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  1. Yup, i get the being an adult about it and all that. But i personally wouldnt do the gig. Forget all the silly revenge stuff i and others posted, but surely dont do the gig ? When the " cliquey " mob ask your band " where's Bruno ? " are they going to tell the truth and say they kicked you but you wouldnt do the gig ? Who will side with your band against you ? No one. Ballocks to 'em They made their bed. Now let the bar stewards lie in it The meek shalleth not inheriteth the earth. The meek shalleth inheriteth a kicketh in the nuts
  2. Well, in that case its the drummer and his stooges that are unhinged, not Bruno. If indeed, word gets around musicians, then it will come out that the band sacked their bass player for completely the wrong reason, then had the audacity to want him to cover their impending gig. Now , think about the ones who are unhinged ? I know what my guess would be. Of course, Bruno could always find religion, turn the other cheek, and they can slap the other side of his face as well
  3. Dave the drummer is my mate, as i dont know the other guys. Me and Dave used to be in band together a few years ago.
  4. Call a band meeting the day before the gig and make sure you tell them you feel you've drifted apart as people, and dont feel you can gig with them anymore, then ask the drummer if he likes sex and travel. Then leave them there scratching their selfish heads PS i hope its not the Banbury band Cold Blue Daze
  5. Try posting in bassists available forum.
  6. Welcome to the PJB + Genz Benz crew
  7. Since i have one, and bought one here on BChat 2nd hand for a lot less than £600, so i highly recommend the GENZ BENZ Shuttlemax 9.2. Handily, it has 2 seperate channels , each with EQ. One tube channel, one mosfet 500W @ 8 ohm, 900W @ 4 ohm, 2 channels, 5.75lbs (2.6kg) They come in silver as well
  8. I think ped has diverted any offers for me into his own inbox. I got nowt.
  9. I say keep it. Its got some history now, but the work done to make it better than it was, your patience in waiting all this time, and the fact that its one unique looking bass, i would treasure it.
  10. No probs FYI, i had it in the bridge position because i had a schaller 3 way adjustable bridge, so the string gauge thing didnt matter, as i just adjusted the bridge to suit
  11. You will, of course, be getting to keep some seriously stonking planks, courtesy of BGM/Manufacturers. I'd like to stick my tatty old oar in, and claim first dibs on a nice fretless 4 string, before the great unwashed manky crew on BC get wind of any freebies. Ta
  12. If you're thinking of adding this, i gather it will be between the P pup and the bridge which means i dont think it would work Its 16.5mm so it favours the neck position, but you already have the P mounted there
  13. Yup, the Assassin will be all over this like a tramp on a 2nd hand kebab
  14. Phone Chris May. I've done this regarding an Overwater in the past. I dont ever remember Overwater building such a pile of street pizza. Even back in the early days, they were pretty damn fine quality. I;ve owned 2 1980's built basses and they were top notch
  15. Its unreasonable to expect any insurance company to cover loss due to leaving valuables in unsecured locations. If i left home and didnt lock my front door, and i got burgled, the insurance company would laugh at me. They're in the business of making money, first and foremost.
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