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  1. https://reverb.com/item/40288033-ibanez-sr300eb-ca-4-strings-bass-candy-apple-red-with-gigbag-3557gr Serious value, quite tempted
  2. Thanks yeah seen other pics on reverb in different lighting. Have a Ray and a Jazz so wanted the evil love child
  3. Thanks, thats a beaut but I am a vain, petty man and don't want another sunburst bass Price is great though GLWTS
  4. @uncle psychosis, thanks for the offer but my heart is set on an L2000. Specifically, this beauty below. From reading reviews, the M2000 is a bit more traditional ala precsion bass. I'm looking for kick your balls in punch, bite growl etc. etc. although reviews are mixed and the M series sounds like a great bass. Having said all that, i'm sure it would fly off the shelves here on BC if advertised. Thanks
  5. Yeah there's one on gumtree currently at 950. Outside my current finances to be honest for a bass which is a bit if an unknown experiment for me. Been a jazzer forever and recently love the stingray grunt. Like the look of those MFDs now.....
  6. I'm gonna get an L2000 even though neck looks like a baseball bat
  7. I'm thinking about selling my Harley Benton fretless jazz bass if you're interested
  8. I'm in Ireland too and would love this bass but I'm broke 😢 All it needs is TMNT sticker
  9. Penny Fender Performer on reverb for £900, might get stung with farage tax though as its in EU
  10. New Charvel San Dimas, looks awesome
  11. Fantastic player on YouTube. Want a BTB now.
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