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  1. Come on man. Spit it out. Tell us what you really think!
  2. Well, I didn't know that Johnny Vegas played drums!
  3. I guess that when I said twaddle I meant that i just find that sort of thing leaves me totally cold, same goes for Michael Manring's stuff. More of a Norman Watt-Roy type myself (and no I can't play that either).
  4. All very clever, but twaddle. And no, I couldn't do it.
  5. Peter Gunn, if you're prpared to go above the 5th fret!
  6. WHy does a-r-s-e get chaged to Franch when there is a perfectly good english word it could be changed to. However Kick up the bottom (or derriere) does not quite convey the same meaning as "kick up the A-r-s-e"
  7. Four Way Street is one of my favourite albums. Love the transition from "Find the Cost of Freedom" into "Ohio".
  8. Lets face it, if it wasn't for the drummer that band would be absolutely nothing.
  9. Must be a Bukaroo joke in there somewhere, but darned if I can think of it.
  10. Sorry, just couldn't listen to that.
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