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  1. Make the sad clown happy

    Yes, 'just bass' will do, if nothing better comes along first, spoons, zither, bagpipes etc etc...
  2. Make the sad clown happy

    Not sure if this is a p*** take or not?? https://www.joinmyband.co.uk/classifieds/sad-banjo-clown-needs-backing-t1071414.html
  3. Does anyone just use a bass & amp?

    I have done in the past, although generally only when I had an amp with a built in compressor. Currently I have a board with 8 pedals on it, including a comp and tuner. I use them fairly sparingly, but I like the additional textures they offer. I could play everything happily without them though...
  4. Huey Lewis tours cancelled

    No news is good news...
  5. What ever happened to Montego biscuits though? Ginger AND chocolate... god we were spoiled in the 70s.
  6. I've started using flats to record with on certain things lately, I really like the punchy fundamental tone that they have. When it comes to confectionery, I generally prefer a finger of fudge myself...
  7. Bending strings???

    It's a great way of adding expression along with slides, pulls, hammer-ons/offs, slaps, taps, etc etc etc... Why would you not do it?
  8. Neil Finn joins Fleetwood Mac..?

    Yes, because being popular is where it's at. Personally, I'd just as soon listen to the Reynolds Girls that any of FMs turgid nonsense...
  9. Neil Finn joins Fleetwood Mac..?

    I'd rather jack...
  10. Things that annoy you...

    Guitarist - a nice guy and a pretty decent player, but... He suffers from the usual guitard volume control issues. He has 2 amps, one for lead and one for rhythm (as you do), with an extra extension cab thrown in for good measure... it is quite the 'wall of sound' at times. He also has a pedal board the size of a small principality. Invariably, as part of his low grade river dance performance, he will hit the wrong pedal, usually during some critical point in a quieter song, creating the sound of a flock seagulls being macerated by a combine harvester. The sheer number of pedals (20 +, I tried counting them all but got bored) also results in frequent patch lead/power failures, again leading to new and exciting 'sound textures' in unexpected places. At rehearsals, he frequently launches into an unnecessary solo performance of some dubious cover version (Phil bloody Collins anyone?) between our tunes, and seems to find this highly amusing. We are an all originals band. No one else is laughing much. Like I said, generally a nice guy, but hard work at times...
  11. What a sophisticated argument. You have won me over.
  12. I answered no, because I don't believe I would be able to fully employ all of the subtleties and and inflections that I (try) and utilise in my playing properly on a budget instrument and it would frustrate me far too much. Perhaps I've been spoiled, but I've been playing high end gear since the early 90's and whenever I've played a budget instrument (usually in a music shop when trying a pedal or amp), I've found it an fairly unpleasant experience. I could technically do it, but it would be missing a significant percentage of what I actually play, and would be a thoroughly hateful experience.
  13. Jaco only needed... what?!

    Jaco was a brilliant musician who just needed an instrument... as it happened, he chose a 4 string bass