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  1. I have one. Play it in DADDADG. Where they went wrong is the raised fretless 'board. Other than that, I love it
  2. Never saw flamed maple on Jap guitars from that era, not that I can recall. But that is lovely. Apart from the body shape.
  3. I use one over the saddles between the cover on my '51 bitsa.
  4. Fancied her back then; still fancy her. Like mad!
  5. What's with the holes on the back?
  6. stinky poo! I never knew they one like that!
  7. Raising a glass to you! (sun's past the yard-arm!)
  8. ...and the cert says '64. I'd like it, all the same. Love the checking on it.
  9. I remember selling a Trace rig back around 1990 and the guy that turned up to try it brought his own Jazz - a cream JV Jazz. I still remember it to this day because it was nothing like what Fender had out at the time.
  10. Interesting. I always assumed he played 'Start' on his EB2.
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