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  1. FS: Ibanez GWB35 It's in good condition Neck type: GWB / 3pc Maple neck Top/back/body: Basswood body Fretboard: Ebony fingerboard / Off-set white dot inlay Fret: Fretless Bridge: Std. bridge String space: 16.5mm Bridge pickup: SFR-GWB bridge pickup (Passive) Equaliser: EQB-GWII 2-band EQ Controls: Volume/ Bass Boost/Cut/ Treble Boost/Cut Scale: 864mm/34"
  2. For sale or trade: Ken Smith BSR 5MW Trade only for 6 string, preferably Dingwall. The bass has a flamed maple core with walnut top and back. It's in good condition. Serial number: 5MW210202W Bolt on construction Morado fingerboard 9volt, 3 band preamp string spacing: 18mm In action here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cnwXoIVTt6o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWVGdqtTQ-U It comes with both, Smith's hardcase and strap.
  3. String action is very low, you can also adjust string height on the bridge, cheers.
  4. Great instrument man, selling, because I need 6 string now, otherwise I'll keep it, cheers.
  5. For sale: Marleaux Consat Custom 5 string. 34 scale, 45 mm nut. It’s 9lb +/- and well balanced. Delano pickups with a blend and a 3 band EQ that can be switched to passive. Ebony fretboard. Specs are here: https://www.marleaux-bass.com/marleaux-bass_consat_custom.html There is is an extra strap lock position on the rear of the bass for use with double shoulder strap system. Great condition, professional setup, easy to play. Comes with hardcase.
  6. The 2004 SR900 has a neck through, which is pretty cool, but the coolest feature is the body, it's made of solid tiger striped maple. Incredible in this price range. Incredible in all price ranges! Great condition, fully setup, easy to play!
  7. The Ibanez Bass Workshop SRMS805-DTW Multiscale Deep Twilight Flat is a first-class 5-string electric bass with a trendy multi-scale scale, whose broad and well-defined sound fits almost any music style. The 5-string not only offers a mahogany body with a chic Poplar Burl blanket, but also a playable Jatoba walnut neck with a fan-shaped Panga panga fingerboard. In addition, two Bartolini BH2 pickups with Ibanez Custom Electronics 3-band tone control take over the electrical sound conversion for versatile sound images. Last but not least, the Ibanez SRMS805 has five Ibanez MR5S single bars and precise Ibanez bass mechanics. With multi-scale scale to a cleanly defined tone The most striking feature of the Ibanez SRMS805-DTW Multiscale Deep Twilight Flat is undoubtedly the construction with individual scale for each string, which rises from 34 inches for the G-string to 35.5 inches for the low H-stringand results in the strikingly fan-shaped frets of the Panga Panga fingerboard. Due to the principle known from the piano, each string vibrates at the optimal length for its tuning, so that every note sounds cleanly defined. At the same time, the balanced string tension ensures comfortable playability in all positions. Ibanez SRMS with typical sonudgear playing comfort In addition, the Ibanez SRMS805, representing the Soundgear design, offers a high level of playing comfort and a perfectly matched selection of wood. Accordingly, the body is made of mahogany with typical ergonomic lines and provided with a top of intensively grained Poplar Burl, which is set off by a decorative walnut veneer. The fourfold bolted neck is also made of five stripes of jatoba and walnut, with the slim "SRMS5" profile lying comfortably in the hand. Bartolini pickups and active 3-band tone control The Ibanez Bass Workshop SRMS805-DTW Multiscale Deep Twilight Flat is equipped with two Bartolini BH2 pickupsfor electrical sound conversion. As passive humbuckers with a narrow magnetic field and blade pole pieces, the pickups deliver a finely articulated bass sound that brings every note with a firm bass foundation, powerful mids and clear highs to your ears. In addition, the Ibanez Custom Electronics 3-band tone control is available, which allows particularly precise tuning of the sound image with a semi-parametric mid-band. The EQ bypass switch can also be used to deactivate the tone control and passively play the bass. High quality Ibanez hardware Last but not least, the Ibanez Bass Workshop SRMS805 is equipped with high-quality Ibanez hardware. Five Ibanez MR5S single bridges are used on the body, not only guaranteeing an optimal adjustment of intonation and string position, but also making it possible to adjust the string spacing. In addition, the mutual decoupling of the strings supports a defined sound development and an even sustain. In addition, five Ibanez die-cast bass tuners ensure precise and stable tuning. The Ibanez Bass Workshop SRMS805-DTW Multiscale Deep Twilight Flat at a glance: 5-String Electric Bass from the Ibanez Bass Workshop Series Soundgear Multiscale Design with 34 inch to 35.5 inch scale (864 mm to 902 mm) Mahogany body with two-ply walnut and burl poplar top (Poplar Burl) Screwed, five-part jatoba walnut neck with "SRMS5" profile Panga Panga fingerboard with Fanned Frets Two Bartolini BH2 pickups and neck and bridge position Active Ibanez Custom Electronics 3-band tone control with semi-parametric mids and EQ bypass switch Five Ibanez MR5S single bars Ibanez Die-Cast Bass Tuner It's in great condition, fully setup, easy to play, open to trade for 6 string.
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