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  1. Same! Gave up waiting last month and grabbed black V3 5, love it. Sorry @la bam slight hijack. This won’t hang around long. GLWTS
  2. Always nice (and rare?) to see a luthier who's also a great player. What a job to have.
  3. Some manky stuff there, it's like a house clearance
  4. Anyone else zooming in on the CD collection? Beast of a bass - GLWTS
  5. I've found one of the life rules for long term tenure on Basschat is happily walk away from subjective threads. If someone thinks Mozart / Hendrix / Miles Davis was crap, and 10 others pile in with a Like, whatever. Sleep easy knowing the majority read what you did and thought the same as you.
  6. Happy to believe in Middle C and A440 ..
  7. Andertons accept a return within 2 wks. Costs you £15 but they’ll collect it. Worth a go if you really like the look of it?
  8. Sires 5’s are fabulous- P7 and V3 here. V3 gets more airtime these days, nicer neck. Shame not to spend the full £1K though - go with your gut , Ray 5 a great choice.
  9. Haha. So.. your mum thinks Macca is seriously overrated as a bass player 🤔 He’s strangely not far off the recurring ‘famous people who also play bass’ category on here
  10. Blimey poor OP. What a barrage of choices and lingo! I use neither but Scarlett and Reaper, job done.
  11. Wouldn’t read this as bad service, they just haven’t understood the question. Happens a lot in these global times.. just reword it and ask them directly again.
  12. Paul McCartney will always be the most famous bassist that has ever lived, so guess he’s always going to be the most under/over rated player in the world.
  13. Mods / Ped - can we have a 'gently disagree' button?
  14. Andy - lovely bass and GLWTS. Just curious as have a build underway - what are the 4 rotary options you assigned here?
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