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  1. JellyKnees

    Hubba Hubba!

    I love the smell of thinly veiled misogyny in the afternoon...
  2. JellyKnees

    Fingers and the audience

    While it's true to some extent that no matter what instrument you play, you will always sound like you (with regards to character, phrasing or whatever), on a crappy bass (or even a good bass with crappy strings) you will never sound as good as you will on a decent quality, well strung instrument. All nuance and subtlety will be lost - a poor instrument will simply not be able to capture all the details that your fingers are (hopefully) producing. Of course this may depend entirely on what style of music you are playing - if you are plodding away on root notes to some three chord fuzz tone dirge, then there probably ain't much room for subtlety/nuance to begin with, so it undoubtedly matters a whole lot less... I suspect this also applies for point 2, i.e. audiences for different types of music will have different levels of awareness as to how good the overall sound of the band (including the bass) is, and will also give/not give a solitary flying fornicate to wildly varying degrees...
  3. JellyKnees

    Ah, the naivety of a more innocent era.

    Or this one I found in a charity shop in Liverpool... anyone fancy a spot of self emptying with Father Sean?
  4. JellyKnees

    Ah, the naivety of a more innocent era.

    There's a ton of these out there... how about this gem?
  5. JellyKnees

    Downloads or a physical product?

    Vinyl for rolling a fat one on and enjoying the occasional evening of nostalgia, CD for listening to new music at home, digital for listening to in and to/from work...
  6. JellyKnees

    Does anyone actually LIKE jazz?

    Mmmmm jazz, it's just like the Bonzo's said... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABcNAwytrOY
  7. JellyKnees

    TC corona sold!

    Have sent you a PM...
  8. JellyKnees

    Rock music peaked in 1971

    Old man yells at cloud. Isn't it time for your cocoa Roger?
  9. JellyKnees

    Biggest weekend thread

    Beck was fab, excellent band and nice solo spot tribute to Prince with the Raspberry Beret cover. I must admit this has renewed my interest in him, after being disappointed with the Information album about 10 years ago. Manics were pretty good too, in spite of the absent Nicky Wire. Simple Minds were musically OK but Jim Kerr was struggling in my opinion. Other than that, there was nothing of any great interest for me.
  10. JellyKnees

    there's more to bass than just the bass guitar

    Is this what happens when you hit the infamous brown note?
  11. JellyKnees

    Africa - like you've never heard it before?

    Dire version of a dire song... get in the sea.
  12. JellyKnees

    Is it me?

    Personally, I think it depends on what type of band it is. If it's covers band whose main raison d'être is making money, then I wouldn't worry about it. If it's originals where your particular style and sound is key to the overall sound of the band, then I would argue it's an entirely different matter...
  13. JellyKnees

    Whoop diddy scoop

    Love the arrangement, it has a sophistication the likes of which I have rarely heard in popular music.
  14. When it comes to non-coated round wounds, I've yet to find any make of strings that don't loose enough of their harmonic overtone content within around 2-3 months to require me to change them. I'm currently using Newtones on my Dingwall, and they are as good as any string I've ever tried, but 3 months seems about the limit to me. This is obviously highly personal and relates to my style playing, which relies on a high degree of clarity , growl and snap. Other players with other styles are clearly able to happily use the same strings for far longer than me. Lucky them.
  15. JellyKnees

    Jeff Beck doc BBC4 2100 and 0125

    Watched this at the weekend, I thought it was an excellent documentary - lots of interesting stuff relating to his early days which I didn't previously know a great deal about. Some good talking heads too, with the huge respect he has from all the other guitar greats of the 60's/70's clearly evident. I got into him in the early 80's when my then band's guitarist lent me a copy of Wired, which is still probably my favourite album of Jeff's. I've seen him live twice at the Manchester Apollo, once on the Guitar Shop tour with Bozzio/Hymas and more recently with the Tal/Vinnie band, which was just extraordinary. He's one of those players who oozes musicality and genuinely makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Not only that, but he comes across as a totally unpretentious and down to earth bloke. Good stuff.