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  1. He sent me an offer for £539 (£60:off). Think @la bam could comment on this Amp. Tried one briefly in a Studio. Sounded huge, very (too much ?) adjustable. 400 valve watts !!!!
  2. Ashdown CTM -30 + MAG-410 Cab. Picked it up Sunday (social distanced and prior to lockdown natch). Suffered mightily on my own getting Cab up my 64 steps, took a while £299 on eBay removed the pain. A bargain I didn't post on weird & wonderful! Amp sounds absolutely brilliant at neighbour friendly volumes, which was the idea, lovely through a Trace 1818! (though it can get amazing loud thru my various cabs)
  3. He he Luke. I have a TE 1818t in an inner city flat (64 steps 😜🤣🤣🤣😥)
  4. Chris , you're a bad man / incorrigible. Saw this on FB Marketplace and really couldn't believe that price was for real !!! Assume you'll give us a demo clip on here / basses & amplification.
  5. Certainly a nonsense price when you see eBay shows optional Framus Basses below. Priced between £500 / £800 🤣🤣🤣
  6. Some of the new Sandbergs look great though I'd prefer a pristine Victor Brandt Sandberg 48.
  7. The irony of mentioning the pickguard still having the plastic film in place when the poor thing looks as if it had been attacked with a rasp/angle grinder. Just Horrid.
  8. Won't need a dirt pedal or big muff. Just a Pee Bass. At £700 hope you're feeling "flush" !!!
  9. Am looking seriously at an Ashdown CTM 30 for home use with my various Cabinets. Have been doing my neighbours heads in with my various OTT heads (though I have a perfectly adequate 75w Practice Amp 😆😜🧐🧐) On the other hand have been tempted to further delusions of Grandeur with a Laney Nexus Tube 400w (recently serviced by Essex Amps) on evilbay, vendor was prepared to accept £539. EDIT So I have bought the CTM 30. On evilbay including a MAG 410T Cab for £299 ("final" reduction from £339). Suspect I'll move the cab on for peanuts, will check how it sounds first I guess but I have plenty of Cabs and I live in a top floor walk up flat (64 steps)!!! 🤣
  10. In case any of the Gentlemen tagged above would care to comment as to my buying tendencies.
  11. Got an Epifani UL212 cab from Nigel, a while ago now. Great to deal with, suffice to say we're Facebook friends and members of the excellent Basses and Amplification Group in the exalted company of luminaries such as Leland Sklar Neil Murray and Kinga Glyk.
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