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  1. Thanks plasmazimbie, sound advice. Sorry for your troubles mate.
  2. Lads, anyone own one of the newer line 2019 ones? I love jazzes usually but have heard neck is really nice also. Thoughts on playability, quality of instrument overall much appreciated. Lookin at seafoam green with maple neck/blocks one.
  3. Well happy with this bass lads. Still getting used to the pickup position ('used to jazz bass). Great instrument, don't hesitate if looking for one😁
  4. Hi guys, quick update after playing around. Bass is finished well, nice and light. Comparable neck to my SR600. Quality is right up there, was set up perfectly. I haven't plugged in yet, just been doing the slappa da bass flea lines :). These are great quality and don't feel like beginner instruments. I haven't played a full blown EBMM so cant compare but this is a lot of bass for the money. Great way to get started with EBMM.
  5. Cheers Dr T. Hoping it arrives today...
  6. Lol I told the wife I went for the cheaper option.
  7. Got a SUB last night😁 Couldn't justify paying 200 quid more for 24 CA when it's my first MM. Love the black/maple flea vibes. I'll let you guys know how I get on.
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