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  1. Here is my band performing our favourite Xmas song. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2750139735260590&id=1807252489549324
  2. So what's your favourite Xmas song? Here is my band performing ours. https://fb.watch/28YuhHjF6t/
  3. That HB 7 string sounds great! Good show.
  4. Just put on the new Dirty Loops album... 👌
  5. The first time I saw this it floored me. https://youtu.be/vQtTpF6IdZI
  6. All the advice above is great, the only thing I have to add is remember you have 2 hands, muting isn't only about right hand technique. Have a look at what you are doing with the fingers not being used on your left hand and they can also do some of the work for you. Most of my muting on the D & G strings actually comes from my left hand.
  7. Holy crap, that sounds like an incredible technique workout. I love it. It's goin in my practice routine.
  8. There's a red hot chili peppers song call transcending that's bass line has a pretty big bend in it. It's not a technique I use a lot on bass, mainly because you have to have a really good ear or massive patience to build up the muscle memory to bend in tune. It's much easier to slide or hammer on. Guitarists get away with it using distortion so the fact that they aren't actually bending to the correct pitch it missed. Plus it much easier to hear the out of pitch note in lower frequencies in my opinion. It's why we the bass player hits a bum note everyone knows, where as guitarists do it all night long and get away with it.
  9. Playing with a pick is just another technique for us to use, another tool in the toolbox. My 2 cents are use the technique that fits the song. There are songs that will sound better with a pick, just like there are songs that will sound better with any other technique you can name. The more tools in the toolbox the better and if you can get the sound in your head out using a pick, go for it and don't worry about what anyone else thinks.
  10. Neural DSP have great deals on their plug-ins. I'm very tempted by Paralax, and possibly the darkglass one. Maybe even the coy wong plug in. Ah I hate Black Friday, it makes me want to buy things i don't need...
  11. This video convinced me that Ben Levin is indeed from another planet...
  12. Posting something like this to hold yourself accountable is exactly what I do when I'm scared I will give up when some gets hard. Great job. The other thing is being "shite" is subjective, the fact that you can approach walking bass lines and understand what Scott is talking about is his courses means you are not shite by any strech of the imagination. Give yourself some credit, you deserve it
  13. Ibanez Mikro if you can find one.
  14. To answer your first question, I'm fairly sure we have auto correct to thank, it will automatically change "squier" to "squire". I believe your real question has already been answered in this thread.
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