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  1. Hardly damaged, barely worth repairing. Squirt some glue down it if you must.
  2. So, will you be selling any good stuff? (Well someone had to ask!). Actually I'm in a similar position to yourself. Barely picked up a bass in the last 6 months. Playing concertina (Anglo) more than anything these days.
  3. It doesn't need a custom corner piece, he just needs to glue/screw a small piece of wood behind it. Problem solved.
  4. IIRC he was commenting on the margin that the landlord paid the band (of the increased take) as opposed to the margin that he was making on his beer, rather than the absolute amount, ie the band did better out of it than the landlord did..
  5. I recall that at one time here Nigel was known for being the bassists who's name (Clutterbuck, not Nigel) sounded most like his playing.
  6. Oh dear, Seems I'm getting a lot wrong today!
  7. I know from personal experience that you need to pay for a Swiss road tax licence for your vehicle to drive into Switzerland (if they decide to stop you). Particularly galling in my case as it was a french hire car and I was only going to Geneva airport which is just over the border. Probably driving in Switzerland for less than 30 minutes, but had to buy a six month tax disc.
  8. I love this chaps review style.
  9. Yep, one of my favourites as well.
  10. Actually that reminds me of another I'd sing: Richard Thompson's "When I get to the Border". It's one of those where he does his old trick of setting really sad lyrics to what initially appears to be quite a jolly tune, or indeed using what initially sound like light lyrics to express a dark theme.
  11. I prefer the JC version to the 9 inch nails one (apart from the "You stay away from me you hear" bit). Possibly due to circumstances or possibly JC's voice suits it better (IMHO). However the whole song is so full of despair, irrespective of who sings it. Pre lock-down I'd occasionally sing this at open mics (playing one of those six string things), but when initially learning it (often singing along to the JC version) I found it hard to finish the song without shedding some tears.
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