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  1. Happy Birthday Glenn Cornick.

    Born: 23 April 1947, Barrow-in-Furness Died: 28 August 2014, Hilo, Hawaii, United States
  2. Happy Birthday Glenn Cornick.

    He maybe now ? Shame I sold him a bass neck on Ebay and as he was in the US, he sent Clive Bunker round to my home to collect it for him What a lovely guy Clive is too.
  3. Is this normal

    Yellow hankie dangling from left or right pocket ?
  4. Is this normal

    I'm sure that doesnt work for everyone - hows about all those active basses ? Kind of a waste of money if you dont use 'em I take it your a passive bloke, monsieur
  5. Is this normal

    If it was all in the fingers, basses wouldnt have tone controls
  6. Is this normal

    Like a Kit-Kat
  7. Inappropriate profanities in songwriting

    Yup, good enough
  8. Inappropriate profanities in songwriting

    Maybe call the song " A right Jeremy Hunt " ??
  9. Is this normal

    It didn't even cross my mind that he might be using effects, but as stated, chances are he wasn't. None the less, some good answers here that i didnt think of I must say though, that tone is very creamy humbuckery sound with little top end sizzle. Not my idea of single coils. We live and learn
  10. Is this normal

    Good explanation, and as i've never owned a proper J bass, that could be the answer. its just that listening to J basses over the years, i've never really heard them get that tone. I should get out more, but i just had the feeling that his recording EQ was more respeonsible for the syrupy tone
  11. Is this normal

    Just been listening to some Steely Dan on YT and came across famous YT basser Marlow, twanging along on jazzy style bass Now that thick tone , which i like a lot, is not the tone i associate with a jazz bass, so is it his amp, or post recording EQ that's got that creamy tone ?
  12. Inappropriate profanities in songwriting

    I think they're trying to cause a big s-s-s-s--sensation
  13. Burgera amps

    Ya can't beat an amp Burgera when you've got the munchies
  14. Its a great shape. Keep going Woody
  15. Gig Disasters

    I had to go back for another watch, because the angle of the camera really does make it look like that cab strikes you squarely on the walnut. And then i managed to hear the missus shouting ' Jack ' That was sheer luck the cab missed its target