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  1. From past experience any available drummer or guitarist advertising themselves as having 'pro gear' is generally the last person you want to be in a band with.
  2. Love that, great level of detail he's pulled together. Great series in fact, now working through the others..
  3. These alt uses are good. I can't be the only BCer who bought these without having any need - my basses all have Schallers on (which I believe might also be @ped 's most hated straplock). Maybe need a new bass to go with these.
  4. That was my first thought. It's the most immediate 'wrong' when you see it
  5. If it felt good, and sounded good, I'd say they're not flaws but 'character' and keep it. But you've gotta be happy yourself, if you're not happy absolutely swap it. I must be easily pleased
  6. Bests - Amazon cheap wireless, one less tangle at home. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07L5B64RG/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Sire P7 and V3 too, both this year. P7 so won me over I sold my Roscoe. Worsts - trial and error on 5 string flats cost a lot. Settled on 760FS-Bs.
  7. Funnily enough was sent this yesterday Generally think of Prince as someone who would be regarded in the top ranks on thier instrument, if they didn't play so many instruments.
  8. Not faulty Design is form and function. How well it does the job, how it looks doing it.
  9. Might have already been said Wooden pickguards Wooden pickup covers Wooden volume / tone knobs Those Warwick wooden tuning pegs Basically wood where there should be metal / plastic
  10. +1 for NYXLs. One of the more pliable hex cores out there, sound great. If string stiffness is ongoing issue, DRs are a great round core choice.
  11. Great Stephen Fry quote on Critics “Picture this scene. A critic arrives at the gates of heaven. 'And what did you do?' asks Saint Peter. 'Well', says the dead soul. 'I criticised things'. 'I beg your pardon?' 'You know, other people wrote things, performed things, painted things and I said stuff like, "thin and unconvincing", "turgid and uninspired", "competent and serviceable,"...you know'.”
  12. Alas injured leg so can't ride 'his' bike anymore..
  13. Ryan Thaxter was the guy selling...
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