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  1. Total bummer! The Headhunters album was a gateway for me from mainly listening to rock and funk, to discovering jazz and fusion. My bass teacher turned me onto it when I was 18. Paul Jackson - what a colossal player!!
  2. Hi all, this is back up for sale as a result of a reckless and inadvisable lockdown purchase that is about to be finalised. Sadly this little ripper now needs to go. No trade offers please as I need the money. 1997 Ibanez TR200 Bass with 2 band active EQ (serial no: 6011374). I bought this from Japan, I've tried to find more details on these instruments, but this particular iteration of the TR200 only appears in a 1997 Japanese Ibanez catalogue, check the link for more details: http://brochures.yokochou.com/guitar-and-amp/ibanez/1997/en_22.html I have had the following high quality upgrades added: Kluson High Mass Bridge, DiMarzio Model P and J pickups, Jim Dunlop Straploks, and Gotoh GB528 Resolite lightweight tuners (pricy!). Includes its' original Ibanez gig bag. The bass plays and sounds great, truss rod works fine and the neck is straight. In very good condition for its age; just a small unnoticeable scuff to the finish on the edge of both the top and bottom sides of the body, and a slight bit of finish loss by the bridge pickup when it was upgraded. All unnoticeable unless you look very closely and carefully. Covid secure collection from the Preston Park area of Brighton is strongly preferred as the thin original Ibanez gig bag for this bass really isn't well padded. Sorry but I don't fancy sending a bass that doesn't have a hard case as couriers won't insure them. A meet-up within a reasonable distance from Brighton is also a possibility when lockdown rules are (hopefully) eased in the next week or so. Here's my feedback thread for assurance of a clean and honest transaction: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/306417-feedback-for-edlib-3/ Any questions, let me know. Cheers!
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. Yep. I've just had a look on Reverb for used Stingray and StingRay Specials; the prices are pretty zany. Asking just around £200 less than what the bass would cost new even when the condition is decent is a new one for me. The cost of second-hand StingRays have followed the cost of the new Specials in going a bit crazy. I'm not pleased - not only are they discontinuing all the colours I liked in the range, but getting a used one in one of these colours costs ludicrous amounts of cash
  5. Really interesting thread! I just worked out that I will have been playing bass for 25 years next month so below is the list of instruments I've got through between the ages of 14 and (almost) 39. I blame Basschat for forcing me to make the majority of the later purchases here against my pathetically weak will and better instincts. I feel slightly embarrassed by the amount of gear I've got through in that time but to be honest, looking at some of the other epic lists that this thread has brought to light, it's not that bad! The basses listed in bold are the ones I currently own. Anyhoo, here goes: 1996: 1995 Ibanez TRB70 bass My first bass, decent bass for a beginner and looked very slick, got me through my first school bands. Very unreliable pickups with pole pieces regularly sinking into the pickup casings! 1999: Fender BG-29 Acoustic Bass Bought for acoustic jams, very dull sounding acoustic bass and too quiet - pretty useless in hindsight, should have put the cash towards a better electric bass. 2000: Warwick Streamer Standard 5 string Youthful ignorance compelled me towards this tone deficient shocker in the form of Warwick's (then) newly produced budget Streamer line. Had a B string slack enough to use as a skipping rope. Awful bass. 2003: Music Man StingRay in Pacific Blueburst My first quality instrument. Absolute beauty! 2008: Fender GB-41SCE Acoustic Bass Another Fender acoustic... Way better than the BG-29 though, way louder, and the size of a house. Finding a case or gigbag to fit was a bit of a mission. 2008: Music Man StingRay HS The bass I regret selling the most. An absolute belter - the Jazz pickup coupled with the MM humbucker makes all the difference, but like wearing an anvil across your shoulder. Character building from a gigging perspective! 2014: Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass Lovely bass - neck just far too thin for my hands and very prone to bowing, so it got moved on 2015: Bassix EUB Enthusiasm got the better of me with this one; bought from an extremely shifty American guy on Gumtree, who was about to leave the country. Got it home and realised there was a fault with the electronics and some not-obviously apparent damage to the body that the sneaky f*%£$$ wasn't upfront about. 2016: Stanford Robot Acoustic Bass Indisputably the best acoustic bass in all aspects in that price range. A very lucky purchase!! 2017: Fender US Geddy Lee Jazz Bass Awesome! An absolute beast of a bass and has the most amazing neck with a thicker profile that makes it super fast but also more substantial than your usual Jazz neck. Just wish I didn't have to take the neck off every time I need to adjust the truss rod. 2018: Bridge Cetus Electric Double Bass Lovely bass with a hollow body making it much more comfortable to play than a lot of other EUB type basses - sold hastily and regrettably as a result of repetitive strain injury and sudden change in circumstances. 2020: Ibanez GWB20th 5 string fretless Bought on a whim to replace the Cetus. The quickest I've ever moved a bass on, owned for just a couple of months. String spacing was too close for my sausage fingers, ended up being an expensive way to come to the conclusion that fretless bass just ain't my thing. Sold at a serious loss too. 2020: Ibanez TR200 bass 1997 The bass I wanted when I was 15 but couldn't afford, bought in April last year; I've upgraded the bridge, tuners and pickups. Still persevering trying to get on with it, and get a tone I like out of it.
  6. I'm currently listening to Talk Talk's Colour of Spring; specifically: Also this tune, can't wait for the new Billy Talent album - who knows when it will be out in the circumstances:
  7. Oh my word....that is a lovely, lovely bass! Looks great in natural finish without the pickguard. I'm all for Ibanez basses with chunkier necks 👍
  8. I sold a set of DR acoustic bass strings to Tony: super fast payment, and a very pleasant and easy transcation throughout. Thanks! Enjoy the strings! Deal with complete confidence everyone.
  9. Thanks @Dad3353 yes, definitely Richie Barshay on drums. The guy on bass was Dave Carpenter (just done an image search for him) that was the guy! I'm not familiar with him but really sad to now realise he's no longer with us.
  10. These were the same ones the bass is currently strung with - lots of life in them yet 😉
  11. Sorry @therealting you're very slightly too late, just sold 'em. Now sold.
  12. Two that stand out for me: Herbie Hancock in 2005 at The Barbican. Both him and his band were unreal! I don't know the name of the bassist but he was all over the double bass and a 6 string bass guitar like it was nothing - he may as well have been playing a ukulele. Both his superhuman musicality and physical endurance left me awestruck. Also the drummer looked about 14 - hilariously, and was also a total monster on his instrument. I remember thinking how is this possible? Secondly, Mars Volta at The Barbican in Summer 2008. The intensity and commitment of the performance and the craziness of the music was exhausting and exhilarating. Juan Alderete de la Pena holding it down on bass with class and taste throughout amidst all the Latin prog rock mayhem. Wow....just wow.
  13. These strings sound astoundingly good and are very possibly the only set you'll find for sale in the UK at such a low price. Just sayin'.
  14. Just sold an acoustic bass to Johann, this is my second time dealing with this polite and friendly gentleman and as expected the transaction was as easy and pleasant as I could have wished for. Great guy to deal with, and now the owner of the best sounding acoustic bass ever - the lucky boy! Thanks again dude! 👍
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