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  1. Lots of people around that could do this for you. @Andyjr1515 has done some fantastic work for people on here. Martin Sims (Sims Guitar Works) great too.
  2. Edit - after reading the other posts here wanted to clarify this was about the random '6 string deps' I've come across (sample of 3) who've generally taken themselves a little too seriously, been snobby about the well paid gig they're on and were keen to signal this to the rest of the band. There does also exist some inverse snobbery from other instrumentalists when a 6 string is pulled out. I'm not one of those but I've seen it happen, and like others have said here - so what. It's your playing, and mainly your personality that gets you gigs - not your gear. So for the record most 6 string players are not miserable sods, and certainly not those of this parish. Some of my best friends are 6 string players etc..
  3. A dozen comments in, we’ve all failed to mention this epic photo I really hope that’s you at a wedding soloing over Mustang Sally
  4. I know a few bassists on the function circuit who will rock up with a 6 string to a wedding gig. Generally miserable sods bitter about playing function music and not much fun to be around, usually not first choice call.
  5. Stages can be hot under the lights, but there's a difference between sweat running down to your hands (which sweatbands help), and just general sweaty palms - which is usually nerves..
  6. Some people are just crap at responding, esp those that don’t sell often, plus it’s holiday season. See what the quality of communication is like when they eventually surface.
  7. More hot yoga and quinoa I guess. London’s loss is Leeds gain - definitely worth a visit if you’re into the vintage thing, Andy’s prices are on paper not the cheapest, but he sources great instruments
  8. Just seen Andy has moved the shop to Leeds. Having bought and sold through him in the past, did enjoy the luxury of having a physical shop like that in London - assume online trade and London rents helped make the decision. Shame to see it move though - aside from the chain stores, just the Gallery left now..
  9. You have to be really organised to get a Glastonbury ticket now - who wants to go to a festival full of really organised people? Keen to avoid 'better in my day' - but never remember anyone giving a sh*t about the line up. Everyone was generally only bothered about the weather, and drugs.
  10. Just watched their Killers cover on youtube. Sound aside (just phone recording) I've not seen one of these 'local' covers that doesn't curl toes. Seeing them next month in Berlin on a lads beano, looking forward to the trip but reasonably low expectations for the gig.
  11. Not saying Fender needs an update, but a Porsche today only has a silhouette in common with one 50 years ago.
  12. Beast of an entry to 5 string! You’re right the biggest hurdle is muting, esp at volume / speed. Takes a lot of perseverance to attain the same fluency you’ve currently got on 4. For exercises, I found working through the modes across 5 strings was a huge help, getting muscle memory going with 5 fret / 2 octave runs. Looks elementary but some sound advice here ..
  13. How does a thicker core affect the sound / tone of the string ?
  14. Yep it’s a VM. Much loved - and for the money you’d get selling it, you won’t get a better passive jazz. Great bass for either you or your daughter.
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