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  1. What a beauty. Those Tokai basses have something special, by far my favourite jazz bass I've ever tried! Have a bump on me 😊
  2. SOLD! Jesus that was quick! In a beautiful turn of events the bass has been randomly bought by the same guy that bought the body that belonged to the neck a long time a go. It was meant to be, clearly. Couldn't wish it to go to a better home! Thank you all for your messages guys Live music will be back soon and it'll be wonderful. Let's hang in there folks!
  3. Hi guys, It's with an incredible heavy heart that I am having to sell my workhorse. Without any tours in the foreseeable future and shaky 0 hours contract in supermarkets, I am pushed to sell a bass I have taken years to put together with parts of basses I liked. The result is a unique bass for many reasons. So here it is: THE BODY The body is from an AVRI 58. It has yellowed slightly through the years (I've owned this for roughly 3 years). It was bought new from Guitar Guitar in Glasgow. It is finished in a very thin nitro that has worn in many places. It has many dings and scratches but it hasn't been mistreated. It's been my workhorse for the past 3 years and it shows. Some parts are getting darker due to friction (mostly where the arm rests). The paint has also cracked in the back and there is a bit of paint missing. There is also some less visible cracking that I haven't been able to show on camera. THE ELECTRONICS The middle pickup is an AVRI58 pickup with raised A pole pieces. The bridge pickup is a DiMarzio instead. The position of the bridge pup gives you a pj sound but a slightly fatter one plus it's great to use rest your thumb on it. Lifting the tone knob will result in a series/parallel switch, great if you need some extra meaty sound for pick playing or solos. THE HARDWARE The bridge is from the AVRI58 except for one screw that rusted and it had to be changed. The machine heads are original from the '78 neck. The 3 knobs are just aftermarket and the anodised guard is original from the AVRI58 as well. THE NECK Here's my favourite bit about this bass. It's an original neck from a '78 Fender pbass I used to own. I have owned this for about 10 years and I have played countless gigs on it! The neck is really worn in. The bit behind frets 3-8 has actually worn in slightly but it doesn't affect the feel. The neck also has the classic 70's cigarette burn. I added a tiny anchor in the back as a cute charm. The neck has also worn on the lower part and same for the top. I've had this refretted not too long a go and it has medium jumbo frets. I have also had the nut replaced and it's also now cut for bigger strings, perfect for BEAD tuning. The neck is chunky but not overly chunky and it's a kind of neck that I haven't seen before. It's between a jazz and a pbass but not as wide as a Nate Mendel feelwise. It measures between 40mm and 41mm, hard to give a precise measurement as I don't have a precise ruler. This feature alone makes me wish I could hang on to the bass. Here's a video of the bass in action playing a rather heavy cover of Come Together: Here's some pictures as well: ALL IN ALL I know this bass isn't for everyone but I can assure you this bass has been never mistreated and it has served me well for years in live settings and in studio settings, playing anything ranging from 50's blues to hard rock. If you're looking for something with a vintage vibe and worn in feeling you're going to love this. I am based in St Albans, Hertfordshire and I am happy for you to come and try the bass out. Any questions, just ask Thank you!
  4. Glad you are enjoying the bass! And you're so right about my name on here!! Have you added the K on the bass yet? Keep the tradition going!!
  5. Hi guys, A few weeks a go I bought this pbass from @Ghost Rider but despite being a great bass, I seem to always go back to my other 2 basses and since there's no gigs in sight I could do with the money. We all know how good these are. This is a 2018 model and it weights just under 9lbs. The bass has also had the fret edges rolled by Dave Wilson so it feels nice and smooth to play. The bass is light, resonant and thundering sounding with a comfy neck and an overall worn in feel. Bass comes in a Stagg hardcase. I am happy to courier at buyer's expenses or meet halfway for fuel money. I am based in St Albans, Hertfordshire and I am happy for you come and try the bass out. Selling for £825. Here's some pictures:
  6. Bought a Nate Mendel Pbass from Anth. Delightful transaction, great communication all along and a hell of a bass packer! Highly recommend!
  7. Hi GhostRider, Do you know the bass' weight? Thank you
  8. Exactly my thoughts Marky! If I didn't need different gear for a certain band I work with, I would definitely keep this!
  9. Oh my, that's beautiful! If I shift my BB735a I'll be all over this! GLWTS
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