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  1. It's the spirit of Jaco visiting you in these troubled times.....
  2. Must get my ice-scaper out of the car door.......! For some reason it will not copy the correct track but if you go onto the playlist top right it will come up.
  3. Went for £19.50 and sold by River Cottage..last time I'm watching Hugh!
  4. There's lots of repeats on at the moment, your day may come!
  5. With 1.5 hours to go it has 1 bid, presumably someone who's fire is burning low....?
  6. I had a natural G&L Tribute many moons ago that had a knot in the front.....
  7. She did submit one in April 2019 having only turned over a couple of £1000. She intends to do another one now but given how she is still building the business, profits are still low. But thanks for the advice.
  8. My daughter is a self employed Yoga and Pilates teacher in London. She started from scratch last January 2019 having returned to the UK after working abroad. Needless to say she has not got the 3 years accounts nor profits to qualify for the Self Employed assistance and because she saved £8,000 abroad, does not qualify for Universal Credit. She's now teaching online ( which is not ideal) to create an income stream. However there are others much worse off with huge outgoings, she has very few living at Chez Yorks5stringer.
  9. You'll probably find that if you ordered from the USA it would actually be more than £80 postage as there will be 24% import and VAT added too. I'd factor in you won't have to pay that additional cost of £100 plus when buying something from the UK or Europe.....
  10. Interesting because when Labour came in they enthusiastically took on board what the Tories had started..PFI. This built a load of schools and hospitals but hid the true cost from the balance books and we are still paying for it now. One wonders why the Govt then could not be more open about these costs, was it the electorate would not have stood for it? Nowadays when Boris says he is building 40 new hospitals we all know we will be lucky to see 4 or 5. Is it the bar has been lowered considerably re expectations? Actually, when the current sh*tstorm is over we may not see any new hospitals....?
  11. Not rushing to their defence but I wonder if the passage of time and UV light has caused the difference on colours now apparent?
  12. True but could not remember the name of those Magnum thingies....😞
  13. But like just a c*ckcroach it may survive a nucleaur explosion intact?
  14. You usually need quite a long drill to get the right angle and given the rest of the corpse ( could not use the word body) looks as if it has been worked with only rudimentary tools, it may explain the channel ( I prefer to call it a scar) being hacked out.
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