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  1. Right ! So it is.. genuinely missed that
  2. Not often you see anything marketed as ‘weird’, and a stretch to agree with ‘menacing’, unless someone was swinging it at you. I definitely will not be buying one but I’m glad it exists, looks a lot of fun.
  3. Yes exactly this. You could just post the link to the new upload on your site though.
  4. If you can share with us your measure 'musical quality' and 'bass playing' .. !
  5. Stating the obvious, and divisive on here - Jaco - Birthday Concert always cheers me up. Looking forward to hearing some unearthed gems on this thread.
  6. Been meaning to come back on here and say how good this looks, will enjoy digging through. The added bonus is discovering new stuff, as this thread has done. Ultimately I'm trying to up my own transcription game, and can also see myself using these to reference my own attempts. Miles' All Blues solo is one I've been meaning to notate for a while.
  7. Consumerism! We're all suckers for it in varying degress. It's a buzz buying new stuff, but the buzz fades and we start again.
  8. Metal knobs here on P7 and no buzz 🐝 - there’s a lot / most BCers who’ve swapped these out. Once I know where I am with work planning the Burg 5 to help me through lockdown. Would def be tort though - funny how divisive tort (and 3TS) are on here..
  9. This could trump the other gripes. If it is all from 8-10 as it looks, bass goes back, or they front cost for investigative work locally. Feel your pain here - clearly not turning into the NBD you’d looked forward to. Hopefully you’ll get it sorted.
  10. Both sound great. TBH such minor difference in tone, neither 'better', probably as much down to fractionally heavier, brand new flats on the Moollon.
  11. There's one small scratch? I wouldn't take this one case as an example of how they operate. There's 1000's of happy customers.
  12. Yeah that last line isn't great. As we know Adrian can come across quite brusque on email, I always put this down to being lost in translation, plus him being backed up as the sole contact for anything Marus' related. I've never heard of anyone just being dumped by them though - I'm sure he'll work something out if you're absolutely not happy.
  13. @Bilbo is there somewhere other than Amazon to get your Mr PC book? Finally have more time to read on lockdown and be great to give it a go - Amazon just has a used copy for £50
  14. Socially distanced venue attempt. Gosforth Park, Newcastle next month https://www.loudersound.com/news/here-it-is-the-uks-first-dedicated-socially-distanced-music-venue
  15. Lovely bass. You might want to sort out the text to make it all readable. GLWTS
  16. Interesting question - will rest on what is deemed date of sale? Assuming this is when the product is finished - you’d benefit from the reduction with your second payment fractionally lower. Not a huge saving, £60 on £2K bass but better than nothing.
  17. Great spec choices, what a beauty. Be interested to hear how it stacks up next to your '71..
  18. Sure, makes sense. Is there an accepted way to get ferrules out / back in. Had a go at tapping out from the front side with no success - assume they're glued. Is it just brute force?
  19. Lockdown mania continues, embarking on first attempt at repainting. Surprised there's not a pinned thread here, but found some good resources digging around. Not come across any mentions of how to handle string-thru ferrules. Any BCer tips or hacks here, for removal / reinstall, or masking?
  20. It’s inhuman - what twisted mind puts a white pearl pickguard on 2TS
  21. That's a lot of music. I think you're left with Bewitched, Mantovani and Sandie Shaw, enjoy
  22. Interesting to hear this was a surprise - on recent travels there seems to be at least one or two in every town doing these kerbside pints. Assumed these were commonplace across the country
  23. Norm bought a Gator double bag, rapid payment and communication, easy to recommend. Hope you get to use it gigging sometime soon
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