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  1. What’s all this about?

    would love to but not sure the mods would be thrilled about it...
  2. What’s all this about?

    I think they should be named and shamed or at least have a section of the feedback forum where you can list serial offenders
  3. What’s all this about?

    no worries mate, my reply could have been worded better too TBH. All good and apologies to the OP for hijacking his thread
  4. What’s all this about?

    No i do not think that is ok as i stated in my original post. I am not happy that the seller has ommitted details especialy about the damage. Now that you have revealed the seller has a history of deceiving buyers I think ebay should be made aware and provide them with as much detail as possible to help build a case against the seller. However, I otherwise am happy for anyone to buy whatever they like and try and make money.
  5. What’s all this about?

    I'm just gobsmacked it happened twice with the same item. I understend people change their minds but it is no effort to let the seller know as much.
  6. What’s all this about?

    Mind you it depends if they had haggled you down on price with some sob story or told you it was bass of their dreams blah blah blah then I would certainly understand it leaving a sour taste in your mouth. Recently I have had to separate buyers agree a deal with me on one if my items for sale here on BC only for neither one to follow through with the deal or even bother contacting me to say they are no longer interested. Even after I message them to ask if they still intend to go through with the purchase, they still don't even bother to reply. I can see they have been online several times since I sent my message so they are clearly just ignoring me and too bloody rude to have the decency to let me know they are no longer interested. Now that really irks me!
  7. What’s all this about?

    Not sure what the issue is here other than the ommision of the details of the damage. Unless you copyrighted the photos and wording in your listing it is just part of the age of the internet alongside good old fashioned capitalism
  8. For Sale or Trade - Warwick FNA Reduced £750

    No worries mate. It's no big deal in the scheme of things just didn't want you to leave yourself open to having a disappointed buyer. Unfortunately Warwick are notorious for getting the details of their own basses wrong...
  9. For Sale or Trade - Warwick FNA Reduced £750

    Lovely bass and quite rare with the Delano electrics. Just FYI, the nut on yours is plastic(well Tedur to be precise) not brass as you have listed.
  10. Status the groove 5 string bass £350 SOLD

    It's a public post in his for sale thread I'm pretty sure he will work it out
  11. Status the groove 5 string bass £350 SOLD

    Hi Mick, it's a lovely bass but I withdraw my interest as I need to keep thinning the herd rather than adding to it. Cheers Chris
  12. Status the groove 5 string bass £350 SOLD

    Is postage possible?
  13. Status the groove 5 string bass £350 SOLD

    Very interested, where are you located,?