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  1. What's with the holes on the back?
  2. stinky poo! I never knew they one like that!
  3. Raising a glass to you! (sun's past the yard-arm!)
  4. ...and the cert says '64. I'd like it, all the same. Love the checking on it.
  5. I remember selling a Trace rig back around 1990 and the guy that turned up to try it brought his own Jazz - a cream JV Jazz. I still remember it to this day because it was nothing like what Fender had out at the time.
  6. Interesting. I always assumed he played 'Start' on his EB2.
  7. The one with the graphic - the II? - is the one I'd have.
  8. He still owes £400 to two guys for a gig they did for him back in March! Shameful!
  9. I have seen that happen with a claim my MIL put in against a company for negligence. It was eventually settled OOC, but as soon as the lawyer was instructed the fees started to rocket. And that's before the Barrister was engaged! Repeated threats .....yes, harassment. I sorted several banks out with LBA letters during the financial crash. Definitely something to bear in mind. Mick, if you're reading this: wind your neck in! You're on a hiding to nothing!
  10. Nice bass. I had two Nash Js in the past and loved them!
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