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  1. I’m sure I read that the BXP has the same pick ups as the USA model, just a different Pre amp. I agree the BXP’s are very good value for money.
  2. Not really looking for the trades.
  3. Iron Ether Frantabit. In working order. I don’t have the box for this. £135 delivered.
  4. Boss OC2. In full working order, does show signs of use. I don’t have the box for this. £85 including delivery.
  5. I’m guessing it’s been a conscious decision at some point not to have a sub forum about specific players and their technique? I was just thinking about how handy it would be to have discussion about technique of certain players, and threads where you tube videos could be shared, and advice given on what to practice / listen to. I appreciate that this these types of threads can be subjective and may be hard to moderate, but my observation of Basschat is that it’s a very friendly and respectful place, where I think we could benefit from this type of Subforum.
  6. to any one watching and doesn't want to wait for the next episode......Dr Dre pun. Its on netflix
  7. others in city centre: Mcchullis Clutha Firewater Arta Outside of the City Centre: Bar Bliss in Kirkintilloch Butterfly & Pig Southside (Shawlands)
  8. The Hug & Pint, Ivory Blacks, The Blue Arrow
  9. I have seen tons from this brand on Instagram, I hope some one starts selling these, as I want to buy some. Hell I am half tempted to set up a website myself and act as a UK distributer. Charlie if you have a connection with them and they would be into something like this send me a PM.
  10. Welcome from one Glasgow bassist to another!
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