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  1. To clarify - Do you definitely wish to go fretless or is it (as I read it) just a 'side thought' ?
  2. The pickups are (Alan) Entwistle. Not Entwhistle. I'm not trying to be pedantic but it reminds me that there was an 'amusing' debate on TalkBass about whether (John) Entwhistle had really in some way 'authorised' these pickups. I think someone put them right in the end but...you know...Americans 🙃
  3. No. Copper is non ferrous ie not ferric. Metals with Ferric properties contain Iron (Fe in periodic table) so basically irons and steels. Aluminium is also non ferrous.
  4. Sounds like that cable may not be proper "High Impedance Instrument Cable". It should have a semiconducting layer between the core and the screen to attenuate noise due to cable movement.
  5. Beyond contamination of the windings a metal string is liable to loss of tension over time.
  6. It sounds like it's survived. wooden floors are generally fairly 'bouncy' in contrast to concrete etc.
  7. Yes - it's misleading. 'Isolated' has a specific and generally accepted meaning wrt electronics and power sources. They should be described as having individual short circuit protection.
  8. Or you could use foam instead. Might be easier to handle ?
  9. Both 'TR' and 'Q' have been commonly used for transistor component references. Similarly an integrated circuit may commonly be 'U' or 'IC' etc...
  10. Just to mention that I bought one of these and when I looked at Studiospares yesterday there was just one left in stock. Only used with bass and on phantom power as of yet. Does what it says - haven't investigated noise levels etc. Treble control doesn't really touch the bass guitar range for me (maybe if I had played with newer strings) but it seems all good.
  11. Well it's the same as the cable but hardwired to make the same connections.
  12. Sounds about right to me. 'Ski Jump' condition near where neck meets body ?
  13. Oil won't help if there's excessive track wear and after several decades there likely is. Normally I'd suggest using a Daily DeOxit product. But in this case I'd say simply replace it with a new pot'.
  14. The difference between 1uF and 100pF is...x10000...ie 4 decades so something is 'out' there. Not going to do the maths now but 100pF would be typical in that position - op amp stability and hf bandwidth limiting. Are you certain about the Silk Screen reference to component matching - it can sometimes get congested due to physical spacing. imo 'NP' does likely indicate non-polarised. Look at CPC if you want to replace as is. But tbh a 50V rated cap will be okay with any reverse voltage it is likely to see in this application - a few volts ?
  15. Anyone know the input Impedance on this unit. The Studiospares 'Spec' is minimal...
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