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  1. Oh my, that's beautiful! If I shift my BB735a I'll be all over this! GLWTS
  2. NEW PRICE DROP - £550 PRICE DROP - NOW £599 Hi guys, I am selling my 5 string Yamaha 735a in black satin. This is a gorgeous bass, by far the most versatile bass I have ever had due to the 3 band EQ on board preamp. I have used this in studio and live for a few months but I now use 4 string basses tuned BEAD and I have my eyes on something else. Condition is good, there are a couple of small dings on the body and a bigger one on the neck (pictured) but nothing that affects playability. I used to have a tiny sticker bottom right of the body that has left a few little marks but they can only be seen up close. There is wear around the pickups and where the forearm touches, those areas are now a bit glossy. The bass didn't come in a hardcase but a softcase that I will include in the sale hence at this moment I am not willing to post but I am happy to drive and meet somewhere for petrol money. I am based in St Albans, Hertfordshire and I am happy for you to come and try out the bass. I might consider trades so feel free to tempt me! Here's a video of a live session I did using this bass: Here's some pictures, if you'd like to see more detailed pictures just send me a message:
  3. I have the 5 version of this and it's a beast of a bass at an affordable price! GLWTS!
  4. That G&L is wonderful!! GLWTS
  5. I second CameronJ, this is a great bass, very versatile, comfortable and looks great on stage! GLWTS!
  6. Alpher do look incredible don't they! Does anyone know about how long the waiting list is? Thinking of ordering one
  7. Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you owns a Gibson 5 string bass? I am intrigued by the looks of their EB series (either the more Thunderbird ones or the 2017 ones more Peavey looking) but I haven't found them in any stores so eventually I landed on a Yamaha BB735a but I'd like to have a second bass for different sounds and to use live and in studio. Any help from owners or people that has tried them out would be great. Thank you!
  8. Thank you! And how dare you saying you don't need another bass! We ALWAYS need another bass...just another one and that's it...
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