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  1. Just received a bid on eBay so I'm withdrawing these.
  2. PRICE DROP: Now £30 including postage in the UK.
  3. I sold a bridge to Johann. Great to deal with, very easy and pleasant transaction. Thanks again dude!
  4. On a close inspection with my tape measure - it's 13mm
  5. These tuners are 4 in-line for a right handed bass, taken from an Ibanez TR200 bass. They're used but in very good condition - just some slight markings from roundwound strings on the string posts ( as pictured in photos). Comes with mounting screws pictured. The price includes postage in the UK only. Payment by bank transfer or PayPal Gift please. Here's my feedback thread:
  6. Taken from an Ibanez TR200 bass, used but in great condition and includes mounting screws as pictured. Really nice unobtrusive high mass bridge, price includes postage in the UK only. Payment by bank transfer or PayPal gift please. Here's my feedback thread:
  7. Allow me to resurrect this topic with a final update, here's the bass with all the mods completed: The DiMarzio passive pickups went in fine with the bass's active preamp and sound excellent, many thanks for the advice!! I also had some Gotoh tuners fitted to replace the stock ones after the Schallers I bought were too wide in the backplate to fit the headstock. Lastly, strap locks fitted and I did a u-turn and decided to change the stock bridge to a beefy Kluson high mass bridge after all . Plays and sounds way, way better. No longer such an inexpensive bass now... 😬
  8. Hi @barrycreed thanks for the interest but this is likely to be sold very soon, another Basschatter got in a bit earlier so just waiting for payment. I'll get back to you if the deal doesn't get sealed.
  9. Nice set of PJ pickups recently removed from a 1997 Ibanez TR200 bass. There is a bit of scratching to the plastic of the side casings (especially on the jazz pickup) but overall in pretty good condition and perfect working order. Need a set of inexpensive PJs for a bass build? These could be the ones... Here's my feedback thread: Price includes postage in the UK only, payment by PayPal gift or bank transfer please.
  10. Set of new 4 in-line Fender style tuners in a nickel finish, for a right handed bass: I bought these lovely machine heads new two weeks ago but much to my dismay they are very slightly too wide in the back plate to fit onto the slimmer headstock of my Ibanez bass; they slightly overlap. Unfortunately due to my questionable measurement calculations they are now up for sale whilst I make other arrangements to replace the tuners on my Ibanez TR200 that offend me so deeply on a visual level. Absolutely gutted. Details, specs and dimensions can be found on the Schaller website: https://schaller.info/en/machine-heads/288/original-f-series-bmf They come boxed and with original packaging, unused as they were never fitted to my bass, and with the bushings and mounting screws. Here's my feedback thread: Price includes postage in the UK only, payment by bank transfer or PayPal gift please.
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