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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. yeh, I remember this. Very interesting.
  3. The one I passed on was The Ned Callan Cody, with the knobbly ends.
  4. A Shaftesbury Ned Callan popped in a shop back in the '90s. It had a dud front pup and, like an eejit, I passed on it.
  5. Can I see a side-shot of the rosewood 'board over the length of the neck, please?
  6. You sure that's '82? I didn't think the fotoflame became available until well into the 1990s.
  7. Yeh, they've all gone to Japan!
  8. What a small world. That was my Number 3, after a WEM Dominator. I had the 2 x 15" cab to go with it.
  9. Pants. It was really a guitar amp. It had an 8" speaker in the top section and an 8" or 10" elliptical in the bottom. I blew both within three months. The old boy bought it for me as a Chrissy present. He wasn't to know there were bass and guitar amps.
  10. Went a-hunting ....and found this, my first amp!! (sorry for the thread de-rail!) Dallas Arbiter Slider
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