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  1. my church bass setup is fairly simple, we've just swapped over to IEM's so i put together a mini board just for church use, Polytune mini - Spectra comp - Vong HPF - Mooer EQ7 - EHX Bass soul food - TC Corona mini - Radial stagebug DI. 9 times out of 10 i take a 5 string (mostly my short scale singlecut swift) but occasionally i'll take the 77 p-bass, the u-bass or if the songs suit i'll take the Stagg EUB. recently though i've been playing quite a bit of acoustic guitar (I started as a guitarist) so I take my McIlroy AS25 and run it into a T-rex soulmate. we've got pretty good PA guys and they're happy to set my channel flattish and let me dial in the tone using the EQ controls of the soulmate or the pedalboard. the mini pedalboard (a mooer m5 with some mods to allow me to fit everything in neatly)
  2. i've had 2 basses built for me, they both have Hipshot Ultralites fitted (and Hipshot bridges as well) If i ever get the chance to have another bass built then it will have hipshots as well
  3. these cables could be described as cheap, if you want some high end HiFi snake oil then try These Matt
  4. the price is actually for a pair of 0.5m cables, they are intended for HiFi use as a connection between separates. I'm not trying to justify the cost (which i think is a joke) but it explains the images (2 x male to female leads) my hifi is mostly connected together with the same Klotz AC110 cable that i use for my bass, with REAN phono plugs. done that way so i can use sensible length cables to reduce the clutter behind the HiFi rack and because i bought a 100m drum of the cable. matt
  5. they're really useful for measuring unknown strings as well (when trying to work out just which mystery strings are fitted to a new purchase!) (most of the digital ones can do imperial at the touch of a button) I bought my digital ones in Lidl or Aldi years ago, they're well worth it. i have a set of more expensive dial calipers as well that were a 21st present from my brother but they stay in the house and the digital ones live i the workshop. Matt
  6. i've had a quick play with the refractory website and a rough model and the prices seem incredibly high (130 quid machining costs!) I'd look at @3below's option of finding a local modelling club and ask nicely there, one that specialises in larger scale modelling and live steam should be able to help, possibly for the cost of the materials and a few beers. you might also have some luck with tubing meant for model making, they are available in a range of diameters so putting a couple inside each other might get the desired result. Matt
  7. the wrapped type bushings are quite thin so you would possibly need to use 2 sets inside each other (of the correct dimensions) to get a nice fit. I would be wary of the Oilite ones as they are imptregnated with oil which is designed to leech out over time to lubricate the surfaces, this might stain the wood around the tuner. have you got some way of taking accurate measurements of the bush you have (verniers or similar) it would take me only a couple of minutes to create the CAD model to get quotes (a drawing might be possible also) Matt
  8. if you can get a model made then having the bushings custom made would be the cleanest option, If you get stuck with the model then i might be able to help (design engineer by trade) at work we have had some stuff made by these guys with good results, the prices have been reasonable as well https://fractory.com/ you just need a cad model to upload to get a quote. Matt
  9. the serial number comes up as a Marcus Miller Jazz 5 string in vintage white! z7285437 here Matt
  10. i have tagged him on the other thread, i'm fairly sure he can sort it at a very sensible price.
  11. this sounds like a job for @Andyjr1515 Matt
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. I know! I have no real use for this but if i were close enough i would definitely get it and find a corner to stash it in. Matt
  14. This just popped up in one of my saved searches, Looks like a Line 6 Studio 110 combo, 99p but collection in person only from Axbridge. They say it's in working order, anyone locally want a combo? (i'd snap this up myself but it's a bit far away! Link to eBay Matt
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