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  1. Hey Ben I personally don't think there is any competition sound wise for a 10 with a tweeter. It's loud and sounds good and for a 10 pretty neutral. The wooden version is only a bit heavier and cheaper if you want to rough it up a bit. I've had no issues with build but I treat it like a double bass. As in I'm careful with it. 

    1. benrolston


      Thanks! I'm really looking forward to checking one out, I think I'll be able to order international from Bass Direct

  2. I got my GR Bass AT110 and have been using it a lot. I have to say it is what I was looking for. It is unfair to compare it to a BF one10 without a tweeter but I did try them back to back. The GR was louder, much fuller and more balanced. If they were in a fist fight the BF would probably win for sturdiness I would guess but the GR seems sturdy enough and I'm trying not to slam it around! If you like a more modern transparent sound the GR AT110 runs rings around the competition that I have heard at that kinda weight class. I also have a super midget and for me its like an ultra light weight compact version of it. It can't compete with it in terms of performance but if you want to keep things easy to carry by foot then this a like the little brother that is showing some of his older brothers potential! In this instance I'm really not convinced the carbon fibre sounds worse than wood by the way, if anything I'd say its more open sounding! There is plenty of good bass equipment out there but I think GR Bass are massively underrated. Have tried a couple of the heads too and I'm completely sold on them. Not sure the GR bass 12" stuff would sound as good as the super midget but I'm happy to have the SM as a tank of a cab that will go on forever and sound great and have the AT110 to hop around on foot and still get it done when I want to shove something on my back and get going!
  3. No but if you speak to Barefaced they will probably ship you one. All the best
  4. Purchased in 2019 barely used and in full working condition. Cloth grill and Barefaced cover £350 Arundel collection.
  5. Thanks for that, I have heard about the wizzi 10 and 12 a few times just looked at the 10 online, 8kg with a tweeter is pretty impressive! Got a GR Bass AT 110 on order which is 3kg lighter and £50 cheaper but if that doesn't get me where I want to be I will definitely consider the wizzi!
  6. I should be able to AB the BF 110 against the GR AT 110. Will let you know as soon as I get through the dreaded lead times! How long was after ordering for you? I'm 9 days in!
  7. It's for a mix of little gigs all different but I got some IEM's that will be coming along for the ride when I need them for sure!
  8. I would have assumed it to be the case but I was interested to hear the opinion of someone who'd AB'd them.
  9. You say all the right things! Thanks again
  10. If it works out at 5kg I will be blown away. If it was just for electric bass I wouldn't look any further than the BF one10! That logo is awesome Stevie only just clocked it!
  11. If it easier to pitch with for whatever reason I'll be happy! If it's not I will try something else.
  12. The GR BASS AT 110 is £50 cheaper and 3.5 kg lighter than the BF one10T. I already have a super midget which sounds incredible so I have no need for something else of that kinda weight.The BF one10 is nearly perfect and I have no problem with 7kg but its just not amazing on my double bass set up for pitching/clarity. (most double bassists say the same) The barefaced one10 T maybe the best thing out there but at £499 and 5kg and I think potentially a more transparent modern sounding 10" I think its worth a go.
  13. just out of interest, the BF 210 compared to the AT 210 which one was more transparent sounding would you say?
  14. £499 from bass direct. Will let you know how I get on!
  15. I tried the bass cub I swapped it for a micromark 8" as I felt the markbass although fairly coloured was more audible and the PJB was unusably quiet. Would like to try some other stuff by them at some point though.
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