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  1. IIRC he was commenting on the margin that the landlord paid the band (of the increased take) as opposed to the margin that he was making on his beer, rather than the absolute amount, ie the band did better out of it than the landlord did..
  2. I recall that at one time here Nigel was known for being the bassists who's name (Clutterbuck, not Nigel) sounded most like his playing.
  3. Oh dear, Seems I'm getting a lot wrong today!
  4. I know from personal experience that you need to pay for a Swiss road tax licence for your vehicle to drive into Switzerland (if they decide to stop you). Particularly galling in my case as it was a french hire car and I was only going to Geneva airport which is just over the border. Probably driving in Switzerland for less than 30 minutes, but had to buy a six month tax disc.
  5. Dare I mention Tom Waits? (whom I love) (Who/Whom?)
  6. I love this chaps review style.
  7. Yep, one of my favourites as well.
  8. Actually that reminds me of another I'd sing: Richard Thompson's "When I get to the Border". It's one of those where he does his old trick of setting really sad lyrics to what initially appears to be quite a jolly tune, or indeed using what initially sound like light lyrics to express a dark theme.
  9. I prefer the JC version to the 9 inch nails one (apart from the "You stay away from me you hear" bit). Possibly due to circumstances or possibly JC's voice suits it better (IMHO). However the whole song is so full of despair, irrespective of who sings it. Pre lock-down I'd occasionally sing this at open mics (playing one of those six string things), but when initially learning it (often singing along to the JC version) I found it hard to finish the song without shedding some tears.
  10. I think we're pretty much in agreement here.
  11. My emphasis (in my head at least) was on the CNC manufacturing .. the cheap labour thing was an afterthought. I was not defending the cheap labour economies, especially when they are blatently oppressive like China, far from it, but that's how it is at the moment. However, CNC manufacturing is also cheap in the west (though not as cheap as in the Far East), especially in long production runs, and most USA Fenders (as an example) are mass produced in this way. Yes they will cost more than Far Eastern products, but I don't believe that they need to cost as much as they do.
  12. Because churning out accurate wood and metal work on a CNC machine, especially in a cheap labour economy, is cheap. Perhaps the question should be "Why does a standard Fender* cost so much?" Probably due to profit margins. * Substitute brand name of your choice.
  13. Thanks for posting this. I'd forgotten how good she was.
  14. My wife used to use these on her sax,and they sounded great, but having had two fail after a couple of years each, has gone back to a mic on a stand solution.
  15. Please, nobody take this thread seriously!
  16. Well after the unexpected seriousness that my last thread attempt descended into her's another one: As the title suggests: Bass player that are actually slightly better (but only slightly better) than their reputation suggests. Bass players who are more than slightly underrated have no place in this thread. On your marks, get ready, and off you go.........
  17. Yes you guessed it: Bass players that are pretty good, and almost, but not quite, as good as people say.
  18. Not a vast range of experience of different amps (at least not owned by me), but so far 'Traditional' solid state (well class H): undoubtedly the Marshall DBS400. Light weight solid state. Markbass LM3.
  19. I reckon you'd best to play it like a hammered dulcimer.
  20. I iamgine that so that the low strings sound a bit more bassy and the higher strings have a bit more "Zing".
  21. Hard to tell what the letters are - It can be read many ways, but (to my eyes) it's not a single 'W'.
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