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  1. Ah I see, it certainly sounds like a waste of disk space to me!
  2. The notes on the stave for C major and A minor would look exactly the same when written. But their function within the melody / harmony would be different. What I can’t explain though is why a song in Am come up in Eb major lol, unless the software is flawed.
  3. +1 for these for the vintage tone. If looking for a more modern sound the Nordstrand Blades are amazing!
  4. I think what it’s expecting here is that everyone knows there relative major / minor keys. This should help you out.
  5. In this case, go for it! It will be great! But for a better answer if you like the “Markbass” tone go for it. It’s worth jumping into a local dealer with your own bass and trying out some Markbass gear because they give a very coloured tone, which some love, and some don’t...
  6. Totally the right call dude. Play for the song, if it sounds better use a pick.
  7. Only advice for getting the best out of a 5 string. I’m sure just about every serious 5 string player would say the same... Not saying I am a serious player...lol
  8. I think this comment explains a lot. You are looking at how some one else has transcribed it and tabbed it out. This doesn’t mean it’s correct to the recording. Also I have seen the best advice you can get about 5 string playing said several times on this thread and I will repeat. Don’t be looking for songs with the 4 extra low notes, use the B string where you would usually use open E or or F (1st fret E string). The main reason for the B is efficiency and not having to move up and down the neck to get notes you want as they can be under your fingers.
  9. I got it home today and it sounds every bit as good as it looks! An absolute masterpiece. I highly recommend a chat with Chris if you are looking for a world class instrument!
  10. That is a beautiful bass. Good taste!
  11. Some pics of the finished product! Truly incredible. I can’t wait to pick up this bass.
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