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  1. I made this video lesson as I notice a lot of my bass students trying to use the ‘one finger per fret rule’ for all playing situations. This could be holding you back and be preventing you from playing with accuracy. Find out more in the lesson and use the exercises I provide to improve your technique.
  2. After hearing about the passing of Rocco Prestia, I had a night of playing his awesome bass lines. He has such a unique sound which I found pretty hard to get near. But all I same, I have pick five of his bass lines and made a lesson. There are so many classics to choose from, but these are my particular favourites. Hope you like them.
  3. Thanks @Reggaebass for sharing the thread and my stuff. Hope this helps @hooky_lowdown
  4. Learn the awesome Thundercat lick and main groove from ‘What’s The Use’ by Mac Miller. In the lesson I breakdown the main groove and the lick. I also explain how we can use Amaj7 arpeggio & F# Dorian to ‘deconstruct’ the lick. There is also a FREE pdf transcription with the lesson and a free backing track at the end of the video.
  5. No worries. Hope you are having fun with the ‘9th arpeggio stretch!’
  6. New video lesson where I show you how to play a bass line and arpeggios at the same time. Learn to master the 9th arpeggio & get a workout at the same time!
  7. Free downloadable PDF transcriptions of this classic Fleetwood Mac bass line. https://gregsbassshed.com/free-pdf-s
  8. No problem, glad you like the video.
  9. If you are looking to improve your Blues bass lines and need some ideas, then Tommy Shannon is an ideal player to study. Tommy has worked with many Blues artists including Stevie Ray Vaughan and Johnny Winter. In my new video lesson, I cover five of Tommy Shannon’s classic bass lines and show you some of the techniques he used.
  10. Hi, you are on the right track and I also endorse the use of transcribing. Here is a video lesson that I made on Funk. There are a few ideas in there. Hope it helps. Obviously though, you will get some much more awesome lines from the greats! There where I got mine from.
  11. Do you want to improve your walking bass lines? Here are five techniques that will add style and swing to your lines. We aren’t dealing with note choices in this lesson, but you will learn how to use techniques such as muted notes, triplets fills, and pedal notes to make your walking lines sound more exciting. Also learn why we should be thinking ‘linear’ with our walking lines. Click the link to view the lesson and pick up the free PDF.
  12. Just started to have a listen to this. Thanks for sharing, this is great collection so far!
  13. Yes you are right, there is loads of Reggae influence on The Police songs. I do love the Reggae style bass line in the chorus for this song though.
  14. Learn the bass line from The Police classic, ‘Message In A Bottle.’ The main riff is so fun to play and I love the Reggae inspired chorus bass line. There is a free PDF with the video lesson. Choose between standard notation or Tab versions. https://youtu.be/y24bQzreHyQ
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