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  1. I'd prefer to see Herb Alpert
  2. 'Pitchy' doesn't describe her first song...
  3. Anyone come across this book before? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mighty-Hybrid-Ordering-a-Fender-Telecaster-Bass-1966-Barrie-Midford-Millership/133050189364?hash=item1efa68c634:g:CWEAAOSwU1hc2ZoO
  4. Band wanted to play on the Moon this weekend. Must be experienced at playing to no atmosphere.
  5. Chowny don't make Basses, they just source from abroad, initially China and now India. The 1st podcast has a long section all about them from Mr C himself.
  6. As a happy Chowny devotee, I've never seen one of these before and given the similarity to a well known litigious US manufacturer with 'R' at the start of their name, it is maybe not surprising they were not advertised widely. It would nevertheless be interesting to know a bit more about them. Doubtless Mr C could clarify?
  7. Should be good for some Spray Cats numbers then?
  8. Yes, there were 3 , the first I held in Baildon, then we had 2 in Harrogate, maybe 10? years ago. I moved away in 2012 and there has been no more since......
  9. I'd buy it but I'm a bit strapped for cash
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