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  1. yorks5stringer

    Am I too opinionated to be in a band?

    MacArthur Park? I'd kill to play that in a band at any speed! But much more likely to be Brown Eyed Girl or Sex on Fire. P.S. noticed you were being ironic.
  2. yorks5stringer

    Jescar Jumbo Fret wire

    Dunno, but listening to Lee Sklaar on a podcast last week he was singing the praises of banjo fret wire......
  3. yorks5stringer

    Ashdown selling Lodestones

    Bit rubbish expecting you to shell out £950 for something that is not working and no explanation why? Can't think why anyone would want to buy it or even be associated with Ashdown: it just does not reflect well on them IMHO!
  4. yorks5stringer

    Self Build and Parts

    Or buy a Harley Benton and ditch the hardware..or even one of their kits? I guess an idea of your budget would be helpful too?
  5. yorks5stringer

    Self Build and Parts

    That's 3 words? I knew they did graphite necks but was not aware they sold bodies and they could be a bit expensive for a bitsa....?
  6. yorks5stringer

    Fake As Hell P-Bass

    Yes they did: I was sad enough to go and look it up in my Fender Book but that's a much more modern transfer anyway.
  7. yorks5stringer

    Self Build and Parts

    Allparts, Axesrus, Northwest Guitars, Warmoth, plus Google!
  8. yorks5stringer

    The Big Fat South-West Bass Bash 2019 - Sun 7 April

    plus 72 Telecaster Bass....
  9. yorks5stringer

    The Big Fat South-West Bass Bash 2019 - Sun 7 April

    I'll bring my 2018 Precision Player, 2003 Blue Flower P and 1972 Telecaster Bass.
  10. yorks5stringer

    Leland Sklar Interview and More!

    Great interview, Lee is one of my heroes and I grew up listening to his playing although was not aware of it at the time. A lovely guy and some great anecdotes too. Believe it or not( small world detail), a guy I know in the next village to me in remote Somerset is one of the Tour Managers for Phil C, although he's not doing this Australian Tour.
  11. yorks5stringer

    Paul McCartney: Overrated or What?

    'Overrated or What'? I'd go for WHAT? He's still writing and performing 50 years after his heyday: compare that to his contemporaries and whilst there has been a drop -off compared to his earlier stuff he's still a legend. He also has a back catalogue to 'live and let die for' too.. Here's one of my faves, listen to the vox
  12. yorks5stringer

    kodiakblair Feedback

    Davie spotted my twin saddle P Bridge, made instant payment and great comms. too. Buy or sell to him with confidence.
  13. yorks5stringer

    NOBD (new old bass day)

    No, had the whole body done in nitro: just 4 coats and no clear coat so the dints and scratches and bare patches below will/have already re-emerged. Will take some better photos when it is not raining and the light is better.
  14. yorks5stringer

    Yellow Bass Porn Thread

  15. yorks5stringer

    Yellow Bass Porn Thread

    Well this is 'Aged White' but it has more of a yellow tinge than I expected....