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  1. Thanks for the notes man, yes you’ve got a point. As far as #1 goes, I’ve always looked at basses from a full time gigging bassist perspective and never really cared about keeping it super original (unless it’s a £3-4k worth bass) as long as the mods bring practicality. Unfortunately I’ve ran out of cases to give out after selling a few basses lately that came in without cases. I’m just thinking though a second hand case is around £20-25, that surely isn’t a massive problem...? #3 I don’t get as a major issue really cos for the price of postage I can deliver within half length of the UK, I’ve mentioned it but probably people haven’t looked into it that way. Hopefully there’s someone out there for me... oh wait that’s for another site. Hopefully there’s someone out there who isn’t bothered much by these points cos I really need it gone soon...
  2. I have one in my ‘99 Stingray5 and got to say, they’re superb. Really recreates that early stingray sound.
  3. Man it puzzles me too... it’s a rare bass and just the upgrades are worth £200. Bump!
  4. Sorry just seen this - there you go You can also hear the bridge pickup soloed here at 1:13 -
  5. I need this gone, down to stupid cheap £750.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. Hi Sonny, it is rosewood as seen in the photos.
  8. Bump! Will consider reasonable offers on this one.
  9. Not interested in any trades, thanks.
  10. According to the chap I bought it from, it is NJ5SE, split coil hum cancelling one.
  11. I’m not sure about this - maybe have a google and see what people have said? Regardless, as they say, nothing would sound exactly like a Fender P but a Fender P.
  12. Hi guys, Selling my mint condition Indonesian built Lakland 55-65. This one has been professionally routed for the extra J pickup by the previous owner, luthier has done an outstanding job - it looks like a factory one. Wiring and second added correct pot for V V T made professionally too. Upgraded with Nordstrand pickups and strung with flats, sounds and plays amazing. Don’t see any dents or scratches on it. Weight is 4.55 kg. Reason for selling is that I’m having a custom order one built and I need to fund it. No trades. Don’t have a case for it unfortunately so it’ll have to be a collection or delivery by me if you aren’t too far from London.
  13. I do sometimes mate but now with this lockdown all my gigs have been cancelled/postponed... Not sure for how long now. Here's a little youtube video I put together quickly Really not sure why audio is out of sync - must be an iMovie thing...
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