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  1. I've been friends with John since 1990, and i met him through a friend and jammed with him back then. He's always been the nicest guy and incredibly helpful. He was on the digital team that built a monstrous desk for Pete Gabriel. What he doesnt know about electronics could be etched on the perforated edge of a 1st class stamp
  2. Oh my good grief. Its now been 17 years since i joined ? JHC , the grey beard and tache of mine now makes sense.
  3. Yup, and no. Depends on venue. We use an RCF Sub 705 AS ll and Yamaha tops Yamaha tops have a sub out with x-over . Sub also has a x-over at 110 or 80hz https://www.mercury-av.com/sales/RCF-SUB705-AS-II.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIyP38t-aP5QIVj0DTCh1BUQnkEAQYAyABEgIS9_D_BwE
  4. Camden rob might be near Camden
  5. Those 2 killer albums were definitive. Superb writing
  6. Oh boy. Guilty Left these behind 19 years ago Moonhowl 2.mp3 StoneFree 2.mp3 Airborne Baby 2.mp3
  7. Thanks guys. The Keys player sorted it out in the end. Its his Korg after all, but i'm the one playing it as an added part for a track
  8. The Louis Vuitton bag scenario would guarentee that i'd never go back to that shop, if thats how they work
  9. Perhaps nowhere near as often as Iggy, but didnt Donita Sparks from the all female band L7 drop her skiddies on UK tv and was nekkid from the waist down ? She did much worse at Reading Festival IMO, attention grabbing antics like this is kinda pathetic, and a bit school playgound
  10. Similar .. They had mine , but they put up 2 sets of identical photos, but each set had different prices. The same bass, but with 2 different prices. Weird. Then, one of the set of photos was marked ' sold ' but it wasnt, when i checked. I got my bass back after that. Amateurs
  11. Its always worth proof reading before hitting the submit button. Perhaps that's too simple for some.
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