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  1. Worked for a company that had their Feedback Destroyer. That unit was ok as long as you knew how to use it. Seemed sturdy enough. They also had Behringer DIs which were ok. However....back around that same time I bought their V-Amp Pro. Used it for a week at rehearsals and then on the first gig it started cutting out, only solvable by turning it on and then off again. Ended up just using FOH. That was me done with them.
  2. I heard back then that they blew Sabbaff off the stage.
  3. I saw that. The 'board radius!!
  4. I'd seriously be up for this if I could sell my Jap '52 Tele with Bigsby. Always wanted an NXT.
  5. Ahhh....I've just discovered it's a guitar pickup!! Nope, it's not. Not on this model. Baffled.
  6. I'm currently doing some work on one of these. It's the Vista series. I decided to fit a standard P-bass circuit but I have noticed that there is a considerable loss of volume when the tone is off. Also, there's also still some top end there when tone rolled right off. The original circuit was butchered so unsure what the factory version is. Am I needing a resistor/cap somewhere? My soldering is ok, as are the two caps I used.
  7. I knew they were moving to this model but was surprised to receive an additional email last week that stated my account was now 'suspended' until I signed up for their new model. No thanks. Reverb, Gumtree, DoneDeal, Adverts.ie will do for me. Or FB Marketplace, locally.
  8. I have one. Play it in DADDADG. Where they went wrong is the raised fretless 'board. Other than that, I love it
  9. Never saw flamed maple on Jap guitars from that era, not that I can recall. But that is lovely. Apart from the body shape.
  10. I use one over the saddles between the cover on my '51 bitsa.
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