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  1. Two Brooks sisters, side by side Grabbird and Thundervee
  2. Ladies, Gentlemen and everyone in between: I proudly present the Brooks Thundervee. A hybrid between a Thunderbird and a Flying V. - Neck through with Korina body wings - Nine ply Korina/mahogany neck - Ebony faceplate on headstock - Red Mahogany stain. Gloss transparent acrylic finish - Rosewood fretboard - 23 Jumbo frets - 34" scale - Handcut Buffalo horn nut - Three ply black-white-black pickguard - Wide travel Thunderbird bridge - String through body ferrules - Hipshot ultralite nickel plated tuners - Spokewheel double action trussrod - 2 x Sixties repro Thunderbird pickups nickel. 9.2 K Ohm - Di Marzio EP111 toggle switch 4PDT for serial mode - 2 x Volume pot Bourns 500 kOhms logarithmic - 1 x Tone pot Bourns 500 kOhms logarithmic - Kemet capacitor 47 nF paper insulation - DR FatBeams 45-105 Electronics circuit by BQ Music Pics of the build process can be found here This is what she sounds like:
  3. Yeah that was a nice surprise! https://www.notreble.com/buzz/2020/12/28/best-of-2020-top-10-reader-favorite-bass-of-the-week-features/
  4. I did. Check the video a few posts above...
  5. This is my second twelve string build. It took me quite a while to get this one done. Totally underestimated the lacquer process of the intended Mazda colour Soul Red Chrystal. But I'm quite happy that this red monster is finally ready to rock. - Mahogany body - Nine ply laminated Mahogany set neck. Glued in - Soul Red Chrystal 46k finish - Ebony fretboard - Red position dots - Jumbo frets - 34" scale - Buffalo horn nut - ETS twelve string brass bridge set - Two spoke-wheel double action truss-rods - Carbon reinforcement strip in the neck - Lace Alumitone Bass Bar in the neck position - Double Lace Alumitone Bass Bar in the bridge position - Two separate outputs. - Series parallel switch on the back - Gotoh GB 350 lightweight bass tuners - Gotoh Stealth ST 31 guitar tuners - d'Addario EXL 170 - 12 strings - Weight: 5.2 kg Electronics circuit by Bas Becu. Pics of the build process can be found here: https://www.enkoo.nl/brooks-exb-12-3p.html
  6. Basvarken

    Family Photos

    Thank you. It's a Brooks Telebird. https://www.enkoo.nl/brooks-telebird.html
  7. Basvarken

    Family Photos

    The basses that I built in the past three years
  8. Wow! The Brooks Grabbird is Bass of the Week at NoTreble! https://www.notreble.com/buzz/2020/03/09/bass-of-the-week-brooks-grabbird/
  9. Well that would be difficult. The flame is an international warning sign. It doesn't belong to anyone really. I've been using it as a logo since I was a teenager, because I used to be a highly flammable little upstart. 😂 I'm more mellow now, but the flame stuck 😉
  10. Thank you. The pickup is a "Thunderbird Bass Pickup Vintage Style for Gibson" by EY guitar Music. I'm a huge fan of those pickups.
  11. Here's a video to give you an impression of the sounds of the Brooks Grabbird
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