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  1. Lowendlobster on youtube has a vid up about the Aguilar MM pickup in a SUB Ray4 comparing with the stock Ray24CA
  2. Gorgeous. This is exactly what I want to do to my sub ray4
  3. horrorshowbass


    Guys, Any success with a musicman ramp? I would love one for my SUB Ray4, got a zero mod but it just felt weird slapping etc.
  4. That’s ridiculous value. I’ve no cash😫 Any trades considered (partial or otherwise) let me know
  5. I once asked Billy about this one after a Steve Vai gig in Dublin, he still plays it all the time. Scotts bass lessons did a cool vid on his collection.
  6. Fair enough, these a nice white v2 Sire on andertons but its 2x the price of the Harley. First fretless so bit of an experiment
  7. Lads, Cheap fretlesses..... Looking at HB fretless (the Jaco copy) or would I better saving up for a Sire v7?
  8. That's lovely. I bought the P bass version on here for 120 quid. Unreal bass for the money
  9. Wow a budget stealth sub!!! Looks lovely.
  10. Stick it on the Iron Maiden instagram FAO Steve Harris
  11. Sounds like a job for a b7k/steve harris or GED2112 pedal
  12. The only expensive bass I want is a sterling MM HH maybe and I'll probably wait till one comes up here in a year😁
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