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  1. Looks like my old one, seriously miss that bass. Any trades, got some mark bass traveler cabs. Would love to get this back.
  2. I've always used ebs HD 350 but have never trusted the 2ohm thing. My last one was the 2 - 8 ohm hd350 but with two 4 ohm prolines it soon blew as did the one before that, never again, one cab @ 4ohm.
  3. £280 on the 12" cab, that's collected.
  4. Any trade for traveler 1 x 12 or 2 x 10 ??
  5. Looking to move these on and go back to 15"" cab. Probably an ebs proline pro300 Happy to deal p/ex ext will post pics when I'm with the cabs. Any questions 07956 964156
  6. Weighs 7lb, light for one of these really
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