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  1. If you like Chorus, then check out my review of the Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus Pedal. Chorus is so useful for getting classics bass sounds, like those 80’s slap or fretless tones. It can also be valuable for helping get a wide spacey sound. I really rate this Boss pedal, but I’m also interested in what Chorus pedals you have got, and how they compare. The full lesson is on the link below: https://youtu.be/nuV526Y5QMc
  2. Good idea. I’ll get transcribing!
  3. That’s another cracking track, cheers! You guys are really adding to my Ska ‘vocabulary’!
  4. Thanks for this recommendation. What an inventive bass line. I like the sort of disco octave in it!
  5. Great bassline thanks.
  6. You’ll have to tell your sax player to sort it out! I love a bit of Madness. Your band sounds interesting.
  7. Yep that bass line is a great workout!! Glad you like the lesson. I’ll check the tune out.
  8. No worries, this lesson is proving really popular. I had no idea so many love Ska. The bass lines are awesome!
  9. I have been delving into Ska lately, especially the earlier classic Ska/reggae crossover style. I have found inventive bass lines, often using walking lines or arpeggio patterns. Some are pretty fast and tricky to play. I have prepared this lesson of Five Classic Ska Bass Lines. These are some of my favourites and you are sure to have fun playing them. Follow the link below for the full video lesson. Enjoy, and I’d love your feedback on the lesson, or suggestions of other Ska tunes to teach. https://youtu.be/KmdrGmk0FjU
  10. Learn the bass line from Sultans Of Swing by Dire Straits. Follow the link below for the full lesson. You can download the complete transcription, with Tab, by clicking the link in the video description. Please spread the word by liking and sharing this post. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/4v9WatS1HPY
  11. I agree with your original point and think that we more experienced players can complicate things if we aren’t careful! As I said previously, lots of subtleties are just not an issue for beginners.
  12. You are the second person who owns 27 Spectors, the magic number?! Thanks, really interesting reply of yours, and from someone who obviously knows their Spectors. Good point about whether or not the Bartolini’s are an upgrade or not. They definitely gave me a much more likeable sound, so I consider upgrade to be the perfect word here! I agree about not having a lot of punch. That bass has always been lacking in mids. Although the video samples don’t have that new string ‘zing’ (they are not yet dead, but have been played a bit), I hear a fair amount of bass, and also some top in the sound too. I actually prefer to not have too much crispness to my sound, but obviously that’s just a personal preference. I did actually mention about the preamp in there (from 1:43). It’s made by a guy called Michalik, who builds preamps for Spector. This is one of his own preamp models, but I’m guessing it’s fairly similar to the TonePump preamps. I can imagine your new PJ bass, with Darkglass pickups sounds very different from mine. Appreciate your feedback, and as we all know, sound is very subjective, so what sounds great to someone might not sound great to another. I much prefer my Spector with Barts in it though.
  13. This is more unusual, but looks awesome!
  14. I spent a few hours trying most basses in the Sire range and was very impressed with what they were offering for the price range. But something has to give for that price, and in my opinion, the components are a bit cheaper and not as good quality as in the Laklands, or Spectors, for example. The Sire basses are definitely a good choice for that price range though.
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