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  1. A BBOT ( look it up) is standard on so many Basses and as you say you could always upgrade if you were that bothered. A heavier duty one may not make much if any difference to the tone which is supposedly down to the woods......(runs for cover)!
  2. Long long time ago Terrorvision played a promo gig in either Virgin or HMV in Bradford upstairs. Not a huge fan but the singer liked them so we all went along and I found myself in front of the bass bin. I thought it would have been an acoustic session so did not bring ear plugs......I got punched in the chest with every note the bass played and my ears rang for about a week afterwards...... Years later met Lee Marklew as we both had Alfa 159 Sportwagons and only lived around 5 minutes away. At the time I was storing around a dozen high end bases (Aleva Copolla etc) for a local Bass Retailer prior to the LBS so gave him a quick tour of them all, it would have been rude not to!
  3. Yes, there are a few of us about but I had 10 seconds of thinking 'wow it could be me'.......
  4. Apparently they could not work out a way to record together as both refused to wear masks....
  5. Just caught the end of it having made a few entries myself and the penultimate Bass was a gorgeous Red 66 Jazz Bass (genuine). Scott said the first name of the winner which was 'Keith' and my heart stopped, he then said 'all the Keith's will be wondering if it is them' and then he said the guy's surname which was not mine.....still I missed the earlier giveaways so here's hoping! If anyone from BC did win in the draw, then well done !!
  6. Could I be extremely pedantic and suggest the thread be re-titled back to 'South West Bass Bash' as anyone who has not followed the saga will have a clue what all the acronyms are? Thus It may encourage someone who is not a member but in the SW to attend?🎸 BTW, the date is fine by me too.(BTW- by the way)!
  7. OK. I'll bite although it's not a sofa, but his workshop, oh doesn't everything end up locked now too?
  8. Can't sell this as I made it on a Shuker course and it was financed by a small inheritance from my Godfather.....
  9. Just seen this in Private Eye, written by an Amazon Driver, think it gives a perspective from the drivers viewpoint... Scan 5.pdf
  10. Just visited their website, the 'about' page shows him building a Jazz type Bass.
  11. In the UK we have enjoyed a long line of comedians that have started off at Oxbridge: Python are probably the most famous. Personally I find SL challenging, thought-provoking not smug, and am a fan, just wish I could go and see him live, the gig has been cancelled at least 3 times now!
  12. 'Its value is in its road-worn condition'.........🤔
  13. Favourite Album? Yes, you're gonna have to work a little for this one...
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