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  1. Hartke B300 practice bass amp. It's been hardly used this since I got and so is in excellent condition. Surprisingly loud for a practice amp and it has great tone. Can be used for electric or double bass. Here are some specs.. 1x10" Paper driver Power: 30 watts Effects Send and Return Signal-To-Noise: 66 dB Dynamic Range: 75 dB Dimensions: 17.1" (H) x 14.7" (W) x 9.5" (D) Weight: 32 lb. Headphone output The B300 features 30 watts delivered to its internal 10-inch 8 ohm driver. This comprehensive combo amplifier also offers three bands of high-quality equalization, allowing you to create a broad range of tonal colors for your bass. local collection from Wigan. thanks Tony
  2. Hi Just sold it...and the sale went very well (a fellow basschatter). But many thanks... 🙂
  3. For sale is my Harley Benton Electric Upright Bass. EUB 500 I've had it for a few years now and found it very useful when practisisng late at night or early morning. However, I need to purchase some recording equipment so, unfortunately it will have to go. Its only ever been used at home and as I said, it is fantastic for practising quietly with headphones or at low volume through an amp. It comes with an adjustable bridge, adjustable endpin and is in great condition but does have a few minor bumps and scrapes. I've also added a few custom changes to the bass as recommended by other users on the Internet, for example this website is quite useful: http://eub.vanheelsbergen.com/EUB Story.html My mods' Foam Rubber added to the bridge to stop any nasty sounding harmonics from certain notes. Full size Double Bass Bridge (cut down and raised up using shims) Pipe Foam added to the support bar( to make it more comfortable) New T-shaped endpin (prevents the bass from spinning from your grip) Here are some of the main specs: Solid spruce top Maple back and sides Chamfered body Maple neck with ebony fingerboard Scale approx.: 103 cm Height-adjustable maple bridge Single tuners Active piezo pickup system Electronics powered via 9V battery with on/off switch Active tone & volume controls Headphone output with preamplifier Dimensions (W x L x D): 29 x 156 x 24 cm Colour: Black Weight: 7.2 kg Fingerboard: Ebony Electronics : Active Height adjustable endpin Includes gig bag with straps I am located in the Wigan area. Tony Original Bridge: Support Bar: Support Bar Pipe Insulation Endpin retracted Case Cut down full size bridge New Endpin
  4. towack

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    Just sold a jazz pickup to Ilian...what a gent...highly recommended. 👍👍👍👍
  5. Fishman BP100 Double Bass pickup Pick up is in great condition and comes with spring clips , box, instruction leaflet and foam insert for bridge. The pick up is attached to the bridge using the spring clips and the jack socket attaches to the strings below the bridge. The original spring clips are missing so I use notebook clips as recommended by Gollihur music. https://www.gollihurmusic.com/product/1654-FISHMAN_BP_100_UPRIGHT_BASS_PICKUP.html Postage included...
  6. Now £35 Noiseless Fender Jazz pickup (bridge) Taken from a Fender PJ Precision FSR Deluxe Bass Guitar. (95mm long, 18mm wide, distance between screw holes 40mm) This sale is for one pickup only. Postage included
  7. Fishman BP-100 Double Bass Pickup £80 including postage. For sale is my BP100 double pickup, I have used it for a few years now but it is no longer needed as I now have a Krivo pickup. These are quite easy to install/ uninstall using the mounting clips and if set up well can give a classic double bass sound. Although not absolutely necessary, I would recommend a preamp with this pickup to avoid impedance mismatches. Comes with the original box, mounting clips etc.. Blurb from Fishman: Our classic bridge-mounted, dual-element piezo-ceramic pickup. The BP-100 installs in minutes and delivers deep sustained pizz tone, and fast articulation with emphasized direct string sound.
  8. Just bought an EBS 212 cab from Tobie. A really nice guy and a pleasure to do business with. Got a nice cup of tea from his wife as well!!
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