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  1. Agreed - can't see a reason why they wouldn't do it.
  2. If I may add to this: I was under the impression the 5 series is about the same level of quality as the 7 series, only passive. 9s have fancy tops and 10s have fancy tops and different pu's. 3s are cheaper made than 7s but still active. Logically, we may one day see a 1 series: same level of quality as the cheaper 3 series but passive. Could be some awesome (and probably dirt cheap) entry level basses.
  3. Thanks for the info! I hadn't looked because I was under the impression they were only just announced on fb - should've checked! Thanks anyway!
  4. That D5 is gorgeous. Bit of a shame it's not a slab body, but it's no deal breaker for me. Any info about the pricing yet?
  5. Every little thing she does is magic - Police
  6. Where do we go now but nowhere - Nick Cave
  7. I guess that's why they call it the blues - Elton John
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