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  1. Not "Large Festival" but went to "Rythym Festival a few times, and it was great, but that was only about 5000 people, so still managed to feel human, even when raining. Sadly it all went tits up (suspect it tried to expand too quickly). Went to see Rod Stewart in New medow (Shrewsbry), and did not enjoy it. I'm sure Rod was fine, but it was all just too big.
  2. This. Next time you're on a turboprop plane take a look at the propeller blades through a phone/camera screen.
  3. Would be a bit odd sung by a woman anyway, wouldn't it?
  4. This one : Der de de der de de de Der de de der de de de Der de de der de de de Der de de der de de de De de de de der de de de
  5. Three words: "My Lovely Horse"
  6. Don't forget to give your lawn a damned good soaking with a hose for 24 hours before hand.
  7. FM radio is not really a good comaprison. The incoming radio signal is still a sine wave, but with the frquency constantly changing. This is then converted to an an audio frequency analogue signal, without (necessarily) a digital stage - it is never converted to and an on/off signal, whereas the output of a class D amp, or a PWM motor drive is. (When I say output I mean the output from the switching devices) Most modern motor drives have DSP controllers anyway. I really don't now if the Class D amps are DSP controlled or analogue.
  8. Well, yes it does - doubly digital! But seriously, unless it's a dimmer, then it is, to my mind at least, a digital device!
  9. For me Joe Cocker, mainly because I always thought I'd get to see hime live one day.
  10. Ah, that old chestnut again. I disagree with this because the output from the power amplifier side, in it's raw state is either on or off, hence digital, even if the cotrolling mechanism is analogue.
  11. Not forgetting Class H, which switches to a higher power rail voltage when the demand calls for it. (thus reduces heat dissipation at lower output levels)
  12. Personally, and it is very much personal preference, I'd leave the cab alone. I like the black metal grill look.
  13. Surely if the body of the guitar is vibrating then the pickup will be vibrating with it, and this will be added into the movement between the pickup and the string. Pretty neigible though I'd have thought.
  14. Wash your mouth out with Scott Devine's soap!
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