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  1. yeah replacing the burnt out component is never a guarantee of anything as you have to be sure WHY the component failed and did it harm anything downstream of it
  2. I bought Bass Schecter in the 1970s

    when you reach the dizzying heights this thread has reached you are bound to hit your head on the ceiling
  3. warwick Streamer stage I - bargain alert

    may be talking about this which initially looked a crazy bargain but it is a rockbass: https://www.gumtree.com/p/guitar-instrument/warwick-streamer-nt1-4-string-bass-guitar-2013-brand-new-condition.-shiny-jet-black/1272212536
  4. steer clear - there looks to be a lot of missing wood if you look at the back of the neck versus whats left on the headstock...
  5. I bought Bass Schecter in the 1970s

    I doughnut know where this thread is heading...
  6. Ugly tree is working hard this week

    My thoughts exactly. I guess because of the zebrano and wenge woods used and maybe the number of strings but thats about all they have in common lol
  7. or place the body flat horizontally and use a metal ball-bearing on top of the pups and see where it rolls to?
  8. [quote name='Grangur' timestamp='1510299242' post='3405341'] If the Bart pickups aren't the originals, then the connections to these is the main place I would look at for poor connections. [/quote] No they are original and all the connections are fine as I did them lol. I have a reasonable amount of experience with a soldering iron - enough that I rebuilt my valve hifi amp from the ground up without issue, so I am quietly confident in my soldering ability. This PCB is a pig though because by the time I managed to remove it from the plastic housing and then remove all the silicon from the wires and PCB one or two pins for the wire attachements had come loose but maybe they were already loose.
  9. [quote name='Grangur' timestamp='1510235744' post='3404879'] What was crackling in the circuit when it was in the bass? Did the crackles happen when you adjust a pot? or when you move when playing the bass? or when you touch a pickup? Or did it happen when it's laying on it's back on the floor and you pick a string? I ask this, because it's far more likely that the problem is a pot, or a poor wiring connection than a faulty pre-amp. Physical problems are much more probable than an electrical problem. I too have a Streamer Stage 1. If you're stuck, send your complete Pre-amp assembly to me and I'll take a look. EDIT: Yes, it's very probable the problem is the wires that have come loose. Offer still stands - post it to me and I'll re-connect it and check it out in my streamer and check out any pots as needed as I can swap out bits with mine to find out exactly where any problem lies. I can do it over the weekend and back to you early next week, as long as we don't need new parts. [/quote] Hey Richard thanks very much for your very kind offer. I will have another crack at it over the next few days just to make sure it wasn't a loose wire. Just to clarify, the noise is not linked to pots or input Jack or anything it seems. It would start randomly and stop randomly but slowly got less intermittent and more consistent hence why I felt it could be a component failure on the PCB itself. Will report back once I've hooked it back up and tested it. Thanks everyone for their help! Btw, this Streamer with its Barts and this pre is simply one of the best sounding basses I've ever heard which is why I am keen to get it back up and running!
  10. 1980s Washburn B20 sunburst PJ active bass

    pups are likely to be Dimarzio I would guess...
  11. thanks guys, I have now added photos of the PCB in my original post so hopefully here can point me in the direction of some electornics wiz who can help fix it.
  12. 2k 2much?

    I wasn't aware they were making Ltd edition Streamers back then. Anyone know more about specs?
  13. I bought Bass Schecter in the 1970s

    [quote name='alyctes' timestamp='1509322343' post='3398120'] I don't know whether this thread should really be resurrected. I mean, it's been quiet for dace and dace. [/quote] it's the right plaice for it surely?
  14. No really!!! http://amp.timeinc.net/nme/blogs/nme-blogs/noel-had-someone-playing-scissors-last-night-and-people-are-confused-2155344?source=dam
  15. It's a flying fox that crashed head first in to the ugly tree!!!