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  1. Once again facetiousness flies deftly above the heads...
  2. Guys you missed it. The neck is affected by the tonewood it's built out of.
  3. Fav - American Woman - The Guess Who Least Fav - duel guitar solo - Hotel California - The Eagles
  4. Status Quo. I don't understand this post, but that sounds like a good name for a band. And if it were ironic, it would in turn be more ironic. If this is about religion, I'm a humanist bassist, yet the irony remains.
  5. I tried a set once, when I couldn't get D'Addarios. Took 'em off as soon as I found a set of D's. To me D.M.'s feel like bailing wire. My opinion, anything OTHER than D's feel like bailing wire.
  6. I think the music for the band for the movie "Josie and The Pussycats" is fabulous. And the actresses are hotter.
  7. StickyDBRmf


    Bingo. Still sounds like a freight train.
  8. As an American in Jersey (New) I take offense that Morrisey takes offense to The Simpsons. No offense to those that like The Smiths or Morrisey (whoever or whatever they are). Actually when I think of the Smiths it turns out I'm thinking of someone else...
  9. Corporate Act (it was a song title in our old band) Gapiro! (sounds Japanese?) Dessert Menu Fun With Your Clothes On Hitler's Chocolates (couldn't help myself, it's the most evil name I've ever come up with. Adolph apparently was very fond of chocolate. But it sounds bad)
  10. I'm ordering my next bass in balsa and I'm gonna slap someone with it. I'll post the results.
  11. Was listening to Royal Blood. Where's my splitter....
  12. Took the Ironwood Stick in for frets, finally. A few years ago I had my local man make it fretless - big mistake. Finally have the cabbage (stimulus check) to re-fret. Stainless steel jumbo bass frets. I brought the bamboo 12-string DBR with me to compare, so when I came home, I put on NEW STRINGS. Sounds like I'm tapping a harpsicord.
  13. Yukon Jack definitely makes a difference in tonewood
  14. I just brought my Ironwood (pau ferro) Stick to the best guitar repair/luthier on the East Coast (USA). While discussing the hardness of the wood, he said "It's pretty."
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