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  1. But you are forgetting that Mars Bars were also bigger back then.
  2. Mods. Please lock this thread. BigRed seems to have lost his mind.
  3. However if you run your 500w amp at 500watts then using an 800W at 500w will mean that the amp has extra headroom and thermal capacity. ie it's less likely to stop working.
  4. Lighter/less taught strings = easier to bend.
  5. Some would say that "Dead End Street" would be more appropriate.
  6. Though singing in tune in the first place would be preferable.
  7. Firstly, I probably disagree; the attack and decay, harmonic content etc. are all different. Secondly, if is true, then the same people couldn't tell the difference between a Squier and an Alembic - but we don't all play Squiers, do we?
  8. That's cheating. Only one allowed! (i.e. I wish I'd thought of sneaking further choices in under the radar)
  9. Threaten a small claims court. Do not delay. Not a commission sale but, when I was self-employed I had a customer go bust on me. I gave them way too many chances, culminating with a cheque that bounced (it was some time ago), and after that a letter from the reciever. Second example was a commision sale of an old Leica camera where the bloke (Peter Walnes - be warned, he's a scum bag) sold the camera, gave us excuses, and then went bust owing us around £750. Don't delay, go straight for the Jugular.
  10. One has to suffer for one's art, Dad.
  11. Personally I disagree with this. A gently plucked string highly amplified does not sound the same as a "dug in" string.
  12. Roger Daltry + band at the Birmingham Symphony Hall, last night. Absolutely brilliant show, and the sound was absolutely perfect. Daltrey's definitely still got the voice, and comes over as a really nice and modest bloke. I was never a die hard Who fan, but some spare tickets were available so, happily, decided to give it a go. Brilliant. The only thing that irritated me was that the woman on the "Non-kit" percussion seemed to think she had to be playing something all the time and was constantly jumping around from one thing to the other.
  13. Phantom Isle ate the Roadmender (Northampton)
  14. My apologies all. It is a righty. In that case no reason at all why it shouldn't slap. Must be your technique then.
  15. Please not again. We've just had another relatively civilsed thread shut down by the B word.
  16. Well, it's obviously a lefty, which is never going to slap properly.
  17. Almost an hour to impart 5 minutes worth of info. What an appalling presentation.
  18. Don't want to derail the thread but, what ever the subject, that old argument is bollocks, and you know it. You can't allocate non-voters to either side of a vote.
  19. It was a comment on Fleabag's spelling, not your thread!
  20. We had a drummer in a folk dance band who did a similar thing kept saying that he was going to quit. What he really wanted was fro the rest of of us to say "Please don't quit". Eventually he mentioned a date - "I'm not doing anymore after Christmas", so we stopped asking him. Apparenly he was then moaning that!. He was good drummer (in the folk dance idiom) but was a bugger to work with - always turning up to gigs "Just in time", or just too late!
  21. F me that makes me feel old. Only recognise about haf a dozen names, and the only one I'd get out of bed for is Richard Thompson.
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