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  1. I went to Burning Man one year but had the Hog Roast....
  2. Just been reading the reviews of the headliners from the weekend, in particular Miss Ross and Macca. Both had 4/5 stars although there were mentions of the limitations of age on the voices of both. I winced at some of the Macca stuff, ( must have watched the last 15 minutes of his set) and dipped in and out of DR (which had me more than wincing)! Even the 5 second bits on the news from DR sounded out of tune to me. Am I being too critical or is it because I dabble in music I have a heightened sense of pitch? Everyone at the performances seemed to be having a good time but I guess it was more than about the musical bits..?
  3. Lucky man, I've seen him a couple of times and he's always been excellent
  4. I think someone told Kacey Musgraves it always rains at Glasto as she is sporting a pair of Black Hunters in sweltering heat. She's just remarked that they are 'useless'! Nice bass work on 'There is a light' too
  5. Least we can't complain about the vocal mixes!
  6. ...bit like their political reporting!
  7. The ex owner of CBG posted this just a few posts up from here..... Hi, It’s David here - ex CBG. Thank you for all the kind words, I am indeed okay but since 2017 have had multiple ongoing family health issues which unfortunately meant that everything Bass related (as well as other things!) were pretty much abandoned. With hindsight, I would have loved to have reached out at the time and explained the situation, and of course thanked all my great customers for so many enjoyable and pleasant transactions and communications......as I say, with hindsight, so apologies. I am most unlikely to resurrect CBG so will just be a regular bassist suffering from GAS! It also means a few personal Bass related items will soon be listed under MungoBass. David
  8. Have you tried getting a Prius along the A361 this weekend.......
  9. Bass Snobbery thread, possibly the cheapest bass on stage. Laura Lee’s main bass is this funky looking SX J-style bass. This guitar has been upgraded with DiMarzio Ultra Jazz pickups, and astoundingly bears the same D’Addario Chrome flatwound strings from the day Lee bought it – over nine years ago. Lee plays with the ashtray cover attached, and stuffs the interior with grey foam ( not black or white foam)!
  10. I thought it was me, but when they switched from one lead vocal to the other it was as if the soundie was caught on the hop with the different levels?
  11. I don't find Finneas very attractive...
  12. Bit confused here....on the one hand she has 'not very attractive backing singers' and on the other she's 'trying to be sexy'. Which is it you want in an artiste?
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