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  1. Bax have always been good when I’ve had to buy online, and living in the middle of nowhere I don’t have much choice. I’ve found them reliable than Thomann that’s for sure.
  2. Don’t muck about with pedals or chords or arpeggios or whatever. Just get a Hammond organ player in the band. The sound will be filled out and the audience will enjoy the visual side of things. Sorted!
  3. Oh that’s a great idea, and your neighbours will love it! 😂 I needed a small, portable kit for acoustic gigs and also something that wouldn’t take up much room as I’ve got loads of other instruments and gear cluttering up the house already. I’d seen some of the little kits available (Sonor, Ludwig, Pearl, Tama, etc) and they all looked great but I thought I could probably put something together that sounded a bit better, and under budget too. For around £120 it was definitely worth doing 👍
  4. I started out as a percussionist then got into drum kit a little later. Have owned dozens of kits ranging from 1950s round badge Gretsch, 60s and 70s Ludwigs, old 60s Slingerland and Rogers kits, vintage Premiers, etc, but also had a Yamaha 9000 kit at one point. The last nice set I owned was 1979/80 set of Tama Superstars (22-12-16) they were beautiful sounding drums and really solidly built. I had another set of 80s Superstars in jazz sizes for a while too but the bigger set was really special. When we downsized and I stopped doing drum gigs I sold them to a local kid who wanted a decent set to learn on. Now I just have a ridiculously tiny kit that I put together from stray 1980s Pearl toms, that has a 15” kick drum. I use a 1971 Ludwig Acrolite snare with it and usually vintage 70s Paiste Formula 602 cymbals. It records well but I still might get another larger kit again someday though.
  5. Juaneco y Su Combo - “Vacilando Con Ayuahasca Cumbia Psicodelico!
  6. Love Musicmaster basses, and this is a beauty! Good luck with the sale 👍
  7. Interesting. Not even The Stooges or The Monks or any of the 60s garage punk bands? Not having a go, just surprised.
  8. I switched to maple fingerboard instruments which made it easier when stage lights were dim, but then I got some sheets of glow in the dark stickers from a pound shop and cut them down to use as dots on the side of the neck. Very cheap DIY solution but it worked 👍
  9. I remember hearing Nevermind and thinking it sounded to me like bad metal at the time. I’d grown up on Dead Kennedys, The Damned, The Ramones, and The Fall, Wire, Art Attacks, etc, and I really couldn’t hear ‘punk’ in Nirvana at all. I could hear the difference between them and Motley Crue or whoever, but still it didn’t sound like punk to me. Never got that angle the music press pushed so hard. Pixies and Mudhoney were more my thing at the time. Or house music. Or hiphop. Public Enemy were probably more punk than Nirvana, but that’s another thread I guess. I love the MTV album though, but that’s summat else entirely.
  10. No, but that Pixies album and ATCQ one were decent. “Screamadelica” was released in the same week and I’d take that over any of the titles in the 24/09/1991 list I’ve seen knocking around online.
  11. Serge Gainsbourg albums. Bass by Dave Richmond, Brian Odgers, Robbie Shakespeare.
  12. Is it a Burns Flyte? A Burns Flyte that’s been converted to fretless and refinished in silver sparkle? If it is, and you don’t get on with it could I possibly have first dibs?
  13. I’ve used the lower octaves of a Fender Rhodes on a few occasions, and the low octaves of a Hammond organ as well. Nothing more exotic than that though, sadly.
  14. Slaughter And The Dogs - “Live Slaughter Rabid Dogs” has some great onstage banter in between the songs. It was recorded really roughly at what sounds like a working men’s club in Manchester in 1977 and the audience clearly weren’t entirely on the band’s side. The crowd were obviously chucking pints at the band as you hear Wayne Barrett and co saying stuff like “Hey! Stop throwin’ the fookin’ glasses will yer!” or, sarcastically, “It’s just cost you a pound to throw that glass” followed by someone else in the band coming back with “£1.25 it is, Howard”. I’m surprised I can still remember it, when I routinely forget what I went to the shops for or where my keys are, etc.
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