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  1. dyerseve

    Ebay Scammers never give up(?)

    Only if I can then report it as fake news
  2. dyerseve

    Unique Mk2

    Its like fornicating in a boat
  3. dyerseve

    Show off your short scales!

    that's very sexy in it's own right! love the colour
  4. dyerseve

    YAMAHA BB5000A

    Oh wow that is incredible! I've never seen one of these before, it looks like a very high end Japanese bass so I'm sure it's a pleasure to play and sounds amazing. GLWTS
  5. dyerseve

    Who needs woodworking tools.....

    The guys wood working skills are only surpassed by his photographic skills... Either that or the camera just refused to focus on this horror show and who could blame It!
  6. Goddammit that's a pretty bass!!!
  7. dyerseve

    Warwick Thumb 20013 BO [Trade Options]

    Can I borrow your time machine please? GLWTS either way, cracking basses these!
  8. dyerseve

    Show off your short scales!

    I acquire this incredible instrument recently in a trade. Quite simply on of the finest instruments I have owned and I have owned many! Build quality, tone and versatility are second to none. Controls are master vol w/push-pull act/pass, blend, passive tone, stacked bass/treble w/push-pull EQ bypass(so you can have active pups but no EQ - more useful than you may think), mid. Specs: Model Antía. 5 strings. Scale Length 32" Space between strings 0,669"/17mm Nut 45mm Finish Gloss varnish Olive Top Mahogany hollow body design Maple-Padauk-Wengé Neck Ebony AAA Fingerboard ETS Bridge with Piezo Fingerboard Radius: 9.5" Approximate weight 3.75kg Markers Side dots Aguilar DCB Pickup Richter electronics Security Straplocks Hipshot HB6Y Ultralite Tuners
  9. I was thinking it was more in line with the builders talent or lack thereof... 😛
  10. I think we can all guess why it's fretless... And unlined... And no fret markers....
  11. A neck thru acoustic? Now I've seen everything! Clearly an incredibly well constructed bass and I'm sure it sounds every bit as good as it looks. GLWTS
  12. dyerseve

    Warwick Thumb NT - 1989 - WITHDRAWN

    That's interesting. Looks like it is original. The pre PCB looks like a Warwick, the wiring all looks original so maybe this was a custom order? Mind you the Warwick Corvette standard I have is passive according to the Warwick documents that it came with and the serial number on the Warwick website also shows it as passive but it is most definitely active and all looks original so god only knows what goes on at the Warwick factory on a Friday lol...
  13. dyerseve

    Ibanez ATK805E Premium 5-string (SOLD)

    Thanks PM incoming
  14. dyerseve

    Ibanez ATK805E Premium 5-string (SOLD)

    Very nice, what is the string spacing?