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  1. Small Hours - John Martyn. Later - Clockworks by Meshuggah
  2. You Sir are a master of the understatement😀😀😀😀
  3. Seen them on Reverb, winced and moved on. Do look well made though. Imagine there'll be customs interest when it ships from Colombia.
  4. Tears of a Clown. (Several Notable examples amongst heads of state)
  5. Bummy's to tight (to mention). Simply Red
  6. That was actually Emperor Joseph of Austria talking to Mozart. Must admit though, much as I admire the technique of the likes of Satriani, Malmsteen for example the mad widdling leaves me cold. Love/adore Allan Holdsworth beyond all measure though.
  7. Done free of charge on a whim. According to legend in 1 (or 3) takes + 1 of the Studio Monitors caught fire. Brevity of the solo certainly left one wanting just a little bit more. Whilst on the subject of tribute players - during the interval of last year's Cricket World Cup Final, one of the Test Match Special Commentary Team played an awesome version of Eruption. Did anyone else here catch it ? Made the very mediocre guitarist doing interval music cringe a bit I reckon.
  8. Though his tone on the Beat It solo was down to a Hartley Thompson Amp "hot-rodded" by his friend Allan Holdsworth (who was an inveterate tweaker/tinkerer).
  9. There was an attempt at this a good few years ago, a thing called the Finial. Apparently sounded awful. Maybe latter-day processing improvements make this better.
  10. Or someone from Meshuggah.
  11. Yes Today all my troubles seemed so far away.
  12. A late friend of mine called this sort of music "wimp ditties" 😀
  13. Golden age is surely a bit of a myth, just that no-one remembers the dross. Same with Telly etc.
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