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  1. A proper steinbeger, just as they used to be made👍 Other than that, more short scales
  2. Where are you based?
  3. Got one of these after my curiosity of owning a short scale, I added a hipshot bridge and deep talkin’ flats, it’s soooo comfortable to play, so much so I sold my Pbass, GLWTS
  4. Labella Deep Talkin' flats, long scale, NEW
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. And I bet you got yours from mr browning too? I had the pick of the bunch when he cleared out for 2 custom made P basses, smashing guy👍
  7. Fender Precision MIJ 70's Reissue, Kent Armstrong pick ups, Gotoh bridge, this has a 'B' profile neck (nut width 41-42mm) , believe its an Ash body, fabulous grain in the neck, U serial no + 6 digits, great condition. im into short scales now so a Mustang or ideally Duesenberg with cash adjustments
  8. roger


    Sorry just noticed, beehive DUH!
  9. roger


    Is it the gluepot? What time?
  10. roger


    Hey Steve, I bought one of your MIJ precision’s, those looks fabulous, hey when are you in the gluepot, Swindon next?
  11. ive picked up a Epiphone Rumblekat because i was interested in a short scale, ive added a hipshot bridge and some deep talking flats (tuners next) and im really pleased with it, so easy to play, but im convinced i need a Duesenberg now! but i must admit i cant imagine one would be so much better than the Rumblekat after my mods
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