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  1. Would a Markbass NYC121 be of any use? It has the piezo tweeter and cannot be attenuated.
  2. Is this an opportunity to make jokes about Sting, you 'Logging In' or favourite Van Morrison album being Tupelo Honey?
  3. ....Seems like he's still luthiering basses...
  4. It's a status quo bass in that it would maintain the status quo in a house where say there was a couple, and one was a bassist and the other was someone who found the sound of music painful. As the bass is basically a conversation piece ( can't be strung or played) the couple could hang it over the telly and in the breaks watching reality TV one could say "How much did you pay for that piece of sh*t" and the other would say "Not much and anyway it's not doing any harm". There would be a long pause just broken by the theme music for Love Island/The Batchelor/ 90 Day Fiance and they would be back watching the TV until the next break when the same conversation could take place.....
  5. Just been digging around and have come across a very nice grey Blake Guitar Solutions Bass Case, this is so padded you could sleep in it and it has waterproof zips too, so I'll be selling it for £40 ( new over £120) and no longer available and also a Hercules Folding Music Stand for £15.00.
  6. Re the food, (assuming I don't have a last minute positive test) I'm a veggie so there's enough on the menu to suit me, not sure what the vegan option is...? Oh, and a double helping of the fretless bass as well please! Also I'll test myself before I set off too. I'll be wearing a mask around my neck and depending on numbers and proximity I may cover my face at times, which I appreciate may look a bit unfriendly but am sure we all understand why?
  7. It's a 4 stringer on the YT clip but you do get 18v active/passive, upgraded bridge, noiseless pickups and sparkly finishes....
  8. Alternatively you could just get a combo with a tweeter which would be much easier to transport unless you are wedded to the 15" speaker in the JB? There are a number of options: http://www.markbass.it/product-detail/cmd-super-combo-k1/ http://www.markbass.it/product-detail/cmd-121h/ http://www.markbass.it/product-detail/mini-cmd-151p-iv/ (above has the piezo driver which some dislike)
  9. Nice colours and sounds but a significant price difference to the Player (£999) , although I guess they may discount?
  10. Send a PM to Chownybass, just click on his icon above your last post.
  11. What about a proper job storage unit? Won't cost much if they are stored upright and they tend to be modern, kept at an even temperature and dry. Oh, and you can go and visit your stuff on your day off....
  12. Is that the George Clinton version? Seriously though, given democracy is now a sham as vested interests and croneyism run rife and we have a PM who is totally useless/shameless, is there any point?
  13. You lot are effin amateurs....get yourself a banjo player, their loud tuning during and after every song cuts across any interbreak communication with the audience and turns the most placid bassist into a raging maniac. You will then end up treasuring your formerly delinquent guitarist!
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