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  1. Lockdown fever is making me post James Last's version of LZ "The Immigrant Song". Skip to 1:07 for the good stuff. James Last covering Deep Purple? No problem: And finally, at no extra cost, here's James Last going all batucada for you. This actually is proper fierce, I've played it in otherwise all-Brazilian DJ sets and folks often want to know which rare Brazilian record it is. Also, to the right of the LP sleeve pictured, the bass player has got what looks suspiciously like a super rare candy apple red Fender Bass V... I'm a firm believer that you can find great stuff in any genre of music, no matter how impossible it seems 😎
  2. Yes!!! Same here, absolute joy to hear this again 👍
  3. Ginger Johnson was big on the underground scene in London around 1966-67. Imagine someone like Donovan having to go onstage after Ginger and his band at full pelt! He shared bills with The Pink Floyd and The Purple Gang and a lot of the early hippie bands as well. He'd have blown them into the weeds I should think. Cracking stuff, thanks for posting it! 👍
  4. We never had any James Last records at home when I was a kid. I managed to remedy this deprived childhood by buying several James Last records once I left home. There's some cracking tunes if you look beyond the useless covers of the Seekers or Cliff Richard or Jim Reeves etc. "Voodoo Party" is great. Well, I say great. It's great if you like the idea of James Last covering Sly & The Family Stone and Marvin Gaye and Santana etc... The other LP that Lastheads go nuts over is "Well Kept Secret". It's the one where he roped in a load of LA session folks like Jim Gordon, Tom Scott, Max Bennett, Ernie Watts, Larry Carlton etc... But the absolute best is James Last doing Hawkwind: I'll leave it there, otherwise I'll be uploading his disco bangers or the live stuff with Benny Bendorf on bass. Please don't ban me yet, I can change, it's only a phase, etc...
  5. I keep coming back to this thread just to gawp at this. I thought I never ever got GAS but that's an absolute beauty! I thought I saw the bassist from actor John Simm's band Magic Alex playing one of these as well, back in the day? Must be a Manchester thing 😎
  6. For piano, there's loads. I was always partial to a bit of Otis Spann: But there's looooads to choose from. Some of my old school favourites would be players like Dr. John, Professor Longhair, James Booker, Johnnie Johnson, maybe some Mary Lou Williams etc, but now there's Jon Cleary and Chase Garrett and many many more. You can go down the YouTube rabbit hole and spend hours finding new players, easy! For organ, it's all your classic B3 players: Jimmy Smith, Brother Jack McDuff, Charles Kynard, Charles Earland, Shirley Scott and all the Blue Note or Prestige Records guys and girls. Also Booker T Jones had his bluesy moments with the MGs ("Sunday Sermon", "Over Easy" etc) and pre-Beatles Billy Preston records on Capitol or Sue Records are all pretty good. If "Billy's Bag" floats your boat then his 60s LPs definitely will. On a more obscure tip, Mick Weaver recorded a couple of bluesy Hammond organ LPs, the best of which is "Into The Fire" where he covers Howlin' Wolf: And also for Hammond check out modern bands like the Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio, or Alan Evans' AE3. Plenty bluesy funk action. I could pick out plenty more but I have to get groceries for my Mrs. Have this one for now: Cheers - Lee
  7. Wife's playing Joni Mitchell - "Hissing Of Summer Lawns". I always think "Court And Spark" is my favourite, but then I hear this one again and...
  8. Have a bit of Prince Fatty for Saturday morning! Some of their stuff can be a bit 'comedy' (grunge covers, etc) but when they're on form they're amazing. Great live act too. Super heavy 😎 Enjoy!
  9. Great record, love a bit of Dennis Brown!
  10. On a more Ethio tip are The Sorcerers. Straight outta Leeds! Signed to the excellent ATA label which is also home to The Lewis Express and Nat Birchall among others, the whole label has a lot of interesting things going on. If you're into the jazzier side of soul and funk, or the funkier side of jazz the label is worth a look. But anyway, The Sorcerers. They've got it totally locked. And bonus points for using a Jedson tele bass and a Philicorda organ (Philips home entertainment keyboard from the 60s) and making it work. 😎
  11. Loved both of those! The Shaolin Afronauts I knew a little bit, but the Maisha tune was a new one to me. Great mix of jazz and Afrobeat influence. Thank you!
  12. Loved that, thank you!
  13. @itu +1 for King Sunny Ade and his African Beats, and you're dead right about Island Records. They had great artists in pretty much every genre, but for me especially African and Jamaican. And I thought the light blue / dark blue labels was a great touch. Here's a couple of tunes from an album that was released in 2015 that still hits the spot for me. Baba Sissoko - "Three Gees". A proper family affair, it's Baba and his wife and their daughter Djana with an electric backing band that includes Corey Harris and musicians from the Daptone Records roster. It goes from bluesy to funky to soulful and back, and the whole LP is a great listen imho. If these tunes float your boat, go down the YouTube rabbit hole of live clips of Baba Sissoko and his band in radio sessions and at festivals. Absolutely compelling stuff if African gear is your thing 😎
  14. That P is proper handsome! GLWTS 👍
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