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  1. Really quick actually. I went to my Bass folder on the Computer, clicked on it , selected the photo and posted it! Actually can't take any of the credit, seem to think it was off Talkbass many moons ago, so I literally drag it out whenever the subject arises. It seems to have a sticker on the rear left hand side, so that might imply it was a manufactured item?
  2. All the gear from the Seller in their shop seems to look like they've just licensed a load of Ali-Express items, even down to the shonky photographs. Dubious?
  3. Hi Mick Might sell better on here if there was more info about it (for those who can't be bothered to look up the power output it's 1200 watts at 4ohms and 750 watts at 8 ohms) 😉
  4. If it is genuine any remedial work on it will affect its value negatively. You speak of the 'paint checking' : many try to replicate this to make a Bass look older. However it looks as if the paint may not be original as I think I can see the indentations for bridge cover holes are covered in paint: if this was original paint you would either see wood in the screwhole or no indentations if the bridge cover was not fitted from new. Just do as others have suggested re the pickguard and chrome knobs, an old bass does not have to look perfect!.
  5. Thanks at last for an objective and nuanced review of the Glarry Bass (in stark contrast to the posting from July 5th below which smells of paid-for reviews), or maybe you were just unlucky.....? Well, it's been a week today that I received my Glarry Burlywood Precision Bass and I have to say that I am a believer. I am simply amazed. Not a sharp fret on this baby. No flaws on the finish and the back of the neck is satin finish like I prefer them to be. The neck is straight as an arrow with no buzzing...quite playable out of the box. Width at nut is 1.67", 0.86" front to back C shape and 1.03" at 12th fret transition to D shape. The pups were very quiet and I raised them up a bit and they did get louder, but they seem to be low output. No noise. The knobs were great with no static and firm to turn. For an entry level bass this thing is simply amazing. It is also about 6.5 lbs. on my analog 'health-o-meter' bath scale. Very light, so this is also worth looking into for gigging musicians with some back issues who know how to do some minor mods. It shipped from a New Jersey warehouse to my front door in two days via Fed-Ex. Really quick!
  6. If this has been released as a single can't see it getting many plays as the intro is not really radio friendly and the song takes too long to get going. Not unpleasant and very recognisable as The Who however.
  7. I bet you couldn't come up with an album title like that nowadays: 'Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy'?
  8. Useful back ground to the P bass. I would take slight issue at the use of a photo of the Beatles when talking about how the British Invasion popularised the P Bass in the USA, as I'm pretty sure Paul McCartney was a Hofner then Rickenbacker user.
  9. I guess so: someone wanting £160 for a £85 new price bass (unless the bed, duvet , envelope and plastic bags are thrown in too) is being ambitious.....
  10. I've got 2 gigs with one band this weekend and 1 with the other. If the timings had worked out I could have actually done three gigs on Saturday and one on Sunday but have had to drop one on the Saturday evening. Luckily the main band understand and can operate without a Bass and look my absence as an opportunity rather than a problem. They know my absence is very infrequent and I can usually do short notice gigs for them as the other band is only a once a month thing. 3 of our 5 piece band are in other bands but these other bands are not as busy as the main band and we've done a few gigs with at least 1 of them missing. We don't have a drummer anyway and the band can adapt without either lead guitar, banjo or bass if necessary as the 2 singers who play guitar and harp can carry the rest. It's a nightmare when booking gigs for the band leader knowing you could be a band member missing, but we are structured so we can operate with different size lineups and just treat the songs according to the instrumentation. Appreciate this cannot work for all types of band and music. Going back to the OP's point, if I was just in my main band I think I'd go crazy: I really need to do different types of material and the challenge of learning a new 40 minute set monthly is very stimulating for me.
  11. Yes I did that but could'nt escape music. I bumped into Fish, Seal, Walter Trout and the Wailers, all doing the same thing.
  12. He looks very different now on Dickerson's Real Deal.....
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