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  1. Is it possible that the battery lived in the control panel rather than having its own compartment ? Is there's room for a battery , if so, maybe that's where it lived. Unless of course it was never active in the first place ?
  2. Sounds like you could easily convert it back to active rather than replace the pickups.
  3. Mick, the mods would have deleted his post because of the public offer.
  4. Speaker size is no barometer for old school low end or any low end for that matter. Neither is it any guide for 10's being tight in the mids
  5. As some one mentioned in this thread a few decades ago, i think James is a qualified cheese farmer and has been for some time. I've seen his guitars in the flesh at my pal Bob Pimm's house, ( RP GUITARS ) as Bob has worked on James' axes
  6. I've owned 2 classic shapes ( part T-Bird ish some call them ) First one i bought in the early 2000's , single Armstrong pickup, about 1984 ish and passive ( first classics used Bill Lawrence pups ) and paid approx £350-£400 , exact price eludes me cos it was nigh on 20 years ago. Dear cliff the prices have changed !! Also, up to early this year, i owned classic deluxe ii , so it had a fancy Silky Oak top, pair of Armstrong pickups active. £1800. !!! Now sold The circuit on these have a dual filter for each pickup.
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