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  1. Absolutely no need for throwing a reference to the holocaust into my thread.
  2. Interesting thing is, there's always fakers popping up on Reverb - in fact there's two up there now! - and they remain for some time. I think I shot myself in the foot my mentioning 'Ricky' in the description and a lone 'Waffen drone saw the chance to crow loudly to the Apoplectic One and it was taken down. Not even six hours....🥺
  3. On Reverb, too! Floated a 'faker yesterday and it didn't last six hours before it was pulled. I didn't even name it in the title as a Rick copy but, upon checking, I foolishly stuck that in in the description. John Hall's arselickers never sleep, it would seem. 🤬
  4. I know! I spotted a Lowden acoustic on ebay today, described as having 'light wear' but was pitted with dents.
  5. Spotted this earlier on today. Very much like the ESP Horizon P from the same era. Nice price, too, but shame about that hole on the headstock. Blade P-Bass
  6. Really? You think the final price on that auction was way over an above for what you'd pay for it? Why?
  7. Yes! And some prominent, white false teeth and you're MK's doppelganger!
  8. Mate, that's awesome! And sounds great with the female vox. I was a L42 nut back in the early '80s (lost them on World Machine) and the only thing that grated on me was Mike Lindup's voice. The female voice works much, much better. Get out there and play!
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