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  1. Charlie Brown strikes again. Apparently Michael Jackson was forever blowing Bubbles.
  2. https://photos.app.goo.gl/9wLuVU8bRnGXvBLk8 Grabbed it, have copied the Reverb photo, will post my own tomorrow. Immaculate, pretty to look at and a lovely low B
  3. The Cort's still up on Gumtree but the Gent is now living in Wapping rather than Cambridge. Don't do fretless myself an rubbish enough with frets! However I am on my way to look at the same Yamaha trb1005 (spotted on reverb) which seems cheap / good value @ £300 Inc abs case and a strap. so much for no more basses, already picked up a ultra cheapYamaha beater for a downtuned 4 str with the rotosound hawser strings as well........
  4. Gauteng is Eastern South Africa, largest City Durban 😃
  5. Allan Holdsworth is my personal favourite, closely followed by John McLaughlin and Shawn Lane. Prince was evidently very good indeed and also pretty good on Bass. Then again he could also call on people like Mononeon for Bass duties.
  6. Try the Laney lightweights. N410. N115 N210.
  7. Laney Nexus N410. Or N210 /N115 together.
  8. Laney Nexus 210 or 115. Under the radar, have the 115 which I use with an Ashdown CTM 30 and sounds mint. Have an N410 also but that's over your weight limit but is really light for it's configuration.
  9. The Brand X Product Album was probably my real intro to Fretless Bass, Wal to Wal JG and P Jones. Also the fantastic Mike Clark drumming on that album.
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