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  1. They don't get much sun in Stockport.....
  2. Looks a bit like an old Bose speaker ,before they were made out of plastic?
  3. The new Margo Price 'Thats how rumours get started' with Pino on Bass and James Gadson on Drums. here's a sample with her touring band.
  4. Rumour has it there will be a celebrity endorsed Bob Daisley version.......
  5. and make sure, like these, they are reverse tuners too!
  6. Samick- EB2/Epi Rivoli copy but you can get a replacement bridge for them that has intonation!
  7. Black Paisley on a Jazz 😦? Paisley should either be Pink or Blue and only on an early P Bass body......
  8. Go up to the Bass and say, " I think you need to go, it isn't you, it's me, I don't love you, in fact i've never loved you'.
  9. Can you get Steve to arrange for it to be 5 o'clock somewhere?
  10. Bought a Warwick Star Bass from ebay about a month ago. No issues, it arrived as described and all through the transaction the Seller kept me up to date with things. He had good feedback which helped my decision and after it arrived and I mentioned it did not come with the strap part of the strap locks, he apologised and posted on to me the relevant bits.
  11. Sam Wilkes plays on a lot of Scary Pockets/Pomplamouse stuff too:
  12. Don't think it is a scam and for a couple of £ it's your choice if you enter. Obviously we don't know how many tickets they are selling for each draw but probably better odds than the lottery, although the prize is much smaller. The question for the Ibby is 'what is the standard tuning for a 5 string bass' and it gives 3 options so someone has done a little homework. The 'about us' says it's run by a Pro Bass player( who's probably seen all his bookings evaporate ) and has come up with this income generating idea. One can only assume he has looked into the legitamacy of it all? Just revisiting it, it appears the photos are in the same background so they will be his own Basses he is selling and has come up with this way of doing it?
  13. @NoirBass, have a good one and thanks for posting these!😎
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