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  1. Play stuff w/ octaves and fifths. Play with "tuned" instruments. If not with a band (hardly right now) along with records. Make sure the intonation is correct - harmonics vs. "fretted" 12th. I started playing bass on a Fender Jazz and found an upright in High School and thought my intonation was the bomb. Found a Fender Precision maple neck fretless and took it to band rehersal and COULD NOT PLAY IN TUNE. (and I didn't bring the Jazz because I was gonna show everybody) This was a band with horns - we were doing Chicago & Brecker Bros. and etc., and it was embarrassing...until about the end of rehersal when my intonation came around. But did my hand arm and neck hurt from the tension I was creating to "hear". And I was sometimes reading charts so I wasn't looking, I was listening, at an un-lined neck - to this day I don't like lined fretless. You have to use your ears. AND. GOOD LUCK AND FIND YOUR OWN VOICE.
  2. I have to dig it out from under the bed but I have an '80 Ibanez Studio 8-string. (please don't call them ibbys you sound like those onanists that call Yamahas Yammys) Anyone else? Edit: onanist wasn't in my original post. Amazing what censorship can do for my vocabulary!
  3. That Fender that started this thread looks like dogsh**. That is dumb.
  4. I couldn't stand the sound of the pickup I chose for my Stick until my playing improved. And that took years. Maybe it was just the laminated bamboo aging...
  5. Every Ibanez bass I've ever owned at whatever price has been a dream to play. And I really wish the $250US one that I had in the 80's hadn't been stolen
  6. Easiest and cheapest solution is neck replacement. Lots of work by a luthier ($$$$$) to replace a truss.
  7. Dingwall is fan fret. Makes sense in that respect. Sorry for the smarmy comment earlier. Also, in respect to tone control roll-off. I have a Villex pickups housing with bridge/neck pu's, 4-position "contour" control. It sounds great w/ PODX & headphones, and near-field monitors. But put it thru powered loudspeakers and there's just too much top end. I'm gonna add outboard tone circut (roll-off) that plug into the housing - simple solution for my problem.
  8. I personaly dig Dave F. Local guy with "Screaming Headless Torsos". The reason I had frets removed from my Ironwood Chapman Stick. I'm sending him the bill when I have the frets put back in next month.
  9. I write down "That would be a good name for a band" on occasion. One I came up with that I liked the sound of: Nuns & Lawyers Anyone feel free to use
  10. I attached a pick to my electric drill. I got to 8,500 rpm before it nicked the E string and sent it into the fishbowl
  11. See You In September - The Happenings
  12. A friend loaned me an album in High School. Brought it in a paper bag. Nearly laughed myself to death when I saw it. Drum roll........ Trout Mask Replica. Weasles Ripped My Flesh definitly didn't dissapoint either...
  13. Music wins out in room choice. Put the piano (and yr equip) in the room farthest from the adjoining wall
  14. I think all basses sound the same especially when they have strings and a pickup on them, preferably made of plywood.
  15. I had to go thru the entire list - there are "honorable mentions", but I talked about this, this morning w/ my buddy when "Hot 'Lanta" came on the radio... Allman Bros. Fillmore East - I would lie on the living room floor with speakers L/R of me...and cry that here was ANOTHER guitarist I would never get to see live.
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