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  1. Just going if what was told when I bought it could be 2002 but seen written first reissues made 1998-2001
  2. Selling my Danelectro 63 late 90s Chinese reissue - very 60s woody sound akin to a semi acoustic due to material used in construction. thumpy finger tone but plunky with plec set up with flats- crazy low action super fast to play - little scratched in pics bout over twenty years old dont want to post so collection only Here it is in action played with plec through Fender Rumble 200 Head and 210 cab https://americana-uk.com/the-twang-factor-presents-west-on-colfax#more-52505
  3. Purely accidental but fits well - £1 from Wilko for a pack of 2
  4. Sorry I thought I’d replied. Really good. Sounds good where did you record? Vibe?
  5. Cheers sir. I’m hoping so. Never tried Elites flats but hoping it suits it as grounds aren’t right for me. If not will restring - but looks killer. Bruce Thomas is one of my fave bassists
  6. I’ve just pulled the trigger on a Bruce Thomas and they’ve set it up with BC flats for me. NBD Monday - can’t wait after all the great reviews. I’ve seen some videos and it sounds and looks great
  7. Got a Fender 210 cab would like to trade for a 112 cab - cab in good nick fender logo is snapped in two but rest all good. SOLD
  8. This was going to be my project relic bass ( don’t judge me, I need something to do now not rehearsing) that was until I bought a Bruce Thomas bass so I only need one P classic vibes are really well made this one has Elite Detroit flats on - the neck is a J style very playable it’s the lightest p bass ever I’d say sub 8lbs I still got the box so can ship for £20 to uk only or will drive an hour from Clitheroe to meet outdoors
  9. Ah yes - good stuff! Also hearing the words was a good touch
  10. Put them on about 6 months ago - might remove them as obviously i think im the only one who like them :_)
  11. I know Kate! Say hi from Scott - Didn't you cover Stereolab? Yes hopefully we'll cross paths
  12. Hi Dankology. Thanks yes in West on Colfax. What’s your band? Yes at mo I have 4 basses and nowhere to play them. Though hoping that will change - cheers Sir
  13. Selling my Hofner Verythin Contemporary Series bass - set up with la bella flats - very woody and thumpy tones - action uber low - neck and intonation great, a nice bass at a nice price. Have box and gig bag so can ship to uk- will knock off £20 cash for pick up - or can deliver within 50mile radius of Clitheroe - selling as not playing or recording for foreseeable - slight ding near bottom - ding pic shows reflection of my phone not a crack btw just found original 3 of 4 knobs plus forgot to say comes with scratchplate
  14. set up with TI jazz low tension flats - so super low action, plays fast, sounds punchy - neck nice older C profile so doesnt feel too small - will know off some cash for pick up or can deliver within 50 mile radius of Clitheroe Lancs, also has gig bag and fender box so can ship at your expense
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