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  1. Raising a glass to you! (sun's past the yard-arm!)
  2. ...and the cert says '64. I'd like it, all the same. Love the checking on it.
  3. I remember selling a Trace rig back around 1990 and the guy that turned up to try it brought his own Jazz - a cream JV Jazz. I still remember it to this day because it was nothing like what Fender had out at the time.
  4. Interesting. I always assumed he played 'Start' on his EB2.
  5. The one with the graphic - the II? - is the one I'd have.
  6. He still owes £400 to two guys for a gig they did for him back in March! Shameful!
  7. I have seen that happen with a claim my MIL put in against a company for negligence. It was eventually settled OOC, but as soon as the lawyer was instructed the fees started to rocket. And that's before the Barrister was engaged! Repeated threats .....yes, harassment. I sorted several banks out with LBA letters during the financial crash. Definitely something to bear in mind. Mick, if you're reading this: wind your neck in! You're on a hiding to nothing!
  8. Nice bass. I had two Nash Js in the past and loved them!
  9. I've had stuff disappear on me then turn up a week later on the tracking as 'held'. Glad it turned up, though. Parcelforce.....simply no! I've had too many problems with them over the years and they are notorious for stonewalling on insurance for musical instruments. Incidentally, I'm not sure the shipping broker pays out on insurance; isn't that handled by the courier you eventually choose? I've had one major purchase and major sale go missing for weeks, but they eventually turned up. And there was another big purchase from Europe that disappeared whilst still in the country of origin. It never turned up inside of one month and the seller wanted me to wait until the insurance claim was settled before refunding me. Had to get evilbay involved on that one. Recently, I sent a bass to Germany, and after a week had passed it was still showing as being in the Edinburgh depot. However, the courier that picked up up had not signed the 'shipper's copy' and the broker initially refused to open a claim as there was no proof that the instrument had been picked up, irrespective of the courier company's tracking showing that it had!
  10. Looking at the components, this thing was made decades ago. The switches and those old ladies' support tights surely lend creedence to that!
  11. NikNik

    Old '60s Maton

    I recognise the fella you're talking about there. I think they made enough money of jewellery pawns that they didn't have to worry too much about the guitar stuff. Probably knew that most guitar guys are 'I'll come back later!' types.
  12. For me, when it comes to TR adjustment, I absolutely detest the open-channel TR groove on cheaper Fender-style guitars/basses but equally I hate having to remove necks. Removing one from a Tele recently resulted in a chip of paint coming away from the pocket side. I can understand Fender wanting to keep the neck-heel adjustment on period-correct guitars but isn't it practical any longer. It would be great if they just leased the Gotoh side-of-neck adjusting design that is used on Warmoth necks.
  13. NikNik

    Old '60s Maton

    On the rare occasions, over the years that I've found something of interest in there, I've never had any luck with offers. They got smart around the mid Noughties and started working off retail prices. That's why you'd sometimes walk in there and see a used Stingray for more than retail shops were asking! There was one particular guy in there for some time who was a tad offhand and snorted and sniffed like an old duffer when I asked if I could bring in my Allen wrenches to see what travel was left on the rods of a '70s Rick they had taken in; he refused. I did have some satisfaction at a later date when I pointed out that another Rick they were selling at £900 was, in fact, a copy. Duncanson & Edwards ceased trading earlier this year, though there is still gear in the windows. I think their inventory has been taken up by another pledge company.
  14. Speaking of farting, that's what I associate this combo with. I remember using one at a rehearsal basement and it was this model, the earlier one, before they went all 'Trace Elliot' in appearance. The band-pass filters did next to nothing but it was loud and farted hard if you dug in when playing.
  15. Good chance that those fibre saddles are replacements as they weren't used on late '60s Telebasses.
  16. After the WEM Dominator, I had the HH 1C100S and their 2 x 15" cab. With the wheels on the side, to turn it into a gear trolley!
  17. Back in the day when ebay allowed messages to be posted, he would go to town on you. But this sale item has seen retrograde 'finishing' quality.
  18. Love the hi-fi knobs. And what's going on with the heel? Interesting TRC. And who needs decals when you have access to a Sharpie?
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