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  1. But it's got new strings!
  2. Thing is, if you listen to various versions (by family) of Burleque over the years the bass varies quite a bit, so I wouldn't worry too much about making it sound exactly like the version on Bandstand (or the single).
  3. No real love for Jaco

    ""As I've not got much going on today I'll offer a thought. A common analogy for music is often that it is like a language. So, say someone is speaking Chinese and you don't understand it, does that make it nonsense? Of course not, if you learnt Chinese you would probably understand it. It can be argued that it is the same with music. If you learnt and enjoyed jazz vocabulary that is similar to those that influenced Jaco, the chances are you will then enjoy it because you can relate to it. " However, to take that analogy further - you can understand another language perfectly, but still not like what the person is saying.
  4. High End Cables

    [quote name='Happy Jack' timestamp='1510052672' post='3403494'] It's all very well saying you can make your own cables, but how do you extract all the oxygen, eh? [/quote] Obvious really: As you pour the snake oil in one end of the cable the oxygen comes out the other.
  5. Think I've found my favourite song.

    I love the Creedence version
  6. Is there any really bad new gear out there?

    [quote name='Meddle' timestamp='1509487865' post='3399429'] The worst bass I've owned was a Tuscany 'Bird' bass. The Bird bass was the absolute pits. A junk Chinese 'Rickenfaker' with badly voiced and badly mis-matched pickups. Soft, junk wood, a terrible rippled finish with no clear coat, cheap hardware and crap fretwork. Absolute junk from top to bottom. [/quote] All in all a pretty accurate copy then - except they missed the colour bleed into the binding. This is a joke by the way - I've never played a Rickenbacker (though I did hold one once).
  7. PMT opening in central London.

    [quote name='FDC484950' timestamp='1509629535' post='3400423'] Trying to desperately drag this back on-topic... I popped in there earlier today. Very little to see if you're a bass player - the usual few Musicmans, bunch of Ibanez and a bunch of Fenders. Won't be visiting again - I appreciate the store is brand new but there's more to see almost anywhere else, plus it was full of tourists! [/quote] I don't pretend to know the figures, but with those 3 brands they've probably got over 50% of the market covered (though suprised no yamaha in there).
  8. PMT opening in central London.

    [quote name='yorks5stringer' timestamp='1509542448' post='3399750'] Don't think you are quite up to speed on that one:fancy men thinking they are the only ones who have erections? Who'd have thought it? Having said that, maybe getting back on to topic would be a good thing ? [/quote] OK then: Penile Erections. (But you knew I meant that didn't you).
  9. PMT opening in central London.

    And, back on subject, PMT in Northampton seems to be a great shop, so I think that one opening in London is probably a good thing.
  10. PMT opening in central London.

    [quote name='yorks5stringer' timestamp='1509528679' post='3399593'] I presume you're being ironic...but if you really want to post 'erection jokes'( and I'm struggling to find a link between bass playing and erections), maybe in Off Topic and in the Bad Jokes lounge? [/quote] My point was that an erection is a condition that only affects men. Therefore if we cannot make PMT related comments we should not be able to erection based comments either. There is a difference between a sexist joke/comment and one based on sex/gender. PS: I understand that PMT have opened their new store inside and erection in London (OK not funny, but hopefully you get my point))
  11. PMT opening in central London.

    [quote name='pete.young' timestamp='1509525459' post='3399565'] I agree with Yorks5stringer, there's so much casual sexism on this forum and people refusing to believe they're being offensive even when told to their faces. You'll be telling us that the prisoners have taken over the jail next. [/quote] Fortunately in this world people are still allowed to make their own judgments and have their own opinions, even if people are trying to tell them something different 'to their face'. (otherwise we'd all vote for what the last person told us to) If I or someone else said 'Get over it' to your face I wouldn't expect you to instantly change your opinion.
  12. PMT opening in central London.

    [quote name='yorks5stringer' timestamp='1509484759' post='3399386'] At the risk of re-igniting things, may I suggest you re-read the comment on #17? Whilst the PMT thing reeks of stereotyping by smirky boys( actually do all women have mood swings?), 'the blood will be spilt' comment is an example of a man putting a negative spin on something that is out of the woman's control, yet essential to us all. I just don't feel cos woman have periods it should be used against them in cheap [s]jokes[/s] comments...... All it does IMHO is reinforce that this is a Boys Club and we that should be a lot more inclusive than we currently are. [/quote] Well yes that one is less tasteful, but surely it's still just a tie up between the initials and a fairly common expression. Personally I don't see that as making fun of women, or making a joke at their expense. Does this mean we can't make 'Erection' jokes anymore?
  13. PMT opening in central London.

    [quote name='yorks5stringer' timestamp='1509356781' post='3398203'] and of course men never have moods swings? Some cheap comments appearing on this thread. You'd think we have no women members.... Oh, before anyone says anything like, 'it was just a bit of fun',.... don't. [/quote] PMT, PMS whatever you call it, is an acknowledged medical condition that only affects women, and can reveal itself as mood swings. I don't see any problem with making a comment based on the shop having the same initials. I don't object to people calling other people a 'dickhead' just because only men have dicks.
  14. Live band mixing software

    [quote name='bazztard' timestamp='1509417054' post='3398749'] you serious? being able to mix the mic levels WHILST ON STAGE SPEAKING THROUGH THEM doesn't seem a tad easier? get your levels from front of stage, left of stage, right of stage, centre of room, back of room in one go whilst walking with the ipad..... [/quote] As I say, I've not used one, but looking at some of the screen shots above you don't get much on one screen. With the old knob type you have instant access to to gain, tone controls (3-6 ), foldback mixes and main mix (& possibly pan). I.e. around 8 per channel on a basic mixer. ie 128 pots on a 16 channel mixer, + mute buttons etc), + master controls. All there infront of you for instant access. Perhaps I'm just an old stick in the mud.
  15. Live band mixing software

    I haven't used one, but I can't see how it's going to be easier than a desk with knobs on.