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  1. My take on this would be do both. I was in this position 4 years ago when I joined my current band. During my audition I played it note for note on the first run through of the set, the band were clearly impressed that I could do this, then when I had that start of a relationship I asked if we could do a 2nd run through and said to them I can put a bit more of myself as a musician into this set.
  2. Wow lots of bargains on basschat just now. This won't be here long.
  3. This won't be here long at that price! What a bargain!
  4. If you really like the sound of fretless go for it, don't be put off by the fact it is difficult, nothing that it worth doing is easy. Plus for £900 you could easily get a nice fretless and a nice fretted instrument if you buy used instruments.
  5. I know this feeling and to be honest I am going through it a little just now too. With doing so few gigs / recording session I find myself looking at my instruments thinking "I have far too much money tied up in these". I'm very lucky though as when I mentioned this to my wife, she basically told me to stop being silly, and enjoy my basses. I work hard so I deserve to have nice things.
  6. Preamps are effectively EQs so if you are already running an EQ patch in your Go, it makes sense you don't need the amp model. You may find in a band context you will want the Cab sim to tame the high end and sit in the mix better, but I'm sure you can experiment with this when the time comes.
  7. Really nice playing, I enjoyed that a lot. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Great piece of kit! Can't believe this hasn't been snapped up yet.
  9. Wow😍 What a great price for a beautiful bass! GLWTS
  10. What a bargain, a lot of bass for the money! GLWTS
  11. Wow, I can't believe it's gonna from the monstrosity of the OP song to Deacon Blue... I have to admit I have a real soft spot for Deacon Blue, it must be the Scotsman in me.
  12. Yeah it seems odd for you to rebook when you don't know they will be there to accept the delivery. That would be like you missing the original delivery and expecting them to rebook the courier for you. Name & shame time I think.
  13. Hipshot Drop D tuners. Makes life so much easier when gigging. Nordstrand pick ups - I have never played a Nordstrand pickup that sounded anything other than fantastic.
  14. For the C string I would recommend 0.32, I believe that's what D'addario use. I used to get Warwicks that had 0.30 and the C usually felt a bit too Trebley compared to the 0.32.
  15. Lol I'm not going to pretend I know the model. It was my first bass, the neck is super slim, and it has very narrow string spacing. Over the years I have replaced the tuning pegs, and put some EMGs in it and it's still a great bass to play.
  16. Again I'm afraid I have no info on that specific model but I have a 5 string I have had for 20 years and it's an incredible instrument.
  17. This would be my advice, before doing anything drastic like selling it, try some different string gauges / material / manufacturers then make up your mind. For me I'm a sucker for low tension nickels, and can highly recommend Dunlop Super Bright Nickels 40-100. They tend to bring basses to life for me.
  18. The distance from B to E is also a 4th, so if you think of it that way it may help. Relate the B string to the E string the way you relate the E to the A, now you have an extended lower range.
  19. I'm very happy Rick made this video. I don't think NHOP gets anywhere near the credit he deserves in the bass community.
  20. Line 6 Studio 10, great little amp, I have had it for nearly 15 years. At other times I will use logic with my KRK monitors. Plug in wise I will either use Helix native, or the Neural DSP dark glass.
  21. My take on this is that, it is still pay to play, and just not being advertised as such. They give the tickets to the band and want the percentage of the money, in my experience the band is usually given X amount of tickets and have to give the promoter X amount of money regardless of how many tickets sold, hence stil pay to play.
  22. Really cool looking bass. I just couldnt live with the crude p pickup route tho. Everything else looks great and that route looks rubbish, especially with the clear scratch plate.
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