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  1. Thanks K so this goes to tone pot ? Sorry I’m a bit dim but it dies seem that there’s some solder there without a wire attached
  2. I think your right - if white wire goes to left of tone pot
  3. The white wire is extra to this diagram and tbh I’m not sure it was attached 😞
  4. Cheers everyone more pics if it helps
  5. Had to fix a loose pot shaft (my fault trying to get old plastic witches at knob off) my god that was frustrating putting it back together- but ground and white wire from pick up have come loose I assume. Got soldering iron but not sure where to reattach them please help an idiot in distress
  6. Enjoy NBD and welcome to the community 👌
  7. Sure thing Bass Stack - brand new fender gig bag
  8. Strawberry and cream! NBD: 99 CIJ PB62 - neck on Bruce Thomas is better, just nicer and faster and the pups are hotter - 62 in dire need of a set up - also flats - but once set up it’s got mojo!
  9. Cheers Tom will send tracking when I post - enjoy NBD!
  10. Bass sounded awesome in rehearsal last night - it's typical isnt it - just when you buy another bass - your old bass sounds killer then you think - i need 2 P basses - one with flats and one with rounds! Think this is due to Markbass amp finally breaking in - was just a joy to be groovin
  11. Rehearsal tonight - think I’ve found it - sounded great, really enjoyed playing - also NBD Friday so really looking forward to rehearsing again
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