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  1. None of the list would be a bad choice, and everyone will have a favourite. Personally huge fan of aerodynes. The lightest bass Fender make, versatile PJ, and quite rare - esp in grey. £900 is top end for used though (Bass Direct currently have red one @ £800)
  2. Summer gigs (remember them) always a beer towel handy, and sweatbands - for playing practicalities not instrument care. Occasionally wipe some dust off a pick up but only ever really cleaned a bass to sell it. All power to those more fastidious owners. I think if you’re regularly cycling through ownership of high end boutique basses (as @CamdenRob might occasionally do) - I can see why you might be a more caring owner.
  3. I buy almost everything in my life online, basses no exception. I do prefer to use the independents, and hope they retain the physical shops as they’re still pretty magical places to visit. There’s something hugely enjoyable about walking into a shop with cash to spend and seeing what they recommend. On one of the few times I’ve managed this, I left with a Cort Jeff Berlin, which I would never, ever have bought without someone putting in my hands.
  4. Totally agree. Start in earnest working front to back but bail after a few chapters. I dip back in though over the years, but never in order. Levine's Jazz Theory has been back out over lockdown. Unlike the profilic completionist @Bilbo , I also manage to apply this same distraction / inertia to transcribing, have an absolute stack of unfinished solos, alas never seem to revisit these..
  5. Can be a bit of a racket - works best with full on live bands. Adam Ant did / does it well. Really enjoyed him live a few years back. King Gizzard a great current example
  6. Cool. Yeah GHS quote Long Scale Plus at 38" winding length, vs 36.5" for the standard long scale. Unsure how this works on the Spector layout ..
  7. @Grahambythesea just doublecheck the lengths work for you. Bax deal looks like it's on Long Scale Plus. Always the way with these threads everyone chimes in with thier faves, but I'm a convert to Dunlop flats from LaBella for years, they're worth a look if you're trialling different brands. Have found noone else quite equals LaBella for that woody thump, just depends what sound you're after.
  8. You’ll love it I reckon. You’ll find lower fretboard lines - below say 9th fret - easier to play than you thought, and such a satisfying sound. It’s the higher register / higher & faster / or chords where life gets trickier. Try and record your practice as much as possible. Personally found there was often a painful gap between what I thought was in tune at the time, vs the reality. Can recall a few recorded jazz gigs and solos that still curl my toes.
  9. Haha. If you like old gear the same today as the day you bought it you’re a rare breed 😃 Encouraging you still like it, I’ll take that as a positive
  10. Reviving this thread - What’s the longer term review on the OC10 - is anyone still using one?
  11. Yeah welcome back NFF. Fabulous you’ve got the offending item - what are your plans for him?
  12. Drax

    Active bass

    Are you meant to finish the headstock yourself?
  13. Owned the (Jeff Berlin) Rhythmic4 for a while. At the time the most expensive Cort at £800 or so. Really well made, great hardware and a fantastic low profile neck. Personally found the Bart pickups so anaemic I sold it on - with hindsight should have modded. I never regret selling production basses you can always buy again, but do always keep an eye out for second hand. Assumed they didn’t sell well as people less willing to pay that much for a Cort branded instrument. Bass Direct had ‘signed’ version on sale for years!
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