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  1. yorks5stringer

    Courier Con

    Ah, a French Star Wars character?
  2. yorks5stringer

    Courier Con

    You could have said you were bankrupt and bought everything on tic(k)...
  3. yorks5stringer

    Drummer dilemma

    We've just had to let a drummer go who's stock phrase was to me or the guitar, 'you were speeding up and I had to follow you'. My response was always 'but aren't you mean to keep the beat and we follow you?'. He had started using not 1 but 2 metronomes at gigs and rehearsals but still would start a song off at the wrong speed having incorrectly looked at it from his list. It got so bad that the singer was counting off the beats to start the songs and at a recent gig had to turn around ( as he was off on the wrong speed again) and ask him to follow the guitar. We had a meeting where we discussed the situation without him and all voted for his departure. even though he is a lovely chap. We actually wondered if he was quite deaf.....even though one could have a conversation with him. The tipping point came when we borrowed another drummer for a rehearsal (I was not there....) and the others could not believe how much better this drummer was and how he actually played the drums rather than just keeping an (incorrect) beat
  4. yorks5stringer

    WOW!! B-u-t-ful Shuker fretless

    I see the seller is based in the Hope Valley, as is the Shuker workshop....
  5. yorks5stringer

    Joe Hubbard Warwick signature

    Having watched the original video and heard all the name checks he gave Warwick, I'm just surprised he did not get the name of the guy he shows assembling it.
  6. yorks5stringer

    Courier Con

    Err, isn't that exactly what happens in any major Government Public IT Project...? New NHS IT, Universal Credit, all crap and junked as unsuitable after spending millions! 🙄
  7. yorks5stringer

    Lyric writing - a one day course with Chris Difford

    I went to see Beth Nielson Chapman and Robert Vincent earlier this year in concert and they had met at the week-long one CD runs. In fact it was just last Thursday that one course finished near me at Pennard House nearish to Glastonbury and the local church hall hosts the end of week gig they do, previewing their new songs. It was advertised as featuring CD, BNC and RV. I was thinking of going (as it was free) but on my Open Mic nights I have sat through so many singer-songwriters....!
  8. yorks5stringer

    A word of caution auction

    Good to know, one assumes he's had them fixed otherwise he would be facing another return situation?
  9. yorks5stringer

    Essential gigging shoes

    Loafers? Must have belonged to Rob Royer (Bassist with Bread)
  10. yorks5stringer

    Jaydee Supernatural Roadie

    I traded it for a Status Groove Bass 5 String, 20-25 odd years ago. Think I got 400 px, obviously not a member of Basschat then!
  11. yorks5stringer

    Devine chats to Dorsey

    What was nice she did not use the interview to plug her latest release (which apparently is still not finished) and she was very humble about her career. I remember buying The Corporate World ( her first album) way back in the late 80's and have followed her career since.
  12. yorks5stringer

    Devine chats to Dorsey

    What a lovely interview.
  13. yorks5stringer

    Courier Con

    If as people are saying, one checks to see if your item is not prohibited and it isn't so you go ahead in good faith only for something to happen and have a claim turned down, could one not turn around and say the exclusions were not made clear from the get go? It would seem there is deliberate misrepresentation by the Couriers if they take all this money to insure items, in the full knowledge that any claim will be excluded. It's a bit like the P.P.I. mis-selling? Yes, one would ideally do face to face deals but a few months ago I could not arrange a satisfactory Courier ( they would only offer compo if the item was lost , if damaged £100 max and it was a £700 bass) so I drove to Newcastle from South Somerset. As I am no longer a regular distance driver the journey was a nightmare with roadworks and delays, in the end I spent about 16 hours on the road and £80 on fuel. Never doing that again.
  14. yorks5stringer

    Courier Con

    So given that many 1000's of musical items are sent by Courier each day by all the large internet retailers, do they face a similar lack of cover or is it just 'private ' senders?