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  1. There is a lot of good Facebook groups for finding people to play with, lots of bands in Glasgow / Edinburgh looking for bass players. If you PM me your Facebook username I am happy to invite you to the groups.
  2. When the balanced output from the DI box would help is if you were running long lengths of cable.
  3. Yeah I’m pretty sure it’s classed an an elite when you have a top wood. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a crazy burl.
  4. I was meaning your Alpher dude.
  5. That is an incredible bass! You are a lucky man.
  6. Lol aye just make sure you leave it out in the sun and next to windows as I hear that’s the best way to make sure the colour doesn’t fade...
  7. Yeah as great as that bass is, I’m not sure I would have wanted the drama...
  8. Did you have the pick ups changed to DCB’s? I’m so glad that bass has been restored, it’s a beauty.
  9. Just realised that I hasn’t put up a post with my completed 4 string. Also included is a picture of both of my Alpher. All I have to say it if you are thinking of getting an Alpher stop thinking and start speaking to them!
  10. Yup sounds like a “sound guy” that doesn’t know what a gain knob is... Probably a guitar who thinks gain means distortion...😂
  11. I hate to say it but my first thought here is that they strings may be fake... Lots of fake products on the market, especially through sellers on eBay & Amazon.
  12. Slow dancing in a burning room - John Mayer
  13. Not a solo bass album, but Blood Sugar Sex Magik is the album that got me obsessed with bass. Can still play the whole album.
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