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  1. Superglue! Works every time. Recommended by my guitarist friend who is also a GP. Apparently its very commonly used in surgical procedures now. Or at least an expensive medical version probably. But I'm talking about Superglue from a corner shop. Get it on your fingertips and let it set. You might want to do a couple of coats. It affects your piz tone somewhat. Makes it slightly more clicky, but you gain a bit in volume too. You'll probably need to re-do it a few times, maybe between sets. I played 24 hours of upright bass over a 3 day weekend, by being greedy and over-committing myself. Superglue got me through it.
  2. Are the little tube humidifiers no good then? I didn't realise. If you go to any classical concert with a big bass section, 4 or 5 seats, every instrument seems to have one. Maybe that's just for when you're putting an instrument into an air conditioned concert hall.
  3. Ha ha. That's 12mm padding. Sorry. There's an off colour joke to be had about not knowing what 12 inches looks like - but I'm not going there.
  4. I've got 2 spare gig bags for 3/4 double bass if anyone needs one. The first is a Hidersine. Not brand new, but as good as, and has never left the house. The other is a Westbury - the 12 inch padded version. Brand new, still in packaging. Both showerproof, good tough bags. You never know, we might be gigging again before too long! Message me if either is of interest.
  5. I had exactly this issue recently when swapping from silver slaps (for which my bridge had been set up) to EP slaps. I tried everything I could think of, and asked for help from all sorts of people. I think it is down to the profile of the feet on the top. Also apply some pencil graphite around where the string notches on the bridge to lubricate the strings when you're tuning, so that they're not tending to pull the bridge forwards towards the nut. In the end, for me at least, it required a new bridge, without adjusters. It's really solid now and I don't miss the adjusters one bit.
  6. Yes, it could very likely be my technique, which is far from subtle 😉 In fact the Shadow clicky pick-up was way better than my original one and once I found a sweet spot, and the right pressure the problem went away. Thanks everyone.
  7. Can anyone give me a bit of advice on this one. I've got a under fingerboard pick-up rigged. It's a J-tone, but I'm just about to fit a Shadow. But I'm getting a real issue with the amount of low frequency ringing on the fingerboard when I'm slapping. The Shadow preamp does a brilliant job of filtering it all off, but I can still hear that the LF booming from the fingerboard is overloading the front end of the preamp and causing it to clip (presumably because the input stage is getting overloaded before the signal gets as far as the LPF) I guess I could damp down the fingerboard but I don't want to kill any contribution that might be making to the tone on the bridge pick-up. Or maybe I just need to put a passive attenuator in line with the fingerboard pick-up so that it doesn't overload the preamp. I would just be very interested to hear of this is a common problem or whether I'm unlucky. Cheers Paddy
  8. So I picked up an EP Slap E on eBay - damaged packaging, brand new string for half price. After snooping about and hoping for a similar incredible bargain on the A I finally caved and paid regular price for one. My reaction has been very like many other I've seen posted here. First impressions, yuck. Flappy, incredibly quiet compare with my Innovations, though clearly really well made strings. Just very strange. So I left them at pitch tension for a few days and jacked the bridge up to 15mm at the A. And boom! I love them. At a high action they are very playable, and project very well. As well as the Silvers? Impossible to say as with the bridge tweak there are too many variables. Really good even volume and even tension across the set too. You can just concentrate on intonation and feel. Great click characteristic and elastic bounce for slap, but really great for jazz piz as well. I haven't tried yet as COVID = no gigs, but my sense is that in a loud band situation I might have to work harder to keep feedback under control as the whole bass feels a bit more lively and resonant than it did. But I'll gladly deal with that.
  9. Well that sounds like a consensus then. Thanks for the advice guys, I'll give the EPs a look.
  10. I'm looking for string recommendations please. I just got a natural gut D and G string, and I am blown away by them. The effect on my cheap plywood bass is completely transformational. I was using Innovation Sliver Slaps, which are also very nice strings, and which mellowed in nicely over the 10 months or so since I have been playing them. But I never quite managed to get rid of the slightly twangy, electric guitar sound from the A string. So now I'm left with the Innovation as an E (which is perfect) and these gorgeous sounding real gut strings on D and G, but the A string really doesn't sit nicely with all these mellow strings at all. When I'm playing I actually find myself avoiding the A now. Is there a go-to A string I should be considering in this set up? I play about 50 / 50 slap and jazz, and any advice would be gratefully received.
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