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  1. Dream bass!

    Interesting you talk about your new one having a low action. The one I played at the SWB had (IMHO) the highest action of any bass I'd ever played and I could not work out why he had set it so high, it actually put me off. But equally I could appreciate it was/is a very nice Bass
  2. Lovely Paisley Bass

    Who do those control knobs remind me of...?
  3. Stu Hamm Clinic at Markbass HQ

    Anyone translate? I got 'Los Angeles'
  4. New to forum Framus info please :)

    You could contact Warwick who own the Framus brand now and see if they can i.d. it? http://www.warwickbass.com/en/Home.html
  5. How does anyone compete with this?

  6. The nadir of my musical career...

    Smokey's 'Alice' song, with the profanities...
  7. Y I bet a woman designed this as well
  8. The Big Fat South-West Bass Bash 2018!!

    You always have new toys....!
  9. Ageing metal parts with Hydrochloric Acid

    It's Chrome which seemed to work on the Youtube tutorials using Muriatic acid (which is US speak for Hydrochloric). Do you have a different method for Chrome please?
  10. Plays like butter...

    Minty Fresh...?
  11. I bought Hydrochloric Acid (0.1M, 0.1N) to age some metalwork on a Bass by the 'Tupperware Fume' method. As nothing is happening are there any chemists out there who can advise please? I suspect as some offered on sale was 35% I have got a very low dilution at 0.1N/M? If that's the case, would I be able to immerse the items or am I wasting my time and need to get the stronger gear? I tried using Vinegar which works on screws, but nowt else.... I'm trying to replicate that dull metal finish for a new bridge guard on an old Bass....
  12. PM's and Yellow Stickies

    thanks for the info.
  13. PM's and Yellow Stickies

    As some may know, I was having issues with a fellow BC member who despite having something for sale has steadfastly ignored my PM's and messages I left on his For Sale item thread. In fact I started stalking him by posting messages to him on threads he was viewing, to no avail! This was all on the old version of Basschat last week. I can only assume he was on a Mobile version of BC and did not have PM alerts enabled? Can anyone explain on the new version of site, if I send him a sticky will he definitely get it, even if on a Mobile device, and ditto re a PM? Forgot to add, on the old system you could see if someone had read your PM, is there this facility with the new PM's/sticky? Cheers Keith
  14. Line 6 Helix.