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  1. The Sonor Martini kits are pretty wicked little drums 👍 With the right heads and tuning they sound great. I really wanted one but couldn’t afford it, so I made my own budget version out of some 1980s Pearl toms. The weeny 15” kick drum shouldn’t work but it does. It records ok but I’d still love a Sonor kit.
  2. Ah, I never would have interpreted that as rude at all I actually prefer the sound, tone and playability of the little Tanglewood to the last couple of Mustang basses I had. Yes of course it looks like a daft toy but I can get pretty close to the “Histoire De Melody Nelson” sound with it, which makes it a keeper for me. Didn’t Scott Whitley have one that he put a badass bridge on and hipshot tuners? Worth a go if you can get one cheap I’d say 👍
  3. Well, both really. I bought it from a charity shop thinking it might turn out to be a rubbish-y toy but with the La Bella’s on it’s actually a great little bass to record with. I’ve done records with it, and there’s a new 7” single out this month that I used it on both sides of, and it just sounds like a P with old flats on. As soon as I get a link to that I’ll post it. The pickup is quite pokey, it’s a stronger sounding bass than the Hofner, it just sounds more... solid, if that makes any sense? If I found another one cheap I probably would get it and convert it to fretless. I’m aware it looks like a kids toy but it’s actually decent. I think the strings help enormously though.
  4. Both my basses now are short scale, the tiny little Tanglewood EB-18 with the 25.5” scale and La Bella flats, and the Hofner Ignition violin bass (30”). They are both great to play and very different to al the other basses I’ve owned.
  5. I just checked the Khruangbin Rig Rundown on Premier Guitar ans Laura says that the SX is her only bass, although Mark Speer did swap out the pickups for Dimarzios. So it’s not stock like I thought. https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/27261-rig-rundown-khruangbin At 16:40 in the video you see her live rig which is just SX bass through a compression pedal into a Fender amp. There’s a copy of a Hofner violin bass that she has as a backup which she’s used on recordings and says it’s easier to play, but she might only have used it at one show. I read she played a Fender VI on the Leon Bridges sessions, I need to check that out with headphones I think. The production on it is so straight yet beautiful. Got me looking at green SX’s now 😆
  6. Laura Lee of Khruangbin uses a SX Jazz as her #1 recording and touring bass. As far as I know the pickups in it are the stock ones it comes with. Sounds fine to me 😎
  7. Boards Of Canada are one of my all-time favourites. “Music Has The Right To Children” was a revelation when it came out. I had a summer job in Tower Records when it was released and it stopped me in my tracks when it came on over the sound system. Stopped a few of us actually, we were looking at each other like, “Did you hear that???”. Still blows me away when I listen to it now 👍
  8. Yes, I am. Both as a session musician, a featured artist, and as a DJ. Possibly as backline tech as well. Last year I would have spent around 10-12 weeks in total working in the EU. It probably would have been the best pay I would have seen in 2020 if not for Covid. This year is too uncertain for me to call, as there’s still Covid to factor in. But I made the move to France last Autumn just to be on the safe side, and I’m gonna do as much as I can from here. There’s still a chance that I might not get residency here but I’m actively doing everything I can to look out for myself right now. The UK government is doing nothing to make a difficult situation any easier. Quite the reverse. Just reading that the leader of the opposition has come out in support of ending freedom of movement, and it’s not filling me with hope and uplifting sunlands-ness. I fully understand I might be in the minority on here, but c’est la vie and all that. I’m certainly not out to Fosters on anyone’s chips or anything. But yeah, it’s not a great situation. Even if you think, “it doesn’t affect me” you just never know. If you’re in a functions band or play on the cruise ships, or ever dep for other musicians who work further afield than you usually do... you just never know.
  9. Can fully recommend these. I’ve had one for about 15 years, and it’s the one I would always take out when doing a run of gigs. It packs down flat and weighs very little so it’s a great option if you like to travel light. And it’s not as bulky onstage as a lot of other ‘travel’ stands. I can’t remember if mine is labelled Ibanez or not but it definitely has the Pocket Titan logo on it. I should get a couple more for at home really, instead of having everything in gigbags or cases. Good bit of kit 👍
  10. Actually, has anyone put a set of black nylon flatwounds on one of these basses? I’d definitely do that if I could 👍
  11. I might do the teacups on mine, but all the rest can stay as is. Unless I want to put heavier strings on, which would mean swapping out the tuners and maybe the nut. I’m probably too lazy to get round to it though.
  12. Thank you! Yeah, sustain is not normally required for anything I do so flats and a piece of foam at the bridge always happens on any bass I own. And my main instrument is percussion so I’m always ‘hearing’ other instruments through a percussionists filter. The Hofner thump feels immediately like home to me. You are spot on about it being a happy instrument to play, it’s a joyful little thing and I can’t wait to record with it 👍
  13. That’s interesting to hear another experience of Hofners flatwounds. Thanks for the input, much appreciated. Mine arrived yesterday and I put them on the bass last night. Instantly they felt and sounded better than the roundwounds that came fitted as standard. How long they will stay on the bass is yet to be seen. My usual preference is for heavy strings, stiff tension and higher than usual action. But with the Hofner I’m having to reevaluate that slightly. I’d love to get a set of black nylon flats on it but I’m going to break in the Hofner flats first and see how they go. Cheers 👍
  14. I always liked the wonky old Burns / Baldwin Vibraslim headstock design. I bet I’m in a minority of one here though. Great sounding basses as well.
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