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  1. Really want to try one. One on reverb with ebony fretboard and the EMGs mentioned above (stock in the limited edition) On the watchlist What are the necks like?
  2. You'll never see it play unfortunately 😔
  3. The SR neck profile is amazing. My SR2400 is slightly more beefy than my 600 but feels so good in the hands.
  4. LeFay sounds awesome (but they all have lovely bottoms)
  5. As I Am from live at budokan pretty good too.
  6. Love the CAR SR5 @AndyTravis Love them all!!
  7. Never stops. Noticed that too. Watched him on side stage talking to his tech during guitar breaks, playing away....
  8. 100% totally the above. Was unbelievable seeing him in flesh. Tone was incredible.
  9. Yeah Amos is awesome (just properly checking him out) and agreed on Myung, he sounded awesome live recently but on other tours etc hes buried in the mix. I was on the bass side so was delighted!!! Really want a Bongo now.
  10. Yeah, they closed with this. Amazing. Love how they combine genres
  11. @Lord Sausage This song combines all the best elements of DT, Images prog, TOT metal and even a Flood style mid section. 👌
  12. I know what you mean Myung used to be drowned out live but he has really cut through mix in last 10 years or so(maybe different drummers helped 🤷‍♀️ ) New album and especially one before it are great. Train of thought one of my faves.
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