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  1. From what we know, they’re still in ok financial shape and own about 25% of the market, so they’re doing something right. Possibly we, the vocal BC minority aren’t their target market. It’s natural they’re going to be paralysed by past success (and Gibsons mis steps), and terrified of cannibalising existing business. Their ‘configurator’ is a joke next to anyone else’s. There’s obviously a plan behind all this. Shame we can’t see their financials, be interesting to see what they make where.
  2. Guess the line up is pretty much as we’ve come to expect, given their last 70 years of R&D. What was particularly funny about this launch was the huge preamble with teaser vids and a big reveal date. Think the strapline was ‘changing the way you play forever’. Guy Fawkes night in the UK. Not quite firewood but some way from fireworks. Maybe an indoor firework ..
  3. Thread revival once again. New build from Keith & co. Walnut / swamp ash, Aguilar Superdoubles
  4. Beautiful detail. Love the matched rear headstock..
  5. Because Thumbs aren't heavy enough.. Fabulous mutation just surfaced https://thebassgallery.com/collections/bass/products/warwick-thumb-double-neck ....never considered how you even store a doubleneck?
  6. Jazz group rehearses once or twice between monthly gigs. Covers band 1 - 2 rehearsals depending on how long it's been. Both are hobby bands, everyone has day jobs. Couldn't agree more with the whole Practice vs Rehearsal. Players (guitarists) thinking they've learned the song by playing through the chords once to the record.. Interesting point on where you rehearse. Easy to become v used to the sound, and environment - band all facing eachother etc. As Mike Tyson once said - Everyone has a plan until you plug into the venue's PA
  7. this ^^ Cracking basses, and the lightest Fender make too.. Sold a (mint, J) Aerodyne last month on commission sale for £750, so £650 feels ok for private sale for something that rarely surfaces, dependent on condition. If you know you like P necks, you'll be happy with the rest of the bass.
  8. That's interesting. I saw it used with a regular gig bag, and extra foam inserts, seemed ok but maybe they got lucky. You sound like you've tried and tested though - and the iseries does look so much more secure. Folks on TB have talked of carrying bass on in light gig bag and asking it be kept in the 'captains cupboard' or something. Maybe that's just US internal flights where you can chance that.
  9. +1 for Ed. Berklee Jazz bass book worth checking too
  10. Please don't put it in the hold in an M80 ! Will end very badly. You could, take off the neck and put whole thing in a suitcase surrounded by clothes. Or buy a proper flightcase. Have seen people using this to good effect.
  11. In my experience the disappointment has come from things not quite turning out as imagined, often an element that in hindsight maybe the builder could have saved me from myself. That and woods / colours looking markedly different on a laptop vs reality. If you've met with the luthier in person you'll have worked all these out. Good luck and enjoy the wait
  12. Waited 9 months for a custom build, then really didn't get on with it. Got it refinished thinking I'd love it more, but didn't. Moved it on 3 months later, losing a huge amount in the process. Not my first mistake and I'm sure won't be my last.
  13. 5 pages.. Slow day in the office here, read them all.. Just my twopence, but I've not come across a more trusting classified marketplace than Basschat. Possibly I've just been lucky, but almost everyone I've sold to / bought from has gone above and beyond the usual levels of help and communication you'd get elsewhere. There's the occassional tyre kickers but generally well meaning. If you want a schooling in the abuse of trust and 'honour' Ebay and Gumtree both have a lot to offer..
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