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  1. Yes you are right, there is loads of Reggae influence on The Police songs. I do love the Reggae style bass line in the chorus for this song though.
  2. Learn the bass line from The Police classic, ‘Message In A Bottle.’ The main riff is so fun to play and I love the Reggae inspired chorus bass line. There is a free PDF with the video lesson. Choose between standard notation or Tab versions. https://youtu.be/y24bQzreHyQ
  3. Interesting post. As musicians, we can all benefit from a mentor. This is a more accurate word than teacher in certain situations. I have taught and played professionally for over 25 years now and I still have a mentor that I go and see from time to time. There are always things to learn and having direction is so helpful. It's the feedback that we all need. Online courses are great to a certain point. I have now started making them too. The perfect solution for a lot of players learning online is taking a course and then having some coaching afterwards. In my opinion, the coaching part is just as important. When learning with a teacher, it is very helpful to know what you want to achieve from the lesson. Sometimes communicating what this is can be difficult though! The quicker we learn to take criticism, the better. Although like you say, sometimes this isn't given in the most positive way. Good luck with your further development.
  4. Hi, just letting you know about a new video from Greg’s Bass Shed - Learn Five Essential Bass Rhythms. These five rhythms appear time and time again in bass lines from many styles of music, including Rock, Pop, Blues, and Jazz. Find out out what these rhythms are, and also how to read them. Free PDF with the video which includes the five rhythms and also information to help you read. This video is suitable for beginner to intermediate players and any others looking to learn to read rhythms.
  5. I started playing bass when I was 14 years old. I was already playing trumpet and piano to a fairly high level. I was also playing rhythm guitar in a school band, but our singer was so bad at playing the bass, that I decided to have a go. We did a gig, and I absolutely loved it! I still love playing the bass as much now as then and I have been playing professionally for over 25 years. There is so much still to learn, but for me, that learning is striving for a higher level of musicianship, rather than particularly nailing technical elements of playing. I love the subtleties of bass, but equally how you can really change the harmony or vibe of a song with a small change.
  6. Learn a Rock shuffle groove Learn a killer Pentatonic fill Learn a rockin’ Doobie Brothers Tune Download the free pdf transcription Jam to the backing track In the video lesson, I show you the above by teaching you the bass line from a lesser known Doobie’s song, ‘Down In The Tracks’. This is a great bass line, and I’ve got two fantastic musicians to help me make the backing track. Enjoy!
  7. Good rhythm, and true 😂 It is useful to learn ‘key notes‘ at first, to help you to learn all the others. For example the middle line, D was a useful one to learn first. When starting to read leger lines on the bass guitar, I found that learning C (first line above the stave), and G (third line above the stave), helped me initially.
  8. That’s very true, you do have to maintain any skill you learn. You have reminded me that I better start some practise! 😂
  9. That’s a shame. There is still time though. At least that sounds like you’ve been playing the bass for a long time though, which is great!
  10. If you systematically learnt how to read music, you would be fine with any piece of music someone threw at you, key changes included!
  11. Good point, apart from possibly reading a few melodies from jazz standards, you aren’t going to need these rhymes for bass clef!
  12. I think it would be more accurate to say good players don’t necessarily make good teachers and vice versa. Some are great at both.
  13. Did you steal that trick from my lesson 😜 No, I haven't watched it but I am pleased to see it here.
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