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Matt P

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  1. @AndyTravis loving the blue, it looks fantastic, you've even got matching blue control knobs! i can overlook the football reference that's 2cm longer than either of my strat type cases, and 1cm longer than the internal dimensions of the gigbag that thomann suggest,i'm guessing that either the gigbag is a little longer than they say or it's got a bit of give and the bass is a snug fit. do you think that it would be possible to lose 2cm from the end of the headstock (along with a bit of a re-shape, possibly to a tele style shape?) i'd really like to fit it into a hardcase for travel (i have hardcases for pretty much all my instruments) but if there isn't room then i think i might look for a different Bass as a starting point, something with a 2+2 headstock and a modern styled body, or start with a clean sheet and build from scratch. (i've got a random plan for a 30" scaled 5 string neck through that might work)
  2. @blablasi'm loving what you've done to create this collection of basses and am very tempted to get one for myself as i'm partial to a short scale and i've got a bartolini pickup in a drawer that would work perfectly. a small question though - what are you using to transport these basses for gigs etc? Thomann suggests an electric guitar gigbag, i'm wondering if they would fit in one of my strat type hardcases? Any chance you could measure the total length of one? it's a shame that they only offer black as a finish option would be great in some other colours (a sonic blue re-spray might be in order) Matt
  3. Removing head from a combo for separate use.

    provided that you encase it properly i can't see any real problem except that most combos with decent amounts of power (say 100W at the minimum) are often available as head versions as well so selling the combo (if you already have one) and just buying the head version might be a better option. If you want to hide it somewhere in the car then i'd be looking at some of the class D amps available, the Markbass F1 that i'm using would fit the bill, fairly small, not too expensive (i think i paid £250 for mine) and plenty of power, suitably protected (laptop bag and some bubblewrap) it could easily be hidden with the spare tyre under the boot carpet and no-one would ever suspect that it's there. there are plenty of excellent 250w-800w amps available that aren't that much bigger than a hardback novel. Matt
  4. The uca202 is designed to be the link between a mixing desk or other device with line outputs and a pc, I was using the slightly more basic uca200 with my pc up till last week when I got a scarlett 2i4, it worked for me without any drivers on both Windows and Linux, if you want to hook a guitar into it then you need something with a guitar input and either line output or headphone output, a multi effect pedal would probably work with a headphone to 2 phono cable. Or a small mixing desk works well too, I was using a 5 input behringer one and connected the interface to the 4 phono connectors, gave me recording and playback. It's not a super high end interface but it worked well for me for a few years. Matt
  5. Transcibe download

    currently $39 which works out about £28, i need all my spare pennies at the moment to pay for a shiny new interface though!
  6. Transcibe download

    @thepurpleblob thanks! i'm not sure how i managed to miss the Linux version when i was sorting this at the weekend. i'm slowly getting to grips with linux as an os, still some teething problems with getting my Scarlett 2i4 to play happily with reaper but i think it's all user issues as i've been blindly trying stuff rather than following tutorials and help pages properly. i'm going to persevere with the alternative program for the moment as it hasn't yet asked for money and i'm super skint at the moment! Matt
  7. Transcibe download

    my tutor @dodge_bassuses this to help slow down songs, it can also pitch shift and isolate sections easily to make short loops for getting parts nailed down. i have been using a cheap app on my tablet called amazing slow downer which has most of the functionality of transcribe (which isn't available on android) recently i downloaded another similar program to my pc but i can't remember the name and i'm not at home at the moment. i tried transcribe but i'm using Linux and i couldn't get it to run under wine. i thought that Transcribe was only free for 30 days then you had to buy a licence? matt
  8. ooh, that's a new one on me! i was going on the info from the epiphone website that has the EB3 as 34", what year/country was this made?
  9. i might be wrong but i thought that the EB3 was long scale (34") the EB0 is short scale? an easy way to spot the difference is that the eb3 has 2 pickups and the eb0 just one.
  10. Interesting... Harley Benton content

    i saw this a while back whilst browsing, looks interesting to me, a 2ohm option would be nice but isn't a deal breaker. the feature list is pretty good too, 4 band eq, switchable from active to passive input and a switchable onboard compressor. and it's got 2 speakon connectors. if you compare to the quilter then this has (to me) a much better spec list, eg. headphone output and an aux input with a volume control makes it a great practice tool at home. and a mute switch is one of the things i miss on my markbass if this had a different badge (Fender/Ampeg/gk/etc) and was 100 quid more i'd expect that we'd be buying them in droves and raving about what a bargain they were! matt
  11. Custom flight case builders?

    Not the cheapest option but what about a peli case with a custom foam insert? these guys offer a few options for custom cases as well as custom foam inserts for peli cases and dave cases (their own brand peli type cases) https://www.thecasefarm.co.uk/ another option might be these guys who build flightcases to order and I believe can do the custom inserts as well, the cases will be super tough but not as light as the dave/peli option http://www.flightcasewarehouse.co.uk/ if it was me i'd probably go for one of these https://www.thecasefarm.co.uk/shop/dave/dave-800/ with a custom cut or homemade insert, I think you would have a fair bit of space for di boxes and strings/straps etc as well, it would possibly also work as a hard shell case to take the bass in a gig bag with di boxes etc and some clothes as padding which might cancel out a separate hold bag for shorter trips. Matt
  12. It wasn't actually a bad guitar, it played pretty well and sounded fine, I can't remember if I ever gigged it but it might have been a backup on a gig or two
  13. I've never seen that advert before but I did actually own one of the crackle Black guitars, my uncle found it in a junk shop and bought it for my nephew, I then had it for a while and set it up. I've played worse instruments, I ended up giving it back to my nephew once it had been sorted.
  14. How to stop glasses slipping while playing?

    yes croakies were the original sports ones, i've worn glasses for over 20 years now and have tried most of the options available, croakies do the arc system (which i haven't tried) but it looks like it can be adjusted to suit the wearer, i found that the original style croakies would catch my glasses if they got knocked but wouldn't hold them on my face. (these are very similar to the ones posted above. these are the arc croakies; https://croakies.com/product/arc-endless i've got some adjustable neoprene ones at home which sound like they might be similar to what you are after, i'll take a look when i get in and see what make they are (I don't think they are croakies) matt
  15. A clip on tuner that works?

    this^ mine broke but i repaired it by drilling a hole in each of the 2 parts and gluing it back together with a steel pin inside, it's been fine ever since, i expect the other end will break at some point but I've got plenty of glue and steel pins. i've got the snark with the metronome built in, auto chromatic tuning etc, i've yet to find an instrument that it can't pick up. (4 and 5 string bass, EUB, uke bass, electric and acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin and ukelele) Matt