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  1. Same here. Still is a massive influence. God knows why Glover fkd with that Rick, though,.
  2. I've always wanted a Jolana Galaxis Basso IX
  3. 1984 transitional model. Has the plug-in leg-rest hole (rest missing from bass when I purchased it), SS pickups but the XL string-retainer and bridge. Has VVT circuit. A very rare bass, indeed. No issues whatsoever. Comes with tatty, black oblong case. No swaps or trades, please. Would prefer local pickup.
  4. Love the scalloped edges. This boy will go far.
  5. Loved his posing and his playing. RIP, Steve.
  6. Seriously?? Is that what word was?? Man alive, I can die happy now!
  7. Had two, both early '90s; a fretted and a fretless. Should never have sold them.
  8. For a furniture designer, that wasn't a bad attempt at headless with graphite.
  9. I have a scan of the original interview in which this bass is featured. That price, though.....Brrr!! Steinberger prototype
  10. Absolutely no need for throwing a reference to the holocaust into my thread.
  11. Interesting thing is, there's always fakers popping up on Reverb - in fact there's two up there now! - and they remain for some time. I think I shot myself in the foot my mentioning 'Ricky' in the description and a lone 'Waffen drone saw the chance to crow loudly to the Apoplectic One and it was taken down. Not even six hours....🥺
  12. On Reverb, too! Floated a 'faker yesterday and it didn't last six hours before it was pulled. I didn't even name it in the title as a Rick copy but, upon checking, I foolishly stuck that in in the description. John Hall's arselickers never sleep, it would seem. 🤬
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