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    Bass designs

    I'm in the singlecut loving camp, my letts is a singlecut and i think when i have the money my next custom will also be a singlecut, in fact a bass in one of the above posts is incredibly close to what i was considering (except i was thinking shortscale 5 string with a single pickup. @MoonBassAlpha posted a link to the ACG recurve classic, i think this is a fantastic shape, i seem to gravitate to upper horns (is that the right word?) that have this shape where they curve back rather than the ones that taper into the neck. this is my Letts.
  2. have you considered getting an un-routed jazz body and then getting one of the incredibly talented people in the build diaries section to put in the control and pickup routs? the people making the standard bodies should be able to supply a blank body by just pulling it out of production at the right time Matt
  3. it sounds like the reach to the low frets is an issue for you as well so i would suggest that a move to short scale would be a good idea, most of the basses that have been suggested are short scale, i would keep an eye on the balance of the basses too as this will have an effect on how they feel, there are also some alternatives to standard straps that can help. (i'm sure someone will be along to suggest the options.) speaking as a man with a bad back the ergonomics of the bass are as important as the weight (but i will admit that most of my favourite basses are lighter ones) Matt
  4. thanks for that @Deedee it seems that the footswitch you have is different to the one that was posted in the first post, this seems to just be switches with what looks like capacitors across the terminals and no LED's, so the one that @fleabag has ordered should work fine. i have made a search for other pictures or schematics and it just drew a blank. Matt
  5. yes, i admit that with momentary switches the LED's are much harder to implement but as this is an older design there is a chance that it would be possible to reverse engineer and retro fit to the new switch. any chance of some pictures of the circuits inside? i will admit that i've never had one of these in my hands. but i have reverse engineered a footswitch once for a friends amp by borrowing the OEM one and tracing the internals. (it was pretty simple though)
  6. @Deedee do you have access to a multimeter? that should allow you to test if the original one is momentary or latching, (and what the connections should be at the plug), this would confirm which switch is the right one for @fleabag. it looks like the original one has LED's to show status as well, it might not bother fleabag but it might be possible to modify one of the tiny options to give him LED's as well (and publishing the definitive answer on here will help the next poor soul that's looking for a smaller option for a footswitch) Matt
  7. this looks like it will be another superb bass, one day i'll get round to enquiring about one for myself! Matt
  8. as this is a budget amp i'd be surprised if the standard speaker was anything other than something fairly generic, and the enclosure is really quite small even for the 6.5" driver, i'd be more tempted to sell the amp and pick up something that was designed for bass. they do actually make a bass version that is the same size though, it would be interesting to know if they have different speakers. Matt
  9. I would carefully check any house insurance policy, we had ours cancelled when I enquired about instruments at gigs, they classed any paid gig as a second job and this was excluded on the policy so they gave us a week and cancelled it, luckily it was through a broker and they found us a good deal so we weren't left uncovered. I have my gigging gear on a separate policy with Allianz, the rest of my kit is covered on the house insurance with a few of the instruments specifically named due to their value, these are covered as long as I'm not being paid which is fine as they are usually only used at church. Matt
  10. can you get any of the pieces of teak measured and weighed? that would give you a density figure, then a bit of sketching and measuring and you could work out an approximate weight for the body, the values only need to be rough in order to give you a good idea of the final weight. Matt
  11. This, he has set up quite a few of my basses, always a great service and very reasonably priced
  12. i have had a search on google and have not managed to find another 5 string bridge of this design, i was wondering if it was made especially for this bass, I found a mention of aria in this interview but no other images other than the ones from this ebay auction, i'm guessing this was a one-off maybe as a prototype? http://www.garycooper.biz/articles/interviews0702.html i've not had any reply from the seller so at the moment i'm not prepared to make a bid on it (no one else has bid yet either) Matt
  13. I didn't know these existed! looks like a nice through neck bass that will be very well made if it's come out of the Overwater factory. I don't need this but the want is strong (even though i don't generally like Active basses and i'm playing short scale a lot of the time now) I have asked about the string spacing and the weight, i'm just hoping they come back and say it's a boat anchor with super narrow spacing so i can pass by. Link to eBay
  14. ooh now that is interesting! any idea on prices? there's nothing on their website. 8.9kg and only 30cm wide! Matt
  15. the narrowest 100w all valve head i have found is the Handbox WB-100 at 460mm, so still a bit wider than i'd like (the cabs are 380mm wide) and i think there are only aboyt 3 or 4 in the country. most valve heads seem to be about 600mm wide and around the 1100 to 1200 quid mark new, this is about what Martin was quoting me for the baby YI-200. a different cab is one option but i really do love my barefaced midgets and space is at a premium so any new cabs would have to oust them which i would rather not do. If ampeg had made a 100w version of the portaflex valve heads i would have bought one like a shot, they fit perfectly onto the cabs and having briefly used a PF-20T i'm fairly sure the sound would have been excellent, unfortunately i don't think the 50w version would have enough to keep up with our guitarist and our PA is pretty much vocal only. At the moment i have no gigs on the horizon and the house needs a whole new roof so it's all just wishful thinking. Matt
  16. my main reason for talking to Martin was that i was looking for something that was about the same width as my Barefaced Midget cabs (15" or so) i have yet to find a valve amp above 50w that narrow, i have an aversion to amp heads that overhang the cabs (although i have an amp incoming that breaks that rule but as i am being given it rather than buying it is a little more complicated) the second reason was that i had heard so many good things about the Stoneham amps that i really fancied one myself but 200w valve amps are very much overkill for the small pubs i tend to play. If anyone can point me at a 100W valve amp at around 15" wide i would be very happy to consider one. Matt
  17. It is possible to find out how much they paid for it, the sticker will have a 4 or 5 letter code on it somewhere, it will be 2 or 3 letters then a dot and 2 more letters, the last two letters will probably be HH, Cash converters use what is usually referred to as the Blacksmith code, to mark the price paid on each item. B=1 L=2 A=3 and so on, so the HH is 0 pence. i find this useful when i find something in the shop that i don't want to pay full price for, knowing how much they paid is a great starting point for haggling. Matt
  18. the website is working fine for me from a computer that has never seen the website before, the order confirmation section of the FAQ states " You will not receive any further communication from [sfx] until your product is ready. if they are busy (and i think it's a one man operation) then it might be a few days before they get your order built and ready. I have one of their pedals on my board (a prototype/custom Red dragon booster) thy are really great products, i would be tempted to wait a few more days if possible. Matt
  19. I believe that all of the various cd-63 versions all used the same laser unit, the original Philips one is not available any more but there is a good alternative, there is a guide to swapping it here. https://www.hifigear.co.uk/blog/marantz-cd63se-laser-transport-mechanism-replacement/ Matt
  20. no problem, please report back when you get a chance to test one, i think at last count i had 11 Hiscox cases of various sizes so I might be in the market for one at some point (provided i ever get back to gigging!) Matt
  21. i have considered this before as I use Hiscox cases for all my instruments. I found this but never got round to buying one as i mainly use my car for transporting and the the trips using public transport where it would have been useful never happened. This thing not sure how the fit would be on a Hiscox but i guess you could send it back if it's not suitable. there are some other options as well from Gewa and ortega. Gewa Ortega Matt
  22. I bought a pair of gen 2 barefaced midgets just before the gen 3 cabs were released, I haven't looked at another cab since they arrived (except I did test out a compact before ordering the midgets and If I had the space I would definitely add one to my collection) Matt
  23. Indeed, the original thread is here (although some of the images have gone) Martin did sign up as a member on here to get some input but i don't think he's been back since then. I did ask about a 100W 15" wide version to go with my Barefaced midget stack and Martin implied that it should be possible and around the £1K mark which I think is reasonable but unfortunately not within my budget right now. Matt
  24. unfortunately it can be quite difficult to identify roundwounds without silks, i'm fairly confident that they aren't D'addario, fender or rotosound as all 3 companies now have coloured ball-ends, your best hope is that the seller can enlighten you, failing that there are a few lists of what colour the silks are for most strings so you could make a list of all the non-silked strings and maybe narrow it down to a short list. in terms of gauge 45-65-85-105 is a very popular set, most manufacturers offer it so this might not be much use in narrowing down the search. if you can describe the feel and tone then that might help narrow it down a bit. Matt
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