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  1. yorks5stringer

    51 P PUP cover

    Don't know if the guitar version is the same size as the bass, if so these may fit: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NECK-PICKUP-COVER-FOR-FENDER-TELECASTER-ETC-CHROME-BLACK-GOLD/191496827037?hash=item2c9619b09d:m:mvQNdektJVE-nW5MaQ8OyXA
  2. yorks5stringer

    Luthiery is not yet dead

    Wonder if it has a (Detroit) Fast Spinners?
  3. yorks5stringer

    Square holes on a gibson bass bridge

    Knowing Gibson it will be for a round peg...!😂
  4. yorks5stringer

    Do you remember your first bass...

    A Sunburst Gibson EB2 from 1962, acquired for £50 in 1976. Sold for £100 at one of the pre-cursers to cash converters in Leeds in the 80's, who always had some interesting basses in their packed windows. Every lunchtime I'd walk around these shops and see what new stock they had. Come to think of it got my JD Supernatural Roadie from one of them for £350 a few years later.
  5. yorks5stringer

    Barefaced Rainbow ONE 10

    That's bearly funny...
  6. yorks5stringer

    New TC Electronic heads

    TC are owned by the same people as Behringher now, and we all know what they do for their wattage ratings with Bugera......2000 watts!
  7. yorks5stringer

    Luthiery is not yet dead

    Clever in the way the luthier has combined drum 'n' bass into the same instrument....
  8. yorks5stringer

    Barefaced Rainbow ONE 10

    Be good to have one if you are in a Rainbow Tribute Band...?
  9. yorks5stringer

    EBay cash conundrum

    i went to school with the Pendle Witches...
  10. yorks5stringer

    Luthiery is not yet dead

    Is it good for Metal?
  11. yorks5stringer

    So ... what next?

    Careful you don't get shafted...
  12. yorks5stringer

    How was your gig last night?

    2 gigs over the weekend, the first at the Old Wharfe in Langport. A guy I met on JMB needed a bassist for a project he is running, it's an open mic with a difference in that the house band knows in advance what the singers will be singing so we get a couple of rehearsals in beforehand. So we got a chance to rehearse Summertime, Less is More (Joss Stone),Your Heart is as Black as the Night (Gardot/Hart), A Million Dreams (The Showman), To Love Somebody, Steal My Kisses, Out of the Woods, Son of a Preacher Man, Sexual Healing and Teardrops. This month there were the house singer who is very good, and 2 others, one who did his own stuff (6 songs) and another who works as a waitress at the venue who did 2, one with the band. It works very well, we do it monthly, the venue is full and we levy a £3 a head entry fee and get fed too! Second gig at a Wine Bar in Castle Cary with the Americana band( only 3rd gig this year), tiny venue, small but appreciative audience and nicely paid too. Just very hot in the corner of a cellar...
  13. yorks5stringer

    How was your gig last night?

    You mean he had sexy knees...?
  14. yorks5stringer

    Recommended Luthiers

    Noticed Crimson Guitars is listed as 'Henstridge', It's actually in Piddlehinton, a good 30 minutes away. Crimson Guitars Ltd The Old Dairy Carters Barn Farm Piddlehinton Dorchester Dorset, UK DT27TH
  15. yorks5stringer

    So, just how many basses do you own ????

    Whittled it down to 5.. 1. Shuker Workshop 5 string Jazz 2. 1972 Telecaster Bass 3. 2003 Blue Flower Japan re-issue P Bass 4. 1993 Blue Maui Japan Squier P Bass 5. 2003 Squier P-J Bass Indonesian No more incomers without something going the other way....!