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    Ah memories....I owned a TRB-6P exactly the same colour as this one. I was desperate for the 6 string and I, allegedly, got the first one in Europe at the time. The year was 1989 in sure and this one was heading for Germany. I came up with the money and it was redirected to Edinburgh. I think it was £1,500 at the time. The dumb thing was I let the most glorious pre-EB Stingray go for a song just to help fund the purchase. Will always regret it. I found the string spacing on the TRB 6P very wide and it was only when I switched to an Overwater progress 6 string that I realised the Yamaha was just too wide for me. I get the comment about either 4 or 6 but never 5. I'm exactly the same but I've forced the issue by purchasing a Sandberg 5 from Will on BC just last week. I will conquer this odd number blip by hook or by crook
  2. Hi Jake Don't know how you're getting on with the sale but I am thought I was going to purchase an AER basic and then made the mistake of digging a little deeper into things. This inevitably involves parting with more money than originally intended!! I play 6 string fretted Overwater, 6 fretless Warwick and upright and through different rigs for each bass. This looks like the perfect all rounder for small-mid sized gigs. I know you spoke about trade but I'd be happy to pay you by bankers draft (is that the safest way for both parties...?) and not bother trading anything if you're happy. Would love to hear from you and your thoughts on my intended usage for the amp and potential sale... Best wishes Gadji
  3. Hi Dougie I am through in the Edinburgh festival playing every night apart from mondays. I play upright and electric4, 5+6 string as well. I'm a jobbing pro and teach bess up at strathclyde uni among places. If you want me to drop by when in Edinburgh let me know. Best wishes Andy
  4. Alright Steve let me know as I am very keen to buy and could do the deal right away. I'm looking for a larger Epi cab and a smaller one for other gigs so yours fits the bill. Andy
  5. Hi Looks like a nice one. I live in Scotland, how far would you consider driving? Can you tell me why the older model is more sought after? Best wishes Andy
  6. Hi I'm interested in this if the price is right. Do you have a final offer price on this? I live near Glasgow so not sure what p+p would be on that, have you any idea? Cheers Andy
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