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  1. It’s an extreme example but if you love it, can afford it, (and know it won’t make you a better player), then it’s worth it.
  2. Full list .. Some gems, some random old things, and a 52 P bass.. Also this vid worth a watch, appreciate this is bass not guitar chat, but the provenance on the 3 guitars here is something else
  3. Not quite a musician - but inextricably linked, and for me more influential than many musicians I rate - was terribly sad when John Peel passed away so suddenly, a real loss.
  4. Impressive. They look like great instruments (& price tags to match)
  5. Brief diversion - they’ve also got this 2nd hand bass for sale, with screwless neck join.. Not seen this before, anyone any experience with these? How do they work? https://reverb.com/uk/item/22712281-luthier-andy-schack-unique-v-classic-bass-bartolini-activ-pickups
  6. It’s a beauty. East pre is killer, what pups does it have? Transitioning to 5 mainly about muting, comes easier to some than others - can be tougher the longer you’ve been on 4, and how fast / technically demanding the stuff you play is. Some good SBL stuff on it, this is basic but worth a look.
  7. Bought a new Streamer in 94 - was a huge fan of Zender then. Heard recently he recorded most of Emergency.. on a P bass. Is this nonsense, can anyone verify ?
  8. Bought an Aerodyne to solve exactly the question you’re asking. Jazz neck, split coil. Cracking bass, lovely matched headstock and smoked metal - also the lightest 34inch scale they make, surprised they’re such a rare sight. Like any PJ, not entirely sure the split coil is in the mm exact traditional P position but really does the job live.
  9. Same. Had the Jeff Berlin 4 String. Very well made (albeit £800), great hardware - babibcz bridge, hipshot ultras, and a really fabulous neck. But - totally anemic Bart pups.. I play a lot of jazz so I didn’t feel I was asking something they weren’t designed for, but found them so bland and lacking in character.. Did eventually sell it on but do remember the neck as one of the best I’ve ever played - part of me has regretted not just swapping the Barts out.
  10. Very early pic of 'Arry. Thought might be a Gibson but probably wrong. Any ideas?
  11. This one is 4.2kg / 9.25lb..
  12. One here. My first Ibanez - ashamed to say the brand snob in me always steered clear - BUT.. I'm getting more pragmatic in my old age, (and owned many underwhelming basses from long coveted brands) - so on a long 5 string hunt tried hard to be agnostic. New SR premiums won on neck feel, and new alliance with Aguilar won me over on sound. Super Doubles have great character, pre amp is good. Always found adjustable mid freq critical on 3 band (live at least), glad at least switchable (shame not a sweep). Adjustable bridge spacing works well, reduced to 17mm.. Crap stock strings as you'd expect but transformed with DR sunbeams. Sounded good in rehearsal, looking forward to testing in anger with gigs next wk.
  13. Yes the new SR2405W has titanium rods.. https://www.ibanez.com/usa/products/detail/sr2405w_1p_01.html
  14. If it’s a contest - entirely subjective but that first video - based on the music (and the strings) the fingers win
  15. There’s not much point berating someone for having different taste. We’re all ‘right’ because that’s what we like, but it doesn’t make anyone else’s choices ‘wrong’.
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