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  1. Semi shaped hole?

    another option would be to have Andyjr1515 (or another talented builder) build you one, i'm pretty sure he could build a semi acoustic body to suit a fender neck and incorporate whatever pickups and controls you would want, compared to the complicated beauties he usually builds a semi acoustic precision would be a breeze! Matt
  2. Semi shaped hole?

    i'd agree on the Yamaha BEX4, i had one for a while and they're great basses, quite p-bass in tone. another option (if you can find one) is the Fender A/E. I played one in a shop a while ago and it was really very nice, unfortunately i was skint so couldn't afford to buy it. they're Japan-built and have a precision pickup as well as a piezo, and they're that lovely familiar precision shape and feel to play. they do pop up occasionally on here but they're pretty rare beasts. this one sold a while back [url="http://basschat.co.uk/topic/298117-sold-fender-ae-9091-fretless-fretted-neck-precision-bass-japan/"]http://basschat.co.u...ion-bass-japan/[/url] Matt
  3. i'm another north east basschatter with barefaced cabs (a pair of gen 2 midgets) you'll find that we're a friendly bunch up here, Jack very kindly let me have a thrash through his midget/compact setup while i was trying to decide what to order, and there are a couple of other barefaced owners up here that would be happy to let you test out the cabs. another manufacturer to consider is TKS, WaterofTyne is a huge fan and only lives just down the coast from you. it's a shame that there isn't a bass bash lined up as that would give you a good opportunity to try a wide range of cabs. i tried a th500 with my cabs at the last bash and was mighty impressed, unfortunately i was too skint to be able to buy one (and probably won't have the cash in the near future either) barefaced have a map on their website with links to owners around the country, i'd be surprised if they weren't mostly basschatters! Matt
  4. Headstocks and tuners

    i voted 2+2 mainly as i like the shorter headstock, my real preference is 2+3 as it allows the b-tuner to be slightly further from the nut which i've found prevents issues with the b-string running out of silk length, i've had a couple of 5 strings where the thickest part of the b-string ended up on the tuner. i actually have a few of these variations in my collection, and i'm not sure a precision (or a jazz for that matter) would look right with anything other than 4 a side (or 4+1 for my P5) i haven't got anything 3+1 yet but a stingray is on my bucket list. Matt
  5. Stagg EUB Bargains

    No worries, I thought it was probably gone but shy bairns get nowt! Matt
  6. Stagg EUB Bargains

    [quote name='Geddys nose' timestamp='1508947594' post='3395558'] I've never plugged it in but your mate can have it if he wants to fix it.The bag is Ok and it has both arms. [/quote] Have you found a home for this or is it still up for grabs? I might be interested as a project, any chance of some pictures of the damage? Matt
  7. Best practice amp??

    if you're only ever going to be using headphones then you might do better with a mini-mixer or a zoom fx unit (b3n or similar maybe?) these often have inputs for an aux and decent headphone outputs, Phil Jones make some headphone amps as well which are very well reviewed. i use a small (5 input) Behringer mixing desk which works really well and is hooked up to my pc as well as a cable to my phone/tablet/iPod depending what i'm playing along to. matt
  8. Overwater flats

    glad to be helpful, good luck on your flats quest, i got lucky with the chromes, they were my first trial set and just felt and sounded right, saved me a fortune in strings as i fitted them 4 years ago and haven't changed the set at all. matt
  9. Overwater flats

    i can't compare them to the brands you mention but from memory they were fairly high tension, higher than the chromes that i use now. i don't have them any more as i sold the bass that they were fitted to. as far as i remember these are made by Picato and had similar tension and feel to the Picato branded flats, i bought the Overwater branded ones as i couldn't find 5 string sets of the Picatos. Matt
  10. I never tried to get mine sorted, I was under the impression that it was a problem that was due to the board design and that all the boards were the same so all you were doing was gaining another few months of operation before it all started again. I bought mine brand new in the full knowledge that it would most likely fail. They were being sold quite cheap at the time as the little giant amps had been released to replace them, I only needed it to last about a year, I think I got 2 years of use before giving it to someone to use as a preamp (the preamp was excellent in these IMHO) Matt
  11. one post i was suggested late 80's, and fender have the pricelists archived on their website [url="https://support.fender.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000746086-Archived-Fender-Price-Lists-1968-2010-"]https://support.fend...ists-1968-2010-[/url] the 1989 lists have wedge cabs listed under the guitar section for pairing with the dual showman heads, available in 4x12 with either Celestion or un-named speakers and a 4x10 with eminence speakers (but with an open back) not to question the OP but did you put a tape measure across the speakers, are they definitely 10" or did you just go on what you were told? whatever the outcome i think that what you have is a guitar cab as i can't find a wedge bass cab listed on the fender price lists i looked at (although i didn't trawl through them all so cannot say 100% ) and if i'd just seen the pictures and not been told anything else i'd have thought it was the 4x12 with the un-named drivers. Matt
  12. ahh i think i might have a breakthrough, it looks like it might be a fender "the wedge" cabinet, there are a few hits on google that look the same but some confusion as to whether they're guitar or bass cabs and some of them are open backed and some sealed. post 35 on here http://www.tdpri.com/threads/fender-super-60-112-210-owners.200003/page-2 http://www.serious-amps.online/product/fender-the-wedge-4-x-12-400-watt-guitar-speaker-cabinet/ http://www.guitarcenter.com/Used/Fender/410-Wedge-Black-Bass-Cabinet.gc the plot thickens! Matt
  13. i can't help much but i'd expect that being a 4x10 it's more likely to be a bass cab as 4x10 guitar cabs aren't that common. the v-front design is quite distinctive but i can't find anything looking like it on google so i'm stumped! matt
  14. Want a shorter load-in?

    he must have been going at some speed to manage that, google street view shows a fairly wide bend with a decent grass verge and a hedge, and judging from the pictures it looks like the van is about 18" off the ground! https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@52.0292206,-0.4614434,3a,71.4y,115.59h,70.66t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s_K_Nsq7pvlqusVZ88PduAA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 matt
  15. Cab Corner Radius (Dr. Bass Content)

    i would make a gauge, get a bit of stiff cardboard and a pair of compasses, draw in the 10mm radius on the card and cut it out with a sharp craft knife, then compare it to the radius on the cab, you want the same radius or smaller for the new corners or you'll need to sand the edges to suit the new corners. this is what set of radius gauges looks like, not difficult to make a few in cardboard to see what you've got. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radius_gauge#/media/File:RadiusGauges2.jpg Matt