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  1. Hello, is this still available? Would it be possible to get some internal measurements please, hoping that this might be long enough to take my micro pedalboard setup. Thanks Matt
  2. I'd definitely echo @Doctor Jand suggest a right angled plug, also not all jack sockets are created equal, the Switchcraft ones are generally regarded as the most reliable/robust so are worth the premium, for the pots definitely try contact/switch cleaner first, if that doesn't solve it then a good tech shouldn't have much trouble replacing the pots, it might take a little searching for the exact replacements but i'd give good odds that it could be repaired Matt
  3. are you looking at the same bass? the 4 string versions are quite easy to get hold of, but the 5 string has fairly patchy availability, some places have stacks of them (G4M) but others have none (Thomman) Matt
  4. The strings are la bella 760fs-B-S, .045, .065, .085, .105, .128T Matt
  5. well, the Day has come! at 3:30 this afternoon I met up with Andy in a services and took possession of the bass. It's stunning, the balance is perfect and the neck is absolutely spot on. It's getting a first run out tomorrow morning at church, I'll report back but so far I'm over the moon! Matt
  6. i have a Trace GP11 AH250 and a pair of Midgets, but due to lockdown i've never actually tried them together!
  7. WOW! i might have to go and have a little lie down after seeing those pics. I Just hope my playing can do it justice! i might need a couple of weeks of practice before i make any sound clips public. I'm voting it Bass of the Decade! Matt
  8. i'm getting very excited to finally get my hands on this bass, arrangements are being made and i'm counting down the hours! Matt
  9. I'm with @51m0n on this, i hate having excess cable, and on this particular board i'm very tight for space, it's a Mooer M5 board/case that i have removed all the foam from and added velcro to, so it was designed to take 5 micro pedals and i'm trying to squeeze at least 6, possibly 7 micro pedals. the cable i've got is Van Damme installation cable so it's quite thin and flexible, and i've put the power distribution under the board to save space. I've been making my own cables for 20 years at least now, it was just that last batch of plugs that seemed to trip me up, hopefully the new ones will work out a bit better. I have bought cables in the past for pedalboards but they've all ended up in the spare cables pile and been replaced by home-made ones to keep the excess cable to a minimum. Matt
  10. thanks for the info, i'll add Hicon to the list for the future. Matt
  11. How do they compare to 4 pole mini xlr plugs? I have a few different diameters of cable so hopefully one of them will be compatible. I think they will be saved for just the situations that really need them, I have only ordered 4 of the tiny plugs and 6 of the rean. Matt
  12. yes, i'm expecting the Rean ones to be good quality, i have used the straight Rean plugs for a while, and the RCA plugs are pretty good too. I'll report back when my parcels arrive and i get a chance to make up a cable or two. Matt
  13. I love neutrik, and have a box full of them but on this pedalboard there just isn't the room for them. I have order some of each of the 3 I originally posted and will see how they are to use. Matt
  14. i had considered using TRS jacks, but i have a tendency to chop and change my pedalboards and have built up a decent stash of pedals bought over lockdown (mostly budget ones) so i'd rather not have to check each pedal to see if they use the input for switching. I might just order a few of each of the options and see how they are. according to ebay i have bought the cheap ones before from that seller. Matt
  15. i've started building a very small pedalboard for use at church to save dragging my main gigging board along (and i don't really need all my dirt pedals in the average church service) I bought some of THESE jack pugs to make up the interconnecting cables and having soldered them to the cable the sleeve part of the plug is now loose, i suspect i have overheated them and it's my fault but i'm now on the hunt for reliable right angle pancake jacks that have separate tags for the 2 connections, the cheap ones required the sleeve to be soldered to the body of the plug and i suspect that was where i damaged them with too much heat. I've found 2 options so far with proper solder tags KMMK ones (supposedly the flattest available at 8.3mm) HERE at £3.70 each Rean ones (not actually so flat at 11.9mm) HERE at just £1.10 each has anyone tried either of these? i do like the slimness of the KMMK ones but at those prices i'd be looking at £40 at least to wire up my board! the Rean ones would be 1/3 of that but aspace is at a bit of a premium on this board although i have used Rean jacks and sockets in the past and always been impressed. I have used THESE in the past (of at least some that look identical) and although they required soldering to the body they seem to stay together so these might be a fall back option. Anyone have any other suggestions for flat jack plugs that have separate connections terminals inside? thanks in advance Matt
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