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  1. Holdsworth himself said that he was ok with 20%of those that listened liking his music. Me - I've loved his music since Soft Machine and Gong. Main problem with Jaco was the pale imitations he inspired.
  2. Shouldn't have bought an open pore finish Bass folks
  3. Bit of Bitumen Paint and it'll even be water-proof.
  4. Wasn't me. Impecunious after my 5th (lefty) Bass last weekend.
  5. They chomp through lots of produce (especially sweetcorn) along with the woodpigeons. Squirrels also eat fledgling songbirds so I fortify nestboxes.
  6. This amp inadequacy is something I've noticed with my 5str. However through my friend's huge old Ampeg you realise that this Bass is startlingly good for the money. Thanks to @whynot from this forum
  7. Didn't Oasis have to pay royalties to the late Neil Innes for borrowing a Rutles Song? The Irony....
  8. Check out some the deranged tops on the Kiesel page.
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