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  1. Looks like the sort of thing you could make for yourself quite easily.
  2. I'd fallen for the myth, so thanks for putting me right.
  3. But that's not the question. The question is "best guitar player". If we're taking song writing into account then Richard Thompson must be up there in the top ranks. choose files... Click to choose files
  4. For those who say Hendrix, and I don't dis-agree, he famously reckoned that it was Rory Gallagher.
  5. For Click tracks I can see what you are saying. For backing tracks it's not the band that are tighter, it's the backing track. Why not go the whole hog and just put a CD on?
  6. Hardly new basses. Just the same old basses in different colours.
  7. I would not want to see (or be in) a band that used backing tracks. But than I prefer bands that have a bit of spontaneity, which(I imagine) a backing track would kill.
  8. 14 AWG refers to the overall size/area of the conductor. However a 14 AWG flexible cable comprises of multiple strands of finer wire. If it is a few thicker wires then the cable will be stiffer. If it's a lot of smaller wires then it will be more flexible. In European terms this is normally indicated by a number and the size of the individual cores e.g: 6 mm² CSA , 84/0.3 mm will be alot more flexible than 6 mm² CSA , 7/1.04 mm (note that in the "7/1.04 mm" part the size refers to the strand diameter)
  9. Perhaps we need a "Happy little bush" emoji.
  10. and tickle? Or just the slap?
  11. Selmer were definitley available - I know because I had some.
  12. And the problem with that is?? Personally I would rate a CNC produced part over hand made any day. More accurate, more repeatable, and cheaper (provided the manufacturer has a CNC machine in the first place). No downside at all.
  13. The old Fender Stu Hamm series had a body that was prctically identical to a strat.
  14. Most of the peole I've met over there have been great. However, when out eating/drinking I'm always aware that the person next to you my be 'Carrying'.
  15. Alex Horne? Really? I didn't realise he was a comedian. Never made me laugh.
  16. The thing with Bill Bailey is that I love his comedy - until he starts playing music and then, mehh. EDited to add: To be fair it's not just hime. I've never been a fan of music in comedy. Finales of the Two Ronnies, Spitting image etc .... all those: time to put the kettle on.
  17. Hardly damaged, barely worth repairing. Squirt some glue down it if you must.
  18. So, will you be selling any good stuff? (Well someone had to ask!). Actually I'm in a similar position to yourself. Barely picked up a bass in the last 6 months. Playing concertina (Anglo) more than anything these days.
  19. It doesn't need a custom corner piece, he just needs to glue/screw a small piece of wood behind it. Problem solved.
  20. IIRC he was commenting on the margin that the landlord paid the band (of the increased take) as opposed to the margin that he was making on his beer, rather than the absolute amount, ie the band did better out of it than the landlord did..
  21. I recall that at one time here Nigel was known for being the bassists who's name (Clutterbuck, not Nigel) sounded most like his playing.
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