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  1. That looks like the classic finger board wood; pine. Mind you it must be expensive, cause he couldn't afford to make the finger board wide enough for the strings!
  2. Those extractor tools can be quite Brittle. I was waiting for that to break! However, why didn't he put the adjustable spanner on the hex of the 'Gripper Rod'.
  3. This one for sure , and anyone leaving before it ended would be automatically excluded from the will! But also I'd forgetten what a beautiful song "Days of Our Lives" is.
  4. Despite the omissions (which didn't pick up on) I found it informative and interesting.
  5. My apologies for being repetive, as I post this every time the subject of bass solo's comes up. As well as the intro there's the one at 4:38 as well. , and superb bass playing throughout. .... and one of my favourite drum solos at 8:15 !
  6. Sounds much like stereo to me.
  7. I've not listened to it all, but it just seems to wander from side to side (which I find irritating) with no separation of the parts*. Seems a wasted opportunity to me. * apart from the "Tom" seems to be a bit higher in the head than the rest of it.
  8. I'll take your word for it. I admit I was thinking in terms of the old triac based dimmers, and hadn't really thought about the LED versions.
  9. Very late to the show, but they don't really.
  10. Newtone stings? They reckon to to almost anything.
  11. I can't believe that no-one has asked how much it weighs.
  12. A Family fan here as well (as you may have guessed). In case you didn't know, Chapman is still going strong (if infrequently) at the age of 77 (78 in a few weeks!). A stark contrast to the recently discussed sad case of Phil Collins. Luck of the draw I guess. Currently working on an album with Poli Palmer (Keys and Vibes in the above clips).
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