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  1. There were a number of versions of this type of case on Amazon (seems a generic design possibly based on the much more expensive Pelican cases) but this was in my budget and more importantly the right size. Would probably fit a wide range of class D heads.
  2. After several weeks looking for a decent case and a few false starts with electrician bags, I received this yesterday from Thomann. £58 inc. postage. It feels really sturdy, latches are secure and the amp doesn't seem to move about at all. The foam was easy to press out and it fits the amp perfectly. Gigging tonight so, I'm feeling much more confident than carrying my D800+ around in its original, (limited) protective bag.
  3. None! Just 4 strapping lads in the early 50s It's all on wheels with heavy duty covers and the tops and amp is flightcased, meaning bags etc can be set on top. Win win!
  4. +1 for silent stage here too. We did play a few gigs this way before lockdown and all since restrictions have been relaxed. My set up at last week's weddings: Mesa D800+/Behringer P2 going into an A&H Q5. With some tweaking, I've dialled in a great bass sound. I have also have an LD wireless system but prefer the sound quality out of the P2. A very easy load in and out tops it all. We also bought a new PA just before the pandemic kicked off and it has been great to gig it too. All on wheels and takes about ten minutes to set up - https://www.harmonic-design.com/products/systems/hd-hls24-toursys1/ Whole band is using IEMs now and while it did take some investment and time to learn how to use all the new gear, there's no going back. Definitely worth trying it out if you can.
  5. That isn't a Fatfish 32 listed on the Andertons site but the discontinued Raymond. I think Merchant City can order in pretty much any bass that Reverend have in stock. Might be worth contacting them if you really want one.
  6. Unfortunately the turquoise is exclusive to Wildwood. Lovely colour.
  7. Reverend make three short scales - the Wattplower, the Dub King and the Sentinel. They also make a 32" scale, the Fatfish 32. I have written about my Reverends elsewhere on this site and have two 34" scales, a Mercalli and a Decision. Both are great basses but I fancied trying out a SS bass and the Sentinel appealed most to me. I received mine in March 2020. It is a lovely bass to play. Although is is light at just over 7lbs, you can tell that a lot of thought has gone into it - the ergonomics, aesthetics, components etc. and I was very impressed when I first plugged it in and the huge sound it produced. I Regarding the 3 way toggle, I prefer the middle setting. The neck setting is just not a tone that I would use, the bridge I do use for lighter, poppier, acoustic type material but the middle position is the best of both worlds. To sum it up, I would describe the tone, not as vintage but a more modern take on a P bass.
  8. Cheers Mike. My Reverend Sentinel ss is still my number one and the Sandberg is the only other ss that has caught my attention...so far. Who knows what next year brings!
  9. Lovely bass. Tell us more about your Dub King, Pinball. I've been considering getting one of these but wasn't sure about the body size. I have the Reverend Sentinel short scale and it is very comfortable to play but the DK body seems a good bit bigger. I also have a Mercalli 4 string and love the tone from the pickups. The Sentinel though has sort of ruined things for me and I am finding it harder to go back to playing my 34" scales. The Dub King is also the only SS they do with that pickup config. Wouldn't be interested in the Wattplower.
  10. I have a Reverend Sentinel short scale. I had considered the Wattplower Mk1 but when they released the Sentinel, I preferred the body shape, aesthetics and was drawn to the three way toggle that gives three very distinctive tones. Although Reverend guitars are made by Mirr Music in Korea, each guitar & bass, gets an in-depth set up at Reverend's HQ in the US. This has been my go to bass since I bought it last year and my other basses only get the occasional trip out of their cases before quickly returning. The Sentinel is lightweight, has great quality components (Hip Shot lightweight tuners, bespoke pickups and high mass bridge etc.) enjoyable to play and delivers a BIG sound. Merchant City are the largest UK dealer and carry these in stock. That's where I got mine and the customer service was first class. Worth considering. Have a look at this video. Although it is not a review of a short scale, the reviewer talks a lot about the quality etc.
  11. Have to agree with Dave's comments and decide whether I have to sell on the 800+ I bought from you last year, Mike 😎
  12. I have the D800+ amp rather than the preamp. I found this a very good demo (in spite of the language barrier) and I think it is representative of the tones I can get from the amp. I tried some of his settings, as well as my VT pedal which he demos as part of his signal chain in the video. BC, I used my D800 (non plus) at those gigs were space was at a premium, along with my IEMs and it worked surprisingly well. I did miss the thump of a cab behind me, but it doesn't take long to adjust. Hope you find this helpful:
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