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  1. I have the 5 version of this and it's a beast of a bass at an affordable price! GLWTS!
  2. I second CameronJ, this is a great bass, very versatile, comfortable and looks great on stage! GLWTS!
  3. Alpher do look incredible don't they! Does anyone know about how long the waiting list is? Thinking of ordering one
  4. Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you owns a Gibson 5 string bass? I am intrigued by the looks of their EB series (either the more Thunderbird ones or the 2017 ones more Peavey looking) but I haven't found them in any stores so eventually I landed on a Yamaha BB735a but I'd like to have a second bass for different sounds and to use live and in studio. Any help from owners or people that has tried them out would be great. Thank you!
  5. Thank you! And how dare you saying you don't need another bass! We ALWAYS need another bass...just another one and that's it...
  6. Hi Jeff, Happy to post! I have a fender gigbag tweed that is functional and I could ship the bass in that if that works for you
  7. Hi Lars, I used to have the bass wired in Volume/Tone and a switch hence why the jack input is at the bottom and not in the usual place. I went for one of those modern ones because they are a bit safer since you have to press a little button to release the jack.
  8. Hi Aero, Thank you for pointing that out. I've forgot to mention that I've had to change the screws as they went rusty from the sweat
  9. Selling a Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound PJ set. Big bottom end, punch and high output. They've served me well! Collection from St Albans, Hertfordshire or happy to post at buyer's expenses. Thank you
  10. Hi! Bass weights 3.6kg on my bathroom scale. Action is medium right now but I can lower it should you be interested
  11. Sold Hi guys, Since I am in need to upgrade my whole rig due to a new touring gig, I am selling this high quality bitsa pbass. The neck, nut and tuning pegs are off a Fender AVRI58. This is my favourite pbass neck I've ever tried, described as a Large C. It's quite big yet very comfortable. The body was made for me by an Italian luthier called Rufini Guitars - https://www.rufinifineinstruments.com/ - It's a very good quality body made by 3 pieces of Canadian alder. It was then painted in a nice aged olympic white/eggshell colour with a thin layer of nitro and a medium relic job. I love the relic on this bass as it looks genuine and it makes the instrument feel broken in. The pickup is a custom wound pickup made for me by a company called MAMA pickups - https://www.mamapickups.com/en/ - The pickup is meant to reproduce a 60's pbass pup. It's warm, clear and fairly high output. The bridge, strap buttons and neck plate are from a Fender pbass 1978 that I've owned for a few years. I paired the neck from that bass with the body that belonged to the Fender AVRI58 previously mentioned. The scratchplate is an aftermarket pbass scratchplate. It has a thumb rest in 70's position but also drilled holes if you would like it in a 60's position. Bass has rounds on it right now (can't remember which ones) but I am happy to put some Fender flats that I have lying around. I have used this mostly for studio stuff. A couple of years back I have recorded a live album with a blues artist while in Florida and here's a video where you can hear the sound (at the time I had a rosewood neck on it but you can get an idea) https://youtu.be/ahw69aCJioU Here's some pictures as well: If you guys have any questions just ask. You're more than welcome to come around and try it. I am based in St Albans, Hertfordshire. Thank you!
  12. By saying reducing the relief you mean tightening the truss rod right? Clockwise turn? And yes, I've put on lo riders that have much more tension than the strings I've had before.
  13. Yeah I know, welcome to my life full of unusual choices and problems! Strings are new but I've had this problem with other strings too. I've had the same problem on another bass a while a go so clearly something isn't right in the setup. Awaiting for more suggestions!
  14. Hi Paul, Thank you for your help! I've checked the bass and yes, the neck isn't straight but it has a slight curve upwards so all in the norm there. I know frets are fine as well as the tech has checked all that. There is no dead spots when the action is low but as soon as the action is higher then some notes just dont resonate and a couple of dead spots appear, one quite severe. I might just have to take it back to the guy and explain it to him but it would be good to know if there is anyone else out there that has had the same problem regarding high action and dead spots appearing.
  15. I just had it professionally setup. What I meant to say is that there is no warping or anything unusual in the neck.
  16. Hi guys, I had one of my basses setup, neck is straight and all is good but I decided to raise the action as I like to play with quite a high action. The only problem is, by raising the action quite a few spots appear (in the lower end,if that matters) and I don't know what to do. Is there anything I should do to the truss rod? Any helps is much appreciated!
  17. I love those necks! Anyway, on my bathroom scale the bass weighs 3.9kg 😊
  18. Hi guys, I am selling my Music Man Stingray from 2008 in Natural Gloss. This is the classic version with a 2 band eq preamp. I got this in a trade this with a fellow Basschatter. Bass is in great conditions; there is a few dings here and there, mostly on the headstock but nothing that affects playability. Also, the scratchplate isn't original. I am selling for £870 which I think reflects the conditions well. I am only selling it because I am trying get funds together to study and get a degree and because my pbass does every job I need just fine after all. Based in St Albans, Hertfordshire, you are welcome to come and try it out. I am also happy to deliver for fuel money. Any questions, just ask.
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