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  1. I fitted 2 ultra quiet fans to my Ashdown ABM combo. I couldnt even hear them in a silent living room, whereas before, the originals were easily heard. I'd check this website out, as long as you know the specs you need https://www.quietpc.com/80mmfans
  2. Rush - Tom Sawyer King Crimson – Frame By Frame Peter Gabriel – Solsbury Hill Crosby Stills and Nash - Guinnevere Wishbone Ash - Pilgrim
  3. Sail Noup, please delete all bass lines in every song ever played on by Peter Hook. Ta
  4. Last gig was new years, 2019/2020. We had gigs booked for later this year but due to the main singers' weird behaviour, i called it a day just before the Cov shytstorm hit the fan. Weird timing by me So, just as i quit, the Cov kicked off and my band's future gigs were cancelled, although just before lockdown came in, i saw they placed an ad to replace me, but that went out the window , of course. I will ( and from now, actually ) seeking another band without a drama queen in it
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. Brilliant Watch out in near future for a dead Mercedes. I have a cunning plan
  7. Suddenly, i dont feel so precious about the bass
  8. I see my custom one off Ritter 15 string has disappered as well, losing me £15,000 I expect i'll get that reimbursed by Basschat.
  9. I dont get my panties bunched up over something like a subjective opinion from a stranger over something inifinately trivial
  10. I've got a 2 piece slab of African Sapele here that was going to be for a project, but its not going to happen, if anyone's interested. I'm fully paid up here, by the way
  11. Someone snap this up before i do. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/na/142647778265?hash=item2136785bd9%3Ag%3AAycAAOSwsKNecLOa&LH_ItemCondition=3000
  12. Nothing wrong with this site. Its probably your AV, which means it is you
  13. Actually , as you mention Nordy Big Splits, they have twin staggered poles, so i expect that the small discrepancy of 1.5mm string spacing isnt going to affect things
  14. If you buy pickups that have bar magnets instead of pole piece magnets, it wont be a problem at all
  15. He could be charging for the air inside, which is of course, by Trace Elliot
  16. Pedants head on. A trem is a volume changer, and vibrato is a pitch changer. Therefore vibratos are the system fitted to basses and guitars.
  17. If he sells that at the price stated, i'll eat my chiffon tutu
  18. I think its part of an old Viking ship, cunningly customised to look like part of an old Viking ship. Or its driftwood
  19. Looks like he did it in his sleep
  20. Big mole grips. That way you can avoid damage that might occur if trying to lever it out.
  21. My last band was a Funk outfit ( no jazz really ) and we ended up with What The Funk. They're still going, though i left 6 months ago. Other than that.. TRAGO MILLS
  22. Result. Out of all the options apart from cash in the mitten, thats the only safe alternative
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