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  1. fleabag

    Bass Direct

    I saw all those puns but refused to take the bait
  2. That headstock - i like the way its been shaped so that strings rub on the face. Nice touch
  3. fleabag

    Bass Direct

    Fretless / fretted ?
  4. fleabag

    Bill Withers

    A great track indeed - even Grace Jones did a cover version
  5. I suppose so Hey...is the sin bin at Silverstone with some racing hogs to play on ? That would be some punishment
  6. fleabag

    The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    I drooled over the configurator - had to have a cup of tea after that.
  7. I'd like to know where my original 84 Overwater Standard single pup is - huge mistake. This, but single pup and passive - very hard to even find a photo of one
  8. You can get your own relic'ed bass by gigging a new one, instead of paying a factory to make it look like you're a well gigged muso
  9. fleabag

    Ibanez Studio ST300 EQ board required

    Why ? 1 and only post 4 years ago and he never came back
  10. fleabag

    Identify the bass test

    Yup, well spotted CJ
  11. fleabag

    Identify the bass test

    Could be an older model ESP bass. They used to use big white blocky letters on their headstocks, but they dont seem to these days.
  12. fleabag

    Shaping HD foam for pedals

    Its actually a soldering station but it should do the job
  13. fleabag

    Shaping HD foam for pedals

    Thats the one Trevor.. with a heated loop rather than just a hot blade - well found
  14. fleabag

    early / interesting WAL on ebay

    Junk food - keeping the poor alive 👀