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  1. Basvarken

    Gibson Porn

    This 1997 Leland Sklar Signature Bass was designed by Mike McGuire and the Gibson Custom Division. Sklar only played this bass for a fleeting moment in his career (if at all). Not too sure that Lee Sklar ever took it too serious either, as in interviews he quickly forgot about mentioning it. Which is a bit unusual for a dedicated signature model...
  2. Basvarken

    Gibson Porn

    Here's a pic of a fretless Ripper that didn't make it in the book (There are a few other Rippers featured in the Gibson Bass Book though)
  3. Basvarken

    Gibson Porn

    Thank you Alan!
  4. Basvarken

    Gibson Porn

    Here's a close up of a 1982 Gibson G3 in Candy Apple Red finish and bolt on maple neck with ebony fretboard. A rare combination! I'll post some more cool ones soon
  5. Basvarken

    Gibson Porn

    This eight string LPB-3 Standard was built by the Gibson Custom Shop for T.M. Stevens. Note the plastic saddles on the Warwick bridge and the string through body holes for the octave strings. The bass is signed by T.M. Stevens and it says "I sweat on this bass".
  6. Basvarken

    Gibson Porn

    Up close and personal with a Gibson AB Super 400 from 1999. This tribute to the legendary Super 400 guitar from 1934 is a true masterpiece.
  7. Basvarken

    Gibson Porn

    Woah! How did I miss this thread? Here's an old pic of me with my beloved 1969 Gibson Les Paul Bass. Still my No.1 bass! I've got plenty of Gibson Porn to share by the way. Some pics are from the book that I made. And I also have lot of pics that didn't make it into the book. https://www.thegibsonbassbook.com/gallery/ I can post some of the pics here If you like. Just let me know.
  8. Here's a couple of black ones that I've built: Brooks EB-PL-Noir. Inspired by the Gibson EB-0, Fender 51 P and Rickenbacker Noir series 34 inch scale Brooks EB-RBL-Q. Transparant black on the quilted maple top. No volume, no tone pot. But ist does have a three way coil selector (single - series - parallel). 34 inch scale Brooks EB-RBL-Q-II. A sister of the bass above. Only difference is the Volume and Tone pot. (and it doesn't have a zero fret) Brooks EXB-12-Q. 34 inch scale twelve string bass. Quilted maple top. Mahogany body and neck. Built for Rob van der Loo of the band Epica
  9. Here's a few Brooks headstocks:
  10. Well, almost! It's actually a BaCH short scale semi acoustic bass (EB-2 copy). I was a dealer for BaCH for about 8 years or so. About ten years ago I initiated the Non Reverse Thunderbird project. And that's how I got to be a dealer for them eventually. The EB-2 project was also initiated by me. It almost didn't happen because they accidentally made the first prototype long scale. But I actually like that. Back then there weren't too many semi acoustic long scale bass guitars around. So BaCH ended up making both a long scale series and a short scale series. I've got a transparent red long scale one (actually the prototype, which I put the bridge on myself) And I got a short scale blonde. I took the mudbucker out and installed two lo-z Gibson Les Paul bass humbuckers. It's the one in the middle of my lo-z family.
  11. No it's been down for quite a while. I think it was getting too costly for Odge to keep it running. There is a Facebook group for COL fans though: https://www.facebook.com/groups/cryofloveappreciationsociety/
  12. Robert P Kearns is so underrated / overlooked in my opinion. His bass lines are right up there with Andy Fraser, Tim Bogert and Jack Bruce if you ask me. I don't post an awful lot here. But I do nose around quite frequently 😉
  13. I think that has to be me. 😉 But I never ran a website about Robert Kearns. But I really am a big fan of Robert and Cry Of Love. I used to frequent the COL website run by Oliver Woodall a lot. And the Gibson Triumph that Robert used to play during his COL days was really the start of my love for Gibson bass guitars. I remember vividly seeing them live In Hengelo (NL) and thinking Robert P Kearns had the best bass sound I had ever heard in my life. Took me years to find a Gibson Les Paul Bass myself. My name is Rob by the way (Basvarken means Bass Pig)
  14. Sharp eye. Yes, I do have a kind of a Gibson fetish 😉 Hey, I even wrote a book about it! (www.thegibsonbassbook.com) All my builds are related to Gibson in one way or another. I always look for a combination of classic basses. Such as the LP Jr DC shaped Gibson EB-0 with a 51 P. Or - in this case- the Thunderbird with a 51 P.
  15. Here is a quick video that I made to show you how the Brooks Telebird sounds. The bass is plugged into my MarkBass SA 450 with Eden D210XLT cabs. Mic is a DAP PL01. Via my Minidisc recorder into my iMac. Video recorded with Photobooth.
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