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  1. Dance is pretty broad .. Three favourites From back in the day And danced many a night away to this.. Dead cert if DJing a wedding..
  2. That Oakenfold mix of Lemon, and Jnr Boys Own take on Salome, both brilliant. Not a fan of U2 but they had some great remixes in the 90s.
  3. Sounds great. Love the dog going to sleep at 2mins..
  4. It’s great how many photos we have of kids today. More photos in their first year than the average 50yr old has of their entire life. Made my first photo book recently (via BobBooks) - great way to preserve these memories, stacks of brownie points too.
  5. Been eyeing that one up on the Gallery’s site. Nice to hear you’re reunited- true love!
  6. If you liked that video you’d like his book - The Music Lesson. Great read, partly bass related but majors on music itself, and inner peace , sort of. Can’t really do it justice here but it’s worth checking. edit ; saying that as someone who has zero interest in listening to VW’s music
  7. For him is less about competing on rate, and more the fact the big corp and sideman work has just vanished entirely. Totally get what you're saying about reframing bandmates expectations, can see that will be an issue for many.
  8. It's a healthy debate as there's no definitive right answer. A large part of the decision comes down to where you are in the food chain. If you're a hobbyist doing originals, or any jazz, it's probably not about the money. So reduced fee at Dog & Duck etc isn't too demeaning and feels positive if you're helping an independent venue scrape by. Can see if you're on the tribute circuit - or where most full time musicians sit, my brother incl - sideman, corp gigs and teaching - playing for free is a different call.
  9. Small venues are in trouble and some need all the help they can get. Two approaches - Collecting for the band on the night (the proverbial passing a hat round) - Pro rata your usual fee there in line with their reduction in capacity. Don’t feel ‘musicians playing for free damages it for other musicians’ stands up right now in the current climate. Everyone needs to do what they can to help eachother.
  10. Ahh woods debate. Normal service is resuming. Isn't the accepted wisdom that whilst under lab conditions there is a difference, once you add all the other variables, studio or live, the ear can't tell. Not seen a conclusive blind test.
  11. No bad options above. Fan of red Sessioncake here, practical and straightforward. Phil Jones Bighead is fantastic kit but probably costs more than the bass.
  12. Great job making that - looks a beauty GLWTS
  13. TBF you can do alot worse than that and remain employed by the catholic church ..
  14. Depends on the piano, and then where you are in the UK. If you're in / near a metropolitan city you might find a local shop willing to take it off you, or punt out to gumtree. Further out it can be harder. We had real difficulty getting rid of a lovely Bechstein upright recently from my dad's house on Norfolk coast, couldn't give it away. They're bloody heavy and difficult to move - so transport is the main hurdle. Had one couple thinking they could wheel it home! Whoever collects needs min of tail lift, and ideally piano moving trolley. Best place to start is put some calls into nearest local music shops, they should have good idea of what it's like where you are.
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