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  1. i wouldn't expect there to be a difference in performance or sound but the choice of series or parallel speakers in a 2 speaker cab is sometimes down to what happens if one of the speakers fails, it they are parallel then the amp is suddenly seeing a 16 ohm load, if they are in series then the amp is suddenly seeing no load at all (which is usually very serious for amps with valve power sections0 the amp manufacturer will decide which outcome is the least disastrous and go for that (if they're engineering it properly) Matt
  2. Matt P

    Hercules stand gone sticky!

    I missed this originally, the thread started 2 years ago so there is a chance that the replacement program has finished, I used isopropyl alcohol to clean both of mine up, I wish I'd seen this 2 years ago as it looks like I would have got a couple of extra stands!
  3. Matt P

    Insecurity? Pah. Incoming NBD

    yeah i know that if i ask the right people then i could get a P-Retro, unfortunately until i get my overdraft cleared and then a decent way back into the black it just isn't a sensible option right now, i'm doing my best to only buy the absolute necessities every month and maybe this time next year i'll have enough spare cash to make the phone call. i've had a pretty expensive time over the last 2 years, (redundancy 2 months before my son was born, a total of 4 months with no income and now a job that pays less than the old one but with about 50% less stress) i've just read that last paragraph to check it for spelling errors and it reads liker a sob story! i'm actually about 200% happier than i was 3 years ago! and not buying new gear has meant i've spent more time playing and my technique and musical knowledge is also significantly better than it was! Matt
  4. Matt P

    Insecurity? Pah. Incoming NBD

    ok now i'm really jealous! i think that's pretty much the exact spec i'd go for (especially if it's 18mm string spacing) the website says the single pickup versions are currently discontinued. I've been thinking of a P-retro for my Letts 5 string for a while but they're not listed for sale anywhere and i'm totally broke ( and probably will be until my son moves from nursery to school and we stop paying a small fortune in childcare every month) Matt
  5. Matt P

    Insecurity? Pah. Incoming NBD

    i was just looking at the two 5 strings listed on Alan's website and was thinking maybe you were going for the RetroB J5 which is very pretty but that bass you've gone for is gorgeous! which preamp has it got? i played a couple of ACG's at a bass bash a few years ago, i wish i'd bought one when i had the money. Matt
  6. Matt P

    Anyone bought from here?

    This is the first time I've seen this kind of thing for musical instruments, it's usually ray ban sunglasses. I love the idea of buying a bassbreaker amp for less than a set of valves! 😁😂
  7. Matt P

    Ashdown Mini 408 400watt

    There are reports on talkbass that the eminence delta lite can work in the TL806 but the general consensus is that it is fine as a guitar cab but even with a bass oriented speaker it is still a fair way behind a properly designed modern bass cab, I'm with @Sibob on this, I'd be selling the ashdown and buying something else that is better suited to you.
  8. Matt P

    Ashdown Mini 408 400watt

    WinISD is available HERE it's not that difficult to set up, i've managed to model a few different cabs but i never got round to actually building anything. matt
  9. Matt P

    Ashdown Mini 408 400watt

    If you can get some accurate internal measurements then you could put the numbers into WinISD (which is free) and this will give you an idea of what the current tuning is like, it should then offer you some dimensions etc for porting and show you what the frequency response will be ported. this would be a totally free way to see what adding a port or two would do to the cab. if you post the dimensions on here then someone else might be kind enough to run the numbers and advise you. (i have the software but am not an expert.) which Ashdown cab is this? i had a Neo loaded mini ABM 4x8 many years ago and really liked it. a quick google throws up quite a few different ones. (mine had 2 ports on the rear and a varnish finish rather than vinyl.) some appear to have the speakers offset and are taller than they are wide, mine was pretty much square. Matt
  10. Matt P

    Fishman Neo D single coil measurements

    ok, i've just had a measure and the soundhole on this guitar is 88mm, the pickup has been modded a little bit and sits slightly towards the neck i wasn't really concerned with a pure natural acoustic tone on this guitar, i wanted a slightly raw bluesy tone, it's fitted with 13's and tuned D-D, i've got a handmade acoustic with a fantastic AER blend system in it if i need to sound pretty (a wonderful guitar but it's hard to sound bluesy with a guitar that expensive!) according to my measurements i've cut it down to 83.4mm wide, this is about as far as i dared to go. so it will fit into your soundhole but it will take some modding and will be fiddly to fit as you will need to feed the clamps onto the back (i use a pair of angled tweezers to hold the clamps while i fit the screw s. Matt
  11. Matt P

    Cables and Cables

    if i were buying cables then i'd be using OBBM in fact i have 3 of his excellent speakon-speakon cables as i couldn't easily source the 4mm speaker cable he uses. I make my own instrument leads as i have bought a whole drum of Klotz AC110 cable and have a good stash of neutrik jack plugs, the cables end up pretty much as the OBBM ones but with slightly less pretty soldering and i fit name labels and velcro ties. there are 2 good reasons why people recommend OBBM, the first is that his products are very high quality and the second is that his prices are very reasonable (i've added up what it costs to build a lead and he's not making huge profits on each one) he's also a nice guy and an active member on here but that's an aside matt
  12. Matt P

    Fishman Neo D single coil measurements

    I've got one fitted to my travel guitar, I can dig it out tomorrow evening and take some measurements, I've modified mine to get it to fit so might be able to give you the minimum sound hole diameters possible. Matt
  13. Matt P

    1x12 and 2x12 Options

    i went the barefaced route with a pair of the 2nd gen midgets, mainly after hearing (and trying out) Jack's midget+compact rig I was invited to one of his band practices and was very impressed at how he was easily audible above the pair of Marshall half stacks, then I was told that only one of the cabs was plugged in! (I may have mis-remembered this, I also recall something about someone offering to help move the cabs and then promptly chinning themselves with it as it was considerably lighter than they imagined) my second choice was a super twelve but i went for the midgets as they are easier to get into their hiding place (and a single one is ample for practices) i've actually gigged with only one plugged in (accidentally, only realised while i was packing up) i'd suggest looking at the TKS cabs as well we A/B'd them at a bass bash against the midgets and the only real difference we could detect is that they're not quite as loud and they're a fair bit cheaper. if you're in the north east then i'm pretty sure a few options could be brought together for a demo (BF and TKS, and possibly others) i'd guess that other basschatters arountd the UK (and possibly world) would be happy to let you hear and test their cabs (we're a notoriously friendly bunch!) Matt
  14. Matt P

    Small Custom Rack Case

    Flightcase warehouse should be able to make something to suit, they do a fair amount of custom work. https://www.flightcasewarehouse.co.uk/ Matt
  15. well i'm stumped then! @Bridgehouse has said pretty much what i was trying to get across, it's a pressure issue with the nylon strings, have you tried other nylon strings? it might be that another brand has a different composition of outer wrap that works better with the piezo saddles. Is this a fresh set or an old set? it might be that there is a flat spot on the deader strings that is preventing proper contact? Matt