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  1. Need to be a bit careful with nail varnish remover (acetone) as it disolves lots of things, like some plastics and some paints/varnishes.
  2. Lynn Jackaman, who used to sing with St. Jude. Not seen her since those days though.
  3. I should have said IMHO, YMMV etc. Personally I've not had a problem with the Neutrik stuff except for some of their early Right Angle "Silent Plugs", which jammed. (They acknowledged that there ws a design problem and sent me four of the revised design - I'd only bought two in the first place!)
  4. A shout out for Neutrik as well. Same quality as Switchcraft. Part No NYS229 for mono.
  5. Ah, OK. Yes his version is beautiful. One of the few songs I can (mostly) play and sing at the same time, but my version is distinctly less beautiful!
  6. Pedant alert/ Actually written by 'Little Willy John', but can't disagree that Peter Green made it his own.
  7. Time will tell with Vinyl. Personally I suspect it will prove to be a fairly brief resurgence based on nostalgia. In every technical respect digital is superior. The reason many people prefer vinyl is that the production techniques and aims were different in those days. If you digitally record and compress as is the modern trend then Vinyl would have no advantages (IMHO), other than the sleeve size.
  8. Big companies with "Fat" generally results in big dividends and director bonus's. Not saving some for a rainy day!
  9. Jerome Rimson on Roger Chapman's 'Live in Hamburg'.
  10. I leave the strings tuned but put the body between my knees and pull the neck back to take the strain off the truss rod while adjusting it. Seems to work - haven't broken one yet, but then I'm not doing it every day.
  11. Hardly peanuts, and it puts us second in the list quoted above. Obviously I am arts and music inclined, but even I can see that getting manufacturing going again is far more important.
  12. Some very understandable entries there, but equally some really wierd entries and ordering. 'Vive la difference' I guess.
  13. And "Blackbird singing at the dead of night" - most unusual.
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