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  1. Back around '80-'82 I ran a 330 head into an HH 2 x 15" cab.
  2. Could be a 'cap' if no skunk-stripe. But what's that white stuff at the start of the neck itself??
  3. Rubber gloves? What are you afraid of? Appearance and aesthetics aside, the above Jazz is a testament to Mark's skill in the relicing process. And that's something I admire: his skill.
  4. A lint brush for Hipster Beards?
  5. Bet they do! I recall learning Upright at school. When I started the class (it was an offshoot of the main music class) there was only one bass there, a new-ish one. It had a hard, aggressive tone and two other students said 'wait until the old one comes back from repair.' When it did, I fell in love with it. Not just for the tone but for the way it looked.
  6. I first saw one of these with an AH250 behind Mark King on the OGWT. I craved one of them but was ever so grateful when they brought out separate 4 x 10 cabs.
  7. This is something I really like that Limelight did.......
  8. Limelight does some ace relicing, from what I've seen.
  9. Take your time, mate. If you can feel and move your fingers, you're halfway there.
  10. He will get back to you. In my case, when the bass I was interested in had 'just gone out the door!'.
  11. What, can I ask, did the Consultant say about the loss of use in the arm? Is this not just a complication from the surgery that will mitigate with time and physio?
  12. Bloody hell, mate. Do NOT give up on ever using that hand again. Nerves have a way of reconnecting, don't they? As long as not been severed? I got floored on 2nd January with a MASSIVE pulmonary embolism that nearly killed me. I've made a complete recovery but I never, ever take anything for granted now. Keep the faith, CyberBass. Let your body heal, mate.
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