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  1. So people can come up to you after a gig and ask you why? I believe with fanned frets it makes a difference, but there is another source of info in Sussex who may know( and must remain un-named), as he does wild and wacky things with pickups....
  2. I've been so jealous, I've been unable to comment until now...that looks ( and presumably sounds) one hell of a bass!😍
  3. You need to keep Bees, then you could name one 'Sting'.....
  4. Think yourself lucky, G4M sent a Jaguar Bass I had back to Fender (despite me telling them not to) and they then wrote it off and sent me a refund. It was the last one in the country and it was gone...!
  5. A quick read-around seems to indicate it is the more advanced ones that allow you to combine, so you get what you give! I did try and attach a rocket to my Bass but luckily it fell off before I hit the cliff.......
  6. I like presents on my Birthday and at Christmas. The real bummer is that these events are only 1 day apart so there is no breathing space or time to play with them before the next lot arrive.
  7. Managed a socially distanced outdoors gig at a localish pub (mentioned in Tess of the Durbervilles) last night. Around 30 punters in groups of 4 on tables and strawbales around a big back yard. Landlord is brassic so we passed a hat around...only problem is most now pay by card! Next time get a card reader! Still it was nice just to get out and play to an audience.
  8. Managed to do an outdoors socially distanced gig last night and it was the first outing for the Warwick Star Bass. I almost had it crashing to the ground as the front strap lock ceased to lock and the Bass was hanging by its weight. As it was dark and I was working by torchlight it was impossible to see what was wrong but notwithstanding the stupid design where the release pin can be easily knocked by one's belly ( as the strap locator is on the neck/body joint at the back), I did a little research and sorted the issue. Whilst it is obvious to say check the pins are locked, what happens is the little slider in the centre needs some lubrication otherwise it does not spring back out and lock everything in place. There is a tiny hole on the reverse centre of the post and I put some clear silicone grease in there and worked the mechanism until the central pin moved freely and enabled a full lock-out. So check your pins and ensure they are locking out!
  9. Mind they did a really good job in making sure everyone who qualified got one......
  10. Taxpayers money is being squandered and there is no tender procedure and no accountability. Not to mention how many of these firms make huge contributions to a certain political party, quid pro quo?
  11. Ambitious? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/324299926147?ul_noapp=true
  12. or maybe Dr Hook and the Medicine Show?
  13. I hear The Vaccines have canned their Christmas Album too....
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