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  1. I think a wee bit of slightly more positive thinking might be in order? 😏 The video and music is way better than you appear to think and I personally can hear nowt wrong with your vocals either. As someone said earlier, Mr King is hardly Pavarotti! You say Dundee has no legacy music scene: Average White Band, Danny Wilson and The Associates all hailed from Dundee (thanks Google) and did OK. You've got a great video, if the rest of the set is as good, get it out there, use social media and whatever else. There must be agencies who book the big 'soundalike bands', find out who they are and make some noise. Why not contact Mr KIng himself, he may be impressed and offer some advice? I wish I had your talent, the nearest I got was having a Jaydee Roadie back in the 80's!!
  2. What's going on with the headstock, is the photo blurred or has it got wet?
  3. Just look at the 3rd picture, is that a man's hand or a Yeti? Scary!!!
  4. Who is this 'Bitsa' manufacturer? Are they European, as they sound it......?
  5. You were lucky to get a reply at all! Maybe arrange a meet up and 'hit him', after all he did ask for it.... This guy advertises on all the time Somerset JMB and keeps me amused: Just got my new Bon Jovi satnav, apparently I’m halfway there. I’ve been playing in a band called Duvet, we were a covers band then I joined 999Megabytes, we didn’t get a gig. So I’m back. Bass guitarist with plenty of experience and open to suggestions that are physically possible. So old I can provide bv’s in Latin. Inventive confident player with good gear and transport, obviously. Ex pro wanting to gig some more.
  6. It is listed as 'Unknown' make in the ad heading and 'known' make in the details, but either way with over 3 days to go no-one has been mad enough made a bid.
  7. Welcome! I was born in Bromley just over 65 years ago and spent my first 6 years in West Whickham. Have very little recollection of it save the red Post box on/near Birchtree Avenue!😪 (nostalgic tear)
  8. TC Unitune for me too. Oh, and always attach it 'the wrong way around' in stealth mode.
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