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  1. Pricey but just wow! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/264427326214
  2. Very rare to see a 4 string series 1 TRB! beautiful bass and great price
  3. Definitely worth it for the safety and peace of mind🤓
  4. Could be a capacitor in the power supply. Have look for any bulging at the top of the cap...
  5. You are complaining about the quality of an instrument a quarter of the new price of the instrument you are selling???
  6. You dont need to be an expert in mexican guitars to know what passes for top quality. You just need to have an eye for detail and an ounce of common sense. I can craft a nut from scratch and glue it in better than that and i am not a luthier...
  7. If that is "top quality" i hate to see what is less than top quality...
  8. The finish is Amber Sunburst IIRC. I only know this as i had a 4 string with the same finish which had the model number TRB4II AS. Incredible basses and this is a bargain
  9. Best looking streamer stage 1 i have ever seen and i own a good looking one!
  10. Incredible bass and fantastic playing!
  11. At least now i know that the 'F' in 'F Holes' actually stands for Felt-tip pen! 😮
  12. Those Schaller machineheads are worth more than the starting bid alone!
  13. No worries. So is this bass painted or is it poly coated? Ah ok, thought it would have been the same as my Stage 1 but you live and learn.
  14. However i have owned a painted(well thick black poly coat) stage 1 of this same era which had no serial what so ever when that poly was stripped back. Also, the trim pot, imo actually controls (boost/cut)the mids not the overall output.
  15. Looks excellent VFM. Build quality looks first rate and the hardware and electronics are very nice. GLWTS
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