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  1. i saw this, i also tried to get a tmb605 a while ago, even got a couple of shops to contact Ibanez directly but no joy. i am moving towards short scale basses now, have the TMB35 in my sights. https://www.andertons.co.uk/bass-dept/bass-guitars/5-string-basses/ibanez-tmb35-mgr-bass-guitar-in-mint-green i really like the mint green as well (it's my favourite of the Talman colours) matt
  2. just to double check, that was Hercules direct and not strings and things as the uk distributor?
  3. thanks, that was going to be my default option, just thought i would check in case someone had a more direct line to someone helpful in the UK. Matt
  4. how have people been contacting Hercules? I have just found that one of my stands has broken at the handle pivot, i have had it a fair while and it did have the sticky finish problem but i just cleaned it with IPA and it has been fine since. I don't really have anything to lose in trying for a replacement, shy bairns get nowt. Matt
  5. Matt P


    I am now super careful about buying knobs after I scored these cheap on ebay, they might go to 11 but they're still wrong!
  6. I would always go windows, the price difference would easily buy some nice extras like mics or other recording goodies, I'm actually running Linux on my desktop pc running reaper which saved me a fair amount as I didn't have a copy of Windows so would have had to buy it. Matt
  7. This is very cool, I love smaller basses and the string spacing on this is exactly what I want. @Mikey D I have also been looking for a 30" 5 string, there is now a budget option as ibanez ha e released a talman short scale 5, it's only available in one colour but I have had one in my basket for weeks, just haven't managed to click buy yet. https://www.gak.co.uk/en/ibanez-tmb35-bass-mint-green/932730?gclsrc=aw.ds&&gclid=CjwKCAjw8J32BRBCEiwApQEKgb69TsW0gv9Utq6A4pZMc_RwW4AJ898DI58U1uVnMnyVOJ7nYO5l8BoCe2UQAvD_BwE Matt
  8. I just finished the rebuild of this for our guitarist, it started life as an encore which was signed by everyone in the pub on his birthday, just had a coat of lacquer on the body and a new scratchplate and pickup, volume only as requested.
  9. I bought Nigel's focusrite scarlett, it couldn't have been a better experience, all sorted and delivered in 2 days and the packaging was excellent, Definitely someone you can trust to deal with. Matt
  10. If it really is a silly price (and you can afford it) then why not give 5 strings a go? I am assuming it is secondhand so if you don't get on with it then you shouldn't lose anything when selling it on (or you might find someone that wants to swap a 4 string version for a 5) What bass is it? Some models seem to be more popular in 5 string than 4 (I have seen far more ibanez sr505 than the sr500 but that might just be me) Matt
  11. I had a very similar (although right handed and a 5er) rockbass a while ago, it had the one piece bridge and a regular (non adjustable) nut, I was under the impression that the earlier rockbasses had regular nuts and also lacked the easy access truss rod hatch, I think these features were added on the later ones ro bring them closer to the spec of the German ones. I may be wrong though! Matt
  12. i had forgotten about the numpties! i've encountered them on occasion, i have obviously been on lockdown too long.
  13. Drat! I was really hoping it was short scale! Oh well, I'll have to shelve my jazz/jag/stingray short scale plans for a little while longer. Matt
  14. excellent work! i don't know why more companies don't use these sockets. Matt
  15. I would also like to know this, looks like a short scale to me (in which case I would be interested if 3below doesn't want it) Matt
  16. There are 2 different ways to attach to an angle grinder, one is the plain 22mm bore and the other is a 16mm thread that goes in place of the locking nut, usually used for wire brush attachments, https://www.toolstation.com/abracs-twist-knot-wheel-brush/p67421?store=RP&utm_source=googleshopping&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=googleshoppingfeed&gclid=Cj0KCQjw2PP1BRCiARIsAEqv-pSHXBJ2ZAGmxp7BhVOD6lM8RXk39L_tjJkDi9lCuovJrL8GedqYLEsaAmBCEALw_wcB I'd imagine that the ones you are looking at are the screw on type as I have never seen an angle grinder with a 16mm plain bore. Matt
  17. I had this dilemma when I rewired a les paul guitar, I don't like 2 volumes so went for one vol and one tone, I put a coil tap switch on one hole and a bullet in the other, a Winchester 38 special fitted nicely with a bit of tape on the inside of the cavity to hold it snugly
  18. I played one of these a little while ago in a shop in Newcastle, they are really very nice, I wss very tempted but was in a 5 string phase so passed (I wish I hadn't!)
  19. you might find that the +2 and -2 connections are already connected across to the +1 and -1 connections, it is hard to tell without seeing the underside of the board, they might not be connected to anything at all (just there to help stabilise the connection or because the same board is used in a few different amps Matt
  20. which version of the speakon do you have as there are 2 different ones, i believe that the -H variant should be the right one, unfortunately many of the pictures online show the -V version which sounds like the one you have as a spare -V version and the -H Version Matt Edit - i've just had another look at the Neutrik website and they seem to be using the same photo for both versions of the socket so the legs aren't shown unless you open the Pdf drawings! and every retail website has simply copied the image from the Neutrik website to further confuse the issue.
  21. i've got a similar setup, using a pair of JPW Minims and a class T amp, not the flattest sounding speakers but i am very familiar with them now and most of the time it's just me listening to music rather than mixing, i have a graphic eq that i switch in for listening purposes and a second set of really nasty speakers ( from a £10 5.1 surround set) that i use for double checking the mix similar to the little auratone speakers used in big studios. Matt
  22. The dimensions of the connectors are identical in every respect except for the extra 2 poles on the 4 pole socket so it should fit exactly into the existing space, I would expect that the tolerances will be very good so the fit will be identical. The chassis mount designation is just because it screws onto the chassis as well as mounting to the pcb, if you look at the technical drawing then you will see that it is almost identical to the one you have fitted already, Matt
  23. Neutrik only make 2 versions of the combo socket, both have a 2 pole designation but unlike other 2 pole sockets they are compatible with both 2 and 4 pole plugs (as per the 4 pole sockets) i would expect that the 4 pole socket is used here as it is the most versatile of the SpeakON compatible ones and probably the most common one in use. the connections will be +1, -1, +2, -2 and i would expect that the +2 and -2 connections are either connected directly to the respective 1 connections or just soldered to isolated pads on the PCB, if that it the case then the 2 pole SpeakON socket will be a direct replacement. is there a model number on the socket currently fitted? the solder tab dimensions could be compared to the available combo socket to see if it lines up (the overall housing dimensions will be the same as they are a common size) as a guess it is a NL4MD-H-1 so the +1 and -1 connections are in the same position so it will connect straight in. https://www.neutrik.com/en/product/nlj2md-h did you get a photo of the underside of the PCB? this would tell you what the connections are to the pins. Apologies if you already know most of this, i included it for others who might stumble across this post in the future trying to do something similar. Matt
  24. i probably should have phrased it better, i know they are copies and not legit (they don't look right at even first glance), but that doesn't mean that they are total garbage for a tenner (but they probably are) i'm still tempted to buy one to see how bad (or not) they are, i need a basic preamp for an experiment and these would make an ok preamp donor for a test before i shell out for something quality. if they turn out to be vaguely usable then it would do for a stopgap system whilst a better quality item was sourced. Matt
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