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  1. i just buy the plugs from either ebay or RS and then use cheap speaker cable and solder them together, i have also chopped and modified some that came with the power supplies (usually just cutting them shorter and putting a new plug on the end) Matt
  2. it's very much a quick and dirty check ("back of a fag packet check") about 5 minutes work at the end of my day, sneakily using my work computer and software. with repeated loading the fatigue of the material will be the killer, cracks will appear and then BANG! your precious instrument hits the floor! For the OP I always recommend the Hercules wall hangers, i have 2 and even with my ham fisted fitting they have no trouble holding up even the heaviest of my basses (10.5lb '77 p-bass) Matt
  3. well it's not quite the car crash i was expecting but it's not great either, I had to guess some of the dimensions and the loading was assuming a 5kg instrument hanging straight down. i took 1mm as the internal bend radius as it wasn't that clear on the picture, and i used a couple of 8mm circular patches on the back to anchor it (the actual holes weren't modelled so these are a guesstimate using some assumptions that i use in my day job) the expected high stress point is right along the bend as predicted, there is a nasty stress where the screws go through as well, I certainly wouldn't trust these hangers with any of my instruments. and that's before you get to the sharp edges digging into the headstock. as an interesting aside the "guitar" shown in the pictures is computer generated not real, so we don't even know if these have been made and tested, they might have designed them and will make them as they are ordered (not a hugely time consuming thing to make with a laser cutter and a bending rig.) Matt
  4. the dimensions seem to be a bit out too, if it's 90mm overall width and 72mm internal width that only leaves 9mm of material either side, and 72mm is quite wide for many guitars (a telecaster wouldn't work for instance) I'm tempted to run a stress analysis of the hanger to see how truly shocking it is! Matt
  5. @el borracho There is a tanglewood Tw28 just been listed on Facebook for 100 quid https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/405654354036852/?ref=facebook_story_share Worth a look? Matt
  6. i saw this last night, from what i could see it is clearly advertised as a raffle for a charity, I hope it is all above board as i bought 2 tickets! Matt
  7. Lovely work, Watching these builds has taken on a whole new level of excitement!
  8. i've just realised that you are just the other side of the river to me, if you aren't already a member then i'd suggest joining the Guitar mart NE and Musicians mart NE on Facebook, that's where i found the last few bargain acoustics. Guitar mart NE musicians mart ne Matt
  9. i think i would be looking more towards secondhand but most of the brands listed so far are pretty good, i've played loads of budget guitars over the years while helping friends buy their first guitar. Vintage - not played a bad one yet, Yamaha - i would try and get an FG rather than an f-series, they are a step up and you should still find something under 100 fairly easily, i've even seen the odd APX go for 100 quid locally in general thouhg Yamaha don't make anything bad. Tanglewood - again if you can get an older secondhand one then they're great, Freshman - again i've played a few and have been impressed. another brand to keep an eye out for is Aria, i have played quite a few of these and they all impressed me, i actually picked up an AW-20 a couple of months ago for a friend who wanted to learn and it was a fantastic guitar for the 70 quid i paid. all it needed was a set of stings and it played and sounded great. the guitar that's getting a lot of use at the moment in my house is actually a Chord csc35 that i got for nothing on a local recycling page, it needed a little work on the nut and a clean but it's a sweet little thing, (i will say that it gets so much use as it sits right next to my desk, it's obviously blown out of the park by my McIlroy but they are more than 20x your budget!) I also have a Gretsch Jim Dandy that i paid about 80 quid for that's a blast to play blues on ( i keep it detuned one tone with 13 gauge strings to help with the bluesy old feel) Matt
  10. for me it has to be Aretha Franklin's recording of Let it Be, she definitely gave it the soul that i feel the Beatles version lacked. there are a couple of compilations by ace records that are full of great covers of Beatles tracks, many of them better than the originals ( IMO YMMV etc etc etc) Various Artists (Black America Sings) - Come Together: Black America Sings Lennon & McCartney - Ace Records Various Artists (Black America Sings) - Let It Be - Black America Sings Lennon, McCartney And Harrison - Ace Records Matt Edit for spelling, and i've just ordered the Let it be compilation as i don't have it yet.
  11. i am really loving this build, i think it's time i commissioned one for myself! @Andyjr1515 I've sent you a PM. sorry it's a bit long-winded! Matt
  12. i'm not sure I can be classed as a millennial, I turn 40 on Friday and i think I'm more the end of generation X rather than the beginning of generation Y/Millennial, I have older siblings and i think i followed their way of thinking. the dates are very vague for the crossover points, and i think your upbringing influences you a lot, my younger sister doesn't think of herself as a millennial, and my wife is of a similar age and outlook. I think it's more to do with when your parents grew up rather than when you were born. @Jack most people think i am younger than i really am, must be my healthy diet (of beer and pies) Matt
  13. Ibanez make a couple of short scale 5ers, the TMB35 and the GRSM25, i was very close to buying a TMB35 during lockdown but have an alternative plan now (in my head at least, need to send an email or two to get it underway) But if you need left handed then ii gets more difficult (or expensive) Matt
  14. i play a lot in church and quite a lot of music is written for keyboard instruments so Eb crops up a fair amount and i like to be able to play the bass line as it was written (or at least try to) i also find that it is easier for me to transpose on the fly with my 5 string as there are so many more options of where on the neck to play. My next bass purchase will be another 5 string.
  15. they look similar but the screws are different and the gear looks different too. the big stand out for me is the quoted weight, most sources quote about 44g per tuner for the Hipshot ones and these quote 70g. I have USA hipshots on my Letts and the licensed ones on my U-Bass, i've not noticed a difference between them, in fact i had to check the Letts to see if they were USA or Licensed as they feel the same.
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