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  1. The blue P bass is just no name bass. I’ve bought it a couple years ago from FB market for 80£. Then I’ve upgraded it with new pickup, did fret work, made a new scratchplate and it’s sounds much better. It has really chunky neck, but comfortable to play. PB50 is pretty good bass for the money, but it’s heeeeeeavy😂. And thanks for your comment.
  2. My collection. Am I having a problem?😂
  3. Job done! Happy with results. It’s quite hard to catch the colour on the camera, it’s changing depends on lighting. All shades of green. Much better in person.
  4. The body. One coat. More will be added.
  5. I’ve put one coat of black water based stain, sanded it back, then alcohol based green stain, 1 coat so far. Same will be done with the body.
  6. Yes, that’s another reason why I’m doing it. I’ve noticed a cracks in the paint.
  7. Really like this bass, really don’t like the colour😁 so it’s time to refinish her.
  8. Hi Paul, I totally understand that and not expecting remove the bass from the market. If you not gonna sell it, I’ll be in touch. But not now I’m afraid. (Already own 14 basses so it’s hard to convince my girlfriend I need another one😁.) cheers
  9. Interested. The thing is....my girlfriend wants to buy my an Ibanez bass for my birthday (25/09). She doesn’t know anything about basses though 😂. If you not gonna sell it till September...she will buy it for 400£. Not joking. If you willing to wait till September I’ll buy it(she will)😉
  10. Final touch...custom logo arrived. Just wanted a similar logo as Rockbass has, but instead of Rockbass is Popbass (my nick name is Pop).
  11. Finally done...small things still needs to be done (nut needs to be lowered etc...) but generally it’s finished 🙂 at some point I’ll refinish her, don’t know if I like colour. But for now I’m quite happy.
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