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  1. @alembic1989The Push/Pull switch lets you choose from Series (Normal) wiring to Parallel wiring to get a single coil sound from your humbucking pickup (for passive pickups only). Thanks! 👊
  2. @stewblack👍 Thanks for all of your support guys! 👊 Basschat rules! Ok, Bump then!
  3. Maybe I misunderstood you, but I thought about cutting neck of angle of 13 degrees what's normal way to do it. I think I done it right.
  4. Hi mate, Thanks! It's normal way to do it (they perfectly match). Pickups: Entwistle JBX Pickup (Ceramic) Designed By Alan Entwistle Neck Position Wilkinson WOM 4 Pickup MM Type Bridge Position Electronics: passive electronic circuit (push - pull, parallel system).
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