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  1. Bargain price for a great bass! GLWTS
  2. I am happy to watch 5 seconds of an ad so that the content creator makes some money, most channels I watch regularly have less than 1M followers, I look at it the same way as buying EPs etc.
  3. I look the opening music for Bosch. The synth and drums are awesome. https://youtu.be/vMWc4Ol7yCM
  4. I would say the answer to this is all in how the bass produces the mid frequencies. Scooping out some low mids will probably help with clarity, but when put in a mix with guitars it might get lost.
  5. This 100%. Before investing in a new bass, throw a set of low tension strings on your bass and see how it feels. Then is all about trial and error, my advice would be create yourself a backing track to play to and find the chord voicings that sound the best.
  6. I love Joe Lallys tone in general, the argument is the album that really flicks my switch.
  7. Given all my basses are Alphers made by great guys in Yorkshire, I guess it would have to be a Ginetta.
  8. The crazy thing I have found is that when I fall in love with an instrument a lot of the time a Big factor has been the strings. When I put different strings on I haven't liked it as much.... Makes me wonder how many times have I played a bass and thought "not for me", and if I had thrown some low tension strings on it I might have loved it.
  9. I totally agree there are some great vocalists in metal, I'm just never drawn to them.
  10. I'm 36 and this is totally true, I reckon it's because we are trying to figure out how to be parents😂
  11. Dammit your logic is sound. Unfortunately he is just giving fodder to people to say that bass is rubbish. However you are right it's a great business move.
  12. I'm not a massive metal fan, mainly due to the vocals. I love the musicality of metal, I really enjoy instrument metal, but as soon as some one starts screaming I remember it's not for me.
  13. Yeah BTB a beast onto themselves. They are absolutely nothing like the SR range. Possibly worth looking at the SR1805, it's a fantastic instrument.
  14. Nothing wrong with dreaming about an Ibanez, it's all subjective. Also nothing wrong with dreaming about a Mondeo either. It's all about perspective.
  15. I should clarify that in my original post I'm not meaning to imply that all of this content is depressing, or that YouTube bassist are depressing. It really just this particular video, as I think that the playing in it is really poor. All of these solos can be played on bass, but he does a really bad job of it in my opinion. As has been said he had found his audience and is certainly entertaining them, and presumably making a very nice living for himself.
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