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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Hey guys, Please check out my channel's new video. It's something different this time - a bass play along track with a real live band! Please have a play and share your thoughts! I've also renamed the channel to The DataBass because apparently some guys called Victor Wooten and Steve Bailey have already claimed the Bass Vault :)...
  3. Hi guys, here’s a new video for you - a Ray Ross bridge on my 55-94 Lakland. Installation and sound comparison Hope you enjoy!
  4. Here’s another one guys - this time on my 55-94 Lakland
  5. Is that what he uses there!? might be tempted to part with my MTD and my PJ Lakland for that!
  6. Hi guys, Please check out my new video on left hand muting technique - plus a bonus bass backing track at the end of the video if you wanna jam with my band
  7. I did try to keep those conditions the same to the best of my ability, I know the track well and did my best to play applying the same force and dynamics, I haven’t changed anything on the recording path - input gain, compressor, channel volume are the same for both tracks. Strings are a new set of Elixir, the brand I’ve been using for 15 years and I know their durability very well - there would have been zero sound change between the takes all taken within half an hour.
  8. Oh absolutely man. Whatever does it for me, wouldn’t necessarily work for everyone else. I don’t mind having a discussion about it, I would just prefer if both for and against sides have an actual experience with the product, then it’s a fair argument. Without trying, everything is based on assumptions.
  9. Fair enough mate - I personally can hear a difference, and I’m definitely not after results that are not there. If you like to, drop me a message with your email address and I will send you the wav files of the bass only as I’ve recorded them.
  10. Fair enough mate, valid arguments. When I have it on again, I’ll test it the way you suggest and report I’m also curious to check if it has an issue in that department.
  11. I understand - indeed if I sat down with a Peq I could replicate the sound difference, however in my personal preference I’d rather have that naturally from the bass without the need to dial it in, I like when little things contribute to my sound. Did you hear any intonation issues in my video? I didn’t. True that there’s no notes above 12th fret there, but I did play high when I had the bridge and I personally didn’t hear the slightest intonation problem after I adjusted it. I’ll try to record something when I put it on my new bass. See here we are debating on a potential problem that you think might exist... but which I personally haven’t experienced, having tested the bridge. If I had issues with intonation, I wouldn’t want this bridge, why would I limit half of my bass’ range lol... So to me it’s only gains so far and no negatives, and trust me mate I’m very picky about precision, if there was anything that was bothering me, I would have addressed it. I think it’s my fault that I wasn’t able to show the differences as well as I hear them but let me tell you this - my Ken Smith was nearly a goner before the RR bridge, after I’ve heard it with RR - it’s definitely a keeper. To me that’s a difference significant enough.
  12. Umm... I’m not sure what you mean mate. It feels, seems and sounds quite complete to me, especially after I’ve tried it and have the results recorded. Maybe there would be a benefit from specially designed strings, but that doesn’t make it incomplete. After comparing it to the stock bridge, there’s nothing incomplete about it and I’d never go back to stock, just because I can hear the results quite clearly. But hey, if based on your assumptions, because it doesn’t sound like you’ve actually tried one, you find it incomplete, who am I to argue 😂
  13. To address your other point - yes you’re right, I should have put a few bars just playing along a click but I didn’t think of it, because for me the difference was still noticeable. I thought that it’s better to put it in a mix in order to have a volume point of reference, but you’re right - playing it on its own would have shown the frequency difference better. I’m having a bass built for me at the moment, which will have the Ray Ross on - when it’s ready I’ll record a video on its own, I’ll find a standard bridge to compare it to. Edit: sorry I just realised I’ve misunderstood your point. I would disagree here mate. The increase in the low mids to me is very important, also the one in the high mids - when playing live, I hear my bass very well and can tell the difference. For the same reason I have a love/hate relationship with Elixir strings - the trade off for the long life is something like a 10% decrease in the sound resolution across the frequency range and I personally hear that. So, you add 10% here, 10% there and things start racking up and making a difference.
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