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  1. That might not be it's only fault Mick. Quite a lot of these had a digital clock whine. It's a well known fault, but it wouldn't fail a pat test, i would have thought.
  2. fleabag

    Kubicki or not kubicki...

    Riverhead basses are bluddy good. Grab it
  3. fleabag

    Impedance etc

    Er..... Paging Yoda ...paging Yoda
  4. fleabag

    An FRFR question

    I feel your pain, Keef
  5. fleabag

    Spandau Ballet bass rig

    That would explain it nicely
  6. fleabag

    NAD - More Trace Elliot Content...

    Agreed. Seems there are a few TE cult followers here. Lets emerge from the underground and become mainstream Wave that flag, people !
  7. fleabag

    NAD - More Trace Elliot Content...

    Just found it D
  8. fleabag

    An FRFR question

    Drink less beer
  9. fleabag

    NAD - More Trace Elliot Content...

    I bought it with the neck pup installed, which is a vintage Schaller Bassbucker ( think it's called the 232 ) and it also came with a Schaller P for the bridge pup, but i changed that for a Dimarzio for a bit more growl. The neck is a Peavey , very skinny, lovely accurate fretting. The body - no idea I love the bass. I play this more than my Overwater.
  10. fleabag

    NAD - More Trace Elliot Content...

    Dear Cliff ! Mine would sound as thin as a one egg omelette with no graphic .
  11. fleabag

    NAD - More Trace Elliot Content...

    They're 4 ports, dimensions of which were supplied by the cab gurus - you know who they are. It's in the build diaries somewhere, mr Dis
  12. fleabag

    An FRFR question

    It must be real trial typing the letters FRFR into the search box, but as if by magic ... only 35 pages long, too.
  13. fleabag

    Spandau Ballet bass rig

    Blimey guvs, if that vid on Kemps bass is the true tone of his rig, count me out. What a distorted racket.
  14. fleabag

    The drop pedal. Thoughts needed

    I go the other way ( matron ) If a track is in Eb, i wouldn't buy a 5 string ( lump hammer to crack a nut ) and don't want to lug a 2nd bass tuned down. We change the track to E Job done.
  15. We're a dying breed. We need to highlight this to the world.