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  1. On a more serious not to my last response, I guess it just depends on the dynamic of the band. In my current band the writing process is collaborative, we will all push each other in different directions to see what serves the song best, but the player of that instrument usually has the final say unless the whole band disagree.
  2. Show him a melody to play. Then if he responds say “oh I thought we were writing each other’s parts “
  3. I know it’s not an answer to you question, but an HX stomp sounds like it would suit your needs really well. Top class guitar & bass amp sims and effects. It doesn’t have an XLR for DI but you can use a TRS cable to send a balanced signal to the mixer. Can be had 2nd hand for around £300.
  4. How is everyone holding up now that NAMM has been? I don’t have any bass guitar related GAS, but the new Moog Sub 25 has sure got me wobbling...I think I can wait until next year though!
  5. I use the TC polytune clip, it’s great. I have had it for 3 years and it is still great. If it broke I would get the unitune as the polyphonic feature isn’t actually that useful to me.
  6. Jon bought an amp from me. Great communication and fast payment. Thanks again!
  7. My band uses a producer at £500 per weekend. There are definitely some positives to it. 1. He gives an outside perspective and helps us fully “finish” songs ie stop changing them every time we rehearse. 2. The tracks always end up taking a more focussed direction. 3. There is probably about a 10% difference than the demos we make in our own studio, and most of the band believe it is worth it for the professional “sheen”
  8. Bought a Morningstar MC6 from me. Excellent communication and fast payment. Highly recommended. Cheers
  9. Traded a bass with Paul. Great guy, excellent communication, we met half way to do the trade. Deal with confidence! Cheers
  10. Scary Pockets are awesome! I lost a whole day when I found them on you tube. My personal favourite was the cover of Kate by Ben Folds, and Ben Folds actually joined them.
  11. I’m with you on that. I really enjoy playing some classical pieces. This book is a steal for a fiver. https://www.amazon.co.uk/J-S-Bach-Electric-Bass-Bgtr/dp/0634031430/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?keywords=bach+bass&qid=1578851957&sr=8-3
  12. Life’s too short, let them know ASAP and they can find a suitable replacement.
  13. It’s more to give you that synth like tone for the verse, then change it up for the chorus.
  14. An OC2, 1st octave fully on, 2nd octave & dry signal fully off. That’s a good place to start.
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