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  1. I may be alone in this but I think it makes the fretboard look pretty cool. I'm with @ped on this; it won't affect the sound or playability of your bass so it ain't no thang.
  2. Thanks dude. Anyone would think a global pandemic had interfered with people's plan to spend all their disposable cash on more shiny basses. 🙄
  3. Now £315 in line with the eBay listing price. Bruce cordially invites you to try out this low cost cracker of a bass:
  4. Now £340 in line with the eBay listing price. The best £340 you will ever spend on an acoustic bass. Come on now!!!
  5. I think Joe Dart is quite an impressive player on a technical level (and I'm a lot older than 25). I just can't stand the smugness of the guys in Vulfpeck though. It's not like they're doing anything other than recycling 70s and early 80s smooth funk jams
  6. Difficult to say as most bassists are essentially unrated. I say this as most audience members and music listeners are fairly ambivalent to the bassist in a band they're listening to, unless they are a musician and even then they might not be too bothered. As per the mainly supportive nature of our instrument's role. Maybe Mike Dirnt fits this category?
  7. Just thought of another: George Murray - Bowie's bassist for the period when all his best work was done (I'm talking Station to Station to Scary Monsters). Awesome player!
  8. For me definitely one of the most underrated bassists of the last 15 years is Roy Mitchell Cardenas of Mutemath. Damn fine player. I tried to start a thread on Roy's playing here, not a single reply. Very underrated and it would seem not that well known.
  9. I sold a natural finish Music Man Stingray HS on here almost 3 years back. I had it for 9 years from new and it was awesome; I just really needed to raise cash quickly for my wedding. It's the only bass I've sold that I deeply regretted. A guy in Belgium has it now. However, I miss it but my back and shoulders miss it less so 😉.
  10. Mate you must have been a teenager in the 90s (like me).
  11. Lovely bass, that silver finish is very striking. Is that a picture of Jet from Gladiators on the wall in the background? 🤪
  12. That's the most pristine, least DIY punk rock set of gnashers I've ever seen.
  13. Just received my second attempt at a Gumtree Paypal scam for the same bass!! This time they bypassed messaging me via Gumtree and WhatsApped me with the old 'I'll PayPal you the funds without trying out the bass, and then arrange a courier' chestnut. This is getting old!
  14. Another PRICE DROP!!! Now £350 - very good price for an awesome bass.
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