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  1. Hey. I'm only looking for a sale of the pedal as we're in the middle of moving house and have baby no. 2 on the way. Trying to trim my gear down and raise some funds to help us through. Thanks, Dave
  2. Up for sale is my Earthbound Audio Beast. This is number 2 of 8 from a limited run in all black graphics bought from new way back when. Improved muff based fuzz with two different levels of oscillation for noisy fun. In excellent condition with no velcro on the bottom. Looking for £100 posted. Thanks.
  3. Now sold. Thanks all.
  4. Second price drop.
  5. I have one Ernie Ball Volume Pedal Jr for sale - 25k active version. Perfect working order with velcro on the bottom. Looking for £50 posted. Thanks,
  6. For sale is my Badger Schism parallel loop blender. This was bought from new way back when, but I've finally decided to have a cull of my gear as I rarely have time to play bass these days. The pedal is in perfect working order with velcro on the base. It has two parallel loops and a clean blend, each with individual volume control and a phase switch. Looking for £100 posted. Thanks,
  7. Just sold a pedal to Matt. Paid same day with no problems at all. Wouldn't hesitate to do business again. Top bloke.
  8. deej


    Now sold. Thanks guys.
  9. deej

    feedback for Deedee

    Sold my cab to Dan last night - all sorted the night before, agrees to travel down to collect the next day! Easiest transaction I could ever have. Pleasure to deal with.
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