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  1. Another approach may be to look at EQ & Drive as you said you like the feel of your current strings. Bumping the high mids and treble and a little gain might give you the results you are looking for.
  2. Fairly certain Chris & Al wouldn't want their designs copied. They are great guys though so give them a shout, I'm sure they will let you know if it's OK or not. Chris is on here @CHRISDABASS
  3. Sweet, is this your first Alpher? I have played Chris's original bass and it's great, you are in for a mega treat!
  4. Album sales? Not sure they exist any more.
  5. Failed miserably... In: Teletronix TDI DI box Alpher Manta V2 Guitar Antelope Discreet 8 Interface Deposit on Alpher Mako 4 Fretless Out: Fender Custom Shop P Bass Squier Classic Vibe P Bass Squier telecaster Audient iD4 When I balance it up, Im not out of pocket. Yet...
  6. Great news, happy NBD. Hopefully the trauma of getting it will disappear and you will fall in love with the bass.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Some instruments just feel & sound like home. We can chase all the shiny gear in the world and still be craving what we had before. I have found my home bass (pun intended) and I don't intend to use anything else.
  9. Go smash it, you will be great.
  10. The amount of fake products in Amazon, makes it hard for me to trust them. If it says "fulfilled by amazon" anyone can send stock to Amazon warehouses and its sent out. I use strings direct.
  11. Anyone who hasn't checked out Phil Mann's new website / youtube channel should get on it. He is doing a great series with Jeff Berlin just now.
  12. Be yourself, you don't want to get the gig and then not be comfortable around your new band mates. As long as you are a decent enough player & singer don't sweat the music too much, just have fun and get to know the band. 70% of their decision will probably be about you as a person not necessarily you as a musician (unless you are not up to their standard)
  13. Sorry I will change it, I had just got back from work and it had been a long busy day.
  14. Rob bought my Custom Shop P Bass. Great communication, super fast payment, and a great guy. Deal happened very quickly and easily despite us being is different countries. Deal with confidence. Thanks Rob!
  15. It's like pulling off a plaster, the thought of doing it is much worse than actually doing. Plus hopefully some one else will love it and it will get played.
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