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  1. as you talk of a 16 ohm option i am guessing that the amp you have got is more guitar-biased than bass, this won't be a problem as it will still sound great but 16 ohm bass cabs don't really exist, it would be worth checking exactly what ohms the amp will accept as running a valve amp with an incorrect load can result in expensive damage! If you can get a manual this can help, i had a small valve amp a while back (orange tiny terror) and the labels on the outputs were actually a little confusing if you didn't think carefully before plugging in. i would concur with this, you might want to look at 1x15's as well, unfortunately i don't know of any 2x12's that are in your price range (Thomman list one but it is 4 ohms) with a valve amp one of the things i would be watching out for is the sensitivity of the cab, as you are likely to be confined to just one cab due to the ohms issue you want as efficient a cab as possible (lots of speaker cone area helps as well and a 4x10 has nearly double the cone area of a 1x15) unfortunately not all manufacturers give sensitivity numbers for their cabs. Matt
  2. I take my whole pedal board when i am playing but the only things i use are the wireless (Line6 G50) the Tuner (polytune) and whaen i had one a compressor (MXR Supercomp) i have on occasion used some chorus, for some kids songs i used a bassballs, and when the situation arises a bit of overdrive but i'd say that 99% of the time it's just a clean signal. i have considered an eq pedal but this would only be for the times i was also playing EUB (there is an A/B pedal on my board so it would be the same rig) Matt
  3. eBay would be my first port of call, especially as it is M3.5 which isn't in general use much (exxcept for electrical sockets), but a quick look hasn't thrown up much, can you take out one of the other screws and post a picture? there are a couple of different socket head screws that it could be, if you can measure an existing one (diameter, thread pitch etc) then finding a new one might be easier, if all else fails i could have a scrounge round the workshop then i get to work on monday and see what i can find. Matt
  4. started reading this thread to see what lovely new amp had been bought (it looks excellent by the way) and is has become a hifi thread! For all of those who always wanted a Cyrus amp, that was me as well (grew up near the factory and knew someone that worked there) well i finally bought one 5 years ago from someone on here and on Thursday it blew a fuse and is now in the hands of a repair expert, it might end up back at the factory if they cannot sort it. they are wonderful but i know that the Arcam i had before is still going strong even though it's about 10 years older. (i did consider a NAD at one time but missed out on it and the Arcam came up at a cheap price) Matt
  5. I'd expect that the basses coming out of a factory with gold-coloured b-string ends is due to the factory buying in bulk 4-string sets and then adding a single string for the low B, all of the single strings have gold ball ends and i have found the same buying strings from the small independent guitar shop in town, he doesn't keep 5 string sets of the xl's but does have a stock of .125's to make them up.# A qiock check of the chromes on my Lett's 5er shows a purple low B, this was definable a 5 string set as it was ordered in specially for me (the owner used to work with some of the guys at the D'addario warehouse back when he worked at CSL and the warehouse is half way between the shop and his home so he collected the strings on his way home and i got them next day.) Matt
  6. There was a tmb600 as well
  7. I'm not sure if this will be helpful but about 10 years ago I bought a bugera 1x15 cab to add to a peavey 4x10 for our church amp, it had the metal cone speaker and after testing it at the sellers house I took it to the church and promptly killed the driver, I swapped it out for a random eminence driver I bought second hand (I was young and foolish.) from what I remember the cab was chipboard and pretty sturdy, they are fairly basic cabs though, It is still in use and sounds OK but the driver was definitely the weak link. Matt
  8. The rooms we use are still closed and expect to stay like that for a little while yet, they started a crowdfunder last week to help keep them afloat and they hit their 5k target in under 48 hours! now they've set a stretch goal and any extra money is going on improving the spaces and the kit, we're on very good terms with them and i think they are one of the best rooms in our area and run by very enthusiastic guys. Our normal room is pretty small (the smallest one there) so we don't expect to be back for a while, in the mean time we've put some money into the kitty and will sit tight. one of the rewards was to nickname a room, some of these have been taken (at 500 quid a room) so i'm looking forward to seeing what names they are given! we went for buying a step, we get to decorate it anyu way we like so that will be a fun discussion with the other band members. Matt
  9. well i has some birthday money burning a hole in my pocket and they were under a tenner on amazon so picked up a couple of the clamps. i was hoping that the clamp would be able to be rotated so i could fit them to the shelves but they seem to be welded in place so i had to come up with an adapter (one of the clamps from some ikea lamps with some inner tube as padding). they clamp on really well, no problem at all and they fit both my concert and my u-bass with no issues, I tried them on a regular stand and they worked fine there too so highly recommended! Link - Amazon uk Matt
  10. I'm looking forward to seeing this come together, i've been following your status necked build and i can't wait to see what you do with the shorter scale neck. Matt
  11. My son made me a card and got me a mixed case of local beers, I suspect that my wife might have helped though as he is only 3 😁
  12. subscribed, i have a 30" bass with a p-pickup and it sounds excellent, i can take some measurements for the position if you want. I'm not happy with that last sentence as i know you have lots of experience of bass building so let me re-word this, i have been doing some measuring and calculating for a design that i want to build and in the process i have found an excel file that had some measurements for pickup positions, i did some measuring of my own instruments and some scaling of the classic instruments into a 30" scale and found that the pickup on my little short scale Aria was nearly 20mm closer to the bridge than the numbers would suggest, it sounds really good this way. the numbers suggest the centreline of a p-pickup should be 641mm from the nut but this Aria is at 673mm, it has a great tone and cuts through really well. Matt
  13. excellent, it's amazing what differences there are between different valves, glad to be of help. Matt
  14. You don't need to use a screwdriver to remove these covers, they are a 2 part design, if you push down on the top and then rotate a bit they will slide off, very much like a bayonet fitting light bulb. Matt Edit to add that the covers will most likely be earthed so should be safe to touch, the advice of leaving the amp unpowered overnight before starting is good advice for working on any mains powered equipment.
  15. A courier just delivered a shiny new hercules stand, I'm a very happy customer, especially as I had no serial number or idea of how old the stand was, there was no discussion or convincing on my part they just sent out a new stand. Matt
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