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  1. yorks5stringer

    Feedback for JKessell

    Bought a Markbass Combo from Joe. Great deal, prompt comms. and was a pleasure to buy from.
  2. yorks5stringer

    Rough Pickup Screws on my Rickenbacker pickups

    You'd get more sense from Annie Hall....
  3. yorks5stringer

    Schecter Model T Session

    And being Fender its a snip at c.£1500
  4. yorks5stringer

    Talk to me about Squier Jazz

    Don' think Affinity's have 'designed by Duncan' on the pickups unless they've been swapped out?
  5. yorks5stringer

    Imposter Sydrome

    Interesting debate around how faithful to the original you need to be. One of the bands I play with do an Open Mic where we invite musicians we know in advance to play, and we'll accompany them as well as doing stuff ourselves. It's often me who points out at rehearsal some of the notes/keys/ rhythms that others have missed in their learning of the tune but equally it has been said back that we can develop our own version, different to the original too.
  6. yorks5stringer

    Surf wax tin bass.....

    More likely Beach Boys....
  7. yorks5stringer

    Selling in Europe, best way to transfer money?

    Be good if we could pin this post, I'm bound to forget about Transferwise....
  8. yorks5stringer

    Surf wax tin bass.....

    Is it good for Metal?
  9. Very similar, the guy I bought it off had the same Bass too. Thanks for clarifying
  10. yorks5stringer

    Elf in Action

    Just guessing , 150 watts?
  11. yorks5stringer

    10 String for £350?!

    Even at £349 that's a leap of faith....
  12. Pretty sure it was sold to me as a Fender but I'll do a trawl through old PM's and clarify as I would never wish to intentionally mislead. Update it was sold to me as a Squier VM pickup, now not sure what the hell it is!.
  13. yorks5stringer

    2nd hand market slowing??

    eBay are doing sell for a £1 deals but you only get 1 chance, you can't re-list at that fee. Presumably the PP commission is still taken too on any funds?
  14. yorks5stringer

    2nd hand market slowing??

    I'm saying there are lot of Basses out there and I wasn't prepared to take a very low price for one of the Basses. An identical Bass to mine was on eBay for almost £1000, and I put it up a lot less than a JV Squier which is basically what it was. I think if you hold your nerve and are prepared to trade too you can achieve a good return. I was not prepared to risk the market price by starting low and maybe not hitting a target price. In all the ads I stated a price ( which I subsequently dropped ) and said I was amenable to offers.