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  1. Hi guys, Having a clear out and this beautiful Cort needs to go - I just don’t play it as I have too many basses and the ones I mostly play are 35” 19mm spacing which is what I’m now used to. Ideal for people with smaller hands I guess, one of the most comfortable basses I’ve ever played. It is 34” scale. 16mm spacing but that is adjustable - I guess it could go to 17 or possibly more - not sure. The bass is light - will provide the exact weight later. Beautiful spalted maple, neck through. I believe the fretboard is rosewood. Bartolini MK1 pickups and preamp. Highly modifiable - worth mentioning that I had other electronics in so the solder joints aren’t factory ones but I mod all of my basses and never have any issues with the work. Condition is immaculate - can’t see any marks or scratches. It has pearl pot caps and strap locks. Comes with a padded strap and a hard case. No posting I’m afraid but I do travel a lot so it shouldn’t be a problem meeting. I’m after a straight sale unless someone offers me a Sandberg Ken Taylor 5 w maple board Hope the previous owner doesn’t mind me using some of his photos - they’re way better than mine
  2. I had one custom made for my Yamaha project bass by Bass doc and it worked out great but I had to create the template myself, there was a lot of drawing and paper in the bin involved ... but in all fairness it worked out amazing at the end. I just wanted to see if I could spare myself from going through the same process again.
  3. Hi guys, Has anyone got a template or an existing scratch plate for a Lakland 55-01 that I could get a paper copy of? Love mine but being natural finish, I find its looks a bit boring and was wondering if I could find a plate/template and buy/have it custom cut...? Apologies if its the wrong place to post but I thought here would be ok since it isn't a straightforward "want to buy" ad. Thanks
  4. Hugues is a great guy, communication was top and he went out of his way to ensure the trade goes as requested! Deal with confidence.
  5. Sold an F bass to Arnoldo - great guy, easy transaction, and a great chat!
  6. Hi guys, have gas for any (all actually ) of these. Earlier Tobias - Basic, Classic or Signature MTD - maple fretboard MTD KZ or ZX - maple fretboard Interested in 5 strings only Not so fussed about condition. I play my basses, don’t look at them. Thanks Stefan
  7. Bump! I’d make a good deal if anybody wants the bass with my Mesa Subway D800 and my Schroeder 21012L I have advertised on here.
  8. I’d consider doing a price deal if anyone buys that and my Mesa Subway D800 I’ve got listed on here. I’d also do a deal of these two plus my F-bass if anyone has a 5 string Tobias or an MTD and fancies a trade.
  9. Actual photos. On closer inspection I’ve noticed two marks - in the photos. I’d consider near offers or would do a deal if anyone wants to take my 21012L Schroeder cab I’ve got listed here for sale - that’s make one helluva loud and light rig.
  10. Hi guys, Up for sale is my trusty Mesa D-800 amp. In mint condition, no marks or scratches, always been handled with care. Bought new about 2 years ago. Comes with a Mesa carry bag and a power lead. 800 watt at 4 or 2 ohm, built like a tank, light and loud. I’m based in Ealing, west London, collection preferred but I do travel for gigs and I might consider posting it if I find the right packaging. Generic photo off the net - my one is exactly like that and I’ll upload some actual photos tomorrow. Edit: Not looking for any trades on this one guys unless I use it as an addition to the Fbass I’ve got up for sale here in a trade for something of higher value.
  11. I’m second owner mate. Bought it about 3 years ago and I believe the first owner had them for a similar amount of time.
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