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  1. This is also becoming more of a realistic option.
  2. To be honest mate this one is most likely going to be withdrawn. I can do everything with the Drop D tuner, just got some big festival gigs this year and didn't want to have to trust myself using the d tuner mid song. If there was interest in either or my 2 Makos I was going to buy the 5er they have in the workshop. I just can't justify another high end bass, I have to move to a 1 in 1 out system.
  3. What is crazy is they were all 29 or younger at this point, when putting this into context of how their lives had been for the several years leading up to this, no wonder they need a bit of guidance.
  4. What operating system are you using?
  5. Yup that would work. Bass & Vocal mic into the mixer, then mixer into the interface. On Skype use the interface as the sound source and output then run headphones from the interface. Technically you wouldn't need a DAW.
  6. https://www.practicalpatch.co.uk/ I know a fair few people talking very highly of this man.
  7. Anyone know who Adele's Bass player is on the audience with tonight? He has a great P bass tone, he is totally smashing it.
  8. I agree that the show definitely made it look like that. I wonder how much of that is really just footage selection. Paul & Ringo really come across as likeable people, John & George not so much.
  9. That's certainly not what I took away from the first episode today.
  10. Each to their own mate. I'm quite happy to spend 7 hours getting even a little bit of insight into the writing process of one of the most successful bands in history.
  11. So having watched part 1, I can say I definitely enjoyed it. Don't want to post any spoliers on launch day, so I won't say any more.
  12. Totally agree, its definitely worth working on and being proficient in both techniques.
  13. This hits the nail on the head for me. Theory only lets us describe why something sounds good. Our ears actually tell us when something sounds good. Like the theory of the spoken language, the aim is to learn it so well that you forget you know it.
  14. Invest in an ear training course, Rick Beato has a great one for not too much money. I would say a starting point would be to be able to identify common chord progressions using the Nashville number system. Then once you catch one chord with some practice you can understand where it's likely to go next. If you Google the axis chord progression, it will help show just how similar most pop / rock songs are and it will be a good staring point.
  15. Yup , I use a DG Harmonic Booster as a preamp, and I be pretty happy the the clean tone I get. It can bump the mids nicely.
  16. It was possibly Planet waves, as I have had that issue with them in the past.
  17. There definitely is a difference at the low to mid price (mainly whether the cable is shielded), but like everything after a certain point the law of diminishing returns applies.
  18. Ideally I will only sell one of these and buy the used 5 string that they have in the workshop. Alternatively open to a good quality 5 string as a trade.
  19. I get you, to answer that question, I would have no interest in spending my free time around someone who operates like that.
  20. From a lot of stories I have read over the years, this was standard behaviour for professional MD's looking for musicians. You would be told what exact instrument to bring (black P bass etc) and exactly what to wear. But if it's for a non pro band it seems a bit OTT.
  21. With a real heavy heart I am posting this bass. It's my main bass and I love it but, I need a 5 string for the gigs I have coming up next year. It's a fantastic bass. If you have any questions, just ask. Specs are: 1 piece black walnut body, Elm burl top, with matching headstock, Roasted birdseye maple neck, Macassar Body fretboard, Nordstrand PJ blades, passive, (VBT) Hipshot bridge, Hipshot ultralight tuners with D tuner, 34" scale, Around 9 lbs, Mono bass sleeve. Trade wise I would be interested in 5 strings. Collection from Glasgow, or for fuel money I would personally deliver / meet up.
  22. With a really heavy heart I am having to list some of my Alphers. Sob story aside for some gigs I have next year I need a 5 string, so something has to go. This bass was actually just made between 2020/21. Chris and Al made this bass Sunburst for me using their Callida (burning) finishing technique. I am happy for collection from Glasgow or for fuel costs I will personally deliver. Specs are: 1 piece Sapelle Body, 1 piece Ash neck 34" Scale Macassar Ebony Fingerboard, Nordstrand Dual Coil Pickup, with internal switch, Hipshot bridge, Hipshot Ultra light tuners, Alpher branded Hiscox hardcase, Roughly 3.9kg Any questions please get in touch. Ideally looking for a Trade of a 5 String. What have you got?
  23. I am a certified Alpher Fanboi. Just about all my instruments are made by Chris & Al. I love both of my basses, but the my Manta guitar is also a masterpiece, I never really enjoyed playing guitar until I got this instrument. Now I love it. Not only do they make incredible instruments, but they are also great guys that are a total pleasure to work with. Now I just need to find strings that I fall in love with, it's been a 20 year struggle...
  24. My main bass is a passive PJ, volume is around 90%, balance pot is dead centre, and tone is almost always fully up.
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