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  1. The last time i tried to purchase some Mange i got slapped round the chops 😬
  2. Will being a long term believer in The Church Of Fleabagness get me gigs ? I have plenty of faith
  3. Bluddy hell It's true some people are totally convinced they sound great. It's no stretch of the imagination that my dog used to howl better than this loser, as long as i played the harmonica for my dog. She never reacted to bass
  4. Nah they still work. They look greyed out but they still function
  5. Just tried going dark - ooer - its fabulous. Much easier on the porkies. Lovely job Chris
  6. They both remind me that i really must get some ironing done
  7. Is there time for me to say yuk ? It resembles something that needs to be cleaned off the pavement
  8. Sounds like a whopping fib. It really got run over by a truck
  9. Thanks Silv and Ace. Thought i needed a nurse there for a while. Win 10 + FF here
  10. So then, i ask again, where is the Theme button ? In another thread, someone else asked and it was pointed out that it was underneath the FB, Insta, Twatter logos at the bottom of any page. Actually underneath the Powered By Invision doobrit I have just shown a screenshot above showing that its not there. Is this possibly a Firefox issue ?
  11. Shaddup yoo slaaaaaaaaaaaaag !
  12. So how does one change themes when the ' theme ' button is missing ? Ta
  13. It can run passively, yes, and you have the option to have both pups in passive, or just the bridge pup
  14. Saw this mob , The Counterfeit Stones, 20 years ago at an outdoor festival in Northampton. They were utterly magnificent. You can have look-a-likes and a great sound. Well, take into account that some muppet got this on their silly mobile
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