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  1. Reflow/Resolder joints. Clean all connections - I recommend DeOxit followed by IPA (not the beer !) Squeeze any PP3 clip - to ensure a tight fit.
  2. No. The string tension required for a given frequency is proportional to the mass of the string. The mass of strings with the same gauge may differ (albeit slightly) due to different string construction - core size / wraps / material etc. So actual Tensions can be different as well as compliance.
  3. re " I have tried shimming the neck but this resulted in a terrible clank from the strings which was worse. " Something wrong here. What was clanking ie what was the string hitting or interfering with ?
  4. I'm just giving this thread a thumbs up for the title wordplay...and for being from the Brighton ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. I have a "P" version of these. Not yet fitted to a bass. But they are intended for a Westone Thunder bass, They are too big for the cutout but resolved by removing the Entwistle covers and replacing with the covers from original covers all is good mechanically in that respect. Depth remains an issue - that's why not yet fitted.
  6. Good idea. Can you post on this thread when that's available on the site so we don't forget and miss it.
  7. Basically yes. Same sort of thing as when you can get better radio reception by putting your hand near the aerial.
  8. The noise going away indicates that the bass itself IS 'grounded'. But the screening of control cavities etc may not be good enough. A pedal with gain may amplify (literally) the problem. Another possibility is a break in the cable screens or power grounds. It will still 'work' but is likely to be more susceptible to induced noise.
  9. Top advice in general. But not the issue here where touching the strings / metalwork makes the noise go away.
  10. Good point on the vocal mic, although I'd have to say that it should be possible to minimise that with mic selection and technique. Yes - I understand that a lot of noise and stuff 'disappears' in the mix as it is masked from being clearly heard. I've heard a lot of solo'd* bass tracks including DI tracks. The amount of 'noise' varies a lot. But I'm really talking about generating what imo is an excessive amount of it from the off due to unrealistically low action and technique. * apologies for the apostrophe here but I don't know how to "spell" this or a better term ?
  11. Yeah - but they really suit Garage music ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  12. I prefer a house myself ๐Ÿ™‚ Sorry !
  13. rmorris

    DIY Effects

    Are they 'white' when illuminated rather than just when off ?
  14. Try Half Round / Groundwound / Pressure wound types. Smoother feel but brighter than flats.
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