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  1. I tried a Washburn cricket bat just the once and was thrown because the bass hung further to the right than my headed basses and i was playing 1 fret out. It wasnt nice to play, but luckily it wasnt mine
  2. Didnt get a notification for your post, Matt, so a bit late. The Mosky i bought did nothing at all, literally. Its now a good chance that my TE needs latching, and not momentary
  3. The bogseat Bongo. Easy to play sitting down. I'd have one. I love 'em. Just dont like the price
  4. I've seen that before, a couple of years back. Superb, and what a tone.
  5. Good point, though a bit odd that he played it live on fretless and not fretted
  6. Brand X ..Born Ugly. Percy Jones on fretless duty
  7. The Firm - someone to love. Tony Franklin on fretless duty Japan - Halloween. You know who on fretless Japan again. Visions of China
  8. Also didnt know GP played with GM, and while i also cant stand GM's voice, he was a hell of an axe murderer
  9. fleabag


    Hows that, any better ?
  10. fleabag


    He needs to get out more, current situation permitting, and maybe have a day off from spouting carp. Unless he was 'avin a larf
  11. Given Danny Boyle's illustrious career, i reckon it'll be a monster
  12. Dont see the point of building an instrument with a 16hz note that no one can hear. Perfect for metal Weird looking 3 string thing. Even Jaco needed 4
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