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  1. I had her books. But I didn't know she played on EVERYTHING I listened to. Just found out she was on Cocker's Feelin' Alright.
  2. Skwyr? Skwyer? Skwyre? Ah, I fancy the last one. dclaassen - you spelt Hartke wrong.
  3. I own more basses now than when I was gigging. And I hardly ever play them. (I play Stick). A short scale, acoustic, full scale, fretless, and an 8-string fretless. I bang on them occasionally. Basically for recording. If I want a "bass" sound. One Stick for everything. Oh, and then there's the fretless Stick. And the two "Joni" guitars. There's an electric mandolin under the bed w/out strings on it (I have strings)
  4. I enjoyed a couple of Brothers reacting to Roundabout. Quite amusing, them hearing tasteful chops executing an actual song.
  5. See my post in Bass Snobbery. Also I still shop Guitar Center and never saw that salesman again.
  6. Salesmen! Who should know better! And are not gonna last when the manager finds out. I have a local music store - Mom&Pop, when the owner retired he sold it to his apprentice. Been going there since I was 12. Have bought & sold much stuff there. When the Danelectro reissues first came out, he was the first to get the full line-up - I mean everything available (and he didn't regularily carry new guitars) and he had 2 Longhorns, one red and one blue. I bought the blue, the ones with the plastic tuning pegs, aluminum nut and wooden bridge, wood screws for height adjustment, and a PLAID GIG BAG. For $168US or something like that (they're close to $600? now?). I went down the street to Guitar Center to see how much less I paid for it and they didn't have any! Really suprising John got an exclusive on them, so I asked the salesman and he said something to the effect of "Oh, we don't carry THOSE kind of instruments" and I was "Really? I just etc.,etc., and it PLAYS BETTER than your basses hanging on the wall, because nobody sets them up properly here". I mean, REALLY? And this is NEW JERSEY, home of Bruce Springsteen, and Gary Talent played one because Bruce played live for FOUR HOURS.
  7. Since I'm an old codger with a bad back, the only shows I go to are theaters. We have a few here in NJ, one of my favorites is The Count Basie Theater in Red Bank. 1543 seats, no site view problems, no bad seats. The Count was from Red Bank, so a fitting tribute. !!! I just popped their website and it's been renamed the Meridian Health Center Theater. Oh, THAT sounds nice...
  8. Being that I would not be able to cut it with most bands I love, I would have to say the band I was in, in the 80's, The Illiterate Diplomats. The free-ist band situation I was ever in, recording all warm-ups and improvisations, where many songs started, an environment where if I wished, could make any sort of sound/noise, for as long as I cared, without even a raised brow.
  9. What? NOT Chicago Transit Authority? Playing with the most incredible Terry Kath? And Danny on drums?
  10. Henry Cow. The white cover/blue sock. Bought it in New Hope PA for $1.99 import in the late 70's. "Nirvana for Mice" - my brains fell out.
  11. My gf comes over on the weekends and gets her rocks off (now, now) singing in my bedroom studio. She does everything from Fanthom of the Opera, Greatest Showman, to Rob Zombie. Serious. Female AND male parts. She rips Whitney Huston - and Dolly Parton. Right now the "Marty Challenge" came after watching the 2020 version of "Mulan" and as the credits role, Christina Aguilera SLAMS "Reflection". And my gf SLAMS it. And I wake up Monday morning....
  12. Kajagoogoo "Too Shy". Sing-along Bass line is soooo groovy. Nick Beggs also plays "ahem", Stick.
  13. Soundtrack for The Greatest Science Fiction Movie Ever: Blade Runner.
  14. Spinal Tap is getting back together because they owe a tour to their late managers wife and Marty Di Bergi is documenting it!
  15. Bach is boring. Why does everyone insist on learning Bach? I would not want to play it to demonstrate that I can play it, because if I find it boring why would I make you listen to it? There's lots of people playing it so go ahead and listen to it. Or learn it...for what end? To write something that sounds like Bach? Boring. But I like Handel. And Copeland. Wow. Makes me weep. Stravinsky. Holst. Can't stand the Eagles. Jackson Browne. Gack. But I love CSN&Y (especially Y) and Joni Mitchell and Carol King. But not Neil Sedeka. Ouch. Love the Beach Boys. Can't stand the Beatles except for "the white album". Tech bassists leave me flat. Give me a groove bassist with a drummer. Oy.
  16. I saw that yesterday. I thought it was going to tell me something I DIDN'T know. Not being ostentatious just thought it was going to be a Magic Bullet.
  17. BTW I did "Bassically" (Geezer) with a Morley in a gymnasium and a girl that was sitting in front of me on the floor came up to me afterward and said. "Wasn't that a bit...EXPANDING?" I said what do you mean. She said it made her feel like she had to go to the bathroom. To this day I don't know if she was complimenting me or criticizing but I always thought, "Man, I made a girl almost sh*t herself with my bass. COOL."
  18. I've been in a few bands. Most situations it was obvious real quick whether it was working or not. Like, "You get it!" Or, the drummer can't wipe the smile off his face. But the bands I was FIRED from. Man, they stick with me. WHY? (it's always the rejections - not the successes). When I look back, the bands I didn't fit in, I was TRYING. But something was up. Trying to play THAT music, or playing what THEY wanted. But it wasn't me and I didn't fit. The last band, "You're a talented player, but..." BUT WHAT? But it was not my genre. That's what. I gotta quit hammering my round peg into a square hole. By the way, I was fired from a Top 40 band and a Metal band.
  19. All I've ever used is a Morley. You can peel paint off walls with it.
  20. Something that happened a lot in my early years, no matter how big of an amp you have, the guitarist has a bigger one.
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