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  1. yorks5stringer

    You Can Go your Own Way

    I would have thought it would be useful to have stones on a desert island, otherwise there is just sand and trees...
  2. yorks5stringer

    Wrong uns!

    Didn't there used to be a Beware of Scammers Thread somewhere and people used to list the email addresses of miscreants? There seem to be a few people who watch the 'Wanted Threads' and then say they have the item the poster is after, but it usually obvious by the style of reply that they are chancers.
  3. In the USA they call them 'Hill-Billy cases'
  4. yorks5stringer

    I'm gonna be in so much trouble at rehearsal

    Just checking, if you went into a jewish or muslim Bakers and asked for a Pork Pie Hat, would you be refused?
  5. Good to know, having removed the scratchplate at least 5 times already I'm going to leave it as my wrists are starting to complain!
  6. yorks5stringer

    How was your gig last night?

    Theatre Gig tonight in Street backing a local singer- keyboard player. It was a Christian event and had the use of an Aguilar Tone Hammer 500 and Barefaced 2x12 cab which sounded nice on its own and great through the house PA. Slightly incongruous set: Smooth Operator, Watermelon Man, I'm Coming Home Baby and Let's Twist Again! This may be contentious but after hearing the worship band (who were very good) I think William Booth was right however.......!
  7. yorks5stringer

    How was your gig last night?

    Had my monthly 'LIve at the Wharf' gig last night. House Band did 7 numbers, then a Ceilidh Band (Banned from the Moor) came on and did 6 , followed by a Jazz Singer Pianist (Kylie Borg) who did one song solo then the rest with the house band. House Band did Blue Chicken a 12 bar, Sweet Pea by Amos Lee, Billie Jean (Civil Wars version),Teach me Tonight by Phoebe Snow, Yeh Yeh -Georgie Fame, Don't think Twice (it's alright Hailey Tuck version), Jolene by Ray Lamontagne, Nightingale-Norah Jones. and a big finale with both bands, This Train in bound for Glory-Old Crow Medicine Show et al. I love the variety of the material, we have 2 quick rehearsals, a soundcheck and then live. Oh and a well-known 'Dragon' was in the audience too!
  8. yorks5stringer

    rumble 500 cover

    Life is never perfect, there's always a new Amp or Bass that is tantalisingly out of reach...
  9. yorks5stringer

    rumble 500 cover

    Move the handle?
  10. yorks5stringer

    Best Wood for bass guitar

    Ditto apologies if I've caused offence😟
  11. yorks5stringer

    Best Wood for bass guitar

    You didn't finish the sentence.. are you going to leave me hanging?
  12. yorks5stringer

    Luthier suggestions for SW England

    Crimson Guitars?
  13. yorks5stringer

    Best Wood for bass guitar

    Wonder what's the best wood to hang yourself from?
  14. yorks5stringer

    PJB Price Reductions

    Something weird going on: a B stock Cub 100 is £505 and a new one is £398!
  15. I've shielded the whole reverse scratchplate with copper slug tape (from the £1.00 shop) and that's sorted the static issue, I can live with not touching the poles.