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Matt P

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    Newcastle Upon Tyne
  1. Pickup for a small size acoustic

    i did exactly the same thing to fit a Neo D to my Gretsch Jim Dandy, didn't take much filing, it sounds pretty good to my ears.
  2. How much!

    was the total cost 135? or 135+70 for parts? how does the amp sound?
  3. How much!

    I had a similar repair done a few years ago (actually about 9 years ago), replacement mosfets in a trace gp11 ah250, i seem to remember the total cost being about 150 including parts, they guy said that i was lucky as he had the right mosfets in stock and they were very difficult to get hold of (this may or may not have been true) so accounting for inflation and the stupid cost of everything right now i'd say that the quote looks about right. there's a good chance they are replacing some of the big capacitors while they've got it in bits. the gp11 sounded awesome when i got it back. Matt
  4. Anyone tried the J&D Ukulele Bass?

    I haven't tried the J+D but i did compare a few of the cheaper options side by side when buying my Kala, they both had the pale/white strings but not exactly the same ones, i've seem some cheaper ones that have white strings that aren't Aquila (which are more of a cream colour) another thing i noticed was the little hatch on the back for string changes, the 2 cheapies i looked at, one had no hatch at all ( i'd imaging that string changes would be a nightmare) the other had the hatch held on with 4 screws that weren't flush to the wood so would have risked damage to your shirt (possibly). i really wanted to like the cheaper ones but after about 90 minutes i'd come to the conclusion that i couldn't have lived with them and went for the Kala. if i was buying again on a budget i think i'd be saving up a bit more and finding a secondhand Kala. (there is a spruce topped one in the classifieds at 210 quid at the moment.) Matt
  5. Stand Up Strings

    How much?!!! Expected retail is 170 dollars! I can see that it appears to be made of ebony which isn't a cheap timber, but I'm pretty sure I could build something similar out of a better structural timber for far less money. Luckily I can't see any reason why anyone would want this so I can spend my Sunday afternoon on more exciting pursuits. M Edit: on further reading it seems that he's actually using a variety of timbers from trees on his property so the price is even more unbelievable, there will be some time involved in the construction of each one but some simple jigs and power tools shouldn't make them too time consuming to create.
  6. Strings for semiacoustic - semihollow bass

    i fitted these to the BEX http://www.daddario.com/DADProductDetail.Page?ActiveID=3769&productid=186&productname=ETB92_Tapewound_Bass__Medium__50_105__Long_Scale the labella nylon tapes would be a good option too, i went daddario as i got a fantastic deal on them (the distribution centre is very local and my friend at the guitar shop sold them to me for only just above the trade price.) i'm going to assume that the strings that came on it are round wound, phosphor bronze strings will also be round wound, for me i'd go for either flatwound or tapewound depending on personal preference. chromes might be a good option too as they are on the brighter side of flats. Matt
  7. Filling switch holes

    i've just had this situation with a Les Paul G****r, i don't like the 2 volume 2 tone setup so i fitted a coil tap switch into one hole and a spent .38 cal cartridge into the other, it fitted pretty snugly and a bit of tape on the inside holds it in place nicely, i've got a pic somewhere if you want. matt
  8. Strings for semiacoustic - semihollow bass

    i had a Yamaha BEX4 a while ago and the previous owner had been using D'addario nickel xl's, i didn't like them at all, i ended up fitting D'addario nylon tapewounds which sounded great. what type of strings are currently on the eastwood? Matt
  9. Semi shaped hole?

    another option would be to have Andyjr1515 (or another talented builder) build you one, i'm pretty sure he could build a semi acoustic body to suit a fender neck and incorporate whatever pickups and controls you would want, compared to the complicated beauties he usually builds a semi acoustic precision would be a breeze! Matt
  10. Semi shaped hole?

    i'd agree on the Yamaha BEX4, i had one for a while and they're great basses, quite p-bass in tone. another option (if you can find one) is the Fender A/E. I played one in a shop a while ago and it was really very nice, unfortunately i was skint so couldn't afford to buy it. they're Japan-built and have a precision pickup as well as a piezo, and they're that lovely familiar precision shape and feel to play. they do pop up occasionally on here but they're pretty rare beasts. this one sold a while back [url="http://basschat.co.uk/topic/298117-sold-fender-ae-9091-fretless-fretted-neck-precision-bass-japan/"]http://basschat.co.u...ion-bass-japan/[/url] Matt
  11. i'm another north east basschatter with barefaced cabs (a pair of gen 2 midgets) you'll find that we're a friendly bunch up here, Jack very kindly let me have a thrash through his midget/compact setup while i was trying to decide what to order, and there are a couple of other barefaced owners up here that would be happy to let you test out the cabs. another manufacturer to consider is TKS, WaterofTyne is a huge fan and only lives just down the coast from you. it's a shame that there isn't a bass bash lined up as that would give you a good opportunity to try a wide range of cabs. i tried a th500 with my cabs at the last bash and was mighty impressed, unfortunately i was too skint to be able to buy one (and probably won't have the cash in the near future either) barefaced have a map on their website with links to owners around the country, i'd be surprised if they weren't mostly basschatters! Matt
  12. Headstocks and tuners

    i voted 2+2 mainly as i like the shorter headstock, my real preference is 2+3 as it allows the b-tuner to be slightly further from the nut which i've found prevents issues with the b-string running out of silk length, i've had a couple of 5 strings where the thickest part of the b-string ended up on the tuner. i actually have a few of these variations in my collection, and i'm not sure a precision (or a jazz for that matter) would look right with anything other than 4 a side (or 4+1 for my P5) i haven't got anything 3+1 yet but a stingray is on my bucket list. Matt
  13. Stagg EUB Bargains

    No worries, I thought it was probably gone but shy bairns get nowt! Matt
  14. Stagg EUB Bargains

    [quote name='Geddys nose' timestamp='1508947594' post='3395558'] I've never plugged it in but your mate can have it if he wants to fix it.The bag is Ok and it has both arms. [/quote] Have you found a home for this or is it still up for grabs? I might be interested as a project, any chance of some pictures of the damage? Matt
  15. Best practice amp??

    if you're only ever going to be using headphones then you might do better with a mini-mixer or a zoom fx unit (b3n or similar maybe?) these often have inputs for an aux and decent headphone outputs, Phil Jones make some headphone amps as well which are very well reviewed. i use a small (5 input) Behringer mixing desk which works really well and is hooked up to my pc as well as a cable to my phone/tablet/iPod depending what i'm playing along to. matt