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  1. I do realise I have offended 97% of basschatters with my comments on P basses, only my humble opinion of course
  2. Done, it will probably be a harley benton though....
  3. I kinda laugh and take the fosters a wee bit about P basses as everyone seems to say you can play everything from Abba to ZZ Top with a bit of Dream Theater in between but do love the sound of a P with a pick, tone fully on of course. They are great instruments, I will probably own a jazz, Ray and P at some stage That being said, if I ever buy a Sunburst P with rosewood/tort and put flats on it, take me out the back and shoot me
  4. Wow that's quite the claim fair play, horses for courses and all that. I do love a good P bass too.
  5. To be clear it just ergonomics for me, love the sound
  6. Yeah I must try flats on the next one I will more than likely get another soon but the price tag means it needs to be the one and only it is the tone I have in my head, that Flea mid grunt (i know he played Modulus etc also). Its so addictive. I will find one i can play.....
  7. Behringer delay and zoom b4on. Zoom was £70 and has great drum machine, b3k and fuzz patches as well as Sansamp tone. Awesome
  8. Yeah been there done that, plastic ramp, worked OK but not quite natural. Zero mod thumbrest was same. Maybe an angled tug bar like a Fender might be the ticket? I'm used to anchoring thumb on neck pickup of jazz.
  9. I'll probably go back a few times and then learn my lesson.
  10. I'm right there with you mate. Love everything about a Stingray except playing one. really want one back in my life as I love the tone. Might get an SR5 for a Low B thumbrest
  11. @marleaux62your collection is ridiculous!! Beautiful basses. Let me know if you're ever shifting one
  12. You may be a little bit for selling (Only messing, sounds like you are well stocked for basses)
  13. HI @40hz thank you so much for your info, this is why I love basschat. Agreed on the "mods", plan was to tell him to keep the extra pickup etc and offer based on that. I'm in Europe so import tax won't be issue. Thanks again Michael
  14. Yeah was talkbass so sterile was taken with a truckload of salt
  15. Nice, this has an obp 3, not sure why he went Delanos but. Might need to buy both for proper comparison
  16. Cheers man, you know your stuff! See Flea is still putting the Poors in his new active jazzes as well
  17. Thanks Russ. Beginning to think an SR5 would be a better all round bass
  18. Sorry, specifically meant this one. https://reverb.com/item/53572780-modulus-flea-bass-5-strings-fb5-aka-funk-unlimited-2001-black The front pickup thing is an abomination so would be going stock MM. Also has upgraded obp3 pre and Delano (upgrade?) pickup. Thanks
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