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  1. fleabag

    Jazz/Stingray pickup

    Bartolini also make hum cancelling single coils https://bartolini.net/product/x44cbjd/
  2. fleabag

    Stereo separation?

    It seems then, that if you're in the audience watching a band thats uses a PA and the bass is D.I.'d, ...... try and stand in the middle.
  3. fleabag

    Carl Thompson With Wal pick ups?

    Well they certainly have on this bass, since they look entirely genuine, as they have the embossed logo.
  4. fleabag

    Selling in Europe, best way to transfer money?

    Paypal are great for buyers but worse than useless for sellers - just read warwickhunt's post - but even then, someone ripped me off as a buyer and Paypal did nothing for 8 weeks. I eventually got my bank to refund me. Then Paypal decided they'd give me half the money back. Still not good enough, but since my bank coughed up, i actually refunded Paypal. Why you have so much trust in such a gang of cowboys as Paypal, is weird Transferwise are far more trustworthy. If the seller sends you a pile of poo, then i would contact my bank.
  5. fleabag

    Michael Shrieve... Santana drummer

    I'm sure i read or heard that he was 14 when Hendrix asked him to travel to the UK with him but his mum said NO
  6. fleabag

    Michael Shrieve... Santana drummer

    Great tone out of that bass though.
  7. fleabag

    Oldman Feedback

    Spooky - just relieved Brian of a couple of cabs now. Just his basses to go then Brian will disappear. Delivery in person - great to meet up mate. Dont sell me anymore gear. I'm running out of queens sovs ...
  8. fleabag

    Michael Shrieve... Santana drummer

    Seen it many times over the decades and never gets old. Shrieve was an awsome tubbist. I have some Santana on CD , and both albums by Automatic Man, ( band involving Shrieve post Santana ) which is a real treasure.
  9. fleabag

    Incognito Jazz Funk.

    Fabulous - i love this stuff
  10. fleabag

    Entwistle PBX or PBXN?

    They should ! If they DO snap together, have some fun getting them apart
  11. fleabag

    8” speakers

    I dont know about deeper bass, but a four 8's cab will shift more air and also have a volume incease over a two 8's cab, but of course, you lose the versatility of 2 cabs. As for whether the Faital already has decent deep bass, i couldnt say. I can say that it depends on their design. I used to own two Markbass New York cabs that used four 6" drivers in each , and the low end on them was outrageous, so size is no guide. I guess the low end of those was due to having four of them, so maybe a bigger 2 x8 could achieve that. The TSP's of the Faitals would tell you though, and if mounted in the correct volume cab ...
  12. fleabag

    Entwistle PBX or PBXN?

    If you go for PBXN, for cliffs sake, dont get the PBXN magnets near any others. They're bluddy mental - believe me.
  13. fleabag

    8” speakers

    I thought you were just thinking of making cabs for home messing ? You never mentioned gigging in your first post
  14. fleabag

    8” speakers

    Do you really need two cabs if just home messing, as you say ? May as well build one 4 ohm 4X8 cab. Unless you dont want a 4 ohm cab, or your amp doesnt run down to 4 ohms