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  1. Brilliant, just the sort of thing I needed to know. Looks like a K&M one again then!
  2. Title says it all really Thanks in advance for your thoughts / experience.
  3. Yes, the Dunlops do need a bit of oil/WD40 (other lubricants are available) and checking every now and then. Dirt can get in the barrel and prevent the balls and/or the release machanism working properly. I've had no problem with the Dunlops, but then I've never tried the Schallers.
  4. +1. Except that wher you "used to be embarrassed" I still am, which is why I've never been to a bass gathering.
  5. Nothing strange about it. It's a good song.
  6. Thanks for your thought folks. I should have made it clear that I've only ever been in cover bands, and never attempted writing or recording (which might be a good reason to try it I guess).
  7. I have not been in a band for well over a year now. This was a conscious decision I made at the time having been involved in a number of start-up bands that either collapsed before any gigs (2), or played one gig and then collapsed (3). I just got tired of putting in the effort for it only to collapse in a heap. I think I can honestly say that none of the collapses where down to me. (Edited to add: I understand that it might look like I'm the common factor here). The problem I have is that, without having something to work towards, I have totally lost the motivation to practice (not helped by my depressive nature). To be honest, until last weekend I probably hadn't pickup up a bass for several months. It's got that bad. I guess the obvious answer is to try another band, perhaps an established one rather than a start up, but obviously the lack of practice makes that less likely. It's a sort of downward spiral. The other option that occurs to me is to just knock it all on the head. Any others here been through the same sort of thing. If so, how did you get out of it? CB.
  8. I can identify with the OP. I got a place in the band after the original bass player moved away. About a year later I was sacked from the band for various unconvincing reasons, and lo & behold, a few weeks later the original bassist was back. I'd seen the sacking coming due to changes in the atmosphere at practices, stopping going to the pub afterwards, and the band not playing songs that I had been specifically been asked to learn the bass for. I'd have prefered them just to say "The old bass player is coming back".
  9. Not really a problem because when/if the gold does wear away you will still have the nickel or whatever underneath. Not saying that they are worth it, just that it's not really a problem.
  10. Pedant alert: The generated voltage is proportional to the speed of the travel, and the mass of the metallic object (i.e. the (square of) the string gauge). For a given pitch then a bigger oscillation requires the string to move faster, hence more signal.
  11. You need to ask youself one very important thing............ .....Is it any good for metal?
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