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  1. It is certainly a stunning looking bit of wood Matron
  2. There's a few builders here that can do that, i would imagine, but i had a custom cover built by Andy JR for an Aaron Armstrong custom pickup. Cover was built from Purpleheart, as was the control panel
  3. Refunded my 50 quid at last. They kept the 7 quid booking fees though.
  4. I've never understood why Status Updates is even here. Its not private so anything posted there can just be posted in one of the sections of the main forums
  5. Nah it wasnt anywhere near Essex, Gary. Windsor , Stonehenge or maybe Watchfield, possibly
  6. Saw Hawkwind in the 70's a couple of times. Edmonton Sundown Norf Landon ( think it closed years ago ) and a free festival somewhere. Cant remember which one. Awesome band. Though it might have been the organic cabbage that was going around
  7. fleabag


    Slightly adrift of poles on E, but the angle of photo makes it look worse
  8. He's damn good - i enjoyed that
  9. He fluffed a note. Think it was number 379
  10. That would be the exact description of in case. It might or might not arise
  11. Sublime indeed, and those female lady women backing vox really help make the track. Great voices I think i hear twangs of Seal and maybe Bill Withers in his voice
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