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  1. Similar to what i was using in 2002, but mesh kits were expensive back then, as there weren't many on the market, Roland had a bit of a monopoly. You cant buy them anymore but i had a Roland TD8KV. Bought it new £2200 - ouch
  2. Bought a cab off the man. Excellent
  3. Reminds me of my old school desk in secondary school. Loving that look !
  4. I started as a drummer before taking up bass, and did many gigs as the tubbist in a few bands, before calling it a day, 20 years ago. I find bass an easier instrument to play
  5. Go to a bicycle repairer, cheapskates, and get an old rubber handlebar grip from their bin FOC, slit it down the middle, ease it on, tape it up 10p for the tape used. Job done.
  6. Can you see your face in my neck, yet, Andy ?
  7. Last 4 or 5 days its been Kate Bush's ' Symphony in Blue and ' Moving ' because of those stupendously fab bass lines by David Paton. That tone and the mix for his bass is just something else. Under headphones they'e sublime But it's cracking my walnut. Not because i dont like the songs, but because i just cant get them out of my head. ..ang on. Cant Get It Out Of My Head ? No.....!!!! Na na na na Oh hell..
  8. Marshall never bought Trace Elliot. First buyers were Kaman in '92, who were in fact the USA distributors for TE at the time. Gibson were the next owners in '98, then Peavey '05
  9. When it's real roadworn, then it has real mojo. As opposed to instruments that are ' reliced ' at the build point, which is just sad
  10. By the way, wild bass player Andy Crawford now works in wood, and very nice too https://www.fine-boxes.com/
  11. Still got some photos of mine - now sold - and the classy boxes that my Armstrongs arrived in. Yes, i chose white covers
  12. Both Long scale 34" Both new and never fitted LABELLA SUPER STEPS - SS42 40-100 Stainless Steel Roundwounds £20 Posted UK mainland GHS BOOMERS - RC ML3045 45-100 Nickel Roundwounds £25 Posted UK mainland
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  14. Looking forward to it. With Reiner in the writer/director chair, plus original band members, i think it will be top notch. St Hubbins was the patron saint of quality footwear
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