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  1. There's a load of awesome bass lines in Fugazi songs. Joe Lally is a great bass player. Good songs to start with: Waiting Room Ex-spectator Combination lock There are so many great Fugazi songs. Some may label them as hardcore though rather than punk. But definafely worth a listen.
  2. Wow it doesn't take a genius to figure out that an item can't be delivered before it's purchased. Disappointed in ebay with this one.
  3. https://open.spotify.com/album/0j958GBWs9QDc3tyYq8jmw?si=z3x18gChR3q6wIz9OEQ9hA&utm_source=copy-link I can hear myself laughing in Erdnase live in Glasgow.
  4. I understand where you are coming from with this, but there are factors that have to be considered. Some houses are just poorly constructed and even music played at appropriate levels travels to next door neighbours. In these circumstances a balance has to be struck, as inevitably your neighbours will also have to tolerate noise you make by DIY and music etc. However I totally agree with you about acoustic drums. I spent a large amount of money putting rock wool and 2 layers of acoustic gyprock in my detached garage, put a drum kit in it and it could still be heard in everyone House in the street. It seems I would have to drop more cash to deal with the roof of the garage... The kit went...
  5. Holy crap, this shouldn't be around for long at that price!
  6. I really love the funkiness of Brain's playing with Primus, as much as I love Tim's playing also he is much more linear. But then Brain can rock it up with the best of them too.
  7. I've got a fretless Alpher nearing completion that I can wait to get my hands on. Also some type of preamp for my pedalboard, can't make up my mind which one tho...
  8. Wow, page 4 and none of my picks have been said yet... Steve Jordan, Jojo Mayer Brain (Brian Mantia) Sput (Robert Seawright)
  9. Not my cup of tea, but my brother in law is in a doom band you guys might enjoy: Owlcrusher. https://www.facebook.com/owlcrusherdoom/
  10. So has anyone actually used one of these? I am thinking of putting this on a pedal train train nano + with hx stomp and mxr volume x mini. Possible perfect fly rig? Then ashdown abm 4x10 for some gigs, and getting some type of 1x10 for small gigs.
  11. I hope I'm wrong about them, it's just the side to side movement (not rotary😂) that I've seen in videos that concerns me. But I'm sure I'm probably wrong... I usually am.
  12. Yup these videos are top class, plus the band has an incredible bass player in Benni Jud. The whole band are incredible and also have amazing guests.
  13. I have put headphones on and with logic it's not doing that, it must be a routing issues between my interface and logic. Thanks for your help folks.
  14. Going into my antelope discreet 8 interface, into logic, then KRK Rokit 5 monitors.
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