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  1. Here is a video lesson on a classic Bob Marley song, I Shot The Sheriff. This is a really nice reggae bass line to play, recorded by the iconic bassist, Family Man. Click the link for the full lesson and free PDF download (there is a Tab version too). https://youtu.be/N1xqfgQpHMI
  2. I have been working more on my fretless bass playing lately. This is the tune for ‘I Still Believe I Hear’ by Marcus Miller. I managed to get the section before Marcus comes in, to practice playing along with the cello. For me, the cello and fretless bass in general compliment each other beautifully. PDF available in the video description on YouTube. There is a Tab version too. If you want to develop your fretless playing, I have a video lesson with three fretless techniques that will help you. That is also on my Greg’s Bass Shed YouTube channel. What tracks do you enjoy playing along to with your fretless?
  3. In this video lesson I show you three particular fretless techniques. I also discuss my favourite fretless player who isn’t an obvious choice, and recommend an awesome album. The link to the full video lesson is below: https://youtu.be/4O6YQhZ8ies
  4. Learn an original Bass Line from Blues/Rock band,The Kendall Connection. This week I will be showing you how to play the bass line from Hello My Old Friend. This is a bass line that I recorded with The Kendall Connection. This song has a classic slow shuffle Blues feel, so you can use these lines when you play other songs in this style. Here is the link to the video. The free transcription PDF is available in the video description, with a Tab version too. https://youtu.be/Nu7sLGm47vk
  5. Thanks! (Always useful to have a specific answer).
  6. This video is a discussion on whether reading music is important or not. You can get a free Kick-Starter PDF guide to starting to read music. Details of this are in the video description on YouTube. I’d love to hear your opinions on this too. https://youtu.be/PJgEVCVdyi8
  7. I also have a new Greg Talks video out today where I discuss whether we should read music or not. I thought this might interest you on this thread. I will do a separate post for this, but here’s the link for the video: https://youtu.be/PJgEVCVdyi8
  8. Following on from the feedback in this thread, I have started making my Reading Music Video Course and you can express an interest by clicking the following link. That way, I can keep you all up to date on progress and when it is finished: https://gregsbassshed.com/learn-to-read-music
  9. Thanks. It’s a bit haphazard as it’s a collection of varied videos PDFs. So it’s a bit like a ‘pot luck’ of bass resources!! Still, I believe in giving out free resources as when I was learning, I couldn’t really afford much and appreciated any bass resources I could find. Hopefully it will also helps with my plan of world domination with Greg’s Bass Shed, although Scott may have got there first!
  10. I hope you find it useful. By the way this is the link to the videos for the eBook: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCDsrFCHIRaB2CK_NMqHQ1w
  11. Interesting option, thanks for sharing this. Thinking outside the box!
  12. Pick up a free copy of my eBook which contains all the transcriptions, and resources from my first 50 Greg’s Bass Shed Youtube videos. This eBook is perfect for beginner and intermediate bassists looking to progress with their bass playing. Use the following link to sign up to my Mailing List and I will send you a copy. https://gregsbassshed.com/home
  13. I have a video lesson on how to play simple 3 note 7th chords. These can be really useful to help you hear different chord types and really start to learn how they sound. There is a PDF with the lesson, along with Tab too, so you should be able to get up and running quickly. This would be one approach to help you develop your ear. https://youtu.be/jzBvIKVKFI8
  14. Very similar to me, and I agree that there is no downside to being able to read music. My only caveat, is for someone learning, also work specially on developing your ear alongside learning to read.
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