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  1. A bucketful of odd. Man, I gotta remember that...
  2. HA! Sleeper Alert! Great rendition, GREAT TUNE (TOON), Great Composer, the whole album is bitchin', and yes, I remember the first time it was on and watch it every year! And it's the only Christmas tune I know on Stick.
  3. What's a Morrissey?...Oh. What's a Smiths?...
  4. That is really cool. I can't wait to see it on MTV. I'll be watching on my triangular viewscreen.
  5. Only Yanks get to make fun of Trump. Wait. Live gigs back in the spring? (No, I haven't read pgs. 1-8)
  6. I saw Gang Of Four for the Songs Of The Free tour at Art Stock's Royal Manor, New Jersey. I don't dance but I think I drank one beer that night because I was a dervish. Hugo and Sara Lee belted out a beat you could build a cathedral on, Andy Gill made sounds The Edge never thought of...the most psychedelic dance experience I ever had with no chemicals involved. The whole place just shook with dance. Yeah, I was slack-jawed. Jon King was at his peak too, he sounded like Bowie
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