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  1. Not the slickest website, but... http://www.kgb-music.co.uk/ It was custom built for me by Keith back in 1991. It's pretty battered now and the lacquer has crazed but it still plays very well. I don't play it much now as I'm converted to 5 strings, but it's the one I would never sell.
  2. It's good, although the EMG pickup is a bit weak IMO. Is your the newer one with the Bart?
  3. Thanks man... the Spitfire is the latest addition, a trade for a Lakland 55/94... I always wanted something in Walnut and I now I have it. Most importantly, it sounds great too!
  4. As I can't get out and about with my new Sony A7 camera at the moment, I thought I'd get out in the back garden yesterday and take a few shots of my basses... enjoy https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157713789253053
  5. Computer programmer for the last 20 years. Christ I'm bored of IT.
  6. I've done exactly the same thing for the last 40 years and I've never had a problem. I mainly use Newtones too, although hex core, so perhaps that's why I've never had any issues. Aren't the vast majority of bass strings hex core anyway these days?
  7. Yeah well, y'know that's just like your opinion man...
  8. Stuart Lee on stage is a character who may or may not be as clever as Stuart Lee thinks he is. Many songs in the SD cannon seem to be written from the perspective of a certain type of character (or characters), who may or may not bear some relationship to the authors. Although the character of the stage version of Mr Lee and that of the protagonists of a great many Dan songs share a certain world weariness, it was an entirely fatuous comparison to which no significance should be attached. Having said that, if you don't dig the Dan then you should probably stop pretending to be a musician and take up collecting tapeworms or something more appropriate. 😎
  9. Nice? Have you listened to some of the lyrics? Sheesh...
  10. It's lovely thanks, really getting into it. Fat and juicy. Rang Bernie last week to check the allen key size for the truss rod.. what a good bloke!
  11. That bass looks awfully familiar...
  12. I've never been to a dinner party in my life (although I have occasionally shared the odd bag of chips with a close friend) and I think it's a fabulous album. I love the counterpoint between ultra sardonic wit and exceptionally high quality cheese. The whole thing is like some kind of highfalutin' (now there's a Steely Dan word!) self referential joke. Kind of like what the exceptionally clever Stuart Lee does with his comedy. If you don't 'get it', then you have only my pity and ultimately, my scorn.
  13. Indeed they do. Lot's of people drink Carling lager too.
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