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  1. Matt P

    1x12 and 2x12 Options

    i went the barefaced route with a pair of the 2nd gen midgets, mainly after hearing (and trying out) Jack's midget+compact rig I was invited to one of his band practices and was very impressed at how he was easily audible above the pair of Marshall half stacks, then I was told that only one of the cabs was plugged in! (I may have mis-remembered this, I also recall something about someone offering to help move the cabs and then promptly chinning themselves with it as it was considerably lighter than they imagined) my second choice was a super twelve but i went for the midgets as they are easier to get into their hiding place (and a single one is ample for practices) i've actually gigged with only one plugged in (accidentally, only realised while i was packing up) i'd suggest looking at the TKS cabs as well we A/B'd them at a bass bash against the midgets and the only real difference we could detect is that they're not quite as loud and they're a fair bit cheaper. if you're in the north east then i'm pretty sure a few options could be brought together for a demo (BF and TKS, and possibly others) i'd guess that other basschatters arountd the UK (and possibly world) would be happy to let you hear and test their cabs (we're a notoriously friendly bunch!) Matt
  2. Matt P

    Small Custom Rack Case

    Flightcase warehouse should be able to make something to suit, they do a fair amount of custom work. https://www.flightcasewarehouse.co.uk/ Matt
  3. well i'm stumped then! @Bridgehouse has said pretty much what i was trying to get across, it's a pressure issue with the nylon strings, have you tried other nylon strings? it might be that another brand has a different composition of outer wrap that works better with the piezo saddles. Is this a fresh set or an old set? it might be that there is a flat spot on the deader strings that is preventing proper contact? Matt
  4. What gauges are the individual strings? It might be that the quiet strings are a bit too fat and aren't sitting down into the grooves and making proper contact.
  5. Matt P

    Jack and Danny Mini Jazz Bass

    is there any chance you could measure the total length for me please? wondering if these would fit in one of my guitar hard cases (if they do then the chances of me buying one at the end of the month will go up to 90%) Matt
  6. Matt P

    Jack and Danny Mini Jazz Bass

    I can't help you but I'm tempted by either the blue or the green myself, wondering if they're small enough to fit in a guitar hardcase?
  7. Matt P

    3x microphone splitter

    what bout one of the tiny Mixers that are available? something like this, not much bigger than the Art but about half the price, https://www.thomann.de/gb/kustom_pa4ex.htm it has a 2 band eq on each channel as well. the smaller Behringer mixers add in some stereo channels as well, perfect for adding a Mp3 player or a laptop. (they also double up as great little headphone practice units, i used one for years before swapping to a Focusrite Scarlett and a PC) Matt
  8. Matt P

    Hiscox bass case

    Hiscox every time for me, i've got 3 of the bass ones, a standard acoustic case, a pro-ii acoustic case, a 335 case, a strat case and a les paul case. my music room looks like an advert for Hiscox! (i've had to label the cases to make it easier to grab the right instrument) it's the strength of them that i like, when i bought the first one (the standard acoustic case) the guitar shop owner put my guitar in, closed the case then stood on it, that convinced me of their strength, this was reinforced a couple of months later when the guitar was in a caravan that suffereed a blowout, it got hit by a rather large gas bottle and came away with a small scuff on the case, if it had been a traditional plywood case then I have no doubt that the guitar would have been reduced to firewood. I think there is a video on the Hiscox website that shows the construction method and demonstrates the strength of the case, as well as plenty of user testimonials to the protective qualities of the cases. - https://www.hiscoxcases.com/build-quality/ Matt
  9. Matt P

    Bass options for a 4yr old!

    A solid body u-bass might be a good option, as a bonus they work great for travel or to get a more double bass sound, I've got the acoustic u-bass and get way more use from it than I thought I would, the solid body has the bonus of being just like a scaled down "regular" bass
  10. Have a search on here for pingray, there are a few mentions of it and a build thread somewhere (I'm on mobile so linking is a pain) I think that @Ou7shined built it and in my opinion it's the way to go. Matt
  11. Matt P

    Beyer DT250 Headphone Jack plug

    If you open the plug at the headphone end (one screw to unplug from the headphones and then a smaller screw to open up the plug) you should be able to see the colour coding, the plug has 4 pins and then a small gap to the other 2 pins, that should allow you to orientate yourself for wiring up the other end, I think the stereo plug will be left to tip, right to ring and ground to sleeve. Unfortunately I'm currently on my mobile so links and stuff are a bit tricky.
  12. Matt P

    Beyer DT250 Headphone Jack plug

    the dt250 uses the same connector as the dt100, i've replaced a few leads on these, there is a wiring diagram here, ignore pins 5 and 6, these are used for the models with a boom mic. you need to remove the screw on the connector to get it out but they're easy to re-wire, i've bought replacement ones and re-used old ones with no issues, i actually have a couple of different ones for my headphones with different lengths and different connectors (short for use when tracking at home and much longer for when i'm with the full band.) Matt p.s, if you decide to give up on the DT250's i might buy them from you as i could do with another pair.
  13. Matt P

    how to mike up a Cajon

    it's mainly for recording TBH,the cajon was quite expensive if i remember rightly, our drummer buys kit incredibly rarely (he owns one drum kit that he bought in about 1999) but when he buys stuff he goes for the best he can afford, hence the overkill mics, as an indicator he spent over an hour to buy a cowbell, playing every one in stock (including identical models) until he found the one that sounded the way he wanted. this is the cajon - LInky Matt
  14. Matt P

    how to mike up a Cajon

    I know i'm a little late to this and it's not a cheap option but we use an audix d6 on a bracket inside and then an audix i5 on the front face for some snap, you might get good results with an sm57 on the front and a cheapish bass drum mic on the soundhole/inside (the red5audio mics are supposed to be pretty good, certainly the rv8 i have is fantastic for the money) the d6 then is deployed as a bass drum mic when we're using a full kit (cajon is for acoustic stuff only) Matt
  15. Matt P

    Jazz 5 String Pick-ups

    you got a fantastic deal there! quarter pounders are at least £60 each, a pair is about 115 if you shop around, great pickups but not really in the same price bracket as wilkinsons and entwhistles Matt