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  1. That's a beauty! Some of Jon's basses are a bit unusual but thats one great looking instrument. Matt
  2. that's excellent! any chance of a pic of the whole bass? i'm curious as to which shape this one is as Jon seemed to vary the designs from basss to bass. Matt
  3. beautiful! What a wonderful thing to see at the end of the working week. Is there some purpleheart to go between the oak and the neck as well? Matt
  4. I thought I was pretty excited at the beginning of the build but this is getting better and better! Matt
  5. definitely this, , I have a small zip-up case that i bought in maplins 20 years ago that carried my tools for many years, recently i've been getting a lot of use from a screwdriver set that i got from Lidl that has 4mm hex drive bits, this allows me to carry a fairly large range of bits in a small space, with the addition of a few dedicated hex keys, an adjustable spanner some pliers and cutters, and a string winder i'm pretty much all set for whatever i might need to do. many years ago i was running the desk for a friends gig and had enough tools in my kit to set up the lead guitarists guitar in the break between the soundcheck and the gig, the kit was about the size and weight of a paperback novel and was often in my bag for this kind of thing. Matt
  6. Jon Letts hasn't been heard from for a while now, it all got a bit messy and he dropped off the radar about 5 years ago. a bit of a shame really as i quite like my 5 string singlecut and might have commissioned a fretless twin to go with it. if the nut can be turned then it should be fairly easy to work out if its double or single action, gently unscrew it, if it gets easier to turn then it's probably single, if there is any resistance then it's probably double action, but obviously getting a pro to look at it would be the safest course of action. Matt
  7. paging @Andyjr1515 the torx suggestion is a good one too, the traditional solution is to find an imperial hex key that is a smidge bigger and hammer it in. whatever happens you will need a new nut for the truss rod anyway so slightly damaging the old one won't matter much as long as it comes out. I'm hoping this is down to user error on the part of a previous owner and not down to the parts themselves as i have a 5 string Letts bass myself, i've never touched the truss rod (It was tweaked 6 months after i got it wen i had it set up and not at all since) Matt
  8. Could you spray a light coat of sealer on the routing before you pour the resin (allowing it to dry obviously?) might stop the bleeding. Matt
  9. Its actually part of a clothes hanger, the scratchplate has quite a few extra holes and when I first got the bass I relied heavily on a thumb rest, never got round to removing it. 😁 Matt
  10. it's ok, i'm just killing time whilst i wait for my new custom 5 string build! Matt
  11. when it comes to my current basses i think the '77 would be the last to go, it's been modded/stripped and has hardly any fret life left in it and it weighs far too much for my fragile back but it would be the hardest to part with as it's so nice to play and sounds just perfect. I'm expecting my new 5 string that @Andyjr1515 is building will be a forever bass as well, the rest wouldn't be easy to part with but if it really came to it they could go.
  12. this is kind of what's happening here, i only had the originals on for a few months (in 2015 whan i bought it) but they feel pretty good, just need them to settle down and stretch in properly. Maybe i don't need to buy new strings! matt
  13. that's a very kind offer, i will keep it in mind, i've been watching reviews on youtube and it seems like the roundwounds give more of an electric bass sound, i'm not sure if that is what i'm looking for but i'll keep my options open. Matt
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