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  1. dyerseve

    Warwick Infinity loose wire...

    Also agree. The black wire needs to connect to the largest lug(in the centre between the white and purple) on the output jack. The schematics for all Warwick basses are available on their website.
  2. dyerseve

    Why would you do this

    Even better is that the bass is currently strung through-body so enjoy changing those strings lol
  3. dyerseve

    Why would you do this

    It certainly does need Throwing off a Large Cliff...
  4. I think it may have started as Vester or whatever that cheap brand was that made shoddy looking Warwick copies. They had the right idea cutting off the head but it should then have either been burned or buried...
  5. I messaged him on Monday: just so I can be 100% certain, was this bass actually produced by the Fender Custom Shop? You mention in your listing "Custom Shop" and a "Custom Shop" decal but Im not sure why you are putting these details in quoatation marks? He replied yesterday: I’m not too sure if it is. It has the logo on the back of the headstock but no certificate. I put it in quotation marks because I’m not sure. Make your own mind up about how honest he is...
  6. dyerseve

    White Bass Porn Thread.

    That NE2 is off the scale!
  7. dyerseve

    Bass fell over and broke a bit

    Sand it smooth, nothing to lose. It won't hurt the bass and if its the only thing wrong with it. It won't make anything worse that's for sure
  8. dyerseve

    So, how rare is the Yamaha BEX-BS?

    Shouldn't be any customs fees if you buy and live within the EU
  9. Ah you see now, it's a Fender "Custom Shop" according to the listing. Definitely not to be confused with a Fender Custom Shop and I am sure the seller has made that perfectly clear so as not to accidentally trick people in to thinking otherwise...🤔
  10. dyerseve

    warwick thread

    cracking looking bass! I hope @Marcoelwray doesnt see it though as I fear there is a little to much light reflecting from the finish 😛
  11. I would actually string all of them the other way. Looks a great bit of kit and a lot of bass for the money. GLWTS
  12. dyerseve

    Warwick Streamer Stage 1 (5 string) 1991!!!

    Guys you won't regret buying this bass. That trim pit on the preamp presets the mid range for active mode and it can turn this into very different sounding basses from a very chilled presentation to the most aggressive snarling beast you have ever heard!
  13. dyerseve

    For the vain guitarist in your life

    Is there any other type of guitarist?
  14. you're in good company at least! 🙁
  15. What the actual f#ck! The answer to a question no one ever asked?