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  1. Black/maple player jazz, lindy fralin 5% overwound pickups, pearloid pg. 2112 starman sticker Done for about 800 quid
  2. I love love love my classic but neck profile and pup position will take some getting used to
  3. Probably more like saying you wouldn't buy a car with an ugly exhaust. Not a deal breaker for me but each to his own.
  4. How often are you really going to look at the big plate? Put a Ray34 preamp in it and you're golden
  5. Rest assured mate, I'm a jazzer and the neck profile is lovely and playable. I have a full fat US stingray and I love the tone but not the neck so much (41mm) Had the sub ray4 too, lovely neck. You'll not be dissapointed
  6. Yeah it would need to come down significantly. That money could get a nice squier jazz
  7. If it doesn't shift here might go on adverts.ie
  8. Played one of these yesterday in a music store (remember them?). Was lovely colour in flesh. Was also 1249 i believe so get yourself a bargain US P.
  9. Worth 300 quid more than a player? Needs a pearloid pg obviously.
  10. I have GAS for the jazzes but don't know between the aged CAR player plus, 300 quid more than a standard player. And the US made performer is only 100 quid more. The AM Pro ii are crazy priced so unfortunately out of my league
  11. Omg you only gone and bought it......
  12. Those look awesome @ped. Still on the fence as they are pricey at minute but hopefully will drop a bit. Enjoy
  13. Not mad on the pau ferro. Looks a bit Robert Pattinson in Twilight to me.
  14. I love my classic but pickup is soooo far back. Too used to jazz neck pickup. Its a learning curve when trying to play Iron Maiden/Metallica. Still, it sounds ridiculous and neck is stunning so its going nowhere
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