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  1. I have the D800+ amp rather than the preamp. I found this a very good demo (in spite of the language barrier) and I think it is representative of the tones I can get from the amp. I tried some of his settings, as well as my VT pedal which he demos as part of his signal chain in the video. BC, I used my D800 (non plus) at those gigs were space was at a premium, along with my IEMs and it worked surprisingly well. I did miss the thump of a cab behind me, but it doesn't take long to adjust. Hope you find this helpful:
  2. Thanks BillyBass. Don't let the weight deceive you. Great electronics and the quality control is top notch. Although they are made in Korea, which seems to put off some potential players, every guitar is individually set up in the States. Playable straight out of the box. A great combination with the Subway rig.
  3. Subway 112 + 115 hits the spot for me. Been using that combo for a few years now and is very versatile and loud enough for pubs, clubs and weddings. Since moving to IEMs I have been taking the 115 along with me for a bit of oomph on stage. Whenever we get back gigging though after COVID both cabs will be coming out every night and put through their paces.
  4. That’s great Steve. Looking forward to the review.
  5. That is so true. If I was gigging I'd have bought this ages ago. I use the original VT Bass at every gig, and would like to upgrade to this but just not at the minute. GLWTS.
  6. Good to hear that some of you are entitled to it and getting support.
  7. Thanks for the response Burns-bass. That is clear to follow. Have you investigated this yourself?
  8. With the chancellor announcing support for the self employed, can anyone explain clearly who is/may be entitled to it? I run a covers/function band as a small business with my brother and we complete a self-assessment return every year and have done so since we started gigging several years ago. The loss of earnings to us due to COVID 19 has been considerable (tbh I try not to think about it). Since March we have had cancellations for at least forty weddings and corporate functions and about the same in pub gigs. Music is a second source of income for me. My main employment is in education where I am employed full time. What I can't determine is if that cancels me out completely from getting any government support. Can anyone explain clearly if I might be entitled to any govt support at this time? Thanks in advance.
  9. No stock at Sweetwater either: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/SubwayTT800--mesa-boogie-subway-tt-800-lightweight-800-watt-bass-head
  10. Try TUSQ 0.88s or 1.00mm. I use the 1mm 'warm' / yellow ones after switching from Tort 0.88s. Much prefer my tone now.
  11. Good shot of the binding on the Mercalli.
  12. Well if you know the meaning of mercalli, you'll get the significance of the image 😁 ! Bench recycled shortly after destruction.
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