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  1. I reluctantly square off high ticket prices these days with the fact I pay a pittance to stream music and rarely buy physical copies. Not particularly delighted at the way this model has evolved but that's the gig now. There's some lower overheads at Ronnies, but also a stack of fixed costs that don't change - travel, accomodation, their time, etc. Ultimately would always prefer to see a band I like play a smaller venue, and accept you pay more for this.
  2. Thanks for the tip off, missed this. There’s no bad seats - the band won’t all fit on the stage anyway. ‘Restricted View’ £75 are the ones to get. *capacity listed at 250 apparently
  3. 3 formative tracks released in teen years (from 89) Megadeth - Holy wars Jamiroquai - when you gonna learn orbital - impact
  4. Nice buy. Love the necks on these. Which of your idols was in there?!
  5. This ^. Less force needed to play round (not hex) core - DR or Newtone worth checking.
  6. Standard operating procedure for DHL etc ..
  7. What a beautiful track - not heard that before. Cracking transcription - can see why it took so long.
  8. With royalties eroded, guess we can expect to see more humiliation of successful musicians w*nking for coins. Shame we never got to see Lemmy on I'm a Celebrity.. or Ralf Hutter on Bake Off etc..
  9. Terry is great. Highly recommended. Why do you not want to use Martin @ Gallery ?
  10. Sounds like you're sold on Aguilar. It's great gear - been using TH500 for years now. Assuming you like the sound and controls, the small footprint and light weight are a winner. I run TH500 into TKS S112 cabs (worth checking, I switched from getting SL112's to these..). Generally one cab enough, larger gigs I might take both but generally for show as will be mainly DI anyway...
  11. @BrunoBass Curious how this ended. Did you play the gig?
  12. Take a punt and get it. If it doesn’t work for you just sell it here.
  13. Maruszczyk built me v similar spec (24 unlined, swamp ash / ebony, Aguilar JJ ) for under £2k. Their configurator is addictive but they’ll also meet other requests not listed. *Alpher look great, been admiring them for a while. British too
  14. Could you get away with a 4 string BEAD?
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