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  1. I believe the Acoustic 360 was a preamp into the 361 powered cab, giving 400 watts @ 4 ohm so could probably easily keep up with a 100 watt valve amp. That is, i should add, the revised 360/361 rig
  2. I was thinking of you maybe contacting Clive Button , one of the designers of trace amps back in the day, but i see you've had some good advice from Old Horsey. Then again, from my conversations with Clive when i was asking him about my GP11 Mk 5 combo, i believe he said he didnt design those models, or earlier, so maybe he came into the designs at the Mk 6, which i guess is no good to you either, if yours is an early model. Clive was helpful though in other ways. I was asking him about stuffing in a bigger amp and he said it wouldnt be problem, as the speakers in my 4x10 combo could take a lot more than the amps were rated at giving out
  3. Pink on the lips of your lover, cause Pink is the love you discovah Pink as the bing on your cherry Pink cause you are so very
  4. That guy probably cancelled the auction after the event saying it was ' broken ' because he didnt get enough bids. It's an old trick
  5. What wins it for me is the lovely Mahogy wood and that it comes in a n.o. case.
  6. I'm Witney so any covenient radius to someone , whatever anyone sees as convenient Probably 15 miles as travelling is the bain of rehearsals
  7. Good man Frankie. 27th and 29th are out for me, if that's any help
  8. I have friends on the force, so we'll have no trouble from the local feds.
  9. Experienced, tight playing drummer who can groove , and Keys man who can summon up Rhodes and Hammond sound amongst others, needed to join guitar/vocalist and bassist. We have a mixture of mostly originals + a few covers. Can send mp3's to anyone interested. No age limit but would ideally suit someone 40/45+ years and older. Backing vocals useful but not essential Please PM if interested
  10. I didnt think you'd be up for it, but yes, i'd love to go
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