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  1. Malice Doesn't Live Here Anymore - Malice In Chains -
  2. Allways look for the bright side. I am right now. May have found a bloke and space to crack a few nuts. We'll see.
  3. Well, yeah. I'm telling you Jamaica was great. Our "Tour Guide" gave us a bag of ganja every day and said, "Smoke this. I have something better for you tomorrow." And then the day came when he said, "We're going to the mountains." We drove up to an Estate where we smoked "Boom Boom". "Ha Ha".
  4. Hahahaha. I wish I had EVERYTHING I ever sold or traded. No. As much as the ebony un-lined un-finished neck was like BUTTER and I tuned it CGDAE I HATED the P/J Bartolinis. (I know, I know). BUT. Traded it for a JBL/EON515 when they came out 'cause I was convinced a full-range loudspeaker would be the ultimate Stick amp. Whoops, whoops, whoops. The market was down when I traded the Pedulla and I swear every [email protected] Guitar Center had their hands on it before I left the building and I doubt it ever made it on the wall.
  5. You are either never going to like the sound of your recorded bass or love it. The price point between the two and your ears is a million dollars.
  6. Oh man, I'm gonna sound like such an old man here. I was fortunate enough to aquire a '72 Jazz bass as my first bass. Now that was a CBS w/ probably a lot of shoddy parts & finish and a maple neck w/ the black blocks sticking out. And sunburst not wasting paint under the pickgaurd but boy, was that a bass. Then while in H.S. an alumni came by the bandroom w/ a fretless maple P-bass and I was hooked. Now I played upright, J bass & P bass and I don't know what the nut or bridge messurements were. I sold the J bass and gave away the P bass after getting a Pedulla Pentabuzz. I have a Ironwood Stick & a 12-string Stick and a ESP LTD & a Danelectro Longhorn and a Hartke I ripped the frets out of. Oh, and an Ibanez 8-string Studio that ripped the frets out of. Millimeters? Is this really an issue? I turn it up and play 'till my fingers bleed. Then I get out the towel. I do like a P bass. Or a (fill in the blank).
  7. When I was leaving behind my "rock" influences and sticking my nose in the air with "jazz", the guitarist I was shedding "Real Book" with described Genesis as "poor-man's Yes". So I believed him and didn't discover the band until (and King Crimson "Fracture") '79 at Berklee College of Music, when I had gotten thoroughly whizzed at the snobbery of the Jazzeratzi Party holding court in The Curriculum. (they didn't like Frank Zappa either). I like the Genesis stuff that I like. And of course, Peter Gabriel hired this session bassist that wasn't allowed to take "that thing" out of it's case by Bob Ezrin on Peters 1st album, but asked, "Did you bring the Stick with you?" for the 2nd. You live you learn.
  8. I live in, born & raised, in Middlesex (isn't that quaint?) County, New Jersey, USA. It's a madness between NYC (mostly) and Southern NJ (retarded) and Philadelphia, PA - ( I am NOT a NEW YORK FAN.) - So, for all the influences a young impressionable youth w/ a big sister that listened to Pshychedelic Modern Music with Funk Underlines I came out a jazz-rock-Zappa-kitchen appliances-Hybrid and wound up in a No-Wave-Fusion band in the Eighties. I went to Jamaica first-time in 1986 and by the time I left the Jamaica Air in Monterey to Nigril after Red Stripes and Ganja I had SLOWED DOWN to the speed of The Island and The Music. Then I went Home. The corn-rows fell out faster than the Music, but I was able to hold on for a SPLIT-SECOND to the ESSENCE of. Reggae. It's HARD to play that slow, not so slow, in the BACK pocket, pocket. Don't drink coffee. Or tea for that matter.
  9. Yeah. He got it. And she got him. Of course she would marry a bass player.
  10. You can say whatever. But Joni found a musician that could figure out what note to play on a four stringed electric instrument tuned an octave lower than a guitar. Before Jaco, Joni didn't know what to tell the bassist. "What chord is it? What's the root?" Joni: "You're the musician, that's what I'm paying you for."
  11. I prefer mushrooms.
  12. I had her books. But I didn't know she played on EVERYTHING I listened to. Just found out she was on Cocker's Feelin' Alright.
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