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  1. It seems there may be other reasons not to like him... https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/showbiz-tv/pj-proby-reveals-sickening-attraction-16035680
  2. The girls in my primary school used to love them, along with the Osmands and David Cassidy. It's a stinky poo business...
  3. I wish Julian would release this little ditty...
  4. Today's new word is brectum...

  5. Damn, I missed that crucial qualifier. It appears that I also got his age group wrong... https://www.joinmyband.co.uk/classifieds/best-rock-drummer-within-m25-at-your-service-t1207436.html Hair long at the back. The top, we just don't know. What a guy. He's right though, I really do wanna be him. Rickki we love ya! (photos available) https://www.joinmyband.co.uk/classifieds/rikki-styxx-signed-photos-t1208253.html
  6. It appears that young Richard is lacking self awareness to a flipping MASSIVE DEGREE. https://www.joinmyband.co.uk/classifieds/rikki-styxx-still-available-no-egos-please-t1207503.html
  7. Cheers man, much appreciated! We were hoping to get some more gigs off the back of this but they seem hard to come by round Merseyside at the moment... unless you have an acoustic guitar of course! Does that mean you can control him/her? Could be a bonus I guess...
  8. Let's hope for a really cold snap somewhere around the second week in December...

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    2. Bigwan


      Politics? You've come to the wrong place I think...

    3. JellyKnees


      Er, I've ordered some snow shoes and I really wanna test them out...

    4. Teebs
  9. Hi Helen,

    Welcome from over the water!

  10. Our first time out at a local music night The Full Moon club.. a few glitches here and there but pretty happy with it overall. Feedback welcome - thanks for looking!
  11. A very reluctant sale of a fantastic bass. Bought locally a couple of years ago as a backup/alternative to my Dingwall, I’ve ended up using it exclusively for recording, so it’s in the same very good condition as when I acquired it. It has a few minor nicks and scratches on the body and headstock which I’ve attempted to show on the photos, but it’s excellent for a 20 year old instrument. I’m selling it as unfortunately it’s just a little too heavy for me to stand with for long periods due to some long standing lower back/hip issues. Photos can be seen here; https://photos.app.goo.gl/Tq9VcMsmU2ctZRHx9 Some details/specs; Swamp ash body with quilted maple top in cherry burst finish Maple neck with birdseye maple fingerboard 35” scale length 0.75" (approx 19mm) string spacing Bartolini pickups 3 band EQ with adjustable mid frequency selection via dip switches 4.5 kg in weight Serial number 5568, so production date of 1999 as per the Lakland website Original G&G hard case in tweed with keys and Lakland paper slip Currently strung with La Bella low tension flats for that greasy 70s vibe! Sound clip here; https://soundcloud.com/jellyknees/mowdown I’d prefer to sell it directly in person locally (happy to meet somewhere within roughly a 50 mile radius of Wirral), but I’m also open to shipping with insurance at the buyer’s expense. I’m also open to trades for another (lighter) 5er of similar quality/spec but I’m definitely a try before I buy kind of guy, so again it would have to be located fairly local to me for me to consider this. Thanks for looking!
  12. Seasons in the Sun By Terry Jacks - yeah, that's just what the world needs, some grim dirge about dying. When it hits the key change is where the real pain starts... Angelo by the Brotherhood of Man - sub ABBA cheesy dross in horrible nylon flared trousers. Anything by Iron Maiden - get in the sea with your skreetchy widdly-widdly cliche ridden vomit inducing 80's NWOBHM drivel.
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