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  1. You don't think he just slipped cutting it out and had to trim it down to something smaller? Just seems a bit niche, but what do I know...?
  2. To be fair, I've seen worse closer to home, Mark my words.....
  3. Zombie thread, expect it got snapped up at the time....
  4. Seems he does not have lots of fans in the USA either.
  5. I just thought the Zombies were a 1960’s pop group. Didn’t Rod Argent play for them before opening a music shop in Denmark Street.
  6. Well, he's got some neck and fancy, the frets were removed and filled for 'fretless play'. What next, the CTS pots were installed for tone and volume?
  7. That posting will end up clogging up the Lounge like the pinned one at the top and stinking it out too....
  8. I came on this thread expecting to find out more about Paul Arnold or maybe even Jim Rodford....
  9. Had one with a LMIII and it was my go to rig. What head would you think of using, I found a large head overhung with it stood on its end and played on my OCD!
  10. Was watching on YT a guy who delivers for Amazon. Each morning he gets around 150 parcels in delivery order packed in cages and then around another 50 which are random and he has to sort through in a packed van every time he needs to find a particular item. For this he gets around 49p a parcel and has to pay for his van, insurance and fuel. He's lost 2 stone with all the walking even though it's an urban round. Oh, he said My Hermes were now owned by Amazon, not sure how true this is, but just picking up on the race to the bottom (in terms of tariffs), something has to give!
  11. Cut n paste job for Celebrity How much are they Worth site: hardly surprising.
  12. To be fair to MDP, it's not only in the publishing world that people are allowed to mark their own homework-BORIS? Going back to the ebay feedback, I wonder if 'cognitive dissonance' comes into play ? You buy a lemon from him but don't want to admit it's a pile of firewood so give it good feedback? On the self- penned review, he calls us from "special guitar conversion world'. You don't have to be a specialist to call out his butchery. He implies we are nerds with nothing better to do.......hang on....!
  13. Here's a picture of my Status neck, attached to the GP Artist Bass....
  14. You do get a free bottle of Shiraz with it too....
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