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  1. Same here. When I first got the PODX3 Live I was trying all kinds of amps then stumbled upon the desk preamps. The words of the engineer at my first studio session rang in my head: Your bass is going direct in the board. I still use some sims but for tube sounds etc.
  2. Some of you Basschatters are saying these basses are heavy. I concur. I knew as soon as I had to... Hold the Mayo. You all waited too long.
  3. The battery compartment acts as a resonating chamber and is enhanced if the battery can rattle around. If you think I'm just being facetious it would occasionaly happen on my Ibanez 8-string and it was really fun/bizarre. Of course I also attached alligator clips, bits of metal, and tuned the thing as felt needed by the music being created at the time. The Kitchen NYC early 80's playing along side the likes of Material/Massacre. Bill Laswell happened to have the same bass and was doing the same thing to his basses. I had already removed the frets from mine, though. With a claw hammer. He thought that intriguing (fretless 8-string) and humorous (the claw hammer).
  4. Man you blokes are tough it probably plays and sounds great. Where's your sense of adventure? It's no good 'cause it doesn't have $1000 price tag? I have a bass that I paid $30 US "as is", no strap buttons, one pu dead. Straight neck, took the frets out, sings. Buy it!
  5. Daisy Chainsaw. Wow. The bass. The video. The toilet bowl brush...
  6. I thought everyone played a 5. My Stick goes down to A.
  7. I would have bought time in a rehab and got into A.A. before my alcohol addiction took 20 years away from me. A lot of things would be different. But I cannot regret the past nor shut the door on it. I am who I am today and I enjoy what I play/create. OK everybody go, "Whoa." "If pigs had wings..." I think my amps were tolerable, my basses were playable, and my sound was decent. The guitarist in our band, on a gig that got recorded, (we did that as much as possible, carting around a Nakamichi cassette deck), said, "Make our ears bleed, Marty." So I guess I was doing something right.
  8. Oh you sorry donkey Jaco bashers it is about the the spirit.
  9. You can take out the tone control (and volume whilst you're at it) and replace it w/ the exact replacement or you can listen to the next several replies and add 100's of lb.s to the purchase price of your bargain.
  10. How old do those strings sound? My god I wouldn't record with that sound if you held a gun to my head. (well, maybe). But really The Doors needed a bassist. And BTW - MONSTER BASS LINE
  11. Should be in "What Are you Listening To Right Now?" but it's "Mad Dogs & Englishmen" Joe Cocker and anyone never heard this should be "Doin' some homework". Please.
  12. I'll add this one, it's mine. It's Independence Day here in the States and I'm waiting for the boys to leave the house so's I CAN CRANK IT UP. But the Friend/landlord/roomate is CLEANING THE BATHROOM AND LISTENING TO CHRISTIAN MUSIC (The bad kind - Elvis). So... The best way to drown out Christian Music, is, Mad Dogs & Englishmen! ("We can't forget the band...")
  13. So....I wanted a Rick SO BAD. But it wasn't gonna happen 'cause I was trading in my Fender Mustang guitar for a Christmas Present which consisted of a Fender Jazz Bass. And tried playing with a pick but it always flew outa my hand so I just DUG IN and TURNED UP the Fender Bassman Amp. And you know what? I found my own sound. And it was ferocious. I play a Chapman Stick these days most of the time, and I can still bring up the Ghost of Chris Squire....
  14. C'mon gigs are harder than children you can tie them up and stuff them in a closet.
  15. I haven't read the last 6 pgs. just started where I left off. I will play my music for exposure. I ain't playing other people's music I never have never will. Just to clarify sorry for any misunderstanding. I mean, I went to school for music and have been cooking professionaly ever since because MY MUSIC HAS NO COMERCIAL POTENTIAL.
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