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  1. 5 pages.. Slow day in the office here, read them all.. Just my twopence, but I've not come across a more trusting classified marketplace than Basschat. Possibly I've just been lucky, but almost everyone I've sold to / bought from has gone above and beyond the usual levels of help and communication you'd get elsewhere. There's the occassional tyre kickers but generally well meaning. If you want a schooling in the abuse of trust and 'honour' Ebay and Gumtree both have a lot to offer..
  2. interesting @Lozz196 - not heard of that as a reason for using maple boards before I’m generally always blank dark/rosewood fboards, definitely had a few sketchy moments where I can’t see the side dots..
  3. Loved my Aerodyne, wasn’t aware of any bad press - they always just seemed quite overlooked. Jazz neck, PJ and all that gunmetal.. The lightest bass Fender produce too
  4. Yeah I’d long since left FB but created a dummy acct to look at bass stuff..
  5. Drax

    Bass ID ?

    Could someone tell me what this bass is?
  6. SIMs pickups and a Tonestyler - for the man who can’t make up his mind what bass he wants 🙂 Interesting that such a versatile sounding bass should come from a guy who’s carved a career playing MOR 80’s hard rock.
  7. It’s a moot point isn’t it - endorsements are given for profile, not talent.
  8. Cool. Not seen SIMs pickups make it to another manufacturer’s production bass before, is this a first for them?
  9. Try one on with a bass before you commit. Gator is great, and half the price of a Vertigo, but personally I didn’t get on with the shoulder straps, for me those D rings at the top of the straps dug in. For many this isn’t an issue. My Vertigo is the one piece of kit that hasn’t been swapped out in 8yrs, despite the best efforts of GAS.
  10. Late to this thread but given how little activity there is on this channel, thought I'd throw this in. I found this Janek book really helpful. Lots of interesting exercises that have improved my technical facility, and new approaches that have sparked more ideas over standard progressions..
  11. Probably not a conscious decision on their part, everything I've asked re commission sale they've taken. In recent weeks, one went in less than 24hrs, a more unusual one took 2 wks - both for prices I was happy with. Possibly a sign of more straitend times that there's generally just less activity. Would assume there's also a summer slowdown too.
  12. Not sure how long basses hanging behind a door would last in our house
  13. String tension? Had numerous hand / wrist tendon issues over the years, generally caused by a combination of scenarios. If you've got a weakness it can be something as innocuous as a higher tension string set that triggers it..
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