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  1. FINAL PRICE DROP: Pedal now £42 including postage in UK. This is a very good deal, if no one's interested at this price I'll probably just keep it.
  2. I too am lucky enough to be able to say I own one of these....and it's a F*@KIN' BEAST!!!
  3. Hi all, I have developed a deep and sharp burning pain in my forearms for the last couple of months when playing the Double Bass. Despite the fact that I am still in the beginner stage of learning the instrument, I have been told by my teacher that my left hand technique looks alright so bad technique doesn't appear to be to blame. I've never been able to practice for long periods on the DB but my hope was that building up short bursts of practice would build the necessary strength to work through and alleviate the discomfort and inflammation; this is not happening. I am not able to practice for more than 15 minutes without having to stop because of the pain. I have been stretching and using massage tools on my forearms but this problems persists and the only way it gets better is if I don't play the DB. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this and how they have got through it? Any advice or experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Sansamp Bass Driver DI comes with original box and instructions booklet, this has been stored unused in a box under the bed for quite a few years so should go to someone who can benefit from all the great tone shaping capabilities of this box. The pedal has some cosmetic wear (see photos for paint chips, scratches and scuffs) but works as normal. Come and collect this if you're near to Brighton or I can post within the UK only. Cheers!
  5. In very good condition, excellent pedal for all your fuzz and wah needs in a bullet proof format! Has barely been used due to a change in my band circumstances. Come and collect this if you're near to Brighton or I can post within the UK only. Comes with its original box and instructions. Check out this YouTube video for a good demo of the pedal:
  6. How is this still here? This is a great deal!
  7. This is funny because I have had pretty much the opposite experience than the OP. Although I no longer own an active bass, when I did and used it for gigs where you're on a bill with other bands and you're using someone else's unfamiliar amp and cab, I always found having active electronics with the cut and boost on my bass much easier to quickly get a decent tone live when you haven't had a proper sound check beforehand. Especially when there wasn't time to properly find a good tone that cuts through, using the aforementioned unfamiliar amp. It was a Stingray bass in case you're wondering.
  8. If you decide to go the Phosphor Bronze strings route you should definitely consider checking out a set of DR acoustic bass strings. Somewhat pricey and difficult to find but I've had a set on my Stanford acoustic bass for about 2 and a half years and after much playing they still sound bloody marvellous! These are by far the best sounding acoustic bass strings I have ever used - so well balanced and full toned. In the past I've tried Elites, D'Addario and Rotosound acoustic bass strings and these DR bad-boys are better than all of them. The quality and longevity you get for the extra money definitely pays off in my experience.
  9. Great stuff, and I concur that is a belter of a bass tone! I'm still loving the Geddy Lee Jazz Bass I bought from you in 2017, Lewis! 👍
  10. Thanks mate that would be most appreciated. Just got in contact with a teacher who it turns out is moving to France at the end of the month. Great times!
  11. Thanks, but he was the first person I contacted. I left a message on his phone, sent him an email, and about a week after that sent him a text. Unfortunately I've had no responses to any of the aforementioned. Shame as he comes highly recommended.
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