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  1. Good points made Looking at current prices where they can actually be found ( no Russian 100 quid oldies ) we're looking at 1700-1800 and 750-900 quids I'll have a think !
  2. Possibly Andy, but i cannot post as neither bass has a hard enough case. Shops can arrange the shipping without hard cases, ( i've already done this before but with a shop i wont deal with ) and they're also responsible
  3. It may end up that i'll have to phone every shop i can think of and ask 'em, but Bass Gallery is looking like the main contender
  4. I'm thinning more of my herd, ( 2 vintage basses and a combo ) and wondered what % age shops charge. Saves me phoning every shop in the UK , if anyone knows what some of them charge percentage wise. AFAIK, the Bass Gallery charge 15% which is fairly reasonable. I dont know about all the others, like Vintage and Rare, Vintage and Modern, Wunjo, Andy Baxter etc. Forget BD. I wont deal with them Anyone had recent experience with commission sales? How'd it go and who with ? Ta folks
  5. fleabag


    I have no idea ..i bought it off a bass/guitar customiser called Patchwork Axes. I think he's defunct now
  6. fleabag


    No offence. 😲 Just wondering if anyone owns/owned an odd looking bass. I had this, and still have the neck.
  7. Assuming a right handed player, then when using the bass, the onboard EQ will be facing the floor, unless the EQ is for guitar only. Also, whichever way round you play it, a set of strings are going to be cheese grating your clothes.... or skin, if you play naked
  8. I pretend to be American on TB and actually get replies to posts.
  9. No worries mate. It doesnt matter where you're from, what age you are or what music you like.
  10. Oluwasanmi, its on page 1
  11. Actually, nobody asked. Carry on.
  12. Bean,,, is,,, English ,,, your ,,, first ,,, language ,,,,,,, ???????? Asking,,,, for,,,,a,,,, friend,,,,
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