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  1. fleabag

    I'm getting "that" feeling

    I thought the OP was bracing themselves for a visit to that special clinic
  2. fleabag

    Ovation magnum 3 in Bolton

    I owned one of the Mag 3's many moons ago. One with the gun-metal body colour. Dear cliff they've gone up in price. Mine was under £300
  3. fleabag

    Luthiery is not yet dead

    The marrow is provided FOC 👀
  4. fleabag

    Luthiery is not yet dead

    For you sir, it's a marrow, not a courgette. You wont need socks of any description after that
  5. fleabag

    Luthiery is not yet dead

    Brace yourselves. I'll be along very soon.
  6. fleabag

    The Les Paul Twins

    Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggggggg Some of us will be tearing our hair out if it's 8 weeks.
  7. fleabag

    Livingstone Brown

    Yeah , he did 20th Century Blues album with Trower, and he's also worked with some well known players - Phil Manzanera, Jan Akkerman, Tina Turner, Bryan Ferry. I think he produces a lot as well as bass playing. Also play keys
  8. fleabag

    Livingstone Brown

    Anyone remember Night Of The Guitars from waaaaaaaaaaaay back in th 80's ? I watched the whole show and was mightily impressed with bass player Livingstone Brown, playing here in this vid with the late Pete Haycock ( RIP ) formerly of the Climax Blues Band Check L B's playing on this track of Pete's - Dr Brown I Presume - wonderful feel
  9. fleabag

    Half fretted, half fretless

    Jones with a small mention of the Gretsch he filed the frets down on https://www.bassplayer.com/artists/percy-jones-on-the-return-of-brand-x
  10. fleabag

    Finding time to practice with 4 kids

    Finding time to practice with 4 kids So you're in a 5 piece ?
  11. Looking for GOLD Schaller M4 Tuners, 4 Inline , right handed Thanks
  12. fleabag

    Flying V to LP

    You could murder that V body ?
  13. fleabag

    The Les Paul Twins

    You were lucky. Wait till you get there next time and there's a few brain dead motorists all on it at once and you'll see