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  1. No stock at Sweetwater either: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/SubwayTT800--mesa-boogie-subway-tt-800-lightweight-800-watt-bass-head
  2. Try TUSQ 0.88s or 1.00mm. I use the 1mm 'warm' / yellow ones after switching from Tort 0.88s. Much prefer my tone now.
  3. Good shot of the binding on the Mercalli.
  4. Well if you know the meaning of mercalli, you'll get the significance of the image 😁 ! Bench recycled shortly after destruction.
  5. I should add BassApprentice that I bought the Mercalli on the strength of a discussion on TalkBass and this review on YT (mine is the newer model with lightweight tuners, roasted maple neck etc.). I just thought it looking mighty and I was intrigued to try it out for myself. I didn't have the chance to try it first either and I don't regret it for a minute. Just check with MCM if they would take it back if you didn't like it.
  6. I would agree with that description, that the Mercalli is more rounded. I have found the Decision pickups are higher output and played with a pick, the bass can do throaty/aggressive really well. It delivers a big, full sound. It did take some experimenting with the blend knob and my amp settings to find the tone I wanted. A little goes a long way with those pickups and the controls on the Mesa Subway head (I recently upgraded to the D800+). The control configuration on both basses is exactly the same. With the Mercalli, I tend to favour the blend knob slightly forward, towards the neck pickup. It just seems to give it a clear but weighty thump than either pickup soloed. Like a Precision but with a little more bite if that makes sense. The bridge pickup almost sounds like the equivalent on a J bass to me. I tend not to solo it, although for poppier songs in our set, I would roll the blend slightly towards the bridge, just a little more definition. Dead easy to dial in your tone. In short, if I had to pick I would choose the Merc over the Decision. Not only does it look cool (it's described as metallic copper fire and isn't as orange as the photos would suggest), it is very easy to get a tone that I'm happy with and sounds better through IEMs. Again this is just my experience, but I have found that I spend more time tweaking my IEM settings with the Decision, but once I get it, I don't touch a dial for the rest of the night. The Merc is also slightly lighter. The Sentinel is another matter entirely. Now, if only they made a short scale Mercalli!
  7. Big Reverend fan. Let me introduce the family - Mercalli 4, Decison P and the Sentinel. Bought the first from Andertons, the other two from Merchant City. Richard at MCM is fantastic. Although I still have my USA jazz, it hasn't been out of its case or gigged in the two years since I got my first Rev. The blend knob is a great design and simplicity to use at a gig. I got the Sentinel just before the lockdown and have played it every day since. Just plays and sounds so good. A really first class shortie. Having playing over 100 gigs with these 3 basses I don't quite get the toy analogy particularly with the Merc and Decision which feel substantial to me but we all perceive things differently. If you fancy something a little bit different, are really well made and great after sales (in my experience) then Reverend are definitely worth serious consideration.
  8. Still available if anyone is interested. Needs a good home.
  9. I bought the 800+. I had looked at the two newer amps, the WD800 and TT800 but felt the 800+ met my needs. Plus there's far too many knobs and switches on those new amps!
  10. Keen to move this great little amp on as I have just purchased another from the Subway range. Send me a PM if you're interested, thanks.
  11. Lightweight, compact, powerful, versatile and easy to use bass head. If you're using IEMs, leave your cab at home. Perfect for recording and silent stages. Key features include: 800 watts @ 4 or 2 ohms Really easy to dial in a great tone using the voicing control, deep switch and intuitive 4 band EQ Headphones out/line in Full spec here: https://mesaboogie.com/amplifiers/bass/subway-series/subway-d800/index.html Comes with original gig bag, manual and power lead. Also included in the sale is a Gator gig bag which I have fully lined with thick protective high density foam - top, bottom and front & rear panels. No trades thanks. Will be packaged in a sturdy box for collection by courier arranged and paid for by buyer.
  12. I have just bought a Mesa Subway D800+ from Mike. The whole experience was first class - communication, description of the item, packaging and pricing...not to mention a really nice guy. I would highly recommend Mike to any Basschatter.
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