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  1. **the best upgrade you can ever make to your hifi and you dont even have to pay for it!!! Im moving in 1 week - please dont let these end up in a skip!!!** ** Dimensions are 700w x 1000h x 100d - that is the main panel. The base they sit on adds 400mm of height.** DIY Room Treatment Accoustic Panels - 4 for FREE! These were built by myself and used, very succesfully at Scalford(best HiFi show in the country!) twice and in my living room for the last 7 years to bring out the best in my HiFi. WAF(wife approval factor) is probably somewhere around the zero mark and they will need new cloth as the existing cloth is a little bit manky but the frames and the rockwool are in good order - the "stands" are easily removed from the main frame for transport/maintenance(ie. replacing the cloth). Cost me over £100 in materials to build these and the difference they make is staggering. Only selling due to moving country. Collection only from Dudley, DY3 Further details here from my previous threads on these panels over at hifi wigwam: https://www.hifiwigwam.com/forum/topic/50868-diy-room-accoustic-treatment/?tab=comments#comment-1010480 https://www.hifiwigwam.com/forum/topic/51086-chriss-diy-accoustic-treatment-panels-part-2/?tab=comments#comment-1014221 Pic from my first time exhibiting at Scalford HiFi Show : Pics as they are now:
  2. Lovely bass but @TheGreek isnt it an RS940?
  3. **please note that this bass is now located in Bendorf 56170, Germany** Shipping worldwide is of course still possible My clear out due to moving country is almost complete - this is the final bass I am selling and I've saved the best till last. No trades please as I am looking to make space. This is a 2006 Warwick Streamer LX Jazzman, built in Germany and comes with a brand new ABS hardcase from Thomann. Worldwide fully insured shipping available at cost - normally £25 UK, £55 EU, £75-£105 for everywhere else. The reputation of these super versatile basses generally proceeds them but in case you dont know, these are highly sort after and the tonal range and quality really helps set them apart from the crowd. Thanks to the MM-style pickup with 3-way coil tapping options and the ability to combine these with the jazz pickup or solo either of the pickups. On top of that you also get a 3 band EQ and active passive switching so these really are the basses for all occassions! The bass has a bit of a story - apparently it has has been fettled by the well respect luthier Jon Shuker. Jon replaced the dodgy Warwick truss rod with a 2-way rod of his own - meaning there are no neck related gremlins to fear with this Warwick! The work also involved a new Wenge fretboard with stainless steel frets. The neck profile was reduced slightly(front to back) and refinished with a light poly coat. The back of the headstock was also sanded during this work and so the last 2 digits of the serial(indicating the model year) have vanished but it is an '06 - see below details from the Warwick website. He also touched up the Ocean blue finish a little bit and recoated the body with a blue tint PU finish. Lastly he sunk the bridge saddle block into the body a touch more as the action wouldn't go as low as the previous owner would have liked. Obviously the bass has been used since this work was caried out so there are a few scratches to the new finish and some of the touch up work can be seen - please check the photos carefully as I have tried to show any imperfections in them. High res photos here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/q9eXwN8n9Epen3Lm6 So what we have is a beautiful looking, playing and sounding German Streamer LX Jazzman that functions perfectly - including the electronics obviously. The bass weighs 4.3kg. Serial number: b 123022 06 Article number: 1214360200GDAFHOWW produced: Description: Streamer, 4-string Ocean Blue Oil finish Swamp Ash/AA Flamed Maple top body Ovangkol neck Gold hardware Made in Germany
  4. Its actual for a 'Tri-Sound' Aria Pro II - Tri-Sound is the name of the model of bass from the Pro II lineup. Should fit most Pro II though and you could probably scrub the Tri-Sound bit off if you have a different model😉
  5. The confusion over the model name is rife and quite understandable. Regardless, these are phenomenal basses.
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