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  1. roger

    Markbass 801

    Sorted & ordered, thank you👍
  2. roger

    Markbass 801

    Who and where are MSL? cheers
  3. roger

    Markbass 801

    Cheers Martin, hoping a S/H will come up now, not keen on new at 300! (Got a budget)
  4. I had one of these necks bought here ages ago, never got round to the project though😕 wish I still had the neck, it just ‘felt right’👍 Lovely looking bass GLWTS
  5. roger

    Markbass 801

    Looking for a little bit more than my ashdown tour bus 15, Im looking to pick up an 801 (S/H) I like the simplicity of it (and of course size) just for jamming/get togethers & home practice, other thoughts guys? thanks
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. Ok ok, You got me, that’s quite cool👍 Out of interest so you play a Wal?
  8. 4000, so you really believe Wal make everything? The bridge is probably cast by someone in slough, saddles turned by a small engineering firm up the road and assembled by Wal, I think the tuners ate Schaller? The knobs are injection moulded from anywhere etc etc (I’ll give you the electrics though👍😆) Wal use lovely looking bits of wood though, but then so do the guys on the forum that make their own wonderful basses too, it aint hard to source a nice bit of wood👍 I used to own a couple of very expensive early panerai watches, I loved them but over the years thought about it and it came to me that the movement was a $300 generic ETA (modified and engraved by panerai) with is what the majority of what we think of as ‘high end watch makers’ use,
  9. I would love to try one, see what it’s all about👍
  10. Thanks a Steve, it really is something else, beautifully made, so comfortable and easy to play, hope you’re well? Bought a lovely P bass from you (which I’ve since crazily sold)😕
  11. Hey please go ahead, apologies (can’t get my mate to commit to it) it’s only fair
  12. I have never played a Wal and the only urge I’ve ever felt to own one is because of its value (sad I know!) I’m sure they play great but what I struggle to get a grip of is they’re just ‘bolt on’ and the headstock isn’t even ‘angled’ back, cosmetic maybe but that doesn’t justify the prices, whereas if you look at something like a NT thumb bass, it looks stunning👍 And probably at least half the value of a Wal (S/H) construction/cosmetics wise the thumb appears a better buy (btw, haven’t played one of those either 😆)
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