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  1. Intonation and also probably how hard you are hitting the strings. People often hit the string a lot more gently when tuning than they do when playing.
  2. To be fair to him I think he has found his niche and that's showing off his frankly rediculous chops. The dude is out of this world from a technical stand point, and with how creative he is probably from any musical metric you want to use. Whether that is to your taste is where it is subjective. Also the "lose yourself" video he just dropped today is mind blowing.
  3. Indeed, I think he is my favourite artist, he is definitely my desert island artist as he has such a varied catalogue. Continuum is the high point for sure, but I also love paradise Valley. However I feel the opposite way about Sob Rock, I liked it the first few listens, then I came to the realisation that I think I liked it because he made it, and not on its own merit. Sure its a good album by today's standards, but I found myself thinking that if someone else had written it, i doubt I would have given it a 2nd listen.
  4. I have to say I agree with you on this. The way music is consumed today very few people could actually tell the difference. Que the audiophiles to rip me apart 📻
  5. John Mayer has great taste in bass players. David "DeLa" LaBruyere, Pino & Sean Hurley. There's almost always tasty bass playing on John Mayer albums, not to mention tasty guitar 4playing and great song writing in general. That being said Sob Rock is probably my least favourite Mayer album, it feels like a meme.
  6. Really loving this album just now. It's really bass heavy, some tracks like "leave it alone" the bass is the main accompanying instrument with tastefully chords and to die for p bass tone. Great bass playing by Joey Howard.
  7. This thread has just made me think of the episode of the It crowd when they showed you Richmond's back story and how listening to Cradle of Filth totally changed his life from being a corporate high flyer to a Goth. 😂 I'm afraid I don't have a real life story for this as I'm far too shallow to attach a huge amount of meaning to any particular album. I do go through periods of being obcessed with bands / albums but I wouldn't say they change my life.
  8. Suck on this was Primus's debut and it was a live record. Pretty cool effort I think.
  9. John Mayer - Where the light is Tedeschi Trucks Band - Live from the fox Oakland John Mayer Trio - Try! Snarky Puppy - Live from the Royal Albert Hall Vulfpeck - Madison Square Gardens Janek Gwizdala - Live at the 55 Bar
  10. At that price I would buy it, looks like a lovely bass, and I would imagine you could get most of your money back when selling if it doesn't work out.
  11. Amazon will be the fastest, but I'm always doubtful of the authenticity of the strings. Strings direct is another option for you.
  12. I remember TM Stevens being on the cover of the first bass guitar magazine I ever got. I was 16 and thought that his Cort was super cool. I also remember learning New Born by Muse from that same magazine.
  13. Her album Petals for Armor is full of incredible bass playing. I hadn't really heard of her or paramore before, but with all the chat going around the interweb about the royalties & song writing credits etc I heard the name, and have to admit I really like her solo stuff, and I'm enjoying paramore too.
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