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  1. If you are looking for a way to practice and get more familiar with Chord Tones then this exercise is perfect for you. It’s short but very effective. Video lesson and PDF with notation or Tab. https://youtu.be/OQaTjjUElBE
  2. Fancy a bit of Motown? In this video lesson I take a look at five bass lines from some of my favourite classic Motown tunes. All these bass lines are the work of The Don of Motown - James Jamerson. I have also written them out on a PDF which you can download from the video description on YouTube There is a notation or Tab version. Let me know what you think of the video. https://youtu.be/cze1CDbXbrk
  3. No problem, hope you find it useful.
  4. Chord Tones provide the framework for constructing bass lines, riffs, fills and solos. In this video lesson I explain what Chord Tones are, and how to practice them over the whole fretboard. There are 3 exercises that come on a free PDF in the video description on YouTube. https://youtu.be/SC5AeTV7b0M
  5. That looks great, I’ll check it out.
  6. Great to hear your reply and sounds like you’ve really made excellent progress with reading music. It does open so many more doors and makes learning a much quicker process.
  7. Learn the bass line from Toto’s Hold The Line. This is one of my favourite Toto bass lines. It’s simple but effective, and great when it doubles with guitar. Step by step lesson with a free PDF of the bass line, notated or with Tab. You’ll find the link to the PDF in the video description on YouTube. Follow the link in this post for the video lesson, or if you are viewing this on Instagram, it’s in my Bio. Please like and share this post to spread the word. Enjoy. https://youtu.be/6HjeVjV1_fY
  8. Learn to play the bass line from All I Want For Christmas Is You. This is a fun play with some nice walking lines. I teach a simplified version too at the end of the video for those of you who are just starting on the bass guitar. The bass line, Tab, and simplified version are all available on free PDFs. Follow the link in the video description on YouTube. Enjoy and Merry Christmas. https://youtu.be/otnCPvah3YM
  9. I had a similar experience - the horn players laughed their heads off until I plugged it in, then they couldn’t believe it! Obviously it’s not a double bass but it’s very useful when you want to have a more acoustic sounding instrument.
  10. GAS is ok, but make sure you are acquiring great instruments 😂
  11. If you are unsure about what to look for when buying a new bass, or want to know that you are buying a bass that is right for you, then don’t miss this video. Don’t waste money and time buying instruments on a whim only to find you don’t like them. In the video I show you what to inspect on the instrument if buying secondhand and also give you ideas of types of basses you might want to consider. There is a free downloadable pdf checklist with a list of popular basses in the video description on YouTube. If you have anything to add to to Checklist that might help then leave a comment below. Of share your favourite choice of bass.
  12. Practice your solo bass playing and start getting into the Christmas spirit with my very own Greg’s Bass Shed, Christmas Carol Solo Bass Medley. Download a free PDF of the Medley (also a Tab version), and practice it with the backing track at the end of the video. The PDF link is in the video description on YouTube. I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I did making it. But be warned, it’s a bit of a ‘finger twister’ in places! https://youtu.be/gE6wqshkIKE
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