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  1. I heard this is not good for the bass and that it would need a set up everytime you put it back together. Anyine have experience with it and wants to share? Thanks!
  2. Wow glad you guys are there to answer for me... Sorry went off grid. Yes they are aquila reds. I have only tried other aquila strings (the ubass kala) and they didn't woek tuning wise. I guess one could convert to whatever strings perhaps.
  3. Aquila Short Bass One 60, mint condition with various spare strings (not the E) and soft case. I wanted to get a double bass, had not the space nor the money, got this, sound is pretty close but i can't get used to how it feels and never play it. We can work out postage if you want but i personally wouldn't risk it. East London based, can meet.
  4. have to admit I don't know the answer to this but here's the serial number
  5. Product Details 5-String Electric Bass Alder body One-piece maple neck Ebony fretboard Neck profile: C Scale: 34" (Long Scale) 20 Medium Small Frets String spacing: 18 mm Bone Nut Fretboard radius: 241 mm Nut width: 46 mm Pickups: 2 x Marcus Super-J Revolution Jazz Single Coils Marcus Heritage-3 Electronics with Frequency Control Controls: Volume / Tone (Dual Pot), Pickup Blender, Treble Middle / Middle Frequency (Dual Pot), Bass Bass Mini Toggle (Active/Passive) Equipped with 2 x 9 V batteries Marcus Big Mass bridge Chrome hardware Strings: Daddario EXL170-5 .045 - .130 Colour: Black Made by sire
  6. Bought this thinking I'd get in to the 5 string thing.... Turns out I can't. Bass sounds fkn great but too much for meto get to grips with. Not gigged, used very little at home and kept in this case. Not a bump or a scratch. £350 without the case £400 with it. East London based, happy to meet somewhere within London. It has flats on it at the mp but will remover and put round wounds back on. No trades. Not in any way. I need 💰Happy to receive offers if reasonable.
  7. This year I've released two records (actually number 2 releases on September 10th but...) that have turned out to be fairly popular. I'm actually playing drums on the things but the records feature some of my favorite bassplayers in the UK. Figured you might like to check it out! Bassplayers featured on the records are John Edwards, Colin Somervell, 'Level' Neville Malcolm, Ruth Goller & of course we could add Dan Nicholl's left hand on his SH101 to the platter. Hope you enjoy! https://davederosemusic.bandcamp.com/album/agile-experiments-vol-1 https://davederosemusic.bandcamp.com/album/agile-experiments-vol-2
  8. BTW this is still available guys Make me an offer
  9. Anyways, the other peds are brand and the price isn't bad huh?
  10. For sale 3 1 pedals that are is in perfect working condition and mint physical condition too. They It has been used very little and looked after. I have original boxes for all of them. I'm selling to raise funds for a different musical activity so not looking for trades thank you. COG TR-16 octave pedal £110 £100 Electro Harmonix Ring Thing ring modulator pedal £125 removed 3 Leaf Doom distortion pedal £125 now sold Postage included (depending on where)
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