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  1. Yup, i've been to an HA fest, and pretty much identical to your experience ... great bands, no one kicked off ( who would dare ? ) and a great time had. They know how to party, fo sho. No police needed, and indeed they were none there
  2. I was scratching my walnut when i read the thread title. Who the hell is al solo and why would anyone call ya that ..
  3. True ! GG, BB , MM. Well spotted sah
  4. Festivals - bit of a lottery. The best ones i went too were the free ones. Watchfield , Windsor , but even the one pay festival i went too, Knebworth, was a hoot. A less famous free one i attended compared to the above, was a MAG festival. For those that dont know who MAG is, they're the Motorcycle Action Group. If you didnt know, you'd expect there to be appalling condition, bikers batting the shyte out of each other, riding their bikes over tents etc. Not so. The place was spotless, no litter to speak of, and any small amounts were cleared up, the toilets were the cleanest of any festival id been to, and didnt reek. I never saw one fight, and everyone was as pleasant as hell.
  5. Only 30 mins later and Lee from ARIA has called me, he's found all the parts, and is sending them to me free, gratis. I'm stunned.
  6. Apart from Govan and Beller, Marco Minnemann is an absolute killer drummist. He's being doing demos for many many years and also played with a stack of other musicians
  7. Took your advice and called ARIA. Didn't know there was an ARIA UK till i had a search, but spoke to Lee and he thinks it's a long shot but they may have screws , allen screws and springs sitting in a dusty corner somewhere, but i shouldnt hold my breath. Bass is 37 years old and they dont keep spares forever, natch. He's calling back later.
  8. Thanks ! I did try and measure the both types of screws, but they came out at weird sizes. The intonation screws were about 2.5mm and the saddle height screws about 2.78mm .....
  9. The Giltar was a special edition. I wouldn't stuff my phone number on an Ebay auction. Just asking for trouble.
  10. I want to refurbish the bridge on my '82 SB but i'm unsure where to look or what sizes / threads the bits are. I need the 8 tiny bridge saddle height adjustment allen screws, 4 springs, 4 intonation adjustment screws, and bridge mount screws. Does anyone know the necessary gauges/ thread sizes i'm after. Also where to track them down ? Thanks a mill PS - i dont need originals. Anything will do as long as its the right sizes
  11. Guthrie Govan has many many Youtube demos outside of the band. He's also played with many many musicians over the years https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J503OvHWKko https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1-O-juptmY One of my faves is his demo on a Vigier fretless. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yshLWYjMijo
  12. Yup, silicone worked very nicely for me.
  13. I know it's too late but Stevie's suggestion of plumbing pipe was pretty close. It;s actually ducting pipe to be precise, and although correct that there's no lip like a dedicated bass port off the shelf, it can be sorted. Screwfix sell 100mm manrose pipe, and they also sell a 100mm joiner. Just cut the joiner off below the lip, and silicone seal that into the pipe and you have a lip. I did this in my DIY build
  14. They're not splits, it's just the form of the headstock.
  15. Ban everything and then the easily offended will be impossible to offend. Job done , and i dont mean in the toilet
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