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  1. rmorris

    PJ Pickup Weirdness?

    Sounds about right. A high output but Hi-Z pickup is only "High Output" when it isn't loaded down by a low impedance.
  2. rmorris

    Nuts & washers for small pots.

    Do you know the thread sizes ? Potentiometer Nuts are often thinner than normal nuts and with a 0.75mm pitch unlike most 'standard' threads.
  3. rmorris

    Noisy Trace fan replacement

    To make a proper comparison you need to compare the Air Volume figures. If you can see the make / model on the Trace fan then you may be able to look it up. If not I'd say it's likely to be fine.
  4. Do you mean they are 'Flat' wrt the Fretboard because they have lifted at the fretboard edges ?
  5. rmorris

    Wich PSU should i choose?

    If I had to guess I'd say that neither of those are "Galvanically Isolated" (well maybe one of the outputs on the second one but not all). For minimum power / ground noise and ground loop susceptibility you need separate grounds. Lots of supplies that state "isolated" just really mean that the outputs are separately regulated / protected - eg you could shortt one out and it wouldn't damage the other outputs - but they are on the same ground. But you can probably get an answer direct from Thomman. They were helpful when I enquired whether this was the case with the PowerPlant Junior vs Powerplant. The 'Junior' is, as stated "Galvanically Isolated" (also means can 'stack voltages to give 18V using two outputs) whilst the Powerplant is not. Sounds wrong I know. They were able to confirm this prior to purchase. I do realise the Junior is likely too small too meet all your requirents in one unit.
  6. What make and model is the guitar in question ? The OP said not a big name but any more detail ?
  7. When did the sale take place ?
  8. rmorris

    Dead new string

    Last time I had something like this it was a loose winding.
  9. rmorris

    Carlsbro Hornet 45 Amp repair

    Can you get the electronic board(s) out to work with them ? If so then examine wiring connections visually and resolder / reflow any solder joints that don't look right. If in doubt get the iron on there. Consider replacing any electrolytic capacitors. Pot related noise could be the pot itself - mechanical due to wear / corrosion - or could be due to failing DC blocking capacitors.
  10. rmorris

    Is this normal? Sandberg Zero-Fret Content

    Just Google it...
  11. rmorris

    DIY Effects

    +1 and add CPC - same company as Farnell but prices sometimes cheaper and free delivery over £5 if willing to wait 3/5 days. Albeit Product info' / datasheets etc sometimes a bit minimal . Check their Bargains / Clearances too. Bitsbox handy . Switch Electronics (from memory) For larger orders Digikey ( and maybe Mouser) can be better - good UK delivery times. I was checking some Neutrik connectors prices out at work the other week and the difference was BIG.
  12. The OP said every half second not every half minute But yes - I'll guess it's a watch or clock somewhere in the vicinity. I've posted this before but I had a similar thing on a strat type guitar (fwiw an Ibanez). Took me a while before I noticed tick was sync'd with the second hand of my watch ! In different circumstances have aso heard similar caused by a DVD player on standy in a different room on a different floor of a largeish house. It's easy too forget about rooms above and below but floors are generally not good shields :-) Worth noting esp if you have old style dimmer controlled lighting in the room below.
  13. rmorris


    What width of strip do you need and what type and grade of abrasive (I'm taking 'sandpaper' as a catch all) ?
  14. rmorris

    Self adhesive copper tape vs Alu tape??

    Technically they should both work well. Copper would be a bit better than Aluminium but it's unlikely you'll actually experience a difference. If you have Aluminium tape I'd say go with that - but as has already been said - the adhesive needs to be conductive. On Copper tape it often is as it's intended use is probably shielding but for Aluminium it might not be if the intended use is non-electrical (although I'd guess ducting systems get connnected to 'Earth' for electrical safety standards )
  15. rmorris

    Self adhesive copper tape vs Alu tape??

    Yes but Aluminium isn't as easy to solder. You'll probably need to use 'special' aluminium solder and possibly more heat to be succesful. eg Aluminium Solder CPC Also note that aluminium develops a non conducting oxide layer on it so you should key that off to provide a good base for the solder seam. With either copper or Aluminium you need a good deal of heat as the metal tape will act as a heatsink - like soldering to a potentiometer case.