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  1. If you declare incidental earnings to the HMRC then you are entitled to claim expenses against those earnings. But, I don't think you can claim losses in one area of income against profit in another area of income. However IIRC, you can claim losses from one year against profits from another year. In a lot of cases of ametuer/semi pro musicians the difference between earnings and expenses is small and people don't worry about declaring the difference. For small turnover businesses you simply need a three line declaration - Income, expediture, and profit/loss.
  2. An old dear friend of mine (RIP) got shopped (we think) to the HMRC by someone in his village because he got paid for playing concertina in a folk dance band. He got the call from HMRC, followed by a visit. At the end of the vist the HMRC person said basically "You've got a bloody expensive hobby here, haven't you?" Additional note - you get more for playing in a folk dance band than you do in a Pub rock band.
  3. We are all part of the world community.
  4. I am not a bigot, but I wouldn't call myself "woke" iether. As I suspect 90% of the UK population are as well, I am just an ordinary person trying to live his life and trying to get on with people rather than plss them off.
  5. Is it relevant? We shouldn't be classifying people by their gender, colour or sexuality anyway should we? Far better to classify them by whether they're nice, decent, people, or not.
  6. But surely, the best way to stop it being used in a racial slur sense is for everybody to stop using it in any sense. Very hard to say to someone that they shouldn't use it when others are using it openly.
  7. Andy Fraser, exxcept that, in many cases, it could also be Neil Murray (And Vice Versa).
  8. And Charlie Watts 🤥
  9. Family: The Weavers Answer & Strange Band (double A side). - My first introduction to real rock music. I was "in town" and my older brother asked me to buy it for him. I listened to it and was hooked - and still am 50 years later! - and in the same year their albums " A Song For Me" and "Anyway" - although I didn't buy those until a few years later.
  10. Never mind Tim, what about TIM?
  11. More likely, I'd have thought, that the Piezo 0v wire is touching the bridge and the bridge is earthed to the socket, so it is seeing a link between the Socket Earth and the Socket ring - which is what normally turnes the whole system on. SHould be fairly easy to find whatever it is.
  12. As it happens, no I haven't. But that's irrelevant, we are not talking about an Alembic, but the Brian May Bass. I'm not saying that the mounting position of the upper strap stud is unimportant, just that it it cannot be taken in isolation. You need to know where the centre of gravity is, which is affected by many things. For example this bass has high mass bride and Ultralite tuners. Obviously the depth, width, and wood of the neck also have a big effect. I'm not saying that this wouldn't have neck dive, it might or it might not, but you casn't say that it will based on some arbitary rule about the 12th fret. Personally I would have prefered a longer upper bout, but A: that is more to do with the way the strap lies across the shoulder than the balance and B: It would no longer be a Brian May bass.
  13. Totaly depends on where the centre of gravity of the whole thing is, and a mahogany body (if solid) will tend to move that towards the body end.
  14. I'd have thought that with a mahogany body it would probably balance pretty well. Scale length is, concidently, exactly the same as my first (& only) home built bass.
  15. Yes, but the effect is that the basses become more prominent, which I think was the original point that someone made.
  16. I wondered if anyone would spot that 😝. Well spotted, and thanks for pointing it out.
  17. Not an acoustic expert, but just looking at the graph: at 1KHz the boost is 92.5 to 95dB, ie 2.5dB, but at 100Hz its 97.5 to 103dB, so a boost of around 5.5dB, and at 60Hz you're getting over 5dB boost. So yes, you do a boost all over, but it does seem to be greater in the bass end. Please correct me if I'm missing something. ** Corrected to 5dB - Thanks Barkin!
  18. Not had much of a bass playing career as such, but this is my conclusion as well.- and the punters reallycan't tell the difference/ don't give Shlt.
  19. I always thought that this was needed, so glad to see someone's done it. But at that price - perhaps not.
  20. I thought it just sounded dire. Mainly due to PJ herself.
  21. I find that very hard to believe Tim.
  22. You could do a lot worse than listen to some Andy Fraser or Neil Murray.
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