thanks yeah I love his stuff.
  7. What are the BH2s like? They sound very polite in demos, maybe more classic P? Looking at the green multiscale
  8. Bought a Sterling by musicman Ray34 from Terry. Great seller, couldn't recommend highly enough. Item arrived on time as described. Great seller, wouldn't hesitate to buy off him again. Cheers
  9. The least they can do really. Hope all gets sorted
  10. No worries Pete, all cleared up mate😉
  11. Stew has entered the chat. I'm buying shares in Harkey Benton
  12. Guys Does anyone know how brexit affects tax with goods going from UK to NI? Technically they aren't leaving UK so do they still have 20% levy to pay?
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