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  1. Where do you store your bass gear?

    Spare room /bedroom
  2. Line 6 Relay G30

    These are awesome. I own and use them https://www.gak.co.uk/en/xvive-xu2-wireless-instrument-system-silver/909377?gclid=CjwKCAiAy4bTBRAvEiwAFtatHLlEC_wmLzzNwss3KMnkYvpTsp0kyTlI2pMl5VBfnkQjh2iNkiz4phoCF1UQAvD_BwE
  3. What everyone else said. Some jokers that go by the name of MET PARKING, tried the same magic trick on me when i overstayed in a Maccy D car park many years ago. I googled their name and they were a bunch of Pirates. They even put police style checker borders on their correspendence to frighten the unwary I filed the letters under RB. They stopped coming after a few months. Ignore them all. Dont even bother to make contact. As noted - its unenforceable
  4. Noel Redding

    Check some Fat Matress live with Reading on Gittard duties !!!!
  5. Maybe a smaller cab for 15" driver ?

    I'm happy enough to use front ports Stevie - was just curious. I'd prefer to use 4 ports though , as in the plan, so what size area of front would i need to fit 4 ports ? I can adjust the sizes around to still keep the volume at 4.51 cu/ft
  6. Noel Redding

    Ah, thanks Fozz . Got it the wrong way round i see
  7. These are a 3/4 set for 46.75" scale. I bought the NS EUB from Bass Direct and Mark at BD told me the previous owner fitted the D'add Orchestras so as to help with the sale, but i i didn't like their dead / acoustic sound and found i preferred the contempories. So i've whipped 'em off to sell SIZES : 115 - 85 - 58 -50 Damn good condition, as i dont think they've been played that much. Can post for a fiver
  8. Noel Redding

    Didn't Noel end up with one of JH's strats ? I think he kept it in a vault and ended up selling it at auction due to mucho skintness I could be imagining it all though
  9. Maybe a smaller cab for 15" driver ?

    Is it possible to place the 4 ports at the rear instead ? I was just thinking of the height needed to squeeze a 15 and 4 x 100mm ports in the front baffle. I dabbled with some conversion tables to get roughly 4 cubic feet / 113 ltr and approx, it came out as 27" tall, 17" wide , 15" deep ( 3.98 c/ft ) I may need to increase that as you recommended 125 litres is better. ( 4.41 C/ft ) Re calc : 27" h x 17" w x 17" d = 4.51 c/ft http://www.thecalculatorsite.com/misc/cubic-feet-calculator.php
  10. ?Anybody identify the Bass..

    But better value Edit ...
  11. ?Anybody identify the Bass..

    Looks a bit like a Rick
  12. Maybe a smaller cab for 15" driver ?

    Okey Dokey. I'm happy to go 15mm. Did your modelling include any ports ? The Colossus cab in the link looks like 4 ports @ 100mm diameter and 162mm port length
  13. My Ric 4003

    Aha - £2000 Ouch