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  1. Who he? The Alex mentioned above or.....?
  2. He's the first FOH ligger I've seen, if that's the case.
  3. It does look like him but I never would have thought he be out in front like that.
  4. I'd expect it to be a bit stronger but this bass has graphite rods in it for added stability.
  5. 'Michael Bump-designed V mod pickups'. Who he and what are they? A special blend of alnico. Special blend of snake oil!
  6. I think as long as both exporter and importer have filled out the declarations, it should be fine. Dunno if all species of 'Rosewood' are covered by CITES. Must go look.....
  7. A new Flea sig? Wow, just seen it. Much prefer the single coils and the stacks.
  8. Someone over on Talkbass bought one. I quite like the look of it.
  9. Yeh, lotsa chat on that when it hit the internet a while back. Don't like it bar the saddles. Small steps for RIC after how long??
  10. Famed for her EB0 but slung a 4001 from time to time. Also found another photo of her using a Burns Flyte.
  11. You don't play for Butterfingers, do you? Serious question.
  12. Gave up RS66 for WR a long time back. Superior string.
  13. Dear Jesus and the little babies! And there am I, scouring Aucfan and TCGakki for goodies and I miss out on Disney-themed Teles!!
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