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  1. Check his other sales. There's more of the same. I dont get the odd title wordings either Squ Aff MORE Info Soon BrNC Bass in Torino Red More Info Fen CX WTF is that about ? Peeen arrrrse
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Squ-Aff-MORE-Info-Soon-BrNC-Bass-in-Torino-Red-More-Info-Fen-CX/184391343542?hash=item2aee949db6%3Ag%3ADm8AAOSwjExfA5-B&LH_ItemCondition=3000
  3. That does look very nice, i must say. I didnt find my pups thin and weak but that may be because i had to change the pots on mine because i had no sound, and simply installed an OB3 preamp
  4. Were Charles Sommerfield ( CSL ) basses MIK or MIJ mr B ? About 20 years ago i owned a CSL and it had the rounded end jazz pups. Damn good sound too. CSL was a lovely bass, albeit rebranded by Mr Sommerfield
  5. You're thinking of Duct tape
  6. Go to your forum name, top right and click to get drop down box. You'll see options, one being " ignored users " Click that, and you get a blank bar at the top to stick a members name in. Type the name, and they should appear by magic. As soon as you do, other options appear. You can then choose from ignore posts, messages, siganture, mentions. Just click signatures and you're done.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. I agree hkh. They make reading threads a proper pain in the donkey butt. That example is one of the extremes but i have another 20 + members sigs turned off for the same reason
  9. I only have the rediculous signatures turned off. Some are bordering on taking the pizz Scroll past the sales photos to see what i mean https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/344693-meridian-horizon-fretless-5-like-new/ Some people have sales in their sigs so these could prove useful unless its a sig like the one above, then i make them disappear
  10. Having said that, i love that Wal exactly because of its oddball body facings. The price is stupid. And they have baseball bat necks so i'd never buy one
  11. Same could be said of vintage Fender JB's and Wals are built properly and by craftsmen
  12. Why didnt he insist on odd socks and must have a sister in the WRAF ?
  13. I've never understood the " do you want insurance " from any couriers, as what the cliff are you paying them for in the first place. ? So reading between the sneakyness, all their saying is we'll deliver your parcel for £xxxx , but we might lose it or damage it. Add insurance, then when it gets lost or damaged, you have to go 10 rounds with these companies who are a law unto themselves. It surprises me that some of them are still in business
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