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  1. There's no such thing. It depends entirely on how they're manufactured. Tight 15's and flabby 10's are also available. The science from acoustic engineers on here have, for many years, dispelled all the sad myths about drivers.
  2. I dont get it. If you dont want to trade, put NO TRADES in the sale. One either wants to trade, or doesnt. Bit like those cheesy tiresome " feelers. " Either it's for sale or it isn't. Decide before posting. Or is all that too simple ?
  3. Saves hacking down Ebony trees. As it happens, i'm getting a Richlite fingerboard neck built in the Build forum by Andy https://www.richlite.com/collections/fretboards
  4. Ignore Frank Blank's free gratis old tat. Get a real lens - this one
  5. If you're building a cab that's for studio or home, why not use veneered ply ? It can be stained to your liking, easily laqcuered if required and nice to look at, depending on the veneer.
  6. I have owned this for a few years, and it has served me well. Its in pretty good condition for its age, though constant handling rub marks can be seen. The front and rear elements are absolutley fine, everything works, and the action of manual focus and zoom rings are still as smooth as ever. Has the original black lens protector, and original protective case, which is pretty bombproof in itself. I have changed the thumbscrew on the hood for something more hand friendly. Sigma rear lens cap, 46mm MC normal rear filter The tripod does not come with the lens. Would prefer collection in person from West Oxfordshire, as this gives the buyer the potential to bring their camera body for trials. Anyone can arrange their own postage at their risk, at whatever level they choose. I can pack very sturdily. Price is £2000 firm
  7. In the photo i posted, i cant remember who the guy in the check shirt is I can name the others. Back row L to R - Nik Turner, Dell Dettmar, ??, Dave Brock, Lemmy Kneeling - Dik Mik ( Michael Davies )
  8. fleabag


  9. Me too But i severely cut down my gig attendances as the years followed, though i still went to a couple a year, but nothing like the amount of gigs i went to in the 70's
  10. Have a photo from 1972 MrSpace, while you check them out No prizes for spotting Lemmy though
  11. I was quite young at the time too, and I saw Here and Now there. They were fabulous Didnt the drummer have a name like Kif Kif Le Batter ?
  12. I saw them in the at the Edmonton Sundown in north London 1970 something. That place no longer exists, i believe, Saw them at Windsor free festival in '74, and again at Watchfield free festival in '75
  13. Avoid Facebook at all costs. All pages looks a mess even in good light. Navigation is convoluted, it looks cheap, and i despise any business ( not just music ) that only has a Facebook page. It's a cop out. Get a decent website and make it easy to navigate. Keep it simple for dummies, that way everyone can see what you need them too
  14. Only half the posts for me, over the same 15 years. Those posts of mine on the previous 2 BC incarnations have gone, of course. I wonder what my post count would be if all the utter ballocks i've posted in Off Topic would be included ??
  15. Black is this years black, and that looks very black. Great work maestro Soon be time to have the body routed for the MECS.
  16. Similar to what i was using in 2002, but mesh kits were expensive back then, as there weren't many on the market, Roland had a bit of a monopoly. You cant buy them anymore but i had a Roland TD8KV. Bought it new £2200 - ouch
  17. Bought a cab off the man. Excellent
  18. Reminds me of my old school desk in secondary school. Loving that look !
  19. I started as a drummer before taking up bass, and did many gigs as the tubbist in a few bands, before calling it a day, 20 years ago. I find bass an easier instrument to play
  20. Go to a bicycle repairer, cheapskates, and get an old rubber handlebar grip from their bin FOC, slit it down the middle, ease it on, tape it up 10p for the tape used. Job done.
  21. Can you see your face in my neck, yet, Andy ?
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