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  1. That's a Dremel burn, I'd wager.
  2. Here we go again. I like that MDP tinkers electrically: the bridge and nut hack-jobs, not so. If he's game enough to post videos on YT, he's no different than the millions of YT accounts that post vids and either get an approval or get ripped. If Mods/Admins disallow MDP's vids, disallow all YT vids. I'm not really bothered about his Arthur Daley-style Ebay descriptions. What does bother me is his attempts at renaming guitars PCGC; of saying he created a coil-split circuit; of his history of portraying himself as a guitar builder. For those, he deserves to be called out on.
  3. Where is Langley? Is this a cover or did MDP write this? Any ideas?
  4. Was there something in there about '...a pizza base tonight..'? Around 0:46.
  5. I remember Karel Gott! Long story. Njoy that bass.
  6. Ouch. My back's hurting already.....
  7. Indeed. What he's done is a coil split, not a coil tap. Yes, he should maybe be applauded for being a 'tinkerer' '- I'm sure many of us on here are, and more - but throwing in snake-oil blurb about designing that circuit is like saying you've invented the wheel. If he stuck to the modding/tinkering, fair enough, but this increasing habit of scrawling on instruments with Biro and acrylic paint pens leaves himself open to some well-deserved criticism.
  8. Rather disappointed in that offering. Nowhere near as entertaining as the one with the buzzing P-bass and the drum accompaniment.
  9. I'm back that way tomorrow so will hopefully have time for a quick shuftie.
  10. So, when you look down at the control plate, you'd see 'qh' and 's'. What's 'qh'? 'Quick Humbucker'??
  11. '...I designed the circuit myself,...' 🤘
  12. Duncanson & Edwards have a Turqouise one. They want close to £3k. Sorry, didn't have moby with me to take pix.
  13. 1960 stackpot Jazz. By the time I'd raised the cash, inside two weeks, it was gone.
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