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  1. You tried to smoke a guitar ? Way to go
  2. Who the hell thinks less wood is a good thing, matron ?
  3. You need a left handed screwdriver. All the admins and mods have one.
  4. Yes, the shovel bits do have large central spikes, but since i also have Forstners, i could use either. Maybe safer to use the Forstners with their smaller spike
  5. And it's a big fat NO from me. Even his playing sucked
  6. I saw AH in Oxford in the 80's, but i never saw him before he got on stage, so whether he was tanked or not, i couldn't say, but hell, if he was, it didnt affect his guitar work, which was sublime
  7. Waiting 1 hour is the same wherever you are.
  8. After waiting only 1 hour, you post the above And now after only another hour, it's rediculous ? What's your problem ?
  9. As much as i can get down my neck. I'm sure i play better
  10. Selling to Francis was a smooth transaction, and instant payment - good lad
  11. Get a bass for a 10 year old then. Problem solved
  12. No problem with 4" super wide strap. My 80's Aria Pro ll SB900 weighed 10+ Lbs but my 4 incher made it feel like an 8 pounder, due to the spread of weight from such a wide strap. In fact all my straps are now 4" coz i luv 'em
  13. The neck was a beatiful tight fit in the pocket - tight is always a preferred fit. Its all coming good. I'm nowhere as experienced as young Andrew, and with only a hand plane, i was very dubious that i could plane the heel level and square. I would have loved to have a table planer Still, by only doing a shave , then check, a shave , then check, ad inf. i did get it square and level, minus the 5mm it needed. Plan B bewteen us was always an option, as Andy had no idea whether his ink dye could get the neck as black we wanted, so fair play. The fretboard is lovely, despite Andy's first time working with such an unknown like Richlite, which has it's quirks. The fretting is bang on. So with some minor tweaks, and spray, we'll be on top of the game. A big thanks to young Andrew JR for the effort it took.
  14. They missed a trick there. The should have had the seat on working hinges, like a real lav. Would make a handy toilet if caught short at an outside gig
  15. I dont see the problem. He wants to survive and he isn't Mesa Boogie or Ampeg. Good for him. Everybody will be putting everything up, not just cabs. Everyone will have to suck it up. Anyway, they're a luxury. It isnt important in the great scheme of things.
  16. I know Charlie Jones used to play a plexi one, dont look like a DA Jones is amongst others, Goldfrapp's bassist, is married to Robert Plant's daughter and was bassist on some of Planty's solo albums Skip to 1:32 if you cant be donkeyed to watch it from the start
  17. ... really ? Oooh ya, so it is. ! Bargain
  18. Surely in this day and age it's a £2 coin ??
  19. Someone needs to change the elastic band
  20. PS i'm on a laptop, Win 10, Firefox. Cant be sure but dont remember seeing this site error before today PPS Its not because my attachment limit has been reached. You have used 183.87 MB of your 488.28 MB attachment limit.
  21. I've tried about 4 times, still get the error. Renamed the file, no good. Tried a different .jpg , still no good.
  22. I keep getting an error when trying to upload a small .jpg. Its only 69kb so not a whopper
  23. Mine is the G75 and never had the teeniest problem from it at any gig
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