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  1. I have also seen them twice. First time was brilliant. Seond time, a few years later, would have been brilliant had I not seen them the first time! Ie a bit of a one trick pony.
  2. Nothing wrong with ukeleles. Kala seems to be a good make, well made and finished and look good. Tell 'your friend' to avoid the bright blue and pink 'toy' ones though..
  3. Great. Now I can order a really big fretboard and cunningly carve in into that rosewood chair I've craved for so long.
  4. Come on. If we weren't allowed to repaeat subjects this site would have died a death years ago!
  5. I get Gonzeula to do it with Lemon Pledge.
  6. Come on folks. We all know that it's nothing to do with any of the above. It simply comes down to "heft".
  7. I aggree Ped. I was going to say that, for myself, I would prefer it bigger but with a built in power supply - one less thing to lose. It's not like a 9/12v pedal where one PSU can power several units.
  8. See, you knew the secret all along.
  9. But (old time) Marshall watts are also a 'thing' aren't they?
  10. I used to look very like James Taylor in my and his younger days - the "cover picture from Sweet Baby James" era.
  11. Also, you mention using different amps etc, but is it always the same PA & Mic?
  12. Just to be clear, is this a one off "Zap" on initial contact, or an continuous "tingle" while maintaining contact?
  13. Not "Large Festival" but went to "Rythym Festival a few times, and it was great, but that was only about 5000 people, so still managed to feel human, even when raining. Sadly it all went tits up (suspect it tried to expand too quickly). Went to see Rod Stewart in New medow (Shrewsbry), and did not enjoy it. I'm sure Rod was fine, but it was all just too big.
  14. This. Next time you're on a turboprop plane take a look at the propeller blades through a phone/camera screen.
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