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  1. Sure - although it looks like it's all still available at https://github.com/stoonoon/hxsMidiSwitcher .... Is that link not working for you?
  2. Are you sure you lost your old presets? The update process prompts you to take a backup before it proceeds with the update... If you just clicked through the menus without reading them, you might find you've got a backup ready to reimport all or part of....
  3. 16 (I think) new effects, and Favorites/User Model Defaults. Looks like that might be it for HXFX this time.... https://line6.com/support/page/kb/effects-controllers/helix/helix-30-release-notes-r934/
  4. One other issue I had - not sure if it's a side effect of the order I installed things in or whether I was just lucky - was that restoring Favorites didn't work for me... I could save a block's settings into the favorites list, but whenever I tried to create a new block using those favorites settings, it would fail with an error - "Failed to load favorite - Operation failed due to DSP overload. Code -8611" I'm pretty sure it wasn't a genuine DSP overload issue as it was happening even with an empty preset. I ended up doing a factory reset and restoring my presets/IRs/config backup from before the 3.00 update and it all works fine now. Might be worth a test on yours just in case it's a problem caused by updating the hardware to 3.00 from an older version of HX Edit ...
  5. I don't have a Mac to test them on, but I've just downloaded the 2.92 and 3.00 versions of HX Edit for Mac to see if they'd unwittingly uploaded the same file twice.... HX Edit 2.92.dmg is showing up as 35,011KB on my PC and HXEdit3.00.dmg is showing as 26,651KB... so there goes that theory. Is it possible that you've got both versions installed at once, and whatever shortcut you're launching HX Edit from is still pointing to the old one? Did you manually remove HX Edit 2.92 before installing 3.00? Might be worth a try?
  6. Have you managed to get your Stomp updated? On the PC version, I was able to update my Stomp from 2.92 to 3.00 using the "Check for updates" button at the bottom of the HX Edit window.... which confused the carp out of me for a while as I had (wrongly!) assumed it would also update HX Edit at the same time. Obviously you'd need to get HX Edit updated to 3.00 as well for it to be able to control the new features and effects, but at least you'd be able to test them out directly on the Stomp while you're waiting for L6 support to resolve your issue with the HX Edit upgrade....
  7. Preset up/down might be a tricky one as the MIDI implementation only has preset recall by explicit preset number. On the Stomp there's 2 ways around it (1: dedicating FS4 + FS5 to preset down/up, and then using the MIDI commands for those, or 2: send a sequence of MIDI commands to change the stomp screen to the preset list, then send FS1 or FS2 to change preset, then another command to change back to the normal stompbox view) but I don't think either of those would work on the HXFX. You could do it via MIDI if you have a MIDI controller that can keep track of the currently selected preset and adjusts which messages it sends accordingly, but I would think you'd probably need to build your own controller to achieve that (not as hard as it sounds as long as you're OK with a bit of soldering) Maybe there's some scope for doing something via Command Center with a regular footswitch connected to the expression pedal inputs on the HXFX..... if you can send a PC message whenever the expression pedal value goes over any non-zero value, it should detect a footswitch press. Probably a bit of a long shot, mind.... and unfortunately I've not got an HXFX to test with.
  8. In case you missed my previous reply to Dave: MIDI PC and MIDI CC are not the same thing. Even if you have a MIDI controller which can send MIDI CC, then status indication on the controller is not really viable because there's no way for the Stomp to feedback the current state of the FS toggles to the MIDI controller. If : - you're willing to build and program your own MIDI controller from scratch - you're prepared to assume that every Stomp preset is saved with all the of the FS in an "off" state (or program the intial FS states for every Stomp preset into your custom MIDI controller) - you're willing to accept that if you press the FS on the Stomp itself then the status light on the MIDI controller will be incorrect until you next change presets then you could potentially make it work...... but realistically.... it's a no.
  9. Command Center seems to be more about controlling other devices from switches/pedals on a Helix device than the other way around - maybe they'll add more to it by the time it hits Stomp, but I wouldn't pin your hopes on that too hard.
  10. It's designed to be connected to a computer, rather than to another USB MIDI device. You could connect both to a PC, and then use the PC to relay messages from the controller across to the Stomp..... but I can't think of a good reason why you'd want to.... it still wouldn't solve the status indication on the controller situation, and massively overcomplicates the setup...
  11. I think you may have misunderstood the Mongoose's capabilities.... It basically ONLY* does preset changes (ie MIDI PC messages), and the LED and LCD on it are only there to remind you which preset you selected last. To switch individual effects on the Stomp, or change snapshots, or.... well, anything that's not a preset change - you need to be able to send MIDI Control Change messages, and that's not what the Mongoose is designed to do. * apart from the expression pedal input part, but that's not really relevant to what you're asking about.
  12. If you need the pedal to display footswitch status, things get tricky as the Stomp doesn't output any status information over MIDI other than current preset number. You can program some controllers to alternately display an on/off indication each time you hit the switch on the controller, but as there is no feedback from the Stomp, there's no guarantee the Stomp and controller will be in sync. If you only use preset changes and snapshots then you can make that work OK with a remote display, but not (AFAIK) for FS1-5 in "stomp-to-toggle" mode. I made a custom 4x2 controller with a touchscreen on it with hopes of being able to do the same - leave the Stomp on the amp out of the way of punters and booze, and just have the controller up front..... never did find a good way of displaying enough info on the controller screen to make it viable. One day I might try and reverse engineer the comms between stomp and HX edit on a PC and see if I can't make it work that way.... probably not anytime soon though
  13. If you don't have, or can't be bothered to fire up, native then this web based helix preset viewer can sometimes do the trick... https://dbagchee.github.io/helix-preset-viewer/
  14. Eric Klein has confirmed that Stomp will be getting Command Centre with 3.0 (sorry don't have a time stamp, but it's in the last part of his interview - maybe 10 minutes or so before he signs off)
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