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  1. When I did play, maybe one small beer to relax, or a shot of a dram. Anything more, sloppy work.
  2. He's starting to churn them out. I'm waiting for the short story depicting what exactly went on on that night in Langney/Langley. It was never ascertained whether he bought a pizza from the pizza place that night. If he did, what toppings did he choose? Probably baloney.
  3. Looks like there are divots out of the 'board behind the nut.
  4. Sad to hear. Didn't he have some kind of argument, a bad one, with Mr Bongioveee himslef?
  5. Interesting read. I also use Upright fingering down the bottom end and switch to one-to-one at 7th position.
  6. It does look vintage radius. The Ibby and the Zon have access; that bass doesn't.
  7. It could have had a new radius carved?
  8. I remember a Dill Katz Jazz with a retro-fitted ebony 'board!
  9. I think these are the budget Bacchus range.
  10. Those late '80s/early '90s ones are, imo, the best of the bunch.
  11. I never saw the point of Mickey Finn. Then or now.
  12. I'm loving the front cover of the latest edition.....
  13. Never seen that finish before. Wal Pro
  14. Anyone got one/tried one? I see it's got a Varitone selector but I'd guess it's not like the '60s EB3s?
  15. I think it is indeed the combo. That must have been a brute to lug up and down stairs.
  16. I get them on Gumtree, too. It's fun to play with them for a while.
  17. Aye, and they have an old, tranny HH 2 x 12" combo for almost £700. There's one for sale up my way for the more realistic £120.
  18. Random search on old Jazzes brought up this. Never heard of this outlet. That name, though, reminds me of an unpleasant bunch from the past.
  19. I remember this name from a round twenty years back. Nice looking Alembic-style bass. Anyone try one?
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