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  1. Now you point it out, that's what i see now!
  2. PB-50 Headstock Re-shape

    Tea? That's made from flowers and I don't want to harm any beautiful flowers.....
  3. Leaving a band

    I've heard the point of a 'shoe-gazing' band that they don't make eye contact but just look at their shoes, or have I got that wrong?
  4. PB-50 Headstock Re-shape

    Yes it's a looky-likey. With regard to the mod, weirdly I have carved up my older Telebass because it is more road-worn and had been modded anyway for another pickup but the Blueflower is all pristine and it feels sacrilegious to start digging away at it! I have the tools, routers and the skills. As you say, I will know it is there, even if it is obscured. I have another pickup which may be a bit hotter and would have no qualms about swapping that but harming those flowers seems cruel. They are real flowers....
  5. Deffo a decal and a strange bit of distressing below the bridge, wonder how that happened?
  6. Bassist Ad again

    I do wonder if he is being 'provocative' in order to get a response? He has been advertising on JMB for some time...
  7. PB-50 Headstock Re-shape

    Varitone switch is 25 x 31x17mm so will not fit my Blueflower cavity without enlarging it and I am reluctant to do this for visual reasons( even though it will be hidden).Weird?
  8. Bassist Ad again

    I've now found the earlier ad which alerted me to him: Well, I’ve met some dreamers, wishful thinkers and enthusiastic but badly organised bands over the last month. It’s been a bit of fun but I’m an experienced bass player and maybe I need to get serious. I have years of experience and have played most genres . I have good kit and transport and have played professionally. Now I would be happy to either play for fun or money provided the other musicians are as committed as me. Get in touch, I have no ego.
  9. Bassist Ad again

    A little while ago I posted an ad from this person from JMB. Many (though not I) thought his attitude was fine. He has now posted a new ad in an adjacent area and I thought it was worthy of some air-time: Hello, I haven’t advertised in the Dorset area before. I’ll write slowly so you’ ll understand me. I’m an experienced bass player looking to join other musicians with experience to play just about any genre, there’s a posh word for you, genre. I’m willing to commit to only one band, don’t want to do dep work, that’s short for “deputising “ as you say in Dorset. As I’ve said, I’m experienced and just looking for the right opportunity playing music . I have professional gear and reliable transport. I don’t have a pidgeon loft, so use the internet to get in touch.
  10. PB-50 Headstock Re-shape

    Nice instructions, I drew around my telebass headstock onto paper and used that as a template and then just free-styled a little. I fitted a twin saddle bridge on the Telebass, then put a cover over it... so have removed the cover. However the intonation was fine. Was toying with doing the string through and twin saddle conversion on the HB but don't think its worth putting that much extra money into it. I've also reversed my Herring pickup back out of the HB as the Bass going up for sale now I have the Blueflower. One thing I was wondering from looking at another thread, was as there is just the single pickup, whether a varitone conversion would work well, as tonally it is quite limited? Was actually thinking of this for the Blueflower but it is quite a narrow shallow control plate area and I don't want to be hacking lumps out of it... Forgot to say to the OP, notice you have copper lined the cavity: did you find an issue with noise as I've had no problems with mine on either pickup.
  11. Large Selection of Bass Guitar Books

    Both the Fender bass books please, if still available? (unless they both cover the same ground, in which case I'll have the best one!)
  12. Any recommendations for stain

    Don't smoke or use near naked flames...
  13. Precisions

    Here we go with 2 although to be pedantic, one is a Telecaster bass:
  14. rattly truss rod (I think)

    I had the same issue, tried everything and narrowed it down to the truss rod. If I rapped my Knuckes on the neck you could hear it rattling. Unfortunately I sent it back to the shop to check out, they sent it back to Fender ( w/o my permission) and I lost the Bass. Tweaking the truss rod made no difference ( and it still worked) but I was prepared to inject some silicone down the channel to see if that would damp it yet not render the rod unusable. The other option was to tease out the central dot marker, carefully drill down to the rod and inject more silicone there too, fill and then replace dot marker with a new one.
  15. Bass related oxymorons

    plays like butter