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  1. Have you ever had any luck controlling the n series pedals? I'm having a go at modifying an old wah pedal to work with my G3n as an expression pedal, and would like the toe switch to be able to toggle the pedal effect on and off. So far I've got an Arduino able to make patch changes to either my B3 or my MS-60B using a USB host shield and code based on https://github.com/vegos/ZoomG3_ArduinoMIDI .... but the G3n doesn't seem to respond to the same Program Change message. I guess my next step is to try and work out how to use a USB sniffer and see what GuitarLab is sending to the pedal....
  2. stoo

    Mini Helix - HX Stomp...

    I definitely don't need one of these. i've got a Zoom B3 and a G3n which cover all my tone shaping needs and more... and while a one-box solution would be slightly more convenient, I don't gig on guitar and rarely need or use anything more than a tuner for the gigs I do on bass. So the real question is....... will I be able to hold out until the price drops a bit before splashing out on one?
  3. Sounds ideal! Well I wasn't planning on standing right in front of em when they're cranked right up....... well, not for long anyway 😛
  4. It's more the PA side of things that I was thinking of - for bass in mono even the XLS1002 looks like plenty as it'll bridge to 1100W @ 4 ohm if I'm running both cabs, or 700W @ 8 ohm if just one. It's not even that I really need a new amp - our drummer has a small PA which is up to most of the gigs we do where PA isn't provided by the venue.... but it's always irked me that I've got these whopping PA cabs that end up sat at the back of the stage just ticking over most of the time. It'd be nice to be able to use his PA just for monitors, and stick the Barefaceds out front. Also, the inner child in me just wants to find out what they'd be capable of given a big enough amp
  5. stoo

    Standing a cab on top of a flight case

    Fair enough - happy days!
  6. stoo

    Standing a cab on top of a flight case

    Not sure if I've read this wrong, but it looks to me like the OP was asking about putting the cab on the floor as normal, then putting the flightcase for the head on the cab, and then the head on top of the flightcase..... and then folks are answering as if he was talking about getting a flightcase for the cab, putting that on the floor, and then the cab on the flightcase.....?
  7. Hi all, I've got a pair of Barefaced Big Baby 2s which I normally power with a GK MB500... sometimes on its own, sometimes with a Zoom B3 straight into the FX return. No problems with volume, although on the odd occasion I've only taken one cab, I have sometimes had to push the GK preamp into dirtier territory than I'd prefer. When I ordered the cabs, I got them with pole mount top hats, so I could potentially use them as a PA pair, but I never got round to getting a suitable power amp to drive them. I'm just trying to work out what I'd need to make the most of the cabs.... judging by barefaced's recommended amp power page, something between 600 and 800W seems appropriate. Crown XLS stuff seems to get recommended a lot, so I had a look there, .... the 1002 or 1502 look great for a mono stack, or single cab in bridge mode, but even the 2502 only goes up to 2x440W @ 8ohm and is already up to £485 If I forgo the weight savings of class D and look at the XLi3500, that overhits it on power at 2x1000W @ 8ohm, and is about £630.... but at that sort of price point I'd be tempted to just trade my BB2s in for FR800s or some RCF ART 712s or something similar. Behringer NX6000 looks promising, claiming 2x 1600W into 8 ohm for less than £300, but presumably that's some sort of peak marketing watts rather than continuous rms honest watts? I've read various reports suggesting divide those figures by anywhere up to 4 to get a realistic number, so we're back down to 400w a side... Is there something i'm missing here? At the moment it looks like the most cost effective option is getting a pair of XLS1002s and running both of them bridged, one per cab.... but that just seems like a mad way of doing it. Is there something else that might fit the bill better? Cheers, Stu
  8. stoo

    Music Man sub U.S.A. burgundy!! PRICEDROP £375,-

    I did the exact same thing.... I ended up routing mine out for a battery box and dropped in a John East preamp. It was a really easy job to do, and now I've got the bonus of having the 2EQ sound but with an extra sweepable mid control. Could be worth a thought if you've got access to a router...
  9. Me too! Although mine was bought at a car boot sale in the 90s...
  10. stoo

    Lets talk about Musicman

    That white fretless SUB looks good! 😉 It needed some more Stingray shaped company though, so it now takes the place of the black Sterling SUB in this photo, which has got handed down to the other half's kid. The P bass in the back has long gone, and the only reason the Jazz hasn't been sold is that I keep forgetting it exists.... must dig it out at some point! I occasionally have some half-hearted GAS for a 5 string or a Bongo - or maybe even a 5 string Bongo - but it never gets to the point I feel the need to get the wallet out...
  11. stoo

    Flip - it's done!

    I take it the holes that are oversized are the ones in the neck? Would it not be worth getting some dowels glued in the holes and then redrilling at the right size? It's easy to sort now, but it'd be a nightmare if it all let go once it was up to tension....
  12. stoo

    Finished! A Bridge Too Far?

    [quote name='BigRedX' timestamp='1495733472' post='3306251'] If all the coils are different impedances in order to balance the string volume will it be completely humbucking? [/quote] If the difference between the impedance of each adjacent coil is the same across all of them, wouldn't you still get full humbucking if the centre two were polarised one way and the outer two polarised the other?
  13. stoo

    Stingray questions

    [quote name='lojo' timestamp='1492017743' post='3277261'] Anyone ever had a stingray go silent at a gig ? [/quote] Just once.... but that had more to do with me being trusting enough to leave it on stage between sound check and when we were due to go on. While we'd gone to go grab some food, some cheeky twunt had swiped the battery out of my bass!Valuable lesson learned!
  14. stoo


    This happens for me too..... doesn't seem to be every time I'm on BC, but it does only seem to be BC that triggers it.
  15. I've got one that looks very similar to that... Mine's branded Zenta though. Same rubbish bridge too The pickup in mine was shot when i got it (sometime in the early 90s) and got replaced with a super cheap guitar pickup with no exposed pole pieces. The rest of the loom got replaced sometime later based off a 60s EB circuit i found somewhere on t'internet. Sounded ok to my ears at the time - at least for as long as it held my interest... Which admittedly wasn't very long. Think it's still in the shed somewhere!